The ONE Sony Feature that EVERY Camera Should Have!!!

published on July 17, 2020

I've got something really cool that I want to share with you guys in this video so right now I am doing some still life work I'm working on my photo assignment that vide will come later but I want to show you a feature that I'm using with the Sony a 9-2 that is going

To blow your mind so check this out so right now I've got my still life set up we've got the camera set up now notice there are no wires at all attached to the a9 so I'm gonna go ahead and take an image here now if you look behind me

I've got my computer up and after a couple of seconds we're looking at Lightroom you're gonna see that boom there's the image so yeah we've got some wireless tethering that's going on with Lightroom I could also do it and capture

One or any other application so you're probably wondering now wait a minute ed what is this magic what is this sorcery that you're wielding here well I'm gonna tell you now the a92 has a feature in it called FTP transfer and the a92

Specifically has a way of doing it as you take the image so what I'm doing is I'm actually transferring the images wirelessly through the network onto my FTP server into a folder Lightroom has created a watch folder it watches for

That file it brings it in automatically there's some other cool things that you can do with this as well let's say you're doing some kind of live blog at an event and you want to upload them to the Internet well as long as you have a

Wireless internet connection with the camera I can just get them onto a folder and I can write a script and I'll show you how to do this in a second that will just display the images in that folder so I've got a lot of want to dive into I

Think this is a feature that I which was on every camera that had a wireless connection and so I want to show this to you today but first I want to give a quick shout-out to our sponsor who are the awesome folks over at Skillshare

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Photography so if you have never shot with your camera tethered to a computer before this is particularly useful in a number of situations let's say you're doing a commercial shoot you have a client in the studio with you and they

Want to maybe bring an art director in and make sure that the shots are just right you've got enough room for type to run things like that you don't want them over your shoulder looking at the back of the camera so being able to pull it

Up on an iPad or computer screen is extremely useful it's also really useful I think in the situation like this where I'm just in the studio and yeah I've got a tiny viewfinder here and I've got the back of the camera and sometimes when

You get your stuff on the screen it just looks a little different you catch details that you didn't catch before so this is a particularly useful thing for me to be able to do here in the studio to be able to see my images in Lightroom

As they're coming up another cool thing that I'm actually using right now is Lightroom when you do imports it has the ability to apply a preset or a look to your image as it's coming in so I've applied one of my presets to it because

I want to see what it looks like in black and white and as close to the final image as possible I'll probably still do some editing on that but at least it gets me one step closer so this is something that's very useful I also

Want to mention that the a9 – actually isn't the only camera with ftp functionality now it is the only sony camera where you can upload every time you take an image so it's just doing it on the fly but I did notice when I was

Poking around in my 7:3 which I'm actually using to film right now so I can't show you it does have some FTP functionality I'll put a cutaway on here so you can see now it's much more limited in scope and it's not

Actually as fast and it actually imports everything with a folder structure so I had a harder time getting it to auto import into Lightroom let's say but just note that this is on some other cameras and it's something that I wish was on

All Sony cameras in fact any camera for that matter there are a few other cameras that will do this but typically they're high-end flagship models so for instance Canon with the 1 DX mark 2 and the 1 DX mark 3 I believe both do it and

Then Nikon will allow you to do it from their flagship cameras if you get the external FTP Wireless attachment that will go under the camera so it's kind of an accessory you end up getting but it is possible just wish this was something

That every camera with a Wi-Fi connection would do because I'm finding it really useful so let's talk about how it's done so the first thing we're gonna do is go into the menu under the network tab the third item down says FTP

Transfer function we're going to go ahead and select that and now we have three pages of options that we can use to set up our FTP transfer here so the first thing you're gonna want to do is make sure this function is on it's off

By default the second item down says FTP Connect method now the a92 does have an Ethernet port and so you can get gigabit ethernet transfer speeds which are super fast and this is a wired connection and so if you

Want that you would select wired LAN or we can select Wi-Fi so we're gonna select Wi-Fi from now the next thing you need is your server settings so if I click this FTP servers typically have logins so you're going to need a

Username and a password and that is set up on the FTP server and I'll talk about that just a second so if you know your credentials for that you can just simply input them into the camera so you can save up to let's see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

There's up to 9 settings you can save in here and you can write them to the card so if you want to just copy them real quick over to another camera you can do that as well so if I want to set up a new one I would select server 3 and I

Will warn you that this option is a little bit tedious so we have our display name destination Settings directory settings user info you need to type all that in now when you type this stuff in it's kinda like when you're

Setting up your fire stick or your Apple TV for the first time and you're using the click wheel to type it's very tedious so it is nice that there's a way to save these so you don't have to do them once and you

Can put them into any camera after that so once we have that set up I'm going to go ahead and say okay and we are going to go back out here to the okay so we've got the server setting we're gonna go to page two here now what we can do is

There's where you can save your FTP settings under that it says FTP transfer let's select that and we have an option here to select just images from the card and send them all at once over to our FTP server so that is one way of doing

It I'm gonna turn that off for now and say cancel and we're gonna go to the third page and the first option is auto transfer when shooting and this is something that is really only available on the Sony a 9-2 but it's very cool and

You can also select whether you want it to be raw or JPEG so on so forth now one thing that is a little bit limited on this is you can't actually transfer a video and I wish that it would do video files I don't really see why it can't I

Don't think there's any reason why it can't and certainly especially with the wired connection if you've got an Ethernet cable it's gonna be fast enough to do so so that's kind of a downer but at least with images you can transfer

Your RAW files so what I'm doing is into Lightroom I'm transferring all my raw data and it's just coming in and pulling it right up some of you may be thinking what is FTP and why are we using that well FTP is a networking protocol it

Stands for File Transfer Protocol FTP it's an acronym so this works on a local network which is what I'm using in my office here this will also work online through the internet so let's say you're a sports photographer you're working

With an agency like ESPN or somebody like that and you want to be able to upload your images as the games going on so your photo editor can pull them out of that folder and put them on the website as the games happening

That's one common use for stuff like this and so it's really pretty cool if you're going to set it up in a home or a studio environment like this that's just a Wi-Fi connection with maybe a router and a computer and a storage attached I

Know it's a little bit unconventional and it's not as convenient as being able to tether right into Lightroom but it's something that's really cool it was I've been using it for the last few days I have a very simple network configuration

Here in my office I have an air palermo extreme that I'm using that the internet plugs into and then that acts as the router for everything and so I've got two things on that router I've got my computer and I've also got a Synology

Raid drive that I'm using so you can set an FTP server up from a computer so beyond the scope of what I'm going to talk about here but if you google and look at YouTube they'll show you how you can do

That as long as you're on the network and you have access to that FTP server with a username and password you can do it I'm using the Synology server because that's where all my images are going to be backed up anyway and so it's very

Convenient for me above will just write them to one of the drives on the server one of the volumes there Lightroom can pull them out of that so to set this up on the other end with Lightroom what we're gonna do is we're going to use

Auto imports so this is a feature that's been in Lightroom for a long time now but it's under the file menu and if you go to the file menu you go down to auto import you're going to see two options here there's one to turn it on and you

Want to make sure it's on once you have it set up but when we set this up what it does is it creates a watch folder so you tell it what folder you want it to watch this can be on the network and could be on the local drive it could be

Anywhere and so anytime any image that's able to be imported by Lightroom is put into this folder it's watching it and it will auto import those images so we also need a destination and this is the destination in the Lightroom catalog and

So I have a folder for auto import that's just set up here so once you have that configured all you have to do is enable auto import and so what happens is I make an image from the camera it wirelessly transfers it to the FTP

Server on this analogy drive Lightroom is gonna see it in that folder and it's going to automatically import it and it's going to just go into the catalog simple as that now another thing that we can do with this because we're using

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is not only can we just send it to a local server I can actually upload it to the internet onto a web server if I want and so I messed around with this this weekend somewhat and I wrote just a

Little script at some PHP and I'll put a link if you want to download this and play with it just note that it doesn't come with a warranty or anything and it's definitely not finished not perfect and not practical for large amounts of

Images but what my script does is it will just look at a folder of images that you might be uploading to and then what it does is when the page is loaded it's going to basically create thumbnails for any new images and it's

Going to bring them in so you can actually view all of the images that are put into that folder so there's a lot of things that you can do with scripting certainly somebody who wants to put more time and effort into it than what I did

I just did it for testing purposes but if you wanted to have kind of live blog for an event that you were doing it's a way where you could just publish to a website straight from the camera now the script that I wrote

Does not support RAW files obviously so you would need to reconfigure your camera to be shooting JPEG and to upload JPEG only to the FTP server because it won't know what to do with RAW files but it's something they could potentially

Have a lot of possibilities associated with it so far I've only been talking about using FTP to transfer each image as you take it which is certainly the most impressive feature on this but another one you could use on this I

Wouldn't recommend Wi-Fi for it because it's just not fast enough but this does have an Ethernet port and one of the things with the a9 is you can shoot twenty frames a second RAW files on this so let's say you went and shot a

Sporting event you've got a ton of files when you get home you can just simply transfer these over to the computer by using the Gigabit Ethernet connection and it does it pretty quick and you can basically just select do an FTP transfer

Of all the files on this card you can actually select specific files there are a number of options that you've got also cool is the a 7-3 will do this just not nearly as well it's a little bit clunky you obviously don't have an Ethernet

Port but that capability is there Oh incidentally other Sony cameras do this as well I don't know exactly which models because I haven't looked but I know my a 7-3 will do it I just happened to run across it by accident the other

Day it doesn't do it nearly as efficient ly as the a9 you can't go image by image and it's really clunky there's no Ethernet port so it's Wi-Fi only but you can transfer wirelessly a folder of images on the fly if you wanted to and

Had the time to wait it is a little bit different it imports a folder of images and puts that in the folder and the net folder has a folder structure inside of it which I'm not a big fan of the a9 will just transfer everything on the

Top-level directory of whatever folder you choose on your FTP server the Sony a7 3 does not do that so I could not get it to work with Lightroom with the auto import because it's nesting everything into folders so it would require some

More configuration anyway I just like my diello is like Sony has the wireless capabilities with a lot of these cameras I did look at the crop sensor cameras I pulled up my a 6600 as well as my a 6300 and neither of which support FTP

Transfer now I know this is kind of a little bit techie when you get into the world of FTP but I think this is something that any camera that's so ports wireless no matter what make could be canon it could be nikon it could be

Sony it could be Fuji film would support FTP transfer the way it's set up right now is a lot of those cameras you can wirelessly connect to your phone and then you're in this world of sometimes it only moves a JPEG over you can't get

The raw file it just seems like we're not exploiting the options that we have on this and it's something that I would love to see and maybe this could even go further than FTP eventually so anyway I would love to know what you guys think

Hope you found this useful I'll catch you on the next video until then later

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