The most dangerous music in the world

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

most music genres don't have strictly

literal names as evocative as thrash

metal or crunk or are you need to

actually hear a broken side song before

you're like oh right crunk or not so

with danger music I've learned about

danger music right here from losses and

the promise of a musical performance

that requires a bulldozer to be driven

into a venue in such a way that it puts

the audience at very real danger was

just – this exists see – resisting I

live for this shit

that's hanataro who famously did drive a

bulldozer through the back of the venue

at a performance in 1985 other shows

featured a dead cat being stuffed in

half by a machete and a Molotov cocktail

almost being thrown on stage and still

causing nine thousand dollars of damage

primarily a noise music vehicle for

Yemen taka from boredoms hanataro are

perhaps the most infamous purveyors of

danger a specific designation for

avantgarde music that puts the performer

and the audience in very real danger

from bulldozers or glass or whatever you

call those big drums that they use in

return to the Living Dead

but hanataro ash didn't invent the

concept of danger music the bulldozer

performance and the Boredoms connection

makes them one of its most well known

practitioners but the genre was

conceived and named in 1962 by dick

Higgins that is not dick Higgins but it

is a performance of a Higgins piece

danger music number 17 one of 43 short

pieces composed and designed to put the

audience or the performer in danger it's

not quite a machete or a dead cat or a

pane of glass or a Return of the Living

Dead drum but it certainly would be very

uncomfortable to be in that work much of

the danger music that followed Higgins

was highly and only conceptual Hill

corners one ante personal type CV you

bomb will be thrown into the audience

consists of a bomb being thrown into the

audience at his shockingly never being

performed live Takahashi Cassini's music

for a revolution asked the performer to

scoop out one of your eyes five years

from now and do the same with the other

eye five years later even Higgins his

own danger music number nine instructs

you to volunteer to have your spine

which is why Hannah tars hit so hard for

people in the 80s and continues to

reverberate as people rewatch and

rediscover those performances today it's

one thing to write break literally

everything you see on a piece of paper

and another thing to literally break

everything that you see as a known punk

music licker I can't help but draw

comparisons to the early UK Punk seat

which was deliberately destructive but

what was much more deliberately

destructive was the entire persona of

Kevin Michael Allen

GG Allin is probably better known for

regularly eating his own poop than any

of his songs but he has attained near

mythic status for his wild and

unrelenting transgressions up to and

including his funeral at the age of 36

when his unwashed and he'll poop covered

body was partied around by his friends

family and bandmates

for reasons that I expect have as much

to do with punk politics as they do

intent and therefore the perceptions of

the kind of people who invent categories

for art GG Allin has never been deemed

danger music but outside of the dividing

lines of a Wikipedia page categorization

I don't see much difference between

always trying to fight your audience and

trying to murder them with a bulldozer

what do you think is danger music a real

genre and should GG Allin be included in

it what was the most dangerous show you

ever attended for me it was a time that

I played a show in Baltimore at a house

in a scuzzy part of town Baltimore I'm

not gonna insult Baltimore like this

you've all seen the wire anyway

Justin who's behind the camera right now

also plays in that band and one of the

other performers who earlier in the

night had gone up to the opening band

put his armor on the singer and then

pulled the trigger and barked all over

him Barry Allen asked later on pulled a

knife on Justin and they and his friends

went to a park across the street and lit

his sleeping bag on fire and we left

Baltimore we never went back we actually

drove straight to light us and then we

drove straight to Dawson leery's house

in what's it called Wilmington North


beautiful town Wilmington subscriber

newb says this every week and be

excellent to each other


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