The Lion King | Retelling the Story

published on July 3, 2020

This is our home

Our time will come

The Lion King,

it has such
powerful themes

And now that we had technology

that could present

these characters as if
they were real,

living animals,

it was our chance to

retell the story

using a new set of tools

I cannot go down
I cannot do it

You can!

I cannot Listen

You don't believe in yourself

At the heart of
this technical film,

what's incredibly valuable is
the performance of the actor

Hyenas and lions
have been at war

since the beginning of time

And so, using the

actor's performance as a
jumping-off point

for an animator,

you inherit the actor's

in the choices that they make

Long ago,

you chose Mufasa over me

But now there is a new king

And even though

this movie is
completely animated,

we want it to feel
like something that was

actually photographed

We had all the
department heads

go out on safari and

we did a tremendous amount
of research because

if it were to appear
to be photoreal

we wanted to make sure that we
were getting everything right

And so, all of these species
of plants,

and animals

and insects, all of them
were very accurate

Like it's real

What's exciting to me is that

we're extending
the traditions of

practical filmmaking into

the digital age

And telling

one of the most
emotional stories

using these tools

Long live the king

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