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published on July 2, 2020

when I close the door I start to paint

that's my universe two paintings were

stolen from a gallery in Norway today

the paintings were stolen in broad

daylight I don't know what to think

we had his name from the court papers

you might know who I am I just curious

person what made you do it it was your


I'll ask you regularly to sit here I can

tell you some more about how I got to be

a criminal disguise often quite

self-destructive it feels like that is

his way to be seen you can open your

eyes now there was no way how I could

see the thief in this guy you shall

marry obrigado man her immortal of Excel

Hana meansneaky goes

I might never find out where the

paintings are do you know anything about

black markets with art I have told you

everything I remember and that's the


we also make Samia you're the craziest

person I've ever met

I see what you're doing for me here

inspire me this is insane

this is a very very sneaky girl bad boy

really bad boy

I started to search for their paintings

we must know as is you understand the


don't even try as tell me don't even try

I'm serious

this is destructive



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