The Most Effective Camouflage In Military History

published on July 9, 2020

Can you spot the soldier hidden in thispicture go ahead look closely all righttimes up here he is military camouflageis witnessing miraculous advancements astechnology rapidly evolved fighter jetscan now avoid radars snipers can blend

Into the bushes and yesstealthy soldiers really can turninvisible Harry Potter's magical cloakis no longer just fiction if you cankeep your troops out of the enemy's lineof sight you've already taken one

Crucial step toward victory if you canhide your soldiers you've got the upperhandthat's why militaries spend billions ofdollars every year developing the mosteffective camouflage systems and we're

About to show you the best of the bestfor as long as soldiers have gone to warthey've tried to blend in with theirsurroundings but what if they didn'thave to blend in at all what if theycould simply disappear there are no

Special effects at play here this ismerely the latest next-generationcamouflage technology on display knownas the quantum stealth coating as youcan see this whiz-bang piece of tech isan absolute game changer it was created

By a canadian-based company called hyperstealth biotechnology who since patentedtheir mesmerizing paper-thin innovationso how does it work good question thepatented material bends the light whichhits it making any object behind it

Appear near invisible to the naked eyeinfrared signals thermal signatures orshadows are masked as well that meansthat the opponent's night-vision andheat sensors are rendered useless thecompany's aim was not only to conceal

Foot soldiers but also larger equipmentsuch as tanks and jets unlike the moretraditional camouflage materials whichare limited to specific environmentssuch as jungle or deserts with onestandout color this invisibility cloak

Can operate in any surroundings nomatter the weather at any time of day itgoes without saying that as the world oftechnology excels leaps and bounds withevery passing year camouflage materialsfollow suit that kind of camouflage must

Be routinely tested by militaries beforemass implementation so let's swivel overto a piece of technology that alreadyboasts a proven track record of successas atries to advance through open fields

They face one significant hurdle there'snowhere to hidethat's why military's decided to buildtheir own hiding spots in the form offake trees why would you want to haularound a fake tree because when hollowed

Out it acts as a perfect spy outpost thesoldier inside can radio to the frontlines to indicate an imminent attackgiving the troops enough time to preparethemselves it could also act as a sniperoutpost this tactic isn't modern by any

Means it goes as far back as World WarOne initially implemented by the Frenchthe British and the Germans back thenthe trees were made of an iron shellwith internal scaffolding forreinforcements and were often covered

With a rough textured concoction madefrom materials like pulverized seashells that final artistic touch createda much more lifelike appearance whichwas key to its success as the years havepassed the material has become lighter

Easier to install and more authenticlooking soldiers uniforms have gonethrough billions of dollars worth ofresearch production and upgrades overthe years but no matter how advanced theoutfit or how perfect the camouflage

There's one thing that cannot beentirely covered the face breathing andseeing must always remain at optimumlevels which makes a number of potentialhead wears unusable when there are noother options the ever reliable

Military-grade face paint comes out toplay in warmer environments camouflageface paint is the clear winner over facemasks as the mercury climbs face maskscan cause overheating or make the wearerfeel claustrophobic which is why war

Paint has never lost its appeal darkerpaints are particularly effective theyminimize the chance for light to shineor bounce off the soldiers skin acritical defense tactic in moonlitwarfare these sticks can be bought

Individually for around 10 bucks onlinebut to supply an entire military coststens of millions of dollars on arecurring basis still that's pennies onthe dollar compared to the entire USmilitary budget of seven hundred and

Twenty one point five billion dollarsper year with a name like the shadowshieldyou'd expect our next piece ofcamouflage technology to have a doublewhammy approach the shadow being the

Evasive Ness and the shield being theprotection and itlivers this clever camouflage productallows the user to be able to seamlesslyblend into their surroundingsno matter the terrain or weather while

It sounds like a piece of revolutionaryequipment it's nothing more than a plainold mirror that serves its purposewithout flaw at its core it's a portablereflective folding wall no electronicsno quantum stealth invisibility the

Outer mirrored surface is tilted forwarda few degrees so that it reflects theground in front of it therefore thetarget or enemy won't be staring back atthemselves air forces around the worldare constantly attempting to outdo one

Another everyone wants the fastestplanes the most powerful and accurateweapons and the ability to deceive enemyradars it seems as though the US hadmade a monumental breakthrough in thespeed and camouflage Department in 1964

As the sr-71 blackbird took its firstflight this snazzy piece of airforcetechnology featured a specializedtitanium skin designed to protect theaircraft's aluminum airframe from theintense heat of supersonic flight this

Was crucial considering that it set twoWorld Records for being able to flyfaster than a speeding bulletthe sleek airframe was deliberate notonly for the Mach 33 speed but becauseit reflected a minimal amount of radar

Energy then there was the specializedblack paint the sr-71 was finished in ablack iron compound radar-absorbingcoating the paint made the aircraft evenmore difficult to target when soaringthrough the skies and minimized it's

Thermal footprint it's also theexplanation for the Blackbird named theAir Force called quits too the sr-71operations in January of 1990 followingmore than 34 million spent on each ofthe 32 units built world war ii is the

Most discussed modern conflict by acountry mile fighter jets tanks offrotors and endless units of footsoldiers all play their part yet oneunderestimated simple piece ofcamouflage and deception proved crucial

To Germany's retreat and eventualsurrender see these tanks well your eyesjust might be deceiving you becausethey're not tanks at all they'reinflatable balloons no weapons nowindows no engines just air the

Intimidation factor of a tank back thenand still to this day is unlike anythingelse so in order to make themselvesappear more powerful than they were theallies created replica tanks to drawattention away from the real destructive

Ones the art of deception as a form ofcamouflage wasn't a new concept faketanks were also used at the tail end ofWorld War one and the idea itself goesas far back as the Trojan horse we'veactually got an entire video about this

Amazing art of trickery and the link isover in the description so check it outafter this onethe Allies didn't just stop at faketanks they created a whole fake unitdubbed the ghost army this unit was made

Up of actors and cheap art props enemyspy planes would fly over the ghost armyreport their findings back toheadquarters and in turn send theirtroops in the wrong direction clever ehwhat's the one creature in the animal

Kingdom that is renowned for its naturalability to blend into its surroundingsyep the chameleon what if the militarycould take this color-changingcharacteristic and combine it with themodern uniform they can and they have

Russia's rostec state corporationpresented their take on the soldier ofthe future it was first demonstrated ona helmet but can be adapted to clothingweapons and much larger militaryequipment take a look using no more

Power than an energy-saving lamp theelectrically operated coating whichcovers the helmet is able to adapt itscolor to the surface and environmentaround it in the future the materialwill be improved to acquire new features

Such as the ability to adjust colorintensity as well as simulate movementthe American military at one stageattempted to create a one pattern fitsall uniform they called it the UCP oruniversal camouflage pattern uniform and

It cost close to five billion dollars todevelop and make before long it was alaughing stock it quickly developed areputation as a pointless waste of timeand money the reality is that untilchameleon camo hits the mainstream

Market uniforms must be specificallyadapted to their environment here's asoldier wearing the UCP outfit andhere's one wearing an 8 axe camouflagepattern designed specifically for thejungle now which one blends better

Exactly a tax camouflage patterns werecreated to perform in sand heavy ortimber heavy climates the blends come ina you aired in urban which featuresshades ofthan small amounts of green or FG

Foliage in green which features avariety of forest terrain elements mostprefer these over the universal designsdo you agree everything we've seen thusfar has been focused on blending in onland but what about water what does the

Navy's camo look like what about theMarines elite Navy SEALs SEAL Team sixand Special Warfare combatant craftcrewmen typically wear this the type 2Navy working uniform these feature fourcolors and are considered a digital

Camouflage uniform because of theirpixelated patterns the Marines on theother hand continued to use the MarineCorps combat utility uniform which comesin woodland and desert pattern optionsfirst introduced in 2002 these uniforms

Only cost three hundred and nineteenthousand dollars to develop meanwhiledown in Australia a company called sharkattack mitigation systems has created adifferent kind of water-based camouflagethey collaborated with an experienced

Team of shark researchers to determinehow the marine predators sea andtherefore how they hunt the end resultwas a $500 wetsuit that is nearimpossible for sharks to identify couldwe witness the Navy implementing these

In the future would you buy one foryourself the mission of a sniper is toremain undetected at all costs theyoften lay in the same position for hourson end so they don't need to move aroundas much as most foot soldiers and

Therefore aren't as restricted in whatthey can and cannot wear this is why theghillie suit has seen such a high degreeof successthese shaggy stringy covers aretypically thick and heavy but they do an

Excellent job at concealing theirwearersgo ahead just try and find the hiddensoldier tick tock time's updid you find him tada surprisinglyghillie suits aren't widely expensive

They're available online for the averageconsumer for less than 50 bucks do youhave any ideas for the next majorbreakthrough in camo technology let usknow in the comments below don't forgetto like this video subscribe to the

Channel and as always thank you so muchfor checking out the richest see younext time and have yourselves a greatdayyou

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