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published on June 30, 2020

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welcome to Northwood prep school in

Hartford sure and strange as it may seem

time teams going back to school and

we're in search of a lost you to palace

which some people say was more splendid

than a Hampton Court now that's a huge


it lies somewhere beneath these playing

fields and was built by Cardinal Wolsey

Henry the eighth's right-hand man


I don't think that's to you to do we're

here not just to find it but to see if

the room is a true was Woolsey's lost

palace really grander than hampton court

will know in three days


Northwood prep near Rickmansworth

Hartford chef a small school with a big

heritage it's the site of the Manor on

the moor named after the old English

word for marshland this palace was

conceived in 1520 by the all-powerful

religious leader and statesman Cardinal

Wolsey in its heyday it was an opulent

playground fit for royalty and state

visitors now the school and English

heritage have invited our slightly less

stately team in to dig up the playing

fields and find out just how grand the

manor once was just fill Harding is

already getting the inside track from

Professor Martin Biddle who was just a

schoolboy when he excavated this site

back in the 50s I reckon we'll see our

first wall within well if we if it's not

there either your records are in as a

fifteen-year-old budding archaeologist

Martin was the first to uncover wolves

his palace and in 1957 archaeology

wasn't quite what it is today

unbelievably he just enlisted the help

of his pals for a summer long excavation

he knew from the records that wolves his

palace had been demolished in the 1590s

it was his ambition to find the remains

his 1957 dig only revealed some of the

walls marked here in orange so there's

still a huge amount of the palace left

to uncover but Martin's findings did

enable him to speculate about the layout

of the entire building which he recorded

on the sketches made at the time

this main building SOCAN site director

Jackie McKinley turn those dotted lines

into solid lines like a kid in a sweet

shop so many things we could go for here

it's gonna really are gonna have to

focus in on particular bits of this

house complex house surely we're looking

for when this house was up it was more

splendid than Hampton Court more splints

what somebody said Jackie how do we

establish that this could be more

splendid than Hampton Court where would

you put a trench in the gate this is

gonna be where we're gonna start from

because it gives it a really good focus

for getting a handle on everything else

that's going on in here so demotic about

it we're coming up against the gate

house 50 feet high with three levels of

decoration probably on it and the arms

of the guy who owned it this would be

the first thing they would see they come

through this gate house they'd see the

view of everything in there so the gate

house itself is going to be a very grand

covered with decoration

it's magnificent 20 years of time – it's

the first time I've been accused of

being demotic are you happy with putting

a trench in here I'm urging to get on

and I'm particularly pleased that you

are demoted

Jackie can already add to what she knows

from Martin's dig with some geophys that

the school commissioned last year the

radar suggests a large structure

underground that could be the

foundations of a building 50 meters by

60 meters surrounded by a moat

it's an enormous site to survey so it's

going to be a real challenge to piece

together a layout and find clues to what

it once looked like

so where better to start than the grand

entrance combat notion strike of the

edges straight already

Martin's 1957 tee found some remnants of

a gatehouse on the west side but the

remains weren't well-preserved so

Jackie's put Phil in charge of digging

the other side of the gatehouse they

won't know it's been shifted


to understand cardinal rules is

obsession with grandiose architecture we

have to look at another of his

masterpieces and his power base Hampton



his grand design for Hampton Court was

to emulate the greatest Renaissance

architecture a palace that would impress

visitors of the highest orders from

church and state from what we know from

our digs so far there's every reason to

think that the manor of the moor was

built with the same aspirations we know

it was popular with King Henry the 8th

and Wolsey was his most trusted

statesman and like Hampton Court it was

built in order to entertain with

courtyards and accommodation for guests

Thomas More and Catherine of Aragon

would have known this palace intimately

legend has it that in 1527 a French

ambassador who stayed at the Manor of

the moor declared it was more splendid

than house in court the question we're

asking is which was grander

and already Phil's hit something just a

few centimeters into the school turf oh

well it's absolutely spot-on what we got

is the corner of a room a or gate oh


there's the outside wall of the gate oh

yeah so if you're arriving at the place

you rode up or walk up through there

yeah and here is the actual corner of

the chaos itself there's the wall and

you're standing on the wall that's

actually gonna go flow way round so I

guess you know when his majesty

parades up through there if it's

retainer who's living in or inhabited in

this little room goes out through a

doorway and offices path to his majesty


Phil's uncovering walls that belong to

the eastern half of the gatehouse their

layout ties him with the geophys and

mirrors what Martin found to the West

from other tudor palaces Jackie knows

there would have been towers on this

gatehouse evidence of a tower will help

us understand the scale of the palace

entrance now jack is all set to plunder

the heart of the palace in search of

what could be the most ostentatious


the GF is hints at two of them Jackie

believes the larger one to the east is

Woolsey's chapel and the one to the West

could be the Great Hall

so Matt sets to work digging for the

Great Hall traces on a hunt for the


will either trench turn up any clues of

palace splendor

away from the hustle and bustle of the

dig historians Kent rowlandson and Susie

Lipscomb have uncovered vital Tudor

records about the palace layout we've

got this survey that was done under

Elizabeth the first and it describes all

the buildings there were at the manor of

the moor explains that there's a

principal gatehouse and lodgings of an

either side with two towers and and

explains lodgings on the east and west

of the said quadrant with a tower to

each end of the same adjoining upon the

moat and finally it makes a mention of a

long gallery on the north side of the

house into the garden with two turrets

at the north end of the same and so that

int in length it is 253 feet it's very

big isn't it how does that tie in to

what we've got here and what's wonderful

about this is it so detailed and it

makes us realize that what we previously

been looking at this sort of muted sight

can't all these buildings can't fit in

there sure so it means we have to sort

of rethink that so here we have a new

revised idea which is basically three

times the size so we've got a base court

down here in the bottom the original

motored site in the center and then the

great long gallery above why is this

called the base court

it basically means base in the sense of

a lower sort of and even more exciting

not only do you have this gatehouse but

you seems to have these four large

towers sort of marking out this whole

new structure that we didn't previously

know about

the Elizabethan survey transforms what

we know about wolves is palace not only

do we have to radically extend our plan

of the palace but it makes our search

over the more challenging

while the documents tell of a long

gallery running off to the north we've

no real idea what it would have looked

like and to the south there was a lower

or base court we'd expect this building

to contain lodgings for guests and to

surround a courtyard it's marked on the

historic plan the martins 1957 dig never

found it in the ground so the lost base

Court is Jackie's next target

but it's a huge sprawling site so the

pressures really on

for the geophys team to give us some

clues about where to start digging

what kind of Jeff is using we're gonna

use the radar again which is what we

used when we were looking at the main

house in the previous survey and remind

me I say remind me I don't really know

how does radar work and it's very much

like air traffic control so instead of

firing radio waves into the sky and

bouncing them off aeroplanes we've

turned it upside down we're firing it

into the ground and by building up the

data we can strip away all the soil and

just leave the archaeology so we'll have

a model of what is under the ground

without actually having to take all the

soil off which obviously is a bit tricky

in three days so anyway I'll push my

merry way along here and and hopefully

in a few hours time we will have a base

coat for you to look at


we're near the end of day one and we've

got a huge search on for a bass court

that hasn't been seen for over 400 years


but we can't safely say that Woolsey's

Lost Palace is no longer lost and we're

turning up clues that could tell us how

much money he lavished on his Manor

rumor has it

they've come up with our first splendid

find here in trench one stay there it's

wonderful what we have got all the way

from the Netherlands some really quite

spectacular floor tiles that's probably

16th century are there abouts am I not

allowed to lick my finger on doesn't it

very gently yeah it's quite fragile this

stuff so very careful with it it's

basically a white tin glaze and then the

decoration is hand-painted with

different color pigments it's cobalt

it's ogre it's copper you know it's it's

it's expensive

oh yeah it's betadine I mean it's the

sort of thing you only find in a

spectacularly posh palace or something

like that which is a coincidence what

can we tell from this point well the

interesting thing about this is although

it's a little bit broken up it doesn't

look like it's been very knocked about

so it doesn't look like it's travel very

far now it suggests that it could

actually have come from inside the

gatehouse itself

now gate houses would just away into

somewhere they also quite frequently had

the most spectacular fancy fancy rooms

for guests to stay in their lodgings and

this could actually have come from this

lodgings with in the Gators

cardinal wolsey might actually have

trouble on them which might be white

broke it's an exciting clue to the scale

and grandeur of the gatehouse but just

how large this entrance was and what it

looked like is still all in doubt Phil's

got two days to find out beginning of

day two here in Hartford sure we're

we're looking for Cardinal Wolsey's

long-lost Palace which reputedly was

even more fabulous than Hampton Court

was that true well that's what we're

here to find out


so we're geophysical digging like mad to

prove how extensive the palace was we're

beginning to discover it had stately

lodgings for walls as many guests and

the history books are throwing up some

clues about who those guests were and

the role the manor of the moor plays on

the European political stage


in 1525 Henry the eighth's was making

claims on French territory

with the prospect of the country being

dragged into a conflict Wolsey brokered

a high-level meeting between the two old

adversaries right here at the Manor of

the moor and Suzi's found the paperwork

to prove it in Latin this is the Treaty

of the moor this is an anglo-french

treaty that basically sums up that henry

is going to give up his territorial

claims on france for a little while in

exchange for a very large pension of

twenty thousand pounds which would have

been a huge amount of money in that time

yet his his annual revenues were 110,000

pounds this is really significant it was

right here that it was signed absolutely

it actually says here at the more on the

30th of august 1525 Cardinal Wolsey

sealed the treaty in the presence of

some of the biggest Tudor figures of the

day so we've got for example William

Archbishop of Canterbury we've got

Thomas Duke of Norfolk and let's see

here's a name you might recognise Thomas

Moore so this is like the EU isn't it

all the politicians and the bureaucrats

team over and have loads of food and all

the bureaucrats signed the paper yes

absolutely and you can see how

bureaucratic it is just by the length of

the document and at the very end of it

we've got the French envoy Johannes

Joachim who signed it and this is his

seal but the signing and sealing was

worth nothing without the pomp and

ceremony that suze believes would have

followed it in the palace Chapel in

front of a multitude of courtiers and

dignitaries raksha has been roped in so

let's imagine that you're the French

envoy yes and if you could just be

Wolsey for the moment and we'd put your

hands together like this and this by

this use you swear to keep peace between

you I will give you 20,000 pounds

in exchange when you'd promised not to

attack me sounds like a good deal thank

you very much I will and that was

actually what would confirm that the

treaty had taken place there's just two

days remaining of our dig here in the

grounds of Northwood school and there's

still an awful lot to do in Phil's

trench they're investigating the remains

of what's thought to be an elaborate

gatehouse oh is that a toil Oh what oh

what an absolute gem oh that's glazed in

it yep oh good man and that's on me oh

that's on the same level with that bit

of flooring over there plus we've got

those fragments up there it actually

confirms that we are in a room and it

tells us so much more about what that

room would have looked like we know we

now know what the floor looked like yeah

spot-on good this is all positive stuff

particularly since the accounts that

describe the fate of the manor of the

morph paint a grim picture in the late

16th century it was systematically

dismantled and the materials were sold

off and it's thought that much of what

remained of the stone was robbed and

reused so that's a big problem for our


is there enough remaining in the ground

to determine the true scale of the

palace and could this explain why in

some key locations geophys aren't

finding anything well I guess the big

question is have we got the base cause

you tell us and that could be quite a

small answer to that question so this is

the data where we filled in the gap and

butting up against where we surveyed

over the house before and we've got the

cricket pitch and other than that you

know there's not a huge amount that

jumps out at us if we presented those

results to you without being told there

was a base court and an outer gateway

we'd say there's nothing there yeah the

thing is is likely that this area is

going to be preferentially robbed out

and that includes

if you're now telling us that it may

well have been robbed out totally then

we're on to a loser we might as well

tear up the geophysics for this area

please we didn't know that this that

this was potentially spurious size-wise

that's one of the things we said any


but it could actually be the same size

of the mote a big ear well moving the

goal posts all the time won't we and

that's what you have to do when you're

losing badly John so the last thread the

dices would be to ask John and Jimmy to

complete the size well I mean just one

side might might do so you've done that

in about that very happy about that

there's any chance it won't happen

jack is ramping up the pressure on the

GFS team to track down the bass court

now the most likely place to find any

remains is over one of its towers next

to the moat so by the time Jimmy's

pushed the radar around there he'll be

on his way to clocking up sixteen

kilometers to your physic about so feet

or not we have to locate the bass court

to prove it was here at all I came out

of one of those doors there is though

some evidence of Tudor splinter that we

don't need to dig for unbelievable

carving and I looked at that with tread

these remains of stone pillars have

survived for four centuries even in the

undergrowth until they were discovered

recently by a school groundsman this is

the kind of decoration that you see

being imported from Italy so it's

basically a sort of a copy of Roman

declaration so you've got this beautiful

parmitt here at the top and then this

these vegetal swirls coming into flowers

on either side and then the whole thing

tied together with acanthus leaf so this

is absolutely typical of sort of a

revival of that sort of classical

Renaissance style and what's astonishing

about this is that this is the sort of

the first huge physical

stations that these are monument and

going back to Hampton Court we have most

of the main entrances from Hampton Court

and there's nothing like this

Hampton thought duty you can find the

sights of where these came from on the

buildings the gatehouse would be an

absolute classic place all the entrances

to things like your main hall or your

main chapel and they're gonna be pretty

big recesses that these are going to fit

it into I think it's good to stand up it

should stand out like a sore thumb these

carvings are evidence that Woolsey was

one of the first in Britain to use

Italian Renaissance style architecture

Jackie's theory is that these

magnificent pillars stood on pedestals

beside the entrances of walls his palace

if she's right they be grander than the

doorways at Hampton so could the pillar

basis be in our gatehouse Wolsey wanted

to create a playground on a par with

Hampton Court the manor of the Moors six

hundred acres of parkland was

exclusively for the use of Wolsey and

his guests to get the best view of it

Siouxsie and Emma are on the fairway of

a local golf course with the help of

some historical maps Emmas created a 3d

model of the manors parkland so can see

is down here with the moat uh-huh and I

think we are somewhere okay okay

he gives real sense of the sort of

rolling landscape around it it is

massive this path there's an account of

Wolsey having sort of 400 or 500 deer in

this Park and actually at one point when

the the palings are sort of Raley's

around it have have been dilapidated to

replace them I need to knock down 200

oak trees so that kind of gives some

sense of the scale and this map gives us

a vision of what Woolsey's Park would

have looked

when it Awards he came here and what

Henry out there is exactly for those

hunting and and going out doing some

walking do's and falconry just as she's

showing off base that really gay just



we're nearly halfway through our dig

unusually on time team we get a

bird's-eye view of our site with a

helicopter but we're always up for

trying out new technology so this time

we've opted for us by plane will it help

us find that elusive Base Court so what

have you got on it well we've got a

camera take the images we have an

on-board computer so the aircraft is in

communication with my PC while it's in

the air so if the wind speed gets too

high I get the warning and I can do

something about it

so is it ready to fly yes where should I

stand just behind me please okay so it's

chocks away well not quite it's a

bizarre way to start the engine movement

triggers the motor into action

and a flight plan sends the polystyrene

drone cruising and a height of 400 feet

where it will take a snap of our sight

every four seconds all to see the lie of

the land I'm now going to initiate

London so if everybody could just stand

behind me please it's incredibly nice

isn't that just like picking up a piece

of cardboard yeah it is indeed yeah just

maybe it'll see something that

geophysics can't know after the break

afternoon of day two and we're digging

up the school playing fields here in

Hartford sure and finding Cardinal

Wolsey zloz palace which once dominated

this view we sent a camera equipped

drone up and amazingly the photos do

reveal faint traces of the palaces

northern edge a ghostly scar in the turf

from four centuries earlier but in the

south there's no sign of the base court

the palaces grandiose centerpiece

werewolves II received his guests and

fills trench over the palace gatehouse

there's some good news we have got the

grandest gateway of any building this

side of London is immense see I knew

he'd sort us out okay the first thing

we've got have got to think about is

that the fact that the bridge would have

been coming in across the moat where our

water bottles are somewhere there now

here this is the most exciting part we

have got the foundations of an enormous


that would have been massive wouldn't it

absolutely and the nice thing about it

too look got part of the floor as well

you see the floor top so that is

probably the level at which I don't know

Cardinal Wolsey's guard would have and

his breakfast what have you got there

well friends anybody come in here would

have paraded through that main corridor

right the way through and then they

would have exited through there out into

this inner courtyard but what is really

really nice is just see we've got that


yeah that's there now funnily enough

Martin had a similar feature like that

over there in the 1950s we've got a pair

of them and we've measured up with the

with the stone columns we think that

that is probably where those two

sift columns would have gone up either

side of the gateway it's a superb fils

completed an enormous piece of the


it's likely that the stone columns in

the schoolyard would have stood on the

square basis either side of the

gatehouse so by adding the stone columns

we not only have the dimensions of

Woolsey's doorway we can reconstruct it

in all its release or

the Gateway would have witnessed many

estate reception but not all the

celebratory as a prelude to divorcing

his first wife Catherine of Aragon

King Henry banished her here to the

manor of the moor Catherine had failed

to produce a son and Henry was already

courting his next wife to babe

Catherine was kept here for two years we

can assume that being in the house and

the care of the head of the church kept

the worst of the scandal at bay now

Phil's extending the trench to see if

the entire gatehouse matches the

splendor of walls his grand doorway we

know most of the finery of the palace

was sold off or robbed which may account

for the lack of objects in the ground

but in the chapel trench traces found

remnants that would have been of little

interest to the robbers but helped tell

us something about the chapels

decoration it's prompted some excitement

from time teams small finds expert Danny

wouldn't oh my goodness isn't it

gorgeous that is amazing I mean the

thing that gets me is the patterning on

that is so clear I mean it's as if it

was painted yesterday

brilliant isn't it but that I'm actually

looking through a piece of window that

cardinal wolsey or Henry the 8th or

Catherine looked through that is amazing

isn't it

a fragment of stained glass a tiny link

to this palaces illustrious past perhaps

a remnant of a large east-facing chapel

window over halfway through our dig and

we're desperate to locate the base court

to de da q montz tell us that Wolsey

built it here but Jackie wants to find

physical remains to add to what's known

about the layout of the palace

so she's scouring the southern playing

fields for any other clues if that one

of those bits of door surround or is

that something else because it's

definitely being worked

yeah I think it's a bit of window I

think that's a slot for the glazing yeah

I mean that's a new discovery just

spotted a window frame and more columns

all in the vicinity of the base court

but Kent's made a more intriguing find

we have accounts at Hampton Court when

they're cobbling the base court and the

1530s Fall River cobbles like this being

collected so people actually paid to go

out into fields gather these pebbles put

them in baskets and then sort of sell

them to the office of works of the

laying of the courtyard so if these

couples are of the kind of sort that we

find at Hampton Court then here they've

just moved potentially from the base

call over there just as literally a

stone's throw to de cobblestones from a

courtyard found tantalizingly close to

the area where that base court ought to


so far we've just got a gaping hole on

our palace plan

so to attempt to prove the size of the


Jackie's decided to go for broke and dig

up the last key building in the complex

but according to the documents is

supposed to be here this is the long

gallery for it's basically for

recreation but it's almost it doesn't

have a particular purpose its

architecture for architecture sake it's

one third of the size of the palace and

it just stretches out into the garden

function you just walk all the way to

the end of a gallery and then walk all

the way back there there to be beautiful

and stunning they're there to take your

breath away that's the function how do

we find it

well we've got a number of problems here

one is that unfortunately the geophysics

can't pick anything up in the astroturf

and in fact the geophysics hasn't picked

up anything at all so our starting point

is going to be the pier that Martin

picked up in the 1950s which is where

the bridge was and that's the point that

we've got marked here so we would be

essentially standing on the bridge going

over the moat the gallery going over the

moat so the gallery says we shoot in

that direction

Jackie's best guess is that the long

gallery stretched from the bridge across

the moat and out through a private


at a length of 253 feet it was one of

the most flamboyant parts of the palace


can you see the machine all the way down

there that's at the gatehouse that this

gives you the sense of scale of the

whole site it's massive

so are you gonna put it in a trench well

what I want to do first of all he's put

it along a long slit trench just the

side of the astroturf to get the width

of that gallery within the privy garden

without geophys to go on Jackie's trench

will only be a stab in the dark but if

she finds it

she'll be uncovering one of the longest

Tudor galleries in Britain

beginning of day three here at Northwood

preparatory school in our future and I'm

about to take you on a tour of Cardinal


Lost Palace beyond the tennis court

there would have been the great Galleria

and an incredibly long covered walkway

about two hundred and fifty feet long

which was very elegant and actually

totally pointless didn't really lead

anywhere over here is what we're calling

the the chapel trench a very important

international treaty was signed there

this is my favorite trench you've got

more foundations in there a massive

buttress and that supported the great

entranceway to the entire palace but in

our quest to fill out the palace plan

Jackie needs to prove the existence of

the long gallery we know from the Tudor

records it was made of wood and stood on

timber pillars so Jackie's decided to

send raksha's team off on a mission to

look for evidence of these pillars the

trouble is the best spot to dig is the

other side of the tennis court which

could be tricky for our digger


as they fight their way through to dig

up the long gallery on the other side of

the site Jackie's decided to put in yet

another trait we're gonna put in one

last trench which Jackie thinks might be

the outside of the base court although

John thinks it could be a pipeline

Jackie what is it with God well if you

look on here can you see how there's

this line going down there if I put that

in there this is what the geophysics has

picked up and that line is precisely in

line with one of the words on our main

building complex now does make it a big

base cook about the same size as Hampton

Court ah isn't it well yeah but Jimmy is

absolutely convinced that that is a pipe

or at best a conduit he doesn't think

it's the wall of a building there's only

one way to test it like there and there

is quite a deal of money on absolutely

five pounds has been wages but this is

our last chance isn't it to establish

whether or not we can find the base call

it it is so compelling the lining up I

think it'd be a mistake not to have a

look so the final trench goes in over a

radar trace that lines up with the edge

of the main palace if this is a palace

wall that it would make the base court

much larger than Jackie expected and

it's her last chance to take a look

back in the jungle behind the tennis

courts there are further delays in

digging up the long gallery fractures

had to call in the school grounds Minh

for some tree clearance


and they finally hit something I don't

think that's – did you

but there's no doubt the tower that

Phil's digging in the gatehouse is Tudor

he's uncovered the place where it meets

the moat and is puzzling over the final

clues as to what the gatehouse once

looked like what are not sure about is

we've got this this projection of

brickwork is coming out here it could be

part of the tower at the moment what I'd

just like is a moment of patient choirs

to allow me to continue with but as the

hours run out the search for our long

gallery is becoming ever more urgent

emissary from a faraway palace people

are wondering why you're not getting on

quicker to put it politely are you

kidding me no well we've got to chop

down trees and let's get rid of

vegetation and we've with look we've

started the trench and we're damaged

this is proper archaeology listen it's

not it's not me I'm not having a go the

observation simply is that it's very

late and if this trench doesn't get

underway fairly soon then actually we're

not gonna be able to finish it by the

time we leave it's doing anything but

the good thing is we have got building

debris starting to turn up here which is

a really good thing sure is that that's

not a piece of glazed tile down by your

foot but you can see it's got the green

glaze and that 16 do you want to get up

and come over and have a look at it are

you fine from where you're it's the kind

of thing we would have had on the floors

of the gallery anyway so yeah I mean

that's one of the the yellow tiles we're

getting all over the site over the

yellow and green checkerboard floor so

early 16th century right where we want

to be yet so the jobs getting done

rather world congratulations this event

took French how fast you're working and

over in Tracy's trench the diggings

almost done as well as evidence of a


she's also uncovered a massive chunk of

building Tracy this corner really is

impressive isn't it it is I mean look at

the size of this wall this is fantastic

this is where Martin put his trench in

the 50s yeah

and so we've we've come in the same

place but we've extended so we've got

the whole sweep going off that way and

then the turn coming underneath your

feet so what's that little square there

that would be the buttress just to

support the corner turning warm this

trench confirms Martin's work and adds a

buttress and a palace corner to the plan

the foundations were built for strength

able to support two storeys and enclose

a Great Hall and a chapel all of it

designed to impress Woolsey's

international visitors what about the

bet on finding that base cored out face

court John where's the fiver

it's a pipe no it's a culvert

what is it covered well it's a

brick-built culvert it's a channel into


could it be old well the bricks don't

look modern they could be reused or it

could be to copy Tudor but whatever it

is it's not our base court it's not the

wall of the base court no and Jimmy gets

his father no I get the fiver he sent

pipe I said can't conduit nonsensical

semantic debate between GF is typical

just keep scraping with it you've just

told Jackie this is a fiver so Jackie's

out of luck and out of pocket


it's almost the end of our dig and while

it's home time for some there's still

all to play for in the long gallery how

many where as far as the long gallery is

concerned well we had quite high hopes

this afternoon because in the area here

we've got quite a few bits of building

debris we had quite a lot of chalk

spread including that that nice piece of

nice pieces of tile but it kind of

disappeared if that has disappeared

we kind of came down onto this lovely

kind of chalk spread that we thought was

possibly a short raft that the timber

gallery would have sat on top of and we

did actually get what seemed to be post

holes coming through with half section

then no dating evidence it's looking

more like Cardinal Wolsey's gazebo

rather than a gallon so it was always

going to be a long shot on the long

gallery and unfortunately because it's

very ephemeral and we didn't know

exactly where it was because we had

limited limited evidence so I'm afraid

in this case we seem to absorb life

occasionally on time teams there are

moments where you have to admit that

you've found absolutely nothing and in

this little area this is one of those



so no long gallery and no base court not

even a trace on the gfs it's certainly

unlucky and not what we were expecting


for deep in the foundations of the

gatehouse Phil and his team have

uncovered the front of a great tower

with Kemp's health he's working out its

unusual layout this is ox before in

Norfolk and it's very like what we're

dealing with here it's the sort of a

motive site and you can see the way that

the range is as we think here sort of

come right up to the moat so they sort

of disappear

it's beautiful reflection but then it's

also got this fantastic gatehouse this

is obviously a bit actually interest me

the gatehouse because you know obviously

some arunoda I've got to try and

visualize what happens going up in the

sky all I've got is the foundation but

ah what's that one well this is the

whole house as a help Oh what and it's

got these turrets and you were you're

thinking that you might have a turret

here as well well I know I've got a

turret here how many showed you if you

got on here one two three four fights

basically what a garage

it's not Dana well I know that I've got

four so it's at least I've got four

sides at the bottom because I've got one

in there yep then there's one going back

parallel with the edge of the trench and

then the one when you about going back

there so we got one two three four yeah

so we've definitely got one half yes

you've got half a turret I mean you see

the other thing too is it is got this

sense of the buildings coming right up

to the moat yes we know evidence for an

energy of physics we've got evidence for

a back wall but we don't have any

evidence for the front wall actually

fronting on to the mouthing that's just

because they've fallen into the moat

over time we've literally lost an entire

wall yeah probably not far

off the line of these bricks here just

board which is exactly what you can see

here they say a picture tells a thousand

words that picture tells me ten


back in the 1950s Martin Biddle dug up

half of the gays house now fills trench

helps reveal Woolsey's gays house in its

full symmetrical glory we've discovered

it had two octagonal towers built to

rise straight up out of the water it was

a jewel of to the splendor and a

statement of wealth designed to impress

any visitor

it's not been an easy gig centuries of

the site being robbed

have made it difficult to prove the

Tudor accounts of a base court to the

south and a long gallery that graced the

gardens to the north

but our fines do give us a glimpse of

Woolsey's opulence find flaws ornate

stonework and gorgeous stained glass

windows was it more splendid than

handsome court well only that 16th

century visitor could really tell our

dig leaves a legacy for Northwood school

the guardian of this special site we've

added new color to the story of Cardinal

Wolsey and to the role the manor of the

moor played in some of the most dramatic

events in Tudor history


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