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published on July 2, 2020

how'd you get out of my mom's place my

husband's gone and I lost her house what

Aunt Jean thank you so much you always

welcome here where's your dishwasher

you're looking at a kid oh no dishwasher

no clothes dryer no microwave TV no TV

this won't be forever just until I get

us back on our feet this is James

O'Connor he's gonna teach your mama how

to run the farm right all right two

minutes out in the barn where um it's a

big red structure out back

these are chickens and these are goats

that's just Taylor no one right there's

Katy Perry do they all have names yeah

they all got names but I just call him


I'm not sure I'm the farming type I'll

agree with that I am not cut out for


we need to hire a real and she'll learn

I did too

sometimes I'm drowning this kind of pain

and loss it cracks you open but we are

made of a magic and resilience living I

am just as lost as the next guy trust me

you work with pot farmer yeah he's the

reason to come here and here he's hot




this is not you what's me well we can

find out when you come home where do I

go this is all I've got


you look great you are desk


wait no not I just heard the rooster

he's a rooster roosters can't tell time



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