The Making of Karlson 2D (Game)

published on July 17, 2020

Meet Carlson Carlson likes to drink milk and kick ass and he is all out of milk two weeks ago was the mix in game jam where you have to create a game in two days hosted by Android there's a link to

Channel down below and for this job I thought it was finally time to step off my graphics because so far I've only made games using simple shapes like squares and triangles and so Carlson was born the name Carlson is actually

Referenced from a book my mom used to read for me when I was a kid called Carlson on the roof now to be fair he didn't actually run around the rooftops shooting people but he did have a propeller sticking out of his ass so I'm

Just saying but let's go back to the beginning and see how this game was made in only two days it all started with the mix and game jam theme reveal take a mechanic from a game and remake it in another dimension

The first mechanic that came to my mind was superhot slow motion whenever you stand still time slows down which is just really cool and makes for some super awesome bullet time it's a it's like I said new three is to say slow

Motion is dope 20:19 so the first thing we need to do is make a character to animates I've never made a character rig or animations before so this could really go either way but let's give it a shot first let's draw the character in

Photoshop I wasn't quite sure what character to go for so I ended up using a photo of me where I just up as a thug after a while I ended up with this thing I don't know what to tell ya it's like it's it's a budget version of me and 2d

And it still looks better than me in real life so it's kind of sad then I violently ripped off all of his limbs leaving him in immense pain only to stitch him back together in unity afterwards as a character rig alright

It's time to make her first animations wish me luck cuz I'm probably going to need it I started by rotating some parts here and there and eventually ended up with hey Naruto run perfect then I made the jump

Animation which started with just his legs humping the ground but finally got his legs in the air and did some sort of front-flip thing and then I connected some lines between some boxes I don't know mash my keyboard a bit antara first

Animation is in place perfect result and first try boys what can I say I'm a natural and eventually I landed on this it's it's not very Freddy but it gets the job done and of course my favorite part of

Any videogame ragdolls when you die your character turns into a rag doll and flops all over the place big yes and of course I implemented the most important mechanic for this game the slow motion to give that superhot

Vibe but in my game it's depending on the user input this allows you to get slow motion while jumping or sliding if you just let go of left or right which is really fun currently though the run animation is questionable so I found an

Image and Google about how to actually make run cycles and implemented it into my game and there we go he's no longer doing in a rittle run which it's kind of sad but probably for the better now the final piece of mechanic we need is

Sliding because sliding is awesome everyone likes sliding so I slap together a quick slide animation and here's how it looks now that's totally how sliding works and finally putting it all together it looks a bit like this

It's kind of stiff but it works for now I also quickly added unities post-processing stack and implemented it with the slow motion so there's a more visual feedback whenever you enter and exit slow motion it is time to make some

Guns because this game needs some pew pew and I already made a lot of gun assets for my previous game that I made last weekend and since you're allowed to use pre-med assets I'm just gonna recycle them because hashtag save nature

and after a bit of programming we ended up with some functional shooting you can even shoot enemies which aren't really enemies yet so you're just kind of shooting yourself but the idea is there

Now let's add some particles to cover up my mistakes and bad graphics and pretend the game looks good so I added a blood particle effect as well as a muscle flash for the actual shooting and here it is in action just

like Albert Einstein once said if your game looks bad just add some particles or something it's gonna make it look better time to make an enemy model so you're not just running around shooting

Clones of yourself even though some of you would probably get a lot of satisfaction out of destroying Danny clones it doesn't look very good gameplay wise after I finished the enemy I realized he Loki looks like dr

Disrespect and that I put him into the game added some camera shake and more blood because you can't really get enough blood effects and we already have some pretty good looking stuff but it's not quite fair of me to abuse him like

This so I gave him the ability to fight back but that was a mistake because now I'm the one being abused and I can't let that happen so I kept fighting him until I eventually got him good yeah get and of course it's not really an epic action

Slow-mo shooter without windows breaking and glass flying everywhere so I made some glass explosion using unities particle system and it turned out really cool until until doctor disrespect ruined everything

Sound effects as usual I'm going to use SFX R which is a free sound effect generator to make my sounds and here's what it sounds like so far another very important detail is being

Able to tackle enemies by sliding into their legs so you can now pop them up into the air by sliding into them and shooting them mid-air very much yes then I made a quick little house with some enemies and windows to showcase

What the game looks like so far and now we have around 26 hours left so let's actually get a main menu into the game because that's kind of important so you can actually play so here is a very

Basic menu I came up with you can also restart when you die or go back to the main menu but we're starting to run kind of low on time so we really need to start working on stages for the game so there actually is some gameplay I worked

On a few of them and here you can see stage 3 pretty fun kind of cool I don't know and since we're working on stages we need to add some fun props and you know what makes any game better explosions yes I started by making a

Barrel in Photoshop and then I made an explosion particle effect which is probably my sickest one so far I'm not supposed to give my personal opinion but it looks pretty sick and then I polished some of the animations a bit to make

Them smoother and added a new animation for when you're free falling in the air and I also added a little effect to the sliding so it looks a bit more juicy and with that I am going to call it the end of day one hit the sack because it's

Currently 5 am and I'm pretty tired and I want to sleep it is day two and the clock is currently 12:00 in the afternoon which means we have about 11 hours to go as the jam ends at 11:00 pm now one of the most

Fun mechanics in superhot is being able to throw your weapon at enemies and also grab enemy's weapons midair after taking them out so in order to implement all of this I set up a list of everything we need to do for this to work

and here is the results you can now throw and pick up weapons and if you take out an enemy his weapon will come flying towards you which is really cool so you can kind of grab it in the air or

However you want to it's pretty fun and of course since we're working on weapons we need to add melee weapons as well to spice it up a bit so the first melee weapon I'm adding is obviously a banana because we all know that's one of these

Strongest melee weapons known to man throughout history if my memory serves me right I think during World War 2 the banana was the most used melee weapon of course like all nations so obviously I'm gonna have to add it to my game

I also added Thor's hammer Mjolnir because because why not whatever you throw it at someone it comes back to you and you can throw it again ok we're looking good so far but we only have about 6 hours left and there are many

Things left to do the biggest one is to add more stages but first we need to fix up some of the UI now luckily fixing to you I didn't take very long so let's make as many stages as we can before the time runs out but one last thing before

Working on the stages let's add some more guns because guns are fun so I use some more of the models from my previous video and here we go they all have different stats so bullet speed bullet spread bullet amount it's pretty fun to

Play around with ok but now it's time to finally work on adding these last few stages before the time runs out and with 7 minutes left before the deadline I submitted the game if you want to try it out for yourself you can download it on

Each dot IO with the link in the description for Windows Mac and Linux this is probably my best game jam so far and I'm very happy with the result it's definitely a project I might work more on in the future and actually turn into

Kind of a small game for release if that's something anyone would be interested in so let me know in the comments if anyone would like to see this turning into like Carlson the game because I think that could be fun I

Might also eventually stream some development and other stuff on Twitch so if your interests and seeing that you can follow me on Twitter on TV / Danny milkman link down below also follow me on Twitter because

I need to flex more and join our discord server or I will smash you and finally I want to say massive thanks to Andre from mix and jam for hosting this amazing game jam I really have fun with it probably my most fun game time so far

And there's a link to his channel down below which you should 100% check out he posts some really good quality videos just just go check it out he's really cool but that is going to be it for me thanks for watching my video make sure

To smash like and subscribe if you liked the video and smash dislike if you didn't and of course drink your milk hit the sack and don't be wack

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