The Outrageous Anti-Vegan Farmers on TikTok

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

Tick-tock that's a thing these days right a pretty substantial thing it seems and i've been looking through tik-tok and i've been looking at farmers and the videos that they put out and it's very interesting to see how the

Farmers use those precious few seconds you get on tick tock to convey their message i just like to chuck milk one because i like milk and i like to see people drinking milk one because

It's good for you i think more people should drink it and it tastes really good so this is just my support for that uh me campaigning for that so uh god bless and so thoughts myself why not

Do a video responding to farmers tick tocks and what it is that they say and that's exactly what we're going to do in today's video i'm going to go through a selection of different tik tok videos from a

Selection of different farmers and respond to what it is that they say about farming and about veganism as well so we'll get into it in just a moment but before we do i'd just like to say a big thank you to skillshare

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Offering two free months of premium skillshare membership to the first 1000 people who click through on the link in my description and after that it's only around ten dollars a

Month so thank you again to skillshare for sponsoring this video now let's get into it this is the first video and it has three million likes and it is just

It's disgusting sometimes people say that vegan food is weird and all you're doing for vegan food is blending oats and water and you get oat milk and this is what you have to do for

Cow's milk i just can't imagine doing this it's so weird people say that vegan food is weird right but think of all the things that we have to do with these animals this comes

After the first impregnation and after the baby's been taken away from the mother and the grief and the pain that causes to them and then after that you have to do all this creepy and weird stuff to the cows

Others to get the milk and all vegans do is get some oats and water and blend them together and people say that vegan food is weird but look at what goes into cow's milk it

Is so creepy and so exploitative i just don't know why anyone would ever want to drink that i like think about myself drinking it when i was younger it's disgusting like i'm so glad that i don't consume these things anymore it's

Just baffling to me that people would want to all right so let's move on to the next video and it is of the same farmer and honestly this guy's take top page has got some weird content

Like some creepy content very disturbing content and this one i just think is really sad i mean it's all sad but this video here showcases a mother who's very clearly protecting her newborn baby

And you can see the way that she sat over her protecting her and using her head to keep distance between the farmer and her newborn baby and this just shows how deep a connection and deeper bonds that

The mothers have with their babies in the dairy industry and this mother may be protecting her baby because she knows this farmer is going to take her baby away from her she's protecting her baby now but maybe

Within a matter of only a few hours this farmer or another farmer on the farm is going to come and take that baby away from her mother and you can see just how protective she is i think it's just horrendous i mean just

Look at this i can't believe that people can go up to these animals and see them doing that and still take their babies away from them for milk like come on it's so ridiculous and it's just so disturbing

In 2020 we still do these things to animals even though we can so clearly see how protective and caring they are over one another like it just makes me so disappointed and so let's move on to the

Next video and this is a farmer in canada and she's not best pleased about vegans and she definitely doesn't like peta so let's watch this video and see what she has to talk today i want to talk a

Little bit more about this horrible company vegans if you're vegan i love you you're awesome but find better sources because they are pulling stuff out of thin air

What is this farmers elect cute gas and poison their animals and then peel their skin and fur off are you kidding me have you no why this woman's tick tock is all about

Debunking myths and standing up for the ideals and realism of farming and so she's used peter here and it's kind of this irony isn't it where she says like don't trust this organization

Because they're a vegan organization so they're going to be biased against the reality of farming instead trust me because i'm a farmer and i won't be biased towards farming right but i actually

Agree in the sense that we shouldn't just take what's said by an organization of face value but we should use what's said to research further and see if what's being said is true and if she'd actually done

That and taken the time to research into what peter was talking about she'd have seen that they're probably talking about fur farmers which is why they're talking about gassing and electrocution and the peeling of skin and so if you

Just took the time to research it rather than thinking of debunking myths you'd have realized that you're not even talking about what they're talking about but a bigger point is they are talking about skinning and gassing

And although they're talking about fur farming in this particular tweet it does actually draw parallels to what happens to animals in the meat industry in the uk and australia especially or europe in general

Gassing is one of the most commonly used forms of slaughter it's used for pigs and poultry and actually when we talk about leather and sheepskin how else do you get these products from the animal other than

Peeling it off their body and so yes they're talking about fur farming but some of the things they're talking about do apply and she talks about we love our animals you don't love your animals you

Sell them to be slaughtered and killed for profit the bottom line is they care about them as little as is required to make a profit from them that's the bottom line that's as far as

It goes when it comes to farmers compassion for these animals but this tick tock is not finished yet there's a second half to it so let's get into it and see what she says

In the second half of this video do you know what saves even more animals than this knowing where your products come from if you know where everything is coming from

You are saving so many more animals yes there are still some bad companies out there that aren't good to their animals if you start shopping local you're ensuring those animals a long happy life

I'm confused she does know these animals are going to be killed right she knows those egg laying hens who laid the eggs that she is now consuming or advocating to consume are going to be killed in slaughterhouses

And the male chicks that were born alongside them have already been killed she does realize that right i don't understand the logic she shows a tweet from peter saying go vegan to save 200 animals a year and

Her response is no that's not going to save 200 animals i know it will save more animals buying animal products from animals who are going to be killed that will save more animals than not buying animal

Products from animals who are going to be killed there is absolutely no logic at play here at all and the whole local farming absurdity oh people always like to talk about local farms

But every farm is local to someone even the worst the worst in her eyes is local to someone and why does geographical location mean anything in terms of what happens to the animals on these farms

And besides the problem of animal exploitation is not about these single isolated incidences it's the systemic and systematic problem it's the legal practices that are also abusive towards animals and they happen

On every farm and let's run of her argument for a second and let's say that me and her we decide mutually on a farm that we both agree is really terrible and then i move next to that farm so

That farm is now my local farm does that not mean that the farm that we both agreed is terrible is now ethical because it's my local farm this is the absurdity of the local farming argument every farm is local to

Someone so therefore that must mean that every farm is ethical and all the things that happen to animals must be wonderful in those farms because those farms are local to someone

What does geographical location have to do with anything that happens to animals especially when the problem with animal exploitation is the legal stuff as well as the illegal stuff so let's move on to the

Next tick tock video and it's the same farmer the canadian farmer and also she likes to take pictures of rodeos and she thinks that what happens to animals at rodeos is amazing including when the calves are roped by

Their necks for sport wow what a wonderful thing to do for animals and this video again proves just how desensitized she is to the suffering of animals just watch this one here's something i never

Thought i would hear ear tagging is apparently cruel now the amount of comments that ranchers get on their pages saying well can i put one of those in your ear i mean sure i already have a few but i

Could use a helix on the other side and what people don't realize is that when you're tagging those calves bear may i use you when you're tagging calves we're going to use a dog as an example

You feel inside their ear to see where the least sensitive part of their ear is so you can see there are different veins and whatnot in mr bear's ear so you would tag in a spot

Like that thank you for your assistance so that's what your ear tag does it's going to prove his identification and that's just making sure that you're not going to hurt your calves when you're tagging their ear

Of course it's going to feel like a bit of a pinch it's just like us getting our ears pierced wow what a crazy world we live in right where people are against doing things to newborn animals

That hurt them like who would have thought that we'd live in such a world where people are against causing unnecessary pain to newborn sentient animals i just can't believe it right but don't worry because the farmers

Could tag the ears in a more painful place like they could do that but they specifically choose a place that will cause the least amount of pain because remember farmers are super altruistic

And care about their animals which is why when they have free choices one being cause the most amount of pain possible the second being cause significant pain or the third being cause

No pain they choose option two causing significant pain because to cause no pain would be so crazy and extreme and weird right but don't worry they love their animals which is why

They choose to cause them significant pain and it's funny how when she shows her dog her dog's ear is not tagged strange that isn't it i wonder if she'll do a video showing how to tag ears by

Doing it to her dog i would imagine not and there's probably a few reasons for that one because she doesn't want to cause pain to her dog but she'll say this because she doesn't need to identify her dog with a number

Because her dog has a name which is an interesting point because she treats her dog like a pet so she loves her dog and she won't sell her dog to be killed for profit but the animals that she sells for profit

She says she loves them but she commodifies them and reduces them to a number that number which then staples through their ear when they are newborn animals but

Remember the animals she farms they're not pets they're livestock and so they deserve to be referred to as a number and they deserve to have pain inflicted upon them even though she would never inflict that pain on the animals that

She loves within her home it's so strange that and it is so disingenuous that she did points to her own ears and talks about the piercings that she has there's a glaring difference there and

The glaring difference is you consented to having your ears pierced the newborn animals who you mutilate because that's what it is a mutilation they don't consent to it it's not something they want to do and it causes

Them pain now if you want to make a comparison between a human and an animal in this situation the more apt comparison would be to compare piercing the ear of a newborn baby and ear

Tagging a newborn non-human animal and guess what we don't think it's acceptable to tank the ears of newborn babies because it causes them pain and they can't consent to it

Which is exactly why people are against you ear-tagging newborn non-human animals because it causes them pain and because they can't consent to it it's the same

Logic all right so let's move on to the next video and it's huey again doing something really strange on his tick tock as he likes to do and in this one he has got some mother cows lined up he's milking

And yeah he's just gonna pour that milk onto the oreo and eat the oreo this is so weird that milk that he's taken from the mother was meant for the mother's baby of course that's the purpose of

Why cows produce milk to feed their child he's taken the baby away from the mother and now he's pouring the milk that would be drunk by her baby onto his oreo so then eat it himself like he's this cow's

Child sometimes i just think that farmers should stay off social media but in a way i'm glad that they don't because it's good for people to see this to see how weird it is like why would you ever want to consume

Anything from this scenario so exploitative that we do this to sentient beings and then we reduce them to something that we can commercialize for tick tock and

Make a 15 second video from to get a few thousand likes all right so let's move on to the next one and it's huey again count has been working for a little bit gotta make sure all is good easy girl you're not making

It easier on me come on it's just two legs in the head all right this farmer sees nothing wrong with showing him lubricating his arm and inserting his arm inside a cow

Penetrating a cow with his arm restraining animals and then forcefully penetrating them and the people have the nerve to say that vegans are weird are extreme like what's extreme growing lentils or

Growing oats and blending them with water or forcefully penetrating an animal to make money from them what is more extreme and more weird for a cup of tea or coffee or to pouring or

Cereal we'd restrain sentient beings and then do this to them like it's so disgusting i can't wait for the time that we look back and it'll be soon but i cannot wait for the time that we look back

And just hang our heads in shame that as a society we allow this to happen and paid for it to happen and defended it all right so let's go on to the next video which is this one

Since almonds do not lactate there's no way for us humans to actually get almond milk it is almond juice the thing is interesting about farmers now complaining about almond milk or oat

Milk being called milk is that we've had products called those things for such a long time like coconut milk it's been around for so long right or sheer butter or peanut butter these products have been around for ages

And farmers never complained about those they were never worried about people mistaking peanut butter for being a dairy product but now all of a sudden these products have come along they're actually

Damaging their industry and will eventually make their industry completely irrelevant it's already happening i know they said well you can't get milk from oats you can't get milk

From almonds okay fine call it what you want call it almond juice cola oat juice call it soy juice call it what you want it doesn't make a difference the reality of what it is is it's the future and it's the thing

That's going to make your industry completely irrelevant it's going to destroy your industry and it already is so you can argue about oh is it milk or is it juice it just doesn't matter it's so irrelevant the point of the

Matter is it's the thing that's going to destroy your industry and it's already happening and so complain about what it's called all you like but it doesn't make a difference to what's inevitable

And i don't think companies like oatley that were just valued at two billion dollars and seen their profits just completely skyrocketing are worried by an industry that's complaining about labeling because your

Industry the profits are just declining and as soon as those subsidies are taken away and those bailouts are taken away which will be soon it will be null and void and that's the reality of it so honestly

Complain all you want and talk about how it's not real milk and milk comes from animals it just doesn't matter it's so irrelevant because what is certain is that these products whether they be

Juice or milk are the ones that are going to take down your industry once and for all right so this is the next video and it's again from huey b cool and the reason i wanted to show this video is because i think

It's really deceitful and disingenuous that he's claiming that what he does is fine because the cows walk themselves to the milking parlor there's a few reasons why that's the case and the first reason

And the main reason is because you've selectively bred them to produce excessive amounts of milk which places a huge amount of strain on their bodies they're producing up to 10 times more

Milk than they would naturally in the wild so you can make more money from them and so this extra stress means that they want to be milked of course they want to be milked every female mother wants their

Offspring to drink their milk that's why they're producing the milk and so these cows yes they want to be milked well they have to be milked because it causes them pain

And distress to not be milked but it doesn't mean that they're willfully consenting to their own exploitation just because they walk themselves to the milking parlor they're so deceitful i love everything

You do these animals you take their babies away from them even though in a previous video we showed how that mother was protecting her baby you still took her baby away from her and then you say she's

Consenting to this exploitation because she walks herself to the milking parlor because she biologically has to be milked how can you say that and not understand how disingenuous and deceitful you're being and then

You're going to send her to a slaughterhouse to have her throat cut and you're going say it was absolutely fine for me to do that because she walks herself to the milking parlor and so

This is the next video and the reason i wanted to show this video is because it further reinforces how deep that maternal connection between mother cows and their children really is and so in this video what we

Have is from a farming page is we have a mother cow who's lost her child and now she's mourning her child and calling out for her child and the farmers are saying that she's not been the same since her child died

Now in the dairy industry it's funny because dairy farmers love to tell us that oh don't worry dairy cows are terrible mothers and they don't even realize their child's gone and they definitely don't grieve them there's no

Problems there what we have here is a farming page bee farmers who are talking about the fact that these cows do have deep connections with their children they do mourn them you can

Speak to ex-dairy farmers who will talk about the fact that it was so horrible for them to take the babies away because it was so obviously tormenting for the mother and her child i mean the mothers call out for their babies

They call out for them and they grieve the separation anyone can obviously tell that's true but dairy farmers will say no no that's not true let's completely just ignore biological factors like the fact that

Mothers need to raise their children and emotional factors let's completely ignore all of that because it doesn't suit the dairy narrative but as soon as you strip away that facade of course these mothers

Grief for their children it's so obvious and what we have here is a farming tick tock just confirming what we already know to be true so let's move on to the next video and this is from an irish farmer who's not very happy that

People say that animals suffer on farms and he thinks that farmers are the real ones suffering let's see what he has to say um this is a video for anyone who wants to say that my animals suffer on my farm

As you can clearly see they don't oh well that proves it then right there's some cows grazing in the field therefore there is no suffering here's a split second shot of some animals in the field all of a sudden i'm reconsidering

Being vegan like i had no idea that animals grazed on fields apparently all the suffering i thought existed doesn't because this half second shot anyway let's see what else he has to say about that no

In response to that uh if you want to know about suffering that goes on and farmed don't talk to her farmers uh don't talk too far about these animals talking about him

Or herself talk to them about their joint pain talk to them about their back pain talk to them about the sleepless nights during calvin season talk to them what it's like to wake up in the middle of

The night have to go over and have a cow then you're sitting up all night because cows have a difficulty call on the vet the vet comes on then the calf is born the cat comes out

Stillborn because you couldn't do anything else to help them talk to your friend about that talk to a firmer that has lost half these cows to tb talk to your friend about that talked to

A farmer that's watched his animals suffer very much very badly and ended up having to put it down talked about that but she won't because you see you think that we are these

Little horrible people that just beat and attack and just are cruel to our animals we're not all of these animals are a life source these are life my apologies i didn't

Realize that the job that you consensually take part in made you more of a victim than the animals who are unnecessarily exploited against their will and who end up in slaughterhouses with knives being pulled

Across their throats i now realize that was a gross misjudgment of me and that in this situation you are the true victim you see what i used to think before is that when the farmers picked up the newborn calves and

Walked off of them that meant that the newborn calves were the victims but now i realize it's actually putting so much strain on your back and it must be terrible for your knee joints to have to pick up a newborn

Calf like that i now realize that in that situation you're the victim and i'm very grateful that you've highlighted to me the fact that you have joint pain and that therefore means that you're the

One who's really suffering in this industry i now realize that the joint pain that the mother cows feel from the fact they carry excessive weight because they've been selectively bred to produce so much

Milk i now realize that that's insignificant that doesn't mean anything anymore because you suffer from joint pain as well and so therefore your suffering must be so much worse because

At the end of the day you get to go home and you get to live a nice life and do what you want and that must be really hard for you unlike these animals right have it's so easy don't they they live a life where

They've been selectively bred are forcibly impregnated have their babies taken away from them and then end up in a slaughterhouse with a knife pulled across their throat what a easy life they must live compared to you i'm

So sorry i didn't realize it was so hard for you to exploit sentient beings and it's so disingenuous to make out that you're a victim again because a cow might have a

Stillborn or cows might be killed because they have tb you're not the victim in this scenario if a cow is killed because they test positive for bovine tb you're not the victim in that situation

Has your life been taken from you no so how can you be the victim in that scenario and the reason that farmers or the reason that you yourself are upset about a stillborn baby or about cows being killed

Is not because of the death or the cows being killed because you make money from cows being killed normally that's how you survive you sell the milk and then you sell the bodies

That's how it works and so it's not the death that upsets you it's the loss of income that upsets you if a baby is still born that's a baby you can't make any money from it's not the fact that they're dead

That you care about because if you cared about animals dying you wouldn't work in an industry that makes money from animals dying and you won't put them in situations where they die in the first

Place so again you're not upset because an animal has died you're upset because you can't make money from them because they have died and to further prove that point what

Happens to a cow on your farm if she becomes infertile what happens then what happens to a cow on your farm if her somatic cell count won't come down to situations where the cow is perfectly

Healthy there's no bovine tb there's no problems like that what do you do with an animal if they won't get pregnant or if their somatic cell count is too high for you to sell the milk

What do you do to that animal you kill them you cull them you send them to a slaughterhouse or you shoot them on the farm again it's not the death of the animal you care about and just because you call a

Vet out in the middle of the night doesn't mean that you're some benevolent caregiver for these animals you do that because you want to make sure you can make money from the animals and a dead baby means you've wasted

Money on the resources throughout the pregnancy that means you can't make money from the baby and if that baby was a female that's a lot of money you could make from her but you can't now because she's

Still born you're not a benevolent altruistic caregiver you're sony makes money from exploiting sentient life and that's why you get upset and again i'm not going to sympathize with you in this situation and say the farmers of

The victims because they can't make money because an animal has died or been killed against their will the animals are obviously the victims in this scenario and until the day that

You're the one who's sent to a slaughterhouse to have a knife pool across your throat it will always be the animals who are the victims and not you because at the end of the day

Your life is not apparel and you may get back pain and joint pain and i don't doubt that farming takes a physiological toll on you but you consensually agree to be a farmer you don't have to be a farmer you can

Leave that job at any time that you want but you consent to being involved in that job and you're not the victim there and you consciously send animals knowing that they will end up on the kill floor of a

Slaughterhouse in fear with someone about to pull a knife across their throat and i do think it's important to note that i don't think that you're evil i definitely don't think you're a victim

But i don't think that you're evil either i understand that you were raised in the family that taught you that from the moment you were born farming animals was acceptable i understand that we live in a society

Where people pay you to do what you do and so why would you question the morality of it i understand that but unfortunately the way that you were raised doesn't mean that what you do now

Is acceptable and if you objectively take a step back and we look at what we do to animals and the fact that what we do to animals is completely needless and causes them suffering and

Exploitation for what for you to make money into the other people can drink milk when they don't need to when it's damaging for their body and bad for the environment why stay in that industry why not make a

Change because you've got nothing to lose from changing nothing at all all right well let's leave it there we've gone through a lot of tick tocks and there's a lot of fun there's a lot

Of information and i hope you've enjoyed this video and if you like it let me know and i'll make more like this in the future but i really appreciate you guys watching and thank you again to skillshare for sponsoring

I hope you all say i hope you're all doing well and i will speak to you all in the next video you

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