The Most Dangerous Newborn Baby Animals On Earth

published on July 9, 2020

Never judge a book by its coverin this case never judge a baby animalby its adorable appearance eitherjust because these fresh faces seem cuteand cuddly they are not to beunderestimatednot in the slightest scattered across

Cities and savannasrivers and ranches these newborn animalspack a powerful punch from day onesome are born with paralyzingneurotoxins some put their razor sharpbaby teeth to immediate use

While others rely on their powerfulparents for protectionthought you knew everything about theanimal kingdom think againwhen you picture a dangerous animal whatcomes to mind bear

Snake dragon scorpion all of those arefair enoughbut we bet that almost none of youpictured a bird that's right birds canbe dangerous toowith none other than the hooded patui

Leading the chargethis magnificently unique creature isthe first poisonous birdto be officially documented inscientific literature pound for poundits feathers contain one of the most

Potent natural toxins known to sciencethis colorful flyer which is about thesame size as a dovetypically inhabits the forests of newguinea but make sure to looknot touch because that toxin can be

Lethal whether fully developed or stillin their infancyas long as they have feathers the hoodedpatuis toxin can causetrouble it isn't your everyday kind oftoxin either it's a

Batrachotoxin which is the coatinghunters use for their arrows to ensure afatal hitit's also the same chemical that's beenfound in the skin of some south americanpoison dart

Frogs a bird in the hand is worth two inthe bushexcept if said bird is a patui in whichcase steer wellclear of it whether a white rhinocerosblack rhinoceros or indian rhinoceros

There's no question about it theseanimals are hugethe largest of the bunch grow to 13 feetin length 6 feet in height and can weighwell over five thousand poundsthat's a lot of weight to throw around

Not to mention those hornssome of which in the case of the blackrhino can grow to over 50 inchesyikes and yes even the babies are heavyenough to do some damageespecially considering their clumsiness

A newborn can weigh as much as a hundredand twenty pounds by the time theirhorns start to develop that's whenyou'vereally gotta watch out in 2013 a rarebaby sumatran rhino otherwise known as a

Hairy rhino was filmed on kalamantanthe indonesian portion of the island ofborneo as you can see even though it'snowhere near its potential full sizeit still boasts a sharp horn with enoughforce

That horn could pierce anything in itspathright we know that it's going to getstuck in your head sowe'll just play itall right now that that's out of the way

Let's talk about an animal programmedwith a vicious instincts to hunt sincethe moment it's bornthe great white shark fully grown adultsmeasure up to 20 feet and can weigh upto 2 500 pounds

And those 300 razor-like teeth arecapable of delivering4 000 pounds per square inch of biteforce butit's not just the adults we have toworry about a baby shark packs a

Powerful punch of its ownthe great white pups satisfy theircarnivorous tendencies before evenleaving the wombby feasting on mom's unfertilized eggsit's a weird thought but hey that's the

Animal kingdom for youfrom there once the baby shark is in theopen water and swimming for itself it'salready grown to about five feet longand is ready to chow down on whateverunlucky ocean dweller enters its field

Of viewyoung great whites start off demonizingfish smaller sharks and rays beforeexpanding their diet to sea lions andseals as they grow olderby this stage they're well and truly

Capable of taking down a human shouldthey feel so inclinedso if you're swimming anywhere off thecoast of australia south africa japan orsouth or central americawatch out of all those locations just

Mentionedaustralia is the land most notorious forits wide variety of creepy crawliessure the roos and the koalas are nativeand adorable especially the babiesbut it's the terrifying array of snakes

And spiders that bear the brunt of theattentionan estimated ten thousand species ofspiders call the land down under homewith none more dangerous than the lethalsydney funnel web

Typically found on the eastern side ofthe country and well as you probablyinferred from the name with a particularlove for sydneythese eight-legged crawlers areconsidered one of the world's most

Dangerous arachnidsas soon as they're hatched and are oldenough to scurry around on their ownthey pose a serious threatbaby spiders are generally just aspoisonous as adults

The only major difference being theamount of venom injected and how deepthe fangs can piercemale funnel web bites warrant the mostcaution as the chemicals quickly targetthe victim's nervous system

There is an antivenom available at thecost of nearly 500per dose but time is of the essencerecognize that sound it's the hiss of arattlesnake a warning sign indicatingthat you've accidentally stumbled way

Too close to this serpent's territorya baby rattlesnake and an adultrattlesnake have the same type of venomwith the same painful debilitatingeffects the difference between the twoisn't the quality but the quantity

An adult rattlesnake produces stores andinjects anywhere from 20 to 50 timesmore venom than its young offspringwith that in mind you would assume thebabies aren't worth worrying aboutwell think again like we said they are

Still venomousthey're also much smaller and thereforeblend into their surroundings with easebecoming extremely difficult to spotfrom afar here's the kicker thougha baby rattlesnake has no rattle this

Feature grows each time the snake shedsits skinso a baby rattler may not have shedenough times to develop a rattlemeaning you won't be given any warningbefore it launches for a strike

People of arizona we're sorry your stateis home to 13species of rattler more than any otherin the whole countrytake one look at this amphibian and it'shard not to be transfixed by its colors

Alas as its name suggests this creaturehas a characteristic far more usefulthan its good looksintroducing the poison dart frog avibrant yet threatening animal native tocentral and south america

These critters aren't large nor are theyintimidatingat just half an inch to two and a halfinches in size but size isn't everythingand trust us they've got a trick uptheir sleeve the bright colors are used

To ward off predatorsand if that doesn't work then thepowerful toxins will do the trickremember those are the same toxins inwhich hunters dip their arrows in orderto guarantee a fatal strike

As soon as it transitions out of itstadpole phase the poison dark frogbecomes dangerousone solitary golden poison dart frogharbors enough poison to send10 fully grown men on a one-way ticket

To the ermaking these frogs one of the mostpoisonous land animals alivewe don't often associate jagged spikeswith adorableness butadmit it this baby fish is kinda cute

Don't let that put you off guard thoughbecause just like mom and dad the babypufferfish has more tetradotoxin than itknows what to do withthis is one of nature's deadliest nervetoxins how deadly are we talking

Try up to 1200 times more poisonous thancyanide despite the younglings notcarrying the same large volume as afully grown puffer fishthe mini-mes have a unique trick to wardoff predators as soon as an attacker

Approachesthe baby unleashes a small puff a cloudof sortsof its toxin the predator would thenspit the fish out and swim away orfall victim to the poison in no time the

Puffer fish comes in all differentshapes and sizesfrom a one inch long pygmy puffer to afoot long freshwater giant pufferyet as you now know it's not the sizenor the spikes that you have to worry

Aboutstill each year dozens of adventurousfoodies eat these fish as a delicacywith many falling victim to a poorlyprepared fuguas we jump out of the water and make our

Way to the dry african savannas there'sone particular newborn that you don'twant to mess withany lion king fans out there that'sright the lion cubeven though these soon-to-be kings of

The jungle are cute as a buttonthreatening them whether you're a hyenaa human or anything in betweenis asking for trouble why not becauselittle simba and nala will viciouslyattack

But because of their mother's naturalinstincts to protect at all costsa mother lioness will do whatever isneeded to defend her cubs against anaggressive intrudershe'll put her own body on the line

Snarl scratchchase and bite to ensure that her youngare safe we see it in the wild when malelions try to join the prideand in zoos when trainers approach forfeeding time with a bite force of

Approximately 650pounds per square inch a lion can dosome serious damage when it or itsbabiesfeels alarmed there's no beating aroundthe bush here

The death stalker scorpion is just asvicious as its name suggestswhether at maximum size or just learningto crawl the potency and effectivenessof this scorpion's stinger's venom isthe same throughout its lifetime

Here's the difference though adultscorpions typically strike with a hardfast and strategic blowunleashing a small amount of theirpoison baby scorpions on the other handdon't know how to control their venom

Are less strategic and will usuallyreleasemost if not all of their venom intotheir sting and with a tendency toretract their stinger from the victimmuch slower for that reason they can

Sometimes unintentionally causemore harm than their parents also knownas an um durman scorpion or an israelidesert scorpionthese large crawlers are yellow withbrown markings and are justifiably

Widely feared whether you spot an adultor a baby make sure to keep yourdistancejust as a lioness will put herself inharm's way to protect her cub thegrizzly bear mother will stop at nothing

To ensure that her child is safethat makes the grizzly baby byassociation a force to be reckoned withif you are intimidated by the king ofthe jungle well then you've got anotherthing coming

An adult grizzly has a bite force of1200 pounds per square inchdouble that of a fully grown lion andwhile grizzly bears appear as lazylumbering giantstheir speed is significantly

Underestimated with a max of 35 milesper hour the grizzly can move at eightmiles per hour fasterthan usain bolt so if you threaten a cuband its mother wants to make you payyou won't have much of a chance of

Convincing it otherwise alaskawestern canada and portions of thenorthwestern united states are grislyhot spotsmothers typically give birth betweenwinter and spring

So that's when you should be on highalert mama bear has also recentlydeveloped a cunning solution to avoidunwelcome male bears but you're notgonna like itthe mama raising its young near

Settlements of an adult bear's numberone enemyhumans so which of these animals do youthink is the cutest what about the mostfrighteninglet us know your thoughts in the

Comments down below don't forget to likethis videosubscribe to the channel and as alwaysthanks so much for checking out therichestsee you next time and have a great day

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