The Man The FBI Should’ve Never Let Go

published on July 13, 2020

Forget El Chapo and forget Pablo Escobar there's a new kingpin in town see Chien lop is known as Asia's most wanted man and has been escaping the grips of authorities for years see Chien lop is shadowed by a cluster of Thai kickboxers he flies all over the world in luxury

Private jets and police say that he once lost 66 million dollars in a single night at a Macau casino that's a lot of money down the drain a lot of dirty illegal drug money and yet merely a sliver of what he's been accused of over

The years as the head of an enormous asia-pacific drug trafficking syndicate his trafficking Network has destroyed lives sparked heated long-winded multinational investigations and has led authorities on a wild-goose chase one

Which we're about to reveal the intricate details of shichi lop is a modern-day mastermind but he's not the first nor is he anywhere close to the most notable kingpin of the 20th and 21st century in the world of drug

Trafficking – names of garnered reputations far greater than the rest the first is Pablo Escobar the king of cocaine the man who went from selling illegal cigarettes and fake lottery tickets to overseeing the most

Successful cocaine ring in history meshing politics with crime and sending Colombia into a frenzy it's still healing from then there's Joaquin noir Chuvalo guzmán Loera the former leader of the Sinaloa cartel who we all know a

Little better as El Chapo from his teen years starting a marijuana plantation and distribution business in Sinaloa his Empire was soon so large that the American DEA were calling el chapo the Godfather of the drug world in

The eyes of many el chapo had created a system and a legacy more pronounced than that of the notorious Escobar before him and yet one chinese-canadian is now trumping them both over their respective tenures smuggling drugs over country

Lines el chapo and Escobar each successfully corrupted authorities and continued to evade or dispose of any nosy investigators and the money was flowing in $100 bills were thought of as pennies to these gangsters el chapo

Carried around a diamond-encrusted pistol just because he could Escobar who can the Medellin Cartel amassed an estimated net worth of 30 billion US dollars by the time of his death with El Chapo not

Far behind with a total of twelve point sixty seven billion according to the New York Times combined the pair has flooded the USA South and Central America and Spain with drugs but their influence in Asia remained minimal there was a gap in

The Asian market room for a sizable illegal influence to spread throughout the Asia Pacific like wildfire see Chien lop recognized that opportunity and seized it with both hands riding the waves and route to

Becoming Asia's most wanted man authorities are considering shichi lops organization to be more powerful and more damaging than that of both El Chapo and Escobar before him he proved himself to be no petty smuggler and before he

Knew it had become the key cog in a multinational drug producing money churning machine before we dive into his empire it's important to understand his background how does an unknown name sneak under the radar only to emerge as

A poster boy for the criminal world unlike the Latin drug lords say Chi lop is relatively discreet in his alleged operations while he has been known to splurge from time to time he doesn't regularly throw money around in the name

Of unjustified extravagance or luxury more importantly he doesn't resort to extreme violence to overcome obstacles with limited major media coverage about him he's been able to go about his business while lurking in the shadows

What is known is that see Chi lob is a Canadian national born in 1963 in the Guangdong province in southern China his upbringing was surrounded by violence starvation and conflict amidst China's Cultural Revolution during these

Troublesome times a criminal enterprise called the big circle gang was founded by a group of imprisoned members of Mao's Red Guard if you know anything about the red guard you'll realize that the big circle gang members had the

Potential to be fearless reckless and unpredictable at the core of the Red Guards mantra they were prepared to do anything including die to protect Chairman Mao C Chi lop decided to join the big circle gang and relocated to

Hong Kong alongside a number of other gang members as they searched for a sanctuary to to their criminal activities in 1988 she moved to Canada thereafter he hopped between North America Hong Kong Macau

And Southeast Asia while many of the intricate details still remain under investigation this time of sporadic relocation is when he began developing his ever-growing drug trafficking network over the coming decade she rose

Up the ranks and according to the Australian Federal Police became a mid-ranking member of a smuggling ring that sourced heroin from the Golden Triangle the Golden Triangle was the nickname given to an opium producing

Region at the meeting points of the borders of Myanmar Thailand China and Laos this area has been a significant cog in the transnational drug trade since world war ii up until today and see was getting more and more involved

With it with every passing moment but then in 1998 she found himself facing his first serious run-in with the law a New York Court found him guilty of conspiracy to import heroin into America with a potential life sentence hung over

His head while he didn't get off scot-free his punishment wasn't anywhere near what it could have been this was thanks to a number of combining factors including a petition filed by his lawyer in 2000 a merciless beg for leniency

Evident remorse court records quoting that he showed great sorrow for his crimes and a promise that if he were to be freed he would open a restaurant and abstain from any illegal activity for good the drug

Lords succeeded in reducing his sentence to just nine years most of which were served at the Federal Correctional Institution in Elkton Ohio after his release in 2006 police say he returned to Canada he was supposed to be under

Supervised release for the next four years but found a way to sneak back to Asia and was back to his old drug trafficking habits in no time while in Hong Kong in 2011 he and his wife registered a business called the China

Peace Investment Group Company Limited of course the only investments in question were illegal drugs and the business merely helped him to Rica Munich 8 with his prior connections and rebuild the narcotics trafficking Empire

To new heights from then until now investigative authorities and counter narcotics officers from countries all over the world have been following one particular syndicate that

Syndicate is thought to have been behind the unstoppable recent flooding of drugs in the Asian markets and yes that syndicate is considered to be the work of CG lob to anyone within the bubble the syndicate is known simply as the

Company to law enforcement it's usually referred to as Sam gore regardless of the name since CG lop was released from prison his alleged network has been responsible for distributing high-grade methamphetamine in every direction

Across Asia often hiding shipments and loose leaf tea packaging investigations suggest that the meth production takes place in Mayan maar where it's then peddled across borders to country stretching from Japan all the way to

Australia as a nation steadfast on stamping out drugs this caused the Australian Federal Police to become one of the leading forces in the hunt for answers on top of methamphetamine Sam Gore has also been

Traced back to substantial ongoing dealings of ketamine MDMA and heroin in Cantonese Sam gore translates to brother number three that's one of C's nicknames and one of the many pieces of evidence pointing investigators to C as the

Operations mastermind the network that he's allegedly built is not only advanced but responsible compared to the noted Latin cartels headed by Escobar and El Chapo the Asian crime Network is less prone to uncontrolled outbreaks of

Violence anti-drugs officials have stated verbatim that quote the crime groups in Southeast Asia and the Far East operate with seamless efficiency so much that they function like a global corporation seaching lop and his

Followers collaborated with a diverse range of local crime groups far more than the Latin cartels did Japan's Yakuza Chinese gangs and even Australia's biker gangs were part of the pipeline because the amount of money

Changing hands is so unfathomably large Asian drug gangs have changed their mindsets rather than compete against each other and spill blood decade old feuds have been set aside and the conflicted groups have united with one

Another in pursuit of much more significant profits how much money are we talking here according to reuters who were the primary investigative media outlet the company aka Sam gore raked in revenue of between eight and seventeen

Point seven billion dollars in 2018 alone from methamphetamine that's one year in one drug over the company's lifetime that number skyrockets indefinitely within the entire seventy billion

Dollars a year asia-pacific drug trade Sam Gore is the dominant force this never-before-seen boom in the Asian meth market and the sheer value of dirty money exchanging hands triggered a police response

Equally as noteworthy in order to squash this underground drug ring the largest task force in Asian drug takedown history was formed dubbed Operation Conger 20 agencies from Asia North America and Europe have come together

Under the guidance of the Australian Federal Police this includes authorities from Myanmar China Thailand Japan the United States and Canada conducting their own investigation Reuters gained access to one of the

Documents related to the case that document highlighted 19 potential critical members of the syndicate hailing from Hong Kong Macau Taiwan Malaysia Myanmar Vietnam and mainland China of all of those members see Chee

Lop was identified as the leader another document collected as part of Operation Conger this time in the USA's Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA agrees that see is believed to be the leader of the multinational drug force the

Continuous discretion and corporation like business structure allowed see Chee lop to remain at large for years so what changed where did the investigation breakthrough come from from this man Chi Cheng Zhi Kai was stopped in an airport

In Yangon the largest city in Myanmar on November 15 2016 after being found with two small bags taped to his thighs each containing 80 grams of ketamine he was taken into custody on anti narcotics officer recognized his face from the

Operation Conger Case Files so went digging for Intel CAI was a closed book he wouldn't give up much information but police searched his phone and found an alarming video in that video another man was being tortured for allegedly

Throwing away 300 kilos or 661 pounds of meth from a boat into the waters below because he mistakenly thought the Coast Guard was hot on his tail in the background of this torture video a Chinese phrase on the wall read loyalty

To the heavens a common saying within Chinese criminal groups one which drew connections with the information being accrued in Operation Conger as it turns out that phone was a treasure trove of clues it

Showcased the meth distribution pathways in and out of Myanmar and it had a photo of another familiar face shichi lop so the Mayan Maher police invited the Australian Federal Police to send a team of intelligent analysts to look into the

Plethora of Intel on Kai's phone the AFP cross-referenced their database with those in Asia and came to the conclusion that would inevitably prove to mount a serious case against CG lob prior most of the drug seizures in Australia and

Asia were thought to have been the work of multiple smaller drug rings but this cross-reference made it clear that the shipments were the work of just one organization Sam Gore aka the company just like business in the real world the

Crime groups from across the Asian Pacific region had undergone a mega merger of sorts to form Sam Gore how come when so many other drug operations have failed Ct lab has managed to succeed it's because over time he's

Found a way to secure all the right pieces to the puzzle supply check he infiltrated chemical and pharmaceutical industries allowing for a constant stream of supply production check his lab facilities are hidden in

Off-the-grid territory controlled and protected by armed groups connections check he already knew the market and had the right contacts cover-ups check he was smart enough to launder cash and money spinning businesses like casinos

Choosing the most vulnerable target check he chose the asia-pacific market one within which governments and police forces from different countries fail to effectively collaborate she also was nimble and elusive with his operations

Regularly reconstructing and replanting when one Avenue was shut down for example when Thailand halted the illegal importing of meth coming directly across the border from Myanmar The Syndicate rerouted deliveries through Laos and

Vietnam instead now however in 2020 as operation conga reaches full force and threatens to take down this empire CG lop faces uncertainty the last time a top-level Asian drug lord was slapped with a significant punishment was in

Mid-1970s back then the Hong Kong trafficker mr Canseco nicknamed Limpy hoe was sentenced to 30 years behind bars as it stands CG lop has avoided arrest authorities continue to track him and

Mount the evidence in their case against him and he probably knows it in fact some detectives believe that despite the intense scrutiny si is continuing his drug operations not fazed in the slightest El Chapo was sentenced

To life plus 30 years and we all know what happened to Escobar in 1993 outlets such as Sky News have stated that the scale of shichi lops business puts him in the same league as el chapo so good he wind up facing a familiar fate only

Time will tell what do you think will happen to him if he's arrested again will the trafficking stop or will someone else step up to the plate don't forget to like this video subscribe to the channel and as always thanks so much

For checking out the richest see you next time and have a great day

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