The Indestructible iPhone 5S – Made of Rock

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys techrax here so in this video
we'll teach you guys how to make your
iPhone indestructible this is
essentially a case that's been around
for years nobody has really thought of
it so I'd like to share it with you guys
and here we have a fully functional
iPhone 5s it could be any iPhone by the
way um it could be you can use any
iPhone you'd like for this to work but
what you have to do first of all is you
have to get some tape and seal all your
reports so make sure whatever areas
water might seep in through that's
completely sealed so as you can see I at
the top I have the same area SIM card
tray sealed up the home button all those
the speakers right here in the bottom
and the headphone jack port all of that
has to be sealed
through and the volume rockers all those
buttons but once you get once you're
good you know you have that done you're
good to go so all you have to do is get
some cement adhesive as you can see
right here and have some cement mix
ready and then you just want to simply
go like this and then might take a
little while but take the cement
adhesive and put it in all the little
areas that are not tape once you got
that done go ahead and just get some
some cement mix and just go ahead
and just do this and trust me guys I
know this might seem like what am I
doing here but you'll see the finishing
results guys and it will be truly
amazing again this might take a little
while because you really have to spread
it around to the sides all those areas
but remember you have that tape so
you're good just really though the
majority you don't want the screen
because you want the screen to be
accessible fully working but as you can
see the majority of the screen is filled
with the cement so now we're going to go
ahead and just wait thirty or so minutes
let this dry off and I'll show you guys
the finishing results okay guys so
actually took a few hours for this to
actually solidify I thought it was
thirty minutes but that's for it to
really set and takes eight hours in
total for this to become solid rock and
let me guys tell you right away some of
the most amazing features of this of
this indestructible case so first of all
right away you have that padding and
cooling from the backside of the phone
if your phone is overheating if it's hot
your hand will feel nice and cool and
that texture that design it's not smooth
and it I mean because normally if you're
just holding an iPhone your ear really
it's it's so thin that you're just
really holding it by the sides but your
this time you can actually feel that
your hands get that nice kind of this
padding it's just it feels really great
to the hand a set second vault
protection that kind of reminds me the
padding protection your corners are
protected as you can see from any drop
as for as well as the back the front
you've got the indentations that in this
case if you just you have a front facing
drop and you know your front is
protected because of the this takes the
impact of the drop in regards to all the
buttons all the ports still fully
accessible fingerprint scanner works
volume rockers work I'll show you guys
play a random song so you guys can see
everything works it's just flawless it's
a permanent solution to your iPhone
device guys I'm telling you this is a
case that you will not regret because it
is truly amazing and it will protect you
from drops and that's the most important
thing guys that you have to know so
thanks for watching guys and as always
stay tuned for more videos and peace out

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