The Most Profitable Crypto Currency In 2020 THAT NOBODY KNOWS !

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

yeah I was wondering if you accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment yes I sir I was wondering if you could help me out do you have a solution for crypto mass adoption um why do DC's invest into a company it appears that the world does

Not have the answers to these questions so I'm gonna have to make a video about it right now it's the crypto lifestyle they're professional investors like angels whether that be in a group or by

Themselves or VC's whether that be in a big firm or themselves doesn't matter because they happy very similar objective and that is to get a targeted return over a specific period of time and on shows like Shark Tank they ask

Questions just like this what are your sales and how are you selling where are you so let's talk about the revenue so far so just say the last three or four months month by month what's your

Revenue being and these are the type of questions any serious or professional investor asks something we are not familiar with within the cryptocurrency space oh by the way this is your first time here my name is Francis and if you

Want to learn the importance of decentralization and crypto mass adoption and other Bitcoin related stuff then do that by subscribe and have a bell on the petition button so you don't miss

Anything also if you watch this video in its entirety I'm gonna give you 10 a solid concrete reasons that nobody will be able to dispute on why xpt which is the native token for crypto buyer will be

The most profitable cryptocurrency of 2020 so make sure you watch this video in its entirety if you want to be filled in on that crypto buyer is a company not a project not a start-up but indeed a company who produces income on three

Different verticals which is number one their crypto exchange number two their point of sale terminals on number three their Bitcoin ATM machines which are already deployed in a number of different retail chains and stores and

Restaurants across Latin America for a number of years ninety nine percent if not 99.9% of the cryptocurrencies in the market can say the same because they're just based off of hype and what is hype hype is nothing but a huge bubble and at

Its core Center is nothing but and Jesus the value of this investment on every other cryptocurrencies should really be based on the cash flow and the revenue generated and the reason why these billionaire professional investors on

Shark Tank ask such questions is because let me tell you a secret if a company is not producing of revenue then it's worth nothing period and that's exactly why you see 80 percent of the ice you

From 2017 or well below the ico price because they don't generate revenue they don't have any cash flows they don't have any real consumers or users and last but certainly not least they do not have well lucky for you you made this

Far into the video and let me introduce to you XP T which is the native token for crypto buyer who has been the dominant players on business with in Latin America serving these people for the last five years five years guys just

Take that in for a second how many companies do you know that's in the crypto space I could see they're five years old not many if any and take a look at this right here Venezuela has the highest Bitcoin Paris

Is trading volume by any nation so the interest and demand is by far the most of any nation on planet earth and crypto buyer has been providing trouble economies such as Venezuela an alternate payment solution so they could buy their

Daily essentials their goods and services with cryptocurrency just as normal as they do with fiat and their paper cash imagine if you can walk into your neighborhood corner store and buy a bag of potato chips with Bitcoin well

That's what's happening right now in Venezuela because of crypto buyer furthermore according to the daily huddle calm and I quote crypto insider says Venezuela on peace to lead a merchant adoption as a Bitcoin trading

Volume sets new record and again this is all made possible because of crypto buyer you can now buy toothpaste clothes and pretty much anything you want even burgers and fries at Burger King with Bitcoin – and BnB coin and soon XPT the

Token I was screaming to anyone who would listen to me earlier in the year last year when we first presented this on YouTube well hey somebody listened to me check all the CZ tweeted out the other

Day okay so let's try to grasp the uniqueness and value XPT offers for investors outside of the three verticals on outside of the generated revenue and

Outside of the already cashflow it produces first thing you need to understand the people in Venezuela are not using Bitcoin first or value they're not using it to speculate the price of Bitcoin they're not using it to

Train on features exchanges to make a profit no no no no no this is our that these people are literally using cryptocurrencies as a diddid a transaction or a form of payment to replace their useless paper money and as

You just saw they don't need any convincing they already have the highest trading volume in terms of bitcoins for peer-to-peer transactions by nation this is a country that's on the forefront of swapping on to an entirely new monetary

System and this crisis right here is a prime example on how cryptocurrencies can change the world and if you're thinking of investing in this token here's one of the biggest takeaways why does Bitcoin price fluctuates so

Much well there are a number of different factors but certainly one of those factors are when people cash out when they trade BTC for cash with the XPT however you will not have to worry about that because these people in

Venezuela are not trading cryptocurrency equity for cash they are directly buying this MAOIs with crypto or directly buying you know this piece of accessory with crypto so hence the price will never fall down because they're not

Trading it for cash very using cryptocurrency to make direct purchases or direct payments this will maintain the price because they're never cashing out and this is what true crypto mass adoption is and this is one of my

Strongest points why I truly believe this token has what it takes do 100 X so cryptobiosis they got customers with crazy demand we have increasing revenue and we have direct crypto payments what else does crypto buyer and investors has

Going for them well the ICO originally started with 1 billion tokens and the ratio went like this 60% will be going to investors and the remaining 40% will be vested towards the team and any remaining tokens that were not sold will

Be bare long story short after the token burn the total supply remains at 155 million tokens roughly that's an automatic eight extra right off the bat as I mentioned earlier I made videos on crypto buyer

About eight months ago and I also had the opportunity of interviewing the CEO horror for us and I was screaming to anybody who would listen to me well before crypto buyers signed a deal with finance well before they sign the deal

With track II who is the equivalent to Walmart in Latin America well before they sign a deal with Selena hotels who is the direct competitor of Airbnb and well before they signed a deal with Burger King that's and it is a

Gem indeed the token supply has shrunk swell it gives a token even more scarcity and the demand is unlike anything never mind the crypto spacer scene but the world has seen and yes I'm still calling this bad boy in my third

100x in a row I like my chances but let's see what happens all right so to overview why xbt is going to be the most profitable cryptocurrency in 2020 I have made ten solid concrete points on why this is

Going to happen let's think like a billionaire investor number one crypto buyer has multiple streams of cash flow and if you don't got that then your business is worth nothing number two crypto buyers revenue increases every

Month due to the increasing interest and demand and transactions are taking place on their point-of-sale terminals point number three there was a massive burn so this contributes to the scarcity of the token massive demand not that much

Supply you know that equals number four crypto buyers main market which is Venezuela is responsible for the highest peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading volume in the world so there clearly is a huge demand for this service within that

Region number five cryptobiosis in you expanding rubbing shoulders with industry leaders and silent deals with them like the finances of the world there are also signing partnerships with prolific

Recognized fast food chains like Burger King where they already have their hardware devices integrated and installed in these restaurants and chains number six crypto buyer is one of the fewest if

Not the only company in the crypto space that actually has a real world use case while solving a real world crisis all at the same time number seven crypto buyers customers will not be trading XPT for cash in order to buy

Daily essentials so this will indeed maintain the price of the token because the consumer does not need to swap crypto for cash in order to make a purchase number is which company actually triggers crypto mass adoption

Will be filled furious but not only the company will be filthy rich not only the employees of that company will reap the rewards but also investors of that company will be benefiting from that as well number nine

Timing is key to success in the crypto space and before Krypton buyer actually expands out to other inflationary nations like Mexico and Argentina this is a great time for investors to actually come in and I mean I probably

Should have said this at the beginning of the video but I'm not a financial advisor I'm solely a cryptocurrency fanatic who believes this technology could have really changed the world that's why I invested it

So please do do your own homework when investing into any such crypto now with all that disclaimer shout out to it you should probably grab as much equity as you can before the expansion takes place I saved the best one for last man number

10 crypto buyer will be paying us out in dividends every single month paid out in ethereal people in the physical world actually live off of blue chip stocks dividends on a monthly basis because these blue chip stocks actually

Generates revenue they actually have users they actually have consumers they actually have customers they actually have a real world use case they have a real value proposition where their business grows on a daily basis just

Like this gem crypto buyer cryptobiosis investment and I'm really looking for it and receiving my dividends every single month paid out in the theorem from the only blue chip company in the crypto space and if you never heard about

Actually bt up until this point well now you do I'm actually going to be doing a series on crypto buyer and by nonce Latin America because there is just so much information to really talk about and what do we stand for here at the

Crypto lifestyle to mass adoption because we could become filthy rich while solving a real world crisis with cryptocurrency and i'ma tell you there's not a greater feeling in the world on that when you could kill two

Birds with one stone so you know what there really isn't much left to say other than until the next video you're on your own you still working for money eating for you take the cryptid lifestyle

Teaching what you see though but the best kind of person Nagas alone for you get exposed in the same shit for tenderness I don't know

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