The NEW Alienware Gaming Laptop

published on August 3, 2020

All right so this is the alienware m15 r3 it's the new one for 2020 and when they first announced this i kind of dismiss it i didn't think it was like a big refresh it looks so similar to last year's model i just kind of went under the radar for me

Uh but having gotten it in i realized there's a lot of stuff that they've changed under the hood and we'll talk about them now my story with last year's model the r2 this was a device that i thought was a

Pretty good performer very thin for an alienware device very pretty but i felt like thermally this wasn't the best thing out there right i felt like

It wasn't super competitive in terms of just best performance unless you tweaked it and you know undervolted and repasted and stuff and stuff that's more advanced so i just never really recommended this thing

Openly from last year's model it did look really good though they've addressed a lot of stuff this year uh let's start off with the exterior this wasn't the problem with last year's

Model but they've actually changed it this is now a smooth like hard finish last year's model had like a soft touch finish to it i really like this material but my impression was that this was something that could

Get dirty easily like if you had i don't know cheetos covered fingers or if you had dirty fingers and you handled a white laptop with a soft touch finish it would invariably

Smudge or just stain this material this feels much more stained and smudge resistant but it's not as inviting to use like the the top deck as well like the keyboard area and

The top surface and the bottom panel are all re-finished they're no longer soft touch but it still looks really good now another thing we've changed this year is the trim

Around the panel so it's going to be hard to see in this shot i'll do some pickups but you can see that they've added this rubber trim around the edge of the screen i think it serves two purposes one is

That when you open and close the device it's a bit just you know it's there there's less of an impact when you close the lid it's more of like a softer close versus the old one it's more of like

A it's more like a louder snap versus right it's subtle but there is a difference but secondly i also think that it serves to reinforce the actual bezel around the screen so on

Last year's model the trim or the bezel if you pushed it you could kind of see it wobbling around a bit there wasn't a ton of play but it was noticeable but this here is just a sturdier trim it's just everything seems to be

Adhered a little bit tighter but the bezel itself is still made with that shiny or glossy plastic which i don't personally love now another thing i noticed is that the screen is easier to open

With one hand not everyone cares about the stuff but for the people that do i think they tweaked the hinge tension just a little bit so that you can do this if you care for it okay another thing

They've changed this year is the speaker set up so last year's models the r2s they had bottom firing speakers only they would just blast out from the bottom of the laptop and hit the surface

Of whatever you were using it on this year they still have bottom firing speakers as like the main but they also have these front firing ones that point towards the user of the

Device and this is kind of more traditional in terms of alienware like all of their older laptops used to have these front firing speakers and this is more akin to that here's my take on them though they sound

Better than the r2s but they don't sound amazing like they certainly don't sound as good as let's say like macbook speakers that's really the gold standard and it's good that they've improved it but

If i had to like rate these numerically let's say five is an average gaming laptop speaker right that's mathematically the average right in the middle of zero and ten five i would consider the r2s like six

Maybe six and a half these are like a seven and a half there's still a lot of room that they could improve on but when it comes to positional audio these do a pretty good job like because the front firing speakers are like the

Higher frequencies you can hear like gunshots and sounds like footsteps and pickups any kind of in-game sound that's used to identify where enemies are or where your teammates are

They come out pretty cleanly from these front firing speakers which the old ones did not so if you're someone that doesn't use headphones to play games these are better okay let's talk about

Thermal performance or just performance in general that was the thing that i did not like about the r2 good but not great this year it's better but it's still not perfect

So okay let's talk about the hardware improvements they've added a vapor chamber for the cpu but only the cpu the gpu still has a regular heat pipe system now the removal of heat

On a system like the alienware m15s has always been a difficult thing for for the company because alienware is a company that really takes pride in their ability to bring out like the fastest performing

Devices right they want to clock their stuff as high as possible they don't really care too much about temperatures and it's something that's difficult for a reviewer like myself to convey to you

Guys right so here's the thing there are companies out there uh let's say razer they're a company that purposely lowers their clock speed on their devices i'm not talking about throttling they

Will make their systems run just a little bit slower to keep their system cool all the time alienware is not like that they like to run their stuff as fast as possible but stuff gets hotter because they're

Just pumping more water to the cpu and when you have a device like this that's thin and they're trying to make it look a certain way and they're trying to keep these things running as fast as possible

They're really hard to cool properly the r3 is noticeably cooler running than last year's r2 for sure but you still need to undervolt it to get the best possible thermal performance and that's

Something i wish alienware would do right out of the factory just like undervolt these things by a little bit and then your consumer base would just probably stop complaining about thermal issues

But yeah it's good improved from last year but it's still just shy from what i would consider to be a perfect thermal system on this device okay uh the fan noise

Unchanged it still gets pretty loud at the top end but i think for the average user it's a perfectly acceptable fan profile the screens come in a few options this one's the 1080p

300 hertz panel very fast and showcases the hardware nicely games play fluidly on it i do wish it was a little bit brighter but there is a 4k panel option if you need something that's a little more

Color accurate and a screen that's brighter now inside they've also changed a few other things last year's model could not take more than 16 gigs of ram like regardless of how you configured it 16

Was the max and it's soldered on ram right so you can't ever upgrade it this year they've allowed up to 32 gigs of ram which is awesome they've also changed the whole motherboard layout it looks a little bit

Different it's still a flipped motherboard though so if you want to replace it or do anything that's more complex it's a it's a more difficult disassembly there's three ssd slots two

Of them are like the big boy normal ones and then there's like a small one for people that want a third nvme drive if they need it and the battery has been upgraded this year it's now an 86 watt hour block

It's a pretty decent size but i was only getting four and a half hours on this thing i thought i'd be able to hit five pretty easily but four and a half hours uh ports so the ports remain unchanged

There is a micro sd slot though this year if that's something you're into why was i pointing it like that you can't even see that micro sd okay uh let's talk about the

Things that haven't changed so like i said right from the beginning this is in my opinion one of the best designs i've seen for a laptop it's such a unique look like there's so much going

On but at the same time it looks simple enough like you can obviously turn off the lights and just keep it relatively muted but if you want to you can just turn them on and flex on all those other laptop users

That aren't on your level but i do think that this is such a cool looking device and i really think this is going to be the at least one of the main reasons why you would consider the m15s

Another feature i really like on these devices is their keyboard i think i've mentioned in the past but this has got to be one of my personal favorite gaming laptop keyboards everything about

It the layout the typing mechanism the lighting they do everything right on this thing obviously you get some crazy alienware lighting if you want but the gaming and typing experience on

This keyboard is on point uh the trackpad is glass they got a really nice texture on it it is a pretty loud click like it's very audible so if you're in a work environment that

Doesn't allow you to click you're gonna have to either tap or get a completely different device but yeah i like the trackpad but the overall device is much better this year i feel like the r2

Last year's model was it was a nice device but it was really reserved for people that were focused on like the aesthetic of it this year it still looks really nice but i feel like it's more competitive

Like the thermal performance and i think the pricing is fair for what you're getting this year i will say like the one takeaway for me is that they got to start using amd stuff in

Here i feel like if they stuck an amd chip inside here the temperature problems would wouldn't be a thing this would just be a cooler running machine because amd's ryzen chips are just they're lower

Wattage and you just it would solve a lot of stuff i feel especially for the enthusiast level okay so that's the alienware m15r3 it's a much better pickup this year than

It was last year uh there you have it okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it see you guys next time


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