by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's going on guys it's Carl here back
with an episode that a lot of you have
been requesting we are actually sitting
right now in my living room and this
will actually be a video focused on
what's behind me I know a lot of the
furniture has come in a lot of you have
requested for updates since my initial I
guess condo tour this is my ultimate a
4k TV set up an area that I find that
I'm spending a lot more time in and kind
of just enjoying my new spot and of
course big big shout outs to Rogers for
sponsoring today's episode so the TV
behind me I think needs no introduction
it is the Hisense of 100 inch 4k laser
TV and if any of you have followed me
over on social you'll know that I've
done some work with them at CES where
they had these as well as the World Cup
this year in Russia this guy has just
been an absolute beast
a pleasure since having a hundred inch
display going to say my friends or even
watching some TV in my bedroom on a 65
inch which is still not a small TV it
just seems dwarfed in comparison to this
guy and even though I've got windows all
along my condo I can still watch this
guy during the daytime I've got no
viewing issues viewing angles are great
and once again picture quality for
something this size it's kind of
mind-blowing sometimes to think about
so first what do I watch on this guy and
that kind of lends itself to what lives
in this TV cabinet as well as what lives
on the top this guy is from Cal Garris
I've had this since my old condo I will
leave all the furniture of course linked
down below underneath I do have my xbox
1x with that I do get my occasional
rounds of games in when I do have a tad
bit of extra free time we're gonna try
to play through this camera here I'm
gonna look at my viewfinder
oh boy feel like half of this oh here
you go we go
so you can see that I do rock my xbox on
this guy and the second thing that I've
been doing obviously enjoying my new
place is just watching a bit more TV
maybe some Netflix for any of you
Canadians out there
this is Rogers ignite a brand new
service and ignite TV kind of works
across your internet so you'll need of
course the modem tower which they'll
install the little unit that lives right
on my TV stand as well as this nice in
handy voice remote which kind of changes
how I interact with my TV I actually got
to test drive this guy and use this with
me low ceramic pretty half-decent tennis
player just made it to the quarters and
Wimbledon here's that little clip Melo's
Ramage around is that bird much worse
much more butchering than that I had to
like Google how's it going nice to meet
you likewise okay so another quote just
a random one like say from a movie or
favorite one that you've watched no
pressure no pressure no pressure not my
proudest moment okay we wear pink on
Wednesdays Mean Girls we go there we go
Bravo what about you absolutely quotes
maybe you know better club that's what
she said most generic oh how do you not
know that that's what she said if you
ever need a tech consultancy you should
start here pleasure thanks man
thank you I've been watching this guy
ton and whatever kind of sneaks into my
head how did the Blue Jays do last night
I think you guys kind of get the idea
and I also used ignite to watch the end
of the World Cup which I was super
stoked about France winning let me know
your thoughts below those are my main I
guess media devices what lives around
you can kind of see that hinting off to
the side I've got my Porsche in gt3 RS a
Lego and of course orange beside that I
have a Google home max which I actually
have a stereo paired here in the living
room hey Google let's listen to some
cascade well that is what is living on
the TV stand beside it I actually have
two sony speakers no word of a lie I
think I have these mainly for aesthetics
as they don't actually work with any
I'd love to get those replaced by maybe
some surround sound speakers probably my
next upgrade for my TV setup area so let
me know if you've got any input we also
have the Hisense
subwoofer which of course hooks up a
viably tooth wirelessly to the Hisense
main TV set around the rest of the TV
area I actually have a Dyson Lite which
is great for reading I find that at the
end of the day something that really
helps my productivity is I jot down
notes for the next day what I have to do
what my goals are and I kind of do that
in that corner as I feel writing actual
notes helps me way more than say typing
them on a computer may be a useful
little productivity hint for some of you
and also I have a V charge cable that
kind of runs through the back of my
couch I like this guy because it's super
super long it's got a braided cable and
at the end of the day usually my iPhone
is near the end of its battery and
that's just where I juice that guy up
before I kind of hit the sack for the
night furniture wise I have of course
the huge l-shaped couch this guy is from
Cal Garris as most of my furniture is I
also have a very plain low profile
minimal black coffee stand this guy is
an acid etch block that kind of matches
the same finish that's going on my TV
stand and usually these are the two
pieces of tech that Lim bear my xbox one
X controllers and that is pretty much it
just for this isolated area for the TV
setup let me know your thoughts down
below as I'm of course looking to
I feel like this TV fits perfectly in
this space and I could just not see
myself going to anything smaller
I hope though you guys enjoy this very
epic episode and took some useful tips
and tricks for yourself for the future I
will catch the rest of you in one of my
next episodes or vlogs base

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