by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on guys Carl here back with
another episode switching back to
smartphones finally and we are talking
about something which is kind of under
the radar it is the most underrated
smartphone of 2018 this year which
happens to be in my pocket so perhaps
you can't tell off the front but the
moment you look on the back you noticed
that this guy has three lenses most of
you may have heard of it especially here
in the tech scene this is the Huawei P
20 Pro I think every single review has
done it in this specific color I want a
bit more safe and got the Navy one no
judging there but if you're up for
something about fancy something a bit
different this is a very unique color
that you could possibly get and yeah
even though I didn't get that
super-sweet colorway that everyone may
have wanted I'm actually giving this
very device away you know what to do
just simply sup to the channel of course
leave a comment down below and I will
pick a random one on one of my next
episodes PS tick watch winner flushed
across the screen right now Congrats hit
me back with an email and a lot of you
may ask why is this phone so underrated
maybe you haven't heard of the brand
Huawei before maybe this is your first
smartphone review video or maybe the
fact that you just can't grab the P 20
or P 20 Pro down in the States up here
in Canada you can I know in Europe in
Asia but this phone might just fly off
the radar for some of you which is super
unfortunate just because it's not
available in your region I'm here to
inform you and let you know that you
might be missing out on the gem I so for
mine though I've been using this now for
the past couple months and I've just
been drawn back to it I've been
switching through phones on a weekly
basis and I just can't get over the fact
that this guy has two features guesses
please but number one which is a
no-brainer of course is the camera so
let's talk about this first it has a
three lens setup the one off to the side
is a monochrome sensor and will always
done this before in the past and it's
not like having a monochrome filter it's
different you have to really get to know
it to use it and once you have it is
a beautiful lens to have it's different
I know you can't use it every single
time but for the pics that I've snagged
in black and white it just has this
emotion this feeling to it
that a filter just can't justify
definitely a solid addition I think I'm
still torn between either having this or
saying ultra-wide for a third lens
option but still great to have on a
smartphone the other two sensors which
make up the trifecta are 40 megapixels
each and I know that megapixels doesn't
always mean the best photos and even
though DxO scored this at a 109 which
also doesn't mean it's the best I have
found that this takes really awesome
photos and it can definitely compete
with the king that usually people
consider of smartphone photography which
is the pixel to I do find out that the
pixel 2 software does help it out a ton
even though this has an AI chip it can
help you take photos of things like
people pets food you kind of name it
wherever you point this thing at it will
recognize what you're taking a photo of
but this guy really really shined in
low-light and I truly think this is the
best low-light camera that you can get
some of the pics that I've snagged have
been unreal
I will obviously let all of these sample
shots kind of speak for themselves work
out if you're interested
listed down below and what I did for
chest day the second thing which I'll
talk about which a lot of people
overlook is the battery life and while I
didn't hop to creepy thinnest phone it's
actually surprisingly thick for today's
standards but it has a four thousand
milliamp hour battery which means it
will easily last you the entire day even
with heavy heavy use and I've even had
this phone last me two days with
moderate use which is unreal for a
smartphone it's just something that you
don't see after you've been using a
phone for a couple months you know that
the battery tends to get worse as time
goes on this guy easily easily the
entire day even when I'm crunching
through my heaviest heaviest days so
despite those two really good things
that foam can't be perfect I know
there's always compromises we will start
off with design the front is the ugly
duckling I get it they have a notch I'm
not gonna make comments about that it is
your print sensor that's on the bottom
which is super quick but I think they
were trying to go for an edge-to-edge
display maybe stick it on the back
somewhere like most bones even though I
am a huge fan of the back I think the
design looks great second off is the
software which I won't go too in depth
on emui which is essentially huawei skin
on top of Android it isn't the greatest
it just feels like everything is being
packed into this the feature list just
kind of goes on and on and I think some
are a bit redundant I actually just have
a stock launcher Noble launcher
installed on mine it gives it more of a
stock Android like feel I feel like OS
is less is usually more in this case but
yeah other than that I know that
chipsets the silicon inside the are a
bit dated but this the p20 Pro does have
six gigs of RAM so mostly everything
that you throw at it you do get the
slight hint of lags sometimes these
small little Android stutter I haven't
seen those as much as say when I
initially got the phone and the
experience has been getting better for
sure curious to hear your thoughts down
below in the comments and remember you
can win this very device just leave a
comment on your favorite sleeper feature
of the Huawei p20 prowl down below and I
will hopefully catch the rest of you in
one of my next episodes or vlogs peace

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