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published on July 2, 2020

give it up next for led Chu

the good thing about being different in

a town like this is that no one expects

you to be like them I'm 17 I live in

square hamish with my dad I run a

business writing essays for people I

guess I just never thought I'd need

anyone else $10 for three pages no I'm

not trying to cheat what's this alert

maybe you can make me sound smart

dear aster Florence I'm in love with you


these hallways are we murder I'm Alisha

yeah I know


you want a letter about love all right

your letter about love hey she wrote

back we can do this ask him to hang off


you message me yup

conversation is like ping-pong I hit one

and then you where were you born in

school hey Mitch what do you like about

Squamish I've never been anywhere else

mine either

what do you like about asked her she's

pretty and smart

what else could I like about her I don't

know how her eyes are cried in neighbors

how you can live in an ocean of her

thoughts and she really knows

I'm so stupid I just meant you like a


hey it would suck to have to pretend to

be not you your whole life an account no


who you thought you – what


you know what it's like to finally meet

someone your age who gets you

it's not finding your perfect half

it's the trying and reaching and failing

I know you don't see her

who she is

she could be



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