The PERFECT Fake AirPods Pro Are Here! $80

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

What's up guys fake earpods perot are here within a month of release of the original earpods pro there's already so many clones that have flooded the market and these are apparently one to one perfect in every single way from the originals they took about two years to

Actually perfect the design these it's astounding how efficient and Chinese market is at getting these outs as soon as possible so we'll take a look at these I think these are called these super copies and then there's I five

Hundreds and from packaging to the actual product to the software these are apparently one-to-one and I'm curious how deep that goes okay so let's take a look at that package you begin with first off the quality is of course worse

And here we've got more of a gray look and not as detailed on the image but it is embossed it's a nice little touch we've got the same air pods Pro wireless charging case on the side it is reflective silver also apples packaging

By the way the easiest way to tell is you're not gonna have to use a knife or your teeth to get into the packaging of air pods Pro it has a pull tab here does not the sticker is not separated into on the side it's one solid sticker here so

The attention to detail is pretty dang good ok so just from the packaging you know unless you're experienced or you've seen this video you're not gonna know so seeing lots of these in news actually getting my hands on it we'll see if the

Pairing process is just as easy apparently this has the h1 chip inside of it whether or not it's bluetooth 5.0 it's gonna be hard to tell but ok so here are the air pods so they seem a little light I will do a little weight

Test they came in sideways like this not proportioned correctly to how you open the box so there's no pull tab to remove the plastic already a big difference just in the opening experience it's on the inside a defect and of course we do

Have our lightning to USB C cable which is a nice little touch paper tabs as well so the customizable earpieces are completely missing from the packaging one size must fit all here all right and wow I'm impressed

That looks really really good and they popped up right away on my 11pro max here so that's amazing that's magic by the way this is on iOS 13 point two point three so it's on the latest version and comparing these side-by-side

So the LED it it's not flush it has a little hole in it you can tell that it's not the same quality there but it's a bright green little LED same as apples just not as diffused on the bottom here lightning port very high quality looks

Good and this was specifically in the listing is that the hinge was mat and oh that's so funny oh no it's not it looks painted on for a seconds but I'm actually amazed that the tolerances are smaller than apples

Apples has a gap between the hinge this one does not also the button positioning and the text is a little darker but no one would be able to know unless you have them side-by-side so impressive work on the hinge and it feels very

Solid like the snap feels good it sounds really good this is apples a little deeper a little snappier I actually prefer the sound of this one it sounds more like the originals huh Wow look at that so on the inside of the casing

You'll find serial codes here letting you know that it is a real product and apparently they're from real ear pods Pro but don't you dare try taking these to the Apple store let's check out the actual little bulbs and I want to do a

Weight test here in a second but compared to these relatively the same way maybe apples feels a little bit heavier so on the bottom here you can tell that the charging contact points are not as beautiful as apples it's

Taken straight from the first generation air pod so not as beautiful but it'll do the job and there's a grate there for a speaker exhaust I believe hmm definitely not one-to-one in that regard also there's text here underneath the

Bulb a portion next to the sensor so that part looks good and here we've got painted on sensor so this actually doesn't do anything it's just painted there's no speaker grate here whatsoever

So that is not one-to-one and the actual ear portion does not have that large of a hole so I can definitely assume that the sound quality will not be the same here it does have a force sensor here but from what I understand it probably

Does not work I mean that's fancy piece of technology that our highly doubt they'll be able to reproduce that and do these come off oh they do huh and that's what it looks like so it's a very dinky looking exhaust hole this is the

Difference between $80 to 250 dollars that's sound quality there I very much do assume that these will sounds nothing like apples also wanted to see how strong the magnet is inside of the cases so if I try and fling them out oh wow

It's actually really strong and will they fit each other's cases so this is a fake one it does fit into the original and vice versa so a little bit loose which hmm and it does close there it is the design really is one-to-one in terms

Of size but they're using different technologies for the actual sound and charging still is impressive that they were able to reproduce it in such a small little form factor okay so let's get to connecting and sound quality

Now I'm genuinely impressed that they were able to get this menu and spoof it from what I understand it's a Mac ID spoofing they're not actually cloning the h1 chip but it still works and it's incredibly fast so that's apples

Original we're not getting the same animations yet but let's go ahead and connect connect iPhone hold the button will hold it on the clones and there it is so it did connect we've got ear pods Pro showing up on our iPhone cloned and

Part of the listing did mention they will show up over here does show the air prods Pro charging if I pull one out yes it does show up as right that's amazing the integration is sically om okay so with that connected I

Want to play some post Malone let's check out that fit and they feel really good like this feels like the OEM one they're the same size they do seal off the ear canal it's somewhat noise cancelling I wouldn't say the same

Effects and you put in official ear pods Pro there's a seal and pop effect it's really cool until you try it you know you don't really know what I'm talking about but suddenly the world goes silent and this does not have the same effect

But it is more noise cancelling than any other air pod clones that I've used so I guess it somewhat has that I highly doubt it's gonna have the integration ya know noise cancellation integration but it does show up as ear pods Pro so about

Half away it's pretty loud about 75% oh yeah most definitely this does not have the quality of original ear pods let me pop one of the real ones in so I'm attempting to share audio it detects them but then doesn't actually let me

Share audio to them they get struggling with that would have been interesting just for my little analysis of listening to them I gotta tell you the sound is not that good I mean it's clearly a downgrade it's 70% of the sound I'd say

Of the originals maybe 65% you're obviously not getting that noise cancellation and it's pretty clear just no bass there's like almost no bass whatsoever definitely more of a tinny sound and of course you're not getting

Any of the software features such as transparency mode it also doesn't show up with the little logo in the control center letting you know it's a generic earpods Pro clone so the software integration could be better but it does

Work it connects very fast be prepared not to get the same sound as Apple's original there's a very wide margin between those two in terms of sounds but still I'm very stunned that they were able to get this kind of sound and out

Of such a small package within such a relatively short amount of time so wireless charger is working as pop these see if they have a coil inside and it appears they do not also wanted to test the individual weight of the air pods

Apple is five point four grams and clone pod is three point two six so Wow actually a significant difference between the two it feels lighter now that I saw the specs apples entire package is fifty seven grams almost and

This one is thirty seven so twenty grams lighter I'm just picking them up yeah this does feel more solid it's a little dinky little light so clear difference there in terms of quality and before I forget I do want to test the controls

For switching music it's not a press the forced press sensor doesn't work so they retain the tap function from the older clones no force press this is all a gimmick here on the side so don't expect that to work and lastly a test I want to

Do is testing the electromagnetic interference radiation coming from air pods and metric usually people don't care about but this is something you're putting next to your brain what do you want it to be safe apples air pods are

Playing and right next to them I'm getting about four volts per meter if I step away from them it drops to about two so say about four volts little over four volts per meter for point two it was a baseline of about two volts per

Meter next to the fake oh wow six volts per meter near the fake ear pods pro so definitely over five five point five that's insane so you're getting way more electromagnetic radiation coming from

Fake ear pods versus originals I don't know how harmful this is but that's two volts per meter more than apples if anyone knows more about this leave a comment but that's kind of scary Bluetooth 5.0 and apples versus whatever

Bluetooth this is about 30 feet it's still holding strong 40 feet 50 feet still good straight line of sight I'm able to get a strong connection on both even at 100 feet passes the range test yes these look like ear pods Pro they

Connect to your iPhone like ear pods Pro but they do not have any of the features that make ear pods Pro amazing nor the sound quality so $80 200 depending on where you buy them from are they worth it

I don't know you really have to want to flex on somebody to spend this kind of money I mean I'd rather just save up and get the full amounts it's just not worth it compared to apples maybe if the price comes down to like $50 sure but at 80

Plus I don't I can't justify that price tag even though it's a very good clone of apples I'd still of course go for apples any day well keep an eye out for any better versions of this otherwise thanks for watching


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