by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Oh wait are you guys seeing this Wow zooming back the past almost three years all the way to the very top of Bitcoin we are now facing the golden pocket of this zone right here the berry bottom of this golden pocket is around 99 and the breakout of this golden pocket is you

Guessed it right around ten point five K and on top of that last 365 day Fibonacci retracement lines up perfectly with that as well at the 786 guys so obviously breaking this previous lower high is the most critical thing the very

Last thing that we would need to see on these charts now on the 4-hour chart we did get the break out from this bullish pennant that we were talking about but is this going to be enough we're consolidating right around the $10,000

Level will we have enough will we have enough juice to really push this bad boy up here or could we see a retracement a rejection back to our six year trendline that we've been mentioning the juice has never been looser and guys if the

Countdown continues it is almost a halving what can we expect in celebration of that we're gonna be looking at some absolutely critical price predictions here some buy a hundred K by the end of next year and

Why this perfect wedge that we have completed may actually make Bitcoin more likely to reach even crazier valuations are these price predictions realistic or are they absolute turkey gobble well let's jump into the webisode Wow what's

Going on welcome back to another exciting episode yesterday was absolutely massive to be a part of absolutely huge guys excitement here and their excitement everywhere was absolutely intense now there's something

Super important going on with these charts because technically we still haven't broken the the most critical level we can actually show you it on this chart if we zoom in and we get rid of the Fibonacci which we're gonna get

Into more detail about we haven't actually gotten such a break we're actually basically fighting right now in this important line so we're gonna be talking about that and many more things guys and as well congrats to the winner

Yesterday they were in Africa actually so I sent them Bitcoin instead true so guys make sure if you want to enter for these Ledger's make sure to hit that like hit that ding hit that slasher hit that masher and let's do this well guys

Before we get into the normal analysis I actually want to talk about this as well we can actually give this a quick refresh and we'll change it to the 24-hour percent Gaines 0x up over 75% in the

Last 24 hours we have basic attention token as well we have icon amis ago nano guys there are some you can see there's absolutely parabolic lines on the chart here there's some massive pump egde going on within these all ticular coins

Here it's absolutely insane so does this mean that the Bitcoin run is over and there's some money flowing into the ultra very short term or does Bitcoin have a lot more juice on the loose to get this bad boy above 10k now we have a

Lot to get into technically bitcoin is on some charts above 10k actually as of right now at me recording it's a little below it you can see here on this really important line that I have on here this is on coin Bates chart we're slightly

We're basically sitting right on top of this line so this is not really a confirmed break out of this pattern at all just yet we did get slightly above it but we can easily get rejected here so we want to

Remain I want to remain vigilant and ready for anything to happen what an impressive move though guys yesterday was absolutely wild and I think there's a lot to go over so the main thing I want to show you here first is that if

We take if we take this all the way back and we go back three years to almost three years to December of 2017 when Bitcoin topped out at about 20 thousand US dollars let's actually take the Fibonacci retracement not of the

Last 365 days like this chart is but of the last what is this like almost 900 days or something like that two and a half years over over two and a half years we take that from the top and we go to the below just the most simple

Reference of this and you can see here that where we have Bitcoin trading right now is the golden pocket of this entire downtrend okay you can see the first resistance we face was above the seven eight six when we really rallied up

There and then the next high we formed actually found a lot of resistance right in this golden pocket and now we're basically in that same exact area so 100% if we break above this area here that is absolute breakout mode okay

Things would go crazy if we broke above that but you have to keep in mind where that is right now is right around the pretty obvious obvious level of resistance is ten point five so ten thousand five hundred US dollars the

Bottom of that Fibonacci zone of the golden pocket is right around ninety eight seventy or about ninety nine hundred let's make it even so it's about a six hundred dollar range here and we're at the very bottom of that right

Now as of the last 24 hours so to confirm absolute bullishness we would need to break above that and as well we would need to really break above this descending line which as you guys can see we're at the

Very lowest limits of both of these things here so it is not as of right now as of this moment of me recording we haven't had a confirmed second break out of the yesterday's breakout but we are right on the cusp okay there's only a

Few days left until the halving I think excitement is really really building up will the having be able to push it above that and even if it does guys what are the chances because we've had eight Green weekly candles now once some

Momentum subsides what are the chances that we do have a little bit of a pullback we have to keep that in mind as well pullback targets I'm looking for specifically would actually be right around like the $9,000 level right

Around here and at the very very lowest for a pullback I think very lowest in silver man absolutely bullish is right around 80 800 which is this blue line right here guys let's take a quick zoom back we're not gonna go all the way back

Because we'd be going we'd be scrolling for quite a bit but this line goes back about six years okay so this is hugely broke above it we first found support here when we bounce on the inverse head and shoulder back in December of 2019

It's just been a really important line you remember when we when we tried to find support here for like dozens of for our candles absolutely failed that is when the massive drop came so this is by far the most important line and what's

Awesome too is that this bull pendant actually the bottom of the bull pendant was this line which is super bullish and also super awesome to take a look at very nice consistency they're very similar to how we have the culmination

Of this descending line going as well right into the having where we're touching the top of it as the halving is right here as well so again so many consistencies and so many interesting things playing out on these mega charts

But I think the question on everyone's mind right now is did we run out of steam for the short term or are we gonna be able to push above this because guys by the time you see this video maybe we'll probably have seen a breakout

Because I don't anticipate this really taking too much longer to see a move here but we're really consolidating here are we gonna form another pattern on this four-hour chart or are we just gonna show you up moon or we're gonna

Get a very sharp projection my shredder right now is to sit on the sidelines because this is very I would say this is a high risk play super high risk so anyone trading this I mean obviously this isn't financial advice but guys be

Cautious okay be very cautious here cuz this is absolutely critical moment here don't definitely just try and be patient and wash this okay and I think another clue we might be seeing that is because we have so many of these smaller alts is

Absolutely pumping like crazy we see some money probably flowing into these alts which is which is very interesting right now I got a lot of comments yesterday like bitcoins pumping but the all coins are doing nothing guys

Everything in my experience from the past like three and a half years when Bitcoin goes rally immediately the all coins don't do anything okay the all coins don't do anything Bitcoin goes on a rally and

Then the money later flows into the halts when Bitcoin is done with its run okay if we take a zoom back to 2017 Bitcoin topped out about 20k but the alts didn't top out a lot of these alts didn't top out until like a month later

In like the middle of January so Bitcoin topped out the first week and a half of December 2017 and then other altcoins we're reaching their all-time highs an entire month later while Bitcoin was kind of on a little downtrend

So Bitcoin going up 10% and every other Oakland going up 10% that's not what happens Bitcoin goes up usually on a massive run and then the money flows into the alts weeks afterwards and one thing I do think if we're gonna get a

Bounce here we might actually come back to test this for our moving average right here and I could see that being a very strong point of lifting off maybe for one more push but I don't think for the very short term over the next 24

Hours I don't think we're gonna have a ton of juice to keep going up and especially you guys keep in mind today is Friday the weekends coming up we want to avoid having a weekend gap as much as we can we've been very fortunate over

The past few weeks specifically not to create these weekend gaps to the downside okay for example say we pump up to here on the weekend then we then we keep we give ourself a gap right here to potentially fill some point in the

Future so definitely keep your eyes glued to the tubes and as well you guys this is absolutely critical so Benjamin Pyrus posted on coin telegraphed that Bitcoin may blow past $100,000 as early as the Year 2021 the CEO of Morgan Creek

Says now before we get into this I want to say as well guys I'm sure you heard that news yesterday about the billionaire investing into Bitcoin making it public guys this is only going to continue and this guy has not always

Been very bullish on Bitcoin in fact in fact even as early as August 2019 he referred to Bitcoin as a Chaos hedge or schmuck insurance so this guy's not necessarily like a big Bitcoin Buller wasn't always and he's not even

Necessarily maybe now but he's pulling out very very bullish predictions and he was previously a critic can we see this all the time people talk heck on Bitcoin they talk crap on Bitcoin and then it turns out they end up supporting Bitcoin

And becoming huge advocates of Bitcoin so basically he's the CEO of Morgan Creek which is a capital management giant his name is Mark usko he said he sees Bitcoin price shooting up to more than 1,000 percent as early as next year

Okay bitcoins market cap achieves the same value as that Gold and Bitcoin could logically see its price push past $100,000 sometime between 2021 and 2022 and he said this

Only two days ago okay here's one of his quotes if we come to gold equivalents meaning the market cap of Bitcoin equals of the market cap of gold which I think is perfectly logical you could see that four hundred thousand five hundred

Thousand Bitcoin price sometime now that might say I'm a little crazy but we're getting more details about why because there are some situations that make that very likely I stated a time horizon of approximately seven to ten years for

Bitcoin to reach those specifically but he's talking about a hundred thousand dollars per Bitcoin within the next you know a year year and a half and it goes into detail about how he was not always bullish on Bitcoin calling it schmuck

Insurance now this is a little crazier this was posted on coin Telegraph as well by William su Berg okay the perfect wedge makes 1 million dollars per Bitcoin more likely than ever according to Ryle powell he says he removed 240

Thousand dollars and even higher is now easier than ever okay he's an investment CEO who obviously is pretty bullish on Bitcoin right now the chances that Bitcoin will hit forty thousand dollars and even 1

Million dollars have risen dramatically after the top crypto hit ten thousand US dollars just yesterday and he says here using classical training techniques forty thousand dollars becomes reality his direct quote well that gives you a

Price object for this run potentially okay keyword potentially of 1 million dollars now this is not within the next two years this is further out okay so keep that in mind no way bitcoin is hitting 1 million dollars within the

Next year or two unless unless the absolute crazy situation the world everything in the world changes or something absolutely insane happens which is very unlikely says here using a log shark he can produce a one standard

Deviation move to forty thousand and a two standard potential to 1 million now guys keep that in mind 1 million is very very out there it's a crazy price prediction you know maybe 7 to 10 years down the road that

Could become reality but we're not talking about in a short term here now his last quote here add that the entire world central banks are either seeing their currencies collapsed through the almighty dollar or they're printing

Money like crazy ok huge quantity of easing fiha meets the hardest money that automatically quantitive lee tightens bitcoin winds so basically you know i mean for anybody following bitcoin this makes a lot of sense when you're just

Printing money especially what's happening in the US and actually some european countries as well where there's just money getting thrown out just being created of thin air that makes the money less

Valuable and in a time like this in a time like this this is what exactly what bitcoin was created for to be used as an alternative to this fake funny money this baloney money that we keep spending our hard-earned cash you know with this

Fake money this monopoly money right so it's absolutely huge and again there would be a lot of things would have to change I think it's almost near impossible to predict just what could happen with fiat currencies over the

Next few years a lot of people I anticipate maybe it will collapse very likely but I mean it would be impossible to pinpoint what time frames how exactly what happened there are many countries that could potentially fall victim to it

So you know in what order the collapse could happen there are so many different things that could happen but we're in the middle of a cataclysmic event right now in our global situation so again nothing is too crazy right now

But one thing that's very awesome to see is that the Bitcoin space is just as bullish in terms of sentiment as it was a few years ago guys remember Bitcoin is basically world known right now most people are not invested in it but so

Many people around the world have heard of it in the last few years more so than any time in history it's absolutely huge well definitely something to think about now guys in the meantime if you want to learn more about TA or anything else you

Want to get a ledger from the site make sure to check out the links pin to the comments and for anybody sticking around we're still doing a promotional code $40 off with the code juice at check out 44 where you learn technical analysis lines

Patterns you name it so guys thanks so much for watching drop that comment and I'll see you in the next one

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