by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

okay we are rolling what's going on guys
Carl here finally back into the studio
I've been traveling for the past month
and it feels good to create content back
here which is why I thought it was the
perfect time to do a studio tour things
look very different we've updated a
couple things it's in a spot where I
feel happy enough to show you guys so
we've moved the camera back now to give
you guys a better sense of what this
studio looks like and if I actually grab
my other second camera here I can show
you guys my point of view boom so we got
the microphone we've got the tripod set
up with the camera
do not mind all that stuff down there
we've got some other screams it looks
pretty hectic on the other side but all
you guys need to know what is going on
here we'll get to that let us start with
of course this desk setup which of
course is the main reviewing table the
microphones some of the lighting and the
overhead rate so first and foremost this
desk is actually from anthro desk and it
actually came with a very beautiful
piece of wood I used to have it over on
that side but for whatever reason I just
love the fact that I had a white set up
it was more clean my of course personal
opinion so this thing is just sitting on
top of the dual motor stead and I can
actually raise this if I want to a
standing desk to make it a bit more
versatile and to get my butt off off of
this chair which I'm always in this
chair is from Herman Miller
it's the M body and I've had no problems
and I've owned it now for maybe three to
four ish years let's quickly talk about
this camera setup which is the first
time that the camera has sat very far
from me
we're of course recording with the Sony
a7 r3 which is exactly like my B cam
here this is the guy that I take with me
vlogging and this is the rig that is
always set up in the studio we've got a
small rig up top to create a cage with a
small HD monitor so I can see myself if
I'm in focus and what's going on I'm
also recording with the 35 mil 1.4 Zeiss
lens I'm hoping that I'm in focus here
I've set it to man
well fingers crossed that everything
looks good so just let me know down
below in the comments if you like this
current filming setup up top right here
which gets all the audio to the camera
is the Sennheiser MKE 600 and it wraps
all the way to this guy which is the
zoom h4n Pro I sync up my audio and post
over on my Mac and I kind of line
everything up on that end to the very
left which might be slightly off camera
is the only life that I'm actually using
right now it's a new pancake LED light
that I just upgraded last year I'm
currently using that as I'm surrounded
by a lot of beautiful natural light
which is always best to use if you do
have it currently getting installed one
more LED panel up top might need my dad
to help me yet for that one over on this
sides here this is a custom built over
the head rig which is just a couple
pieces of metal that have been welded
together on top I have a quarter inch
connector with a fluid tripod head that
gets me all of my overhead shots I can
make them buttery smooth and you can see
all the assortment of tech that I
actually had laid out earlier for a
photo shoot over on Instagram so the set
that you will probably be looking at for
the next little while is what I've got
going on behind me on the left hand side
that's actually a traditional longboard
this is before boosted boards came out
this is the loaded dervish and it's got
the same orangutan wheels that are
actually used on boosted boards now so
that is pretty dope behind me this is
the dual iMac setup and there's a method
to the madness why I've got to I know
that it's definitely overkill but one of
the main reasons is a it looks really
good on camera I think it's a really
cool setup and the second is a shabath
for me for some potential help I am in
dire needs of someone that can help edit
videos if you are in the Toronto area
let me know down below shoot me an email
that could be your potential workstation
I've got to Ikea Alex drawers flanked by
one IKEA kitchen countertop there is the
slightest Bend which some of you have
seen over on social I am working to get
aluminium bar kind of set underneath to
make sure that the sag or the Ben gate
theory doesn't keep on going over on the
right hand side perhaps your left is the
charging station and I actually like
this little ledge that kind of goes
around the entire place this is where
most of the tech that gets charged and
juiced up live so all of my smartphone's
batteries batteries batteries galore
kind of live in this area and also some
extra production gear like my different
lenses you guys know that I've got the
baddest 18 mil 2.8 we've got the G
master 16 to 35 we've got the 70 to 200
G master as well as the baddest 85 mill
one point eight as my main portrait lens
that kind of lives in that area and
you'll also see the first of two home
pods which should be in my latest
edition we've got one that's there and
one that snuck right behind the iMac pro
I paired them in stereo to give me some
really great sound I know it's a
predominantly Apple based ecosystem here
but anyways with these home pods I know
in version 2 you can now pair them I can
run them via airplay and the nice thing
once I've got this entire studio set up
I can add a few more lights I can
connect things by Siri and I can control
them with of course my voice which is
dope looking forward to that as the next
little thing that I will be tinkering
around with in the studio and I guess
the very last thing is what's I guess on
the very end of this camera let me do a
little crop in there to show you guys so
right now that is probably the messiest
area you can see that I have a Bud Light
fringe which I've kind of converted to
use as extra storage in there I usually
keep what's next on deck what I'm
reviewing for the next video what I'm
currently working on and underneath
there two more IKEA Alex drawers that
help keep all of my stuff somewhat
labelled and organized I will of course
leave everything that I've mentioned in
this video everything that you've seen
linked down below in the description box
just let me know what I need to do next
I hope you enjoyed this very quick
studio tour I know I jumble through
everything so if you want me to go more
in depth around
thing the place to let me know is down
below happy to be home happy to be your
recording videos here and can't wait to
share a ton more content in this setup I
will of course catch the rest of you in
one of my next episodes or vlogs base

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