by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey guys what's going on it's Carl here
back with another episode it's a special
one today maybe for some of you
Canadians out there happy Canada Day was
just last weekend and I guess matching
with the entire red theme we have the
very brand-new a1 plus 6 and of course
red a limited edition and brand new
colorway and this will add to the three
that are currently available
mirror-black a midnight black and silk
what we got unbox this thing so what
nothing crazy has changed in this model
of course it is still the same 128 gigs
we've got the same internals as the rest
of the 1 plus models of course the thing
you are here to see is the sexy new
colorway which I'm super excited about
intense intense we've got this guy
unboxed and before we get to the actual
of course unboxing we actually have an
update for the winner of the blind
camera test that involved a couple
different smartphones the one plus the
pixel to the iPhone as well as the
Samsung the winner is being flushed
across the screen are right now you've
got 24 hours to contact me either here
on youtube or on instagram the same post
is going up if you don't the mere black
version is going to someone else
so you don't want to miss out so I'm
hoping that person has watched this
video Congrats to that person and if you
guys want to see perhaps this as they
potentially give away the limited
edition red model let me know down below
in the comment and I can make something
happen in either one of my next episodes
or of course somewhere over unsocial
okay here we go so here we go with the
official unboxing and your very first
look Q mall music never happens to go
well on care home we have of course the
one plus a 6 right here let's get this
guy out o this year they actually went
glossy and I am a huge fan
this I'm trying to capture of course how
good this looks on camera here oh my
goodness this almost has the same finish
as the mirror block I'm sure this will
collect a few extra finger prints it
looks sexy it looks gorgeous you use the
adjectives to describe your phone it's
very very nice to look at and I'm sure
we can catch a bunch of light with this
guy let me actually grab my mirror block
one plus I just want to compare them yes
yes yes yes yes they have a very very
similar finish and a lot of you actually
preferred the mirror black over the
midnight black I can definitely see why
and in case you want to add a little
splash of color to your life this is
where you gotta go I know the 1 plus 6
limited edition red model does launch
later this week I believe info will of
course be listed down below let me know
which device you prefer whether it's
this one mere midnight or even silk
white we now have four models of the one
plus six to select and if you look
around the sides of the devices that's
actually a bit more of an anodized
aluminum look so it's definitely
two-tone and the fingerprint sensor is
definitely a different kind of shade
also so it will definitely have a lot of
contrast a lot of differences and this
might be actually my favorite one plus
color way to date let me know your
thoughts down below in the comments and
remember if you want to see this guy as
that giveaway maybe it's a happy Canada
Day happy hundred and 51st birthday to
my home country you know where to sound
off down below I hope you guys enjoyed
this a very very quick episode I'll
catch the rest of you in one of my next
ones or in one of my vlogs base

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