The Future Of Cryptocurrency (w/ Lisa Loud, ShapeShift COO)

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel today we have shapeship's new ceo lisa loud i'm really excited to have her on the channel to talk about shapeshift and all sorts of cool stuff like that so lisa let me kick it over to you to give an

Introduction thanks for being here hey everyone thanks for having me on the show um really appreciate it and um i'm so excited to be part of shape shift now uh i've got my one month anniversary actually today

Which is exciting feels like forever but it's actually only been four weeks surprisingly um so my background is in programming i used to be a mathematician programmer and i eventually moved from that into

Marketing at paypal and so after paypal i went to bitmex to lead their cmo to to lead their marketing operations but i found at that point that um they needed more than just marketing

They needed to know how a company ran so i really got involved with operations at that point and i loved it so since then i've i've been doing coo roles for different um

Cryptocurrency companies mostly exchanges but also some some really innovative startups in the space but i've been looking for my home and uh shapeshift is has got the perfect

Combination for me that's awesome yeah and i think going from you know roles especially a place like paypal it's very much like a traditional finance like the the last generation of

Financial product to now in the crypto space i'm sure it's been interesting going to bitmex and now and now shape-shift to see how each of these different players are very different

From each other yeah they're very different corporate um culture is is quite different from startup culture i love both of them but um it's nice to have a combination where you have the startup feel but you

Can actually have some structure in place so you you can get stuff done more efficiently you know how startups are yeah absolutely so what's really interesting to me is

Because you know my my my full-time job is i'm a programmer and i do adapt development full-time and so i'm always interested you know interested in meeting other technical folks

In the space but your background's very unique in that you were an engineer do you mind me asking where you're an engineer yeah i worked at apple um most of my work was at apple before that i was

With um a language company we were creating turbo c plus plus and i was on the database side but then apple and after apple it was oracle i did some work for intuit as a contractor so

Got to see all of those you know those original startups that became the big um the big tech companies of today yeah that's unbelievable and i think going into a marketing role

At places like shape shift or places like exchanges like bitmex i presume it's probably difficult to market some of these things because it's it's so nascent a lot of the stuff that

Happens behind the scenes is so technical and that's why you know people like that's why i created this channel and i'm sure that's why marketing you know folks like yourself

Are now in really critical roles with these companies yeah it's really challenging and you know i interviewed um we are still looking for a cmo i interviewed a cmo a couple days ago

And he had no idea of the crypto space and his ideas were all about um digital like adwords and you know offline marketing and it was amazing to me

How much someone who's not in the space is missing it's very specific what we need to do um in the crypto space for marketing is we need to market to people who understand a lot technically

Um who who get the value props like security um self-custody all of those things are really important to people who understand what's going on in finance these days so it's really hard it's not a um an

Easy position to fill at all um and we need somebody who understands the crypto world yeah absolutely so i mean and speaking to that point what was it like for you going from apple and then to

Paypal where i'm sure you probably found some of the challenges that paypal has had over the years across the board and then over to the crypto space and bitmex and now

Shapeshift like what's that experience been like for you from a high level i'd say every company looks great on the outside and has a lot of dysfunction on the inside so now i don't i'm not surprised anymore

When i go into companies and find things that are you know weird um apple was one thing and i don't know that i it was a very early on in my career so i don't think i had the discernment to see what

Was wrong but i can definitely tell you that paypal had paypal suffered from their own philosophy of role your own technology everything is really is done from internal engineers

And it's really hard to upgrade technology when it's been designed from the inside and you're not a subject matter expert on it so paypal suffers from legacy code um but then moving from that into bit

Max i mean it's very hard to compare those two yeah the old innovations but you know in the in the early days of paypal yeah they were innovators but now they want to be a bank and getting

Anything done at paypal i love dan schulman he's one of my favorite people ceo of paypal but it's it's 18 000 employees right yeah that's huge how can you get anything really startupy or innovative done when you have that

Many employees it's tough and then when i went over to bitmex it was a very small team grew pretty quickly to about 75 within about six months but um at the

Beginning there was just pure startup right and we had an idea and we just did it there was no there was no legal at the beginning there was no compliance there was no

Uh security none of these things were were part of that company so it was just me picking up the phone and saying arthur you want to do this and i'm saying yeah sure sounds good off we went yeah it's crazy i think to

See too then how companies like that exchanges especially grow into what you would see in like a larger tech company it's like you have a team for security you have a team for compliance

Which is really important now especially as like regulations starting to catch up a little bit and we'll talk about that later i'm sure you know but

That being said what was the draw to the crypto space knowing that that's what you had to expect that's a really good question um i feel like a friend of mine told me that i should look into crypto

I mean i was aware of it early on i'll tell you why i was aware of it early on a friend of mine brought over something and put it in my house he said this is a heater and it turned out it was a bitcoin miner

Well it kind of is a heater in a way it was at that point it was because it wasn't worth running unless you were heating your house at that point absolutely so i was exposed early on but

Really didn't have a good understanding until 2016 when a friend of mine told me you're into trading all these cool things options and financial instruments and futures and fx why don't you look into crypto

And so that's when i first became aware of it and i quickly got hooked i was uh i was spending all of my outside work hours watching my positions yeah you're not alone in that i got to

Know the guys at bimx through the troll box basically um which is kind of funny because they you know they were on there and little by little you know it just turned into a better conversation

And i met jason in san francisco when i was on a business trip for paypal um and he was like we really need someone with your experience over here so i was like okay well paypal's not

Doing crypto so i guess i might as well make my my hobby into my day job then i can sleep again yeah there you go and i think that's a story that you hear a fair number of times in this space

Where you know there are folks that have been working in you know maybe traditional finance or you know doing technology related careers elsewhere and have now moved into crypto and it's just

It started out as a hobby or something i like to trade or research and it's awesome so and i think on that's in that same vein too it is a little bit of a topic that that

Comes up not enough in my opinion but what would you say to women considering getting involved in crypto and how they can find those avenues to find themselves not just in

You know technical positions if that's what they want leadership positions you know how do you navigate that space because obviously some of these spaces get very male dominated of course yeah and a

Crypto is an interesting intersection of finance on one hand which is fairly male dominated and trading on the other hand at this point in its history and when you take the intersection of that it's

Really mostly male dominated but what i would say to women is that it's really hard to make a name for yourself in the finance world it's pretty hard to make a name for

Yourself in the trading world or or or in engineering right but if you look at this new crypto space it's much less competitive and the reason it is less competitive is that a lot of people don't want to get

Into it because of the risk right now it's a nascent industry it's still very young not a lot of big companies in this space and a lot of people are avoiding it

Because they want to see what happens so now is actually the time to jump in because if you're a woman and you really want to um make a career in the tech field or finance field or

Trading field or anything crypto is wide open right you can you can jump in and you can be still one of the early adopters you can get the early experience i'll tell you when i'm

Trying to recruit for positions across the board uh my i can't tell you how many times i've heard from recruiters well can we widen the search to people who don't have professional crypto

Experience because there's just no more candidates so be one of those candidates you know get into the space get some get your first job in this in crypto and that positions you really

Well to be one of a very small set of um of qualified candidates in addition to that there's a lot of companies like shapeshift who are looking

To diversify their workforce and if you are a woman you're part of an even smaller pool of candidates so you really have an advantage um anyone who's

Ambitious and really wants to rise quickly i would say take the risk go into the crypto space it's gonna go somewhere i really believe that and you rise pretty fast

Yeah it's awesome and i think that we are at the very like beginning phases of the the the build up to the next generation tech stack that we're going to see permeate most business you know most lines of business

You know around the world and cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies being one of those facets and other other ones that are out there you know in the you know machine learning sort of spaces

But those are even more developed than i think that the crypto spaces so lots of opportunity across the board here yeah right ai is another one i mean machine learning is one phase of ai but also

Deep learning and then also the um the quantum computing you know get into the field that's even more risky yeah yeah there's there's much less substantive stuff to show right now but

We're we're getting there yeah right awesome so changing gears a little bit i want to know for you specifically what led you to join shapeshift over every other company that you may have

Had opportunities to work for and you know what was behind that decision for you yeah that's a great question i evaluate companies on a few on a few criteria

One is the quality of technology and there's a lot of companies where they have a lot of good ideas they haven't built them yet or they built them on top of some other platform that isn't

That solid but shapeshift actually has very good technology this is an engineering driven company and it's six years old this company has built a lot of good

Technology so that's kind of the foundation one of the foundational pieces i look for um second i look for integrity um the willingness to

Comply with what needs to be complied with it you know it's a tricky walk in this industry because there's a lot of gray areas and we're also trying to change the world so

Do we do everything the way banks do them well no do we try to do things so that we're not violating any laws yes so it's really hard to find that balance but i look for companies that

Are at least trying to find a balance between um what's legal and what's innovative so that's the second piece and i think that also speaks to leadership i feel like the leadership

At this company has very high integrity i trust the executive team that i work with i trust them to do the right thing to the best of their ability and

Also to have my back so there's that's the second piece and then the third piece is a nice to have not a must-have but it's brand equity and brand recognition um there's a lot of startups in the

Space that just don't have it yet right i would say most of them don't so i've worked for a lot of small companies that nobody's heard of i would still consider working for one

Of those companies before i found this opportunity with shapeshift but or before they found me but if you add that on top of the other two pieces you know shapeshift has a great

Reputation everyone knows they may not know what shapeshift is doing right now but everyone most people in the crypto space have at least heard of shapeshift and have a positive regard for the

For the brand and that's huge when you're trying to build something revolutionary if you have recognition you have like all the oil and the momentum behind you so definitely and and to your point i

Think you're totally right most people that have been in the space for any length of time have heard of shapeshift they've probably interacted with shapeshift or some of the executive folks like eric on

On twitter for example and i think being having been around maybe since 2013 if i remember correctly so much has been done since then yeah shape shift to 2013 but eric 2011. yeah absolutely

Absolutely and i'm a huge fan of the uh the non-custodial wallet service that you guys have set up within shapeshift so that that's a huge feature to me

So i'm curious for my own personal sake what's what's going on at shapeshift what's new you know now that you're in in a role where you're working with operations where are you trying to take

Shape shift or help take shape yeah absolutely that's what um that's what excites me right now uh i want to we want to build shapeshift as the the portal for a crypto so there's

Right now we have 10 to 20 million people who own some kind of cryptocurrency that's a very small slice of the population in the world right is that does that represent all

The people who would potentially be interested no so what is the barrier for the rest of the people who could benefit from some form of cryptocurrency

Ownership or participation i think there's several things one is the friction it's a pretty big barrier to understand how to get your keys and start a wallet and

Store your seed phrase and send something copy wallet address there's a lot of friction and do kyc there's a lot of friction in in just getting on board

And understanding what it is people think it's very complicated too i i hear that a lot in ubers and lyfts oh that sounds great i wish i could understand that you know that's an issue so reducing

That friction and creating a platform where a lot of people can come on board where people can share it with their friends like you probably have a lot of family members or friends who

You know think you're crazy probably certainly but they also don't have any crypt though and you don't know how to get them there if you had a very simple way of bringing them on board and sharing that

With them and you knew that it wouldn't overwhelm them you know there's an opportunity for you to share it with people that you'd otherwise have already done it with i completely

Agree yeah so i want to make shapeshift that facilitator to bring more people on board but the vision doesn't stop there what do you do once you have some crypto

Right you can there's all these things you could do you could stay kit you could mine um bitcoin with some kind of cloud mining facility you could um buy something but really who wants to

Waste their bitcoin buying something yeah or you could trade right you could um earn interest on it you could do defy there's so many things now and more things to come where you could you know there's the i

Can't remember what it's called but there's some company that lets you take the change from every transaction if it's a dollar fifty you know you take the top fifty percent fifty cents and you convert it to crypto

So you could start saving in crypto which presumably will go up so it's a good savings plan all those things i i would like to make shapeshift the dashboard kind of the administrative

Dashboard where you bring people on board and then we hold their hands and take them through the journey of learning how to use their crypto and how to benefit from it maybe how to

Avoid uh cross-border transaction fees by using some kind of stable coin um transmission there's a lot of things that we could help people learn how to do

But we have to bring them into the space first so step one bring them into the space step two teach them how to use it and then step three everybody benefits from that in the industry because if we

If we even doubled the size of the of the crypto community that would be huge right everyone would have much more ability to change the world yeah i'm totally with you

And you know specifically with shapeshift i think that the the framework for this type of vision is is there already you know like for me personally i use shapeshift for

I use all the features right the exchange features you know did the kyc you know there's all this controversy about kyc in general in the space that's a whole separate topic we could

Spend an hour on but even for folks that don't want to do kyc i would argue that shapeshift's platform is a great way to just aggregate your hardware wallet transactions and

Content so you can manage that portfolio there right it's a great place to do that and just in general to be a dashboard to keep track of what's going on in the crypto space in general

Yeah so if you could point to one or two like specific features that in your mind obviously you're at shape-shift but if you were a shape-shift user what would you want where's your head out on that

What would i want yeah yeah um i would want a much easier onboarding process i mean it's pretty clear that that's what everyone wants we just had east denver

And um we had a lot of people come by the booth and we helped we discovered that the t-shirts were the hottest item there so we um we gave t-shirts away for doing kyc so that

Meant we people had to stand there and do their kyc right there in order to get the t-shirt and they did they went through it a lot of them but um it took a long time right and it was it

Was a little bit painful so if we can reduce that friction that's probably the biggest thing that we can do um i would say the other thing that people want

Is probably limit orders um that's what i would want you know as a as a hobby trader i don't want to always take the market price i want to have a resting order on there

So it's difficult to do limit orders if you have self-custody obviously because the funds are not under our control they're under the wallet holders control but if there was a way to

To post limit orders on shapeshift i think that would go a long way to bringing more people in what feature would you want that's a great question and i think that the features that i

Would love is for on shapeshift with a non-custodial structure have an easy you know central sourced way to take advantage of some of these new

Really valuable things like defy right interest earning products loan products and staking as well because i think people understand what you can do with that but they don't want to go

And download another app or go and do another service and go through a guide to connect their ledger to the you know they want something that's easy and i think shapeshift is one of

The folks that are uniquely positioned to do that with the non-custodial service setup thank you that's that's really great to hear um i'd be interested in the comments to hear from your your

Viewers to to see what other features they'd be interested in um just let's crowdsource some some good tech here yeah you're making my job easy and you

Have to remember to ask for the for the comments uh comment section so thanks for that um i think this is you know tangentially related to what we've been talking about and i have my own opinions about this

But i want to hear yours what role do you think exchanges and exchange-like platforms i would say shapeshift has at least an exchange component to it what role do you think you know you guys

Play in establishing and reinforcing best practices for people that are holders or traders for helping develop standards for the industry and

How to how you guys are integrating with regulators not just in one country but outside of your your country of purview what role do you guys play or at least do you think you should play

Yeah i think we should play a large role in that and um we're just starting really i think uh shapeshift's history shapeshift's history is uh is is interesting you know it was

Started by libertarians and people who are not really excited about government and so up until now uh i don't know that there has been a huge movement within the company to make an impact with regulators and but

We also have worked very closely with the regulators when when required and i would say from that perspective the regulators know that if there's anything amiss they can contact us and they're going to get a

Good response and a willing cooperative response but in terms of changing the world and changing policy that's just something we've started that's something we've just started

To get into um we've had some conversations recently um about what we can do and how we can make an impact and joining perrian's digital chamber of commerce

Out of dc um joining some lobbyist groups there's a lot that we can do with the voice that we have and probably we have the responsibility to do

It's just finding those avenues where it makes sense and where we can make a difference and not getting too bogged down in detail yeah absolutely and i think it is it's even it's more

Important now than it ever has been for some of the consistently present companies like shapeshift like coinbase you know regardless of any controversy that happens

In the space for whatever reason for those big companies that have a big voice and a big footprint to go and have that dialogue with regulators because in my humble opinion regulation is going

To come whether or not we're involved and so we'd be better off having the conversation and dialogue to at least influence and educate to make sure those regulations are as you know common sense but still

Non-restrictive as possible what do you what do you think about that no i absolutely agree and you can look at malcolm demiur's and her her influence on

She was testifying in the facebook libra um uh congressional hearings um which went on forever but you know she was very impressive she was very well spoken and i think that went a long way to

Educate uh the people who were there the same thing with um oh i was thinking of somebody else who's making a difference right now but she slipped my mind but regardless i think it it's huge to be able to

Bring that to bear on regulations on with regulators and regulators are people too i think sometimes often we forget that part of it it's just that there's a different

Motivation there they're very much motivated by protecting protecting investors who may be unsophisticated for example or or protecting the consumer from um from misleading information

So we have to remember that their motive essentially is protection and if you if you take it from that perspective and see okay along with protecting people how can we

Also empower people then our motives are fairly closely aligned in my opinion i may be i'm sure there's lots of people to disagree with me on that one but i always i always think

Collaboration is better than adversarial um approaches yeah i i get pushed back on this on this threat all the time but i i i vehemently believe in my side of things i

You know i know it's a push pull from the from both sides of the argument we can't have too much regulation and just total aussie fair approach to letting regulators just decide things but we

Also can't pretend like we live in a world where no regulation will just it will ever exist right so that's that's my viewpoint i remember the other one i was going to

Mention is crypto mom and her her recommendations for there to be a three-year moratorium for icos um are not moratorium but like sandbox um and uh i just think that we have to remember that for regulators

This whole space is like one small percentage of their job right and for us everything like we we think about and live and breathe crypto all the time

So it matters a lot to us it's not the only thing that they're trying to solve so when they give us attention it's it's valuable to use that attention to make some progress forward but

We can't expect it to always be top of mind right right and and from your perspective i'm curious to hear your thoughts what are some of the things you think

What are the themes regulation-wise that we're gonna have for the next let's say five years you know i know we've had some discussion coming out of you know fincen um mnuchin has said there's there's something coming in

Terms of crypto you mentioned crypto mom uh hester pierce from the sec has made some positive moves in in that space what do you think we're going to see in the next five years in the u.s yeah it's a great question

Um in the next five years i'm hoping that a lot of the gray will be cleared to black and white which doesn't really answer your question but it's hard for me to answer the question to be honest because everything every

Time i think i know which way it's going it takes a left turn it goes a different way but ultimately so icos didn't work right ieos are clearly not really working that well

Um stable coins are a problem um everything is getting more restricted and people are going global but i guess if i were to make a prediction i would say that the us at some point is going to

Recognize that it's a jurisdictional um arbitrage situation and if if if the us is not a good jurisdiction for developing some of these new

Technologies we'll lose out it'll it'll get implemented in other geographic regions and we won't have the benefit of being the leader or the innovator in the space so maybe it's

Maybe it's my hope rather than my prediction yeah it's anybody's guess as well and it really you're right it can take a left turn and then a right turn and then

You know turn right back around again depending on who's in positions of power who is you know even and i always see if i see negative news that gets a lot of attention so i i always think that when

Crypto news makes its way to the the nbc's the forbes the the bloomberg's usually it's extreme yeah it's extreme negative news right and so i always worry like

These are the news outlets that you know politic political people read right not just leaders but political people and if that's what they're seeing then of course the reaction is going to be we need to like we need to fix this now

When in reality i think that the issues are are normal and to be expected and they're solvable if we work together to do so yeah right um somebody gave me a great example recently

Um he's uh he's an older guy and he was around when the internet started and he told me that the internet when it first came out the media just kept harping on the fact that the

Internet was only useful for drug lords and criminals and and look now everyone is using the internet but it does sound very familiar with what we've heard about

Bitcoin right in fact i called my mother for her birthday yesterday and uh you know she knows i got a new job and she's like are you still working for bitcoin yes yeah that doesn't seem very safe

You know what i mean the outside perception is still there but bitcoin's bad or cryptocurrency is bad but i think over the next five years we will at least see that turn around as we bring more

People into the space we're going to see a favorable turn on public opinion that is my hope as well and that's one of the main cornerstones of of my channel is i'm hoping that

Education primarily and then secondarily framing cryptocurrency and blockchain for what it is is a huge arbiter for potential social change and potential you know change for the better

In terms of freedoms for people i think that's just making it more positive is the goal right let's get some positive press yeah yes please and i think speaking of that same vein what what's the most exciting

Thing about crypto for you right now what are you looking forward to most as the space develops i i think i already mentioned adoption of crypto and i'm extremely excited about

Creating a way for everybody to participate and everybody to benefit on the on the grassroots level from a macro level i'm most excited about

The potential that blockchain and crypto finance brings to change the world and really to equalize a lot of things we've been talking recently a lot in conferences about the equality of intelligence

Distribution across the world or the evenness of distribution and yet the um the privilege is not evenly distributed at all so people are successful in more privileged environments so what i really believe is

That blockchain levels out that playing field because it's person to person and it has nothing to do with jurisdiction or geography so i'm hoping

That we can see privilege take a back seat to merit at some point in the near future with uh with blockchain and crypto that would be indeed pretty awesome and

I think continuing off of your thought it's likely in my opinion that we see mainstream style adoption of cryptocurrency blockchain based applications especially in you know that sort of defy world it's a huge bucket

Are probably going to be in places where there's not a lot of infrastructure already i think there's like a base level amount of techno like technology adoption like you need connectivity

But beyond that the lack of financial infrastructure is probably a positive thing for adoption yeah it is yeah why did it why did um um bit pace uh get so big in africa so quickly

It's because there was no banking structure um to to um there's no legacy banking structure that had to be upgraded in order for it to work right there was nothing so it got adopted very

Quickly and there was no push back i think the same thing that's that's kind of your point is that where there's less development there's less resistance

Yeah definitely it's a lot and the way that i always talk about it is it's a lot harder to rip and replace all existing rails than it is to build new ones in new places and i think we're already seeing that

Did you know that most banking systems are written in cobalt i believe it i've i've gotten the chance to work with banking systems a couple of times in my career and they're often times like integration

Nightmares yes right yep absolutely which you will be i'm sure you're intimately aware of from your time at paypal especially yeah absolutely so i'm i'm curious too and and this is

Something i like to ask as many folks as possible that are that have been in the space for a while or that are leaders in the space what is what are your top three go-to places to find

Crypto related news or education like where do you go when you're looking for something um i like google alerts because i can set up google alerts to notify me whenever

Something that i'm interested in happens so it pops up a lot uh which isn't exactly a media channel but it counts okay okay cool um and then coin telegraph i love because of their art which is

Silly it's so cool yeah isn't it they've got such a good style and you always know when it's a coin telegraph um uh article because of the art that they have

But i will say that coindesk has probably the most unbiased editorial policies and i know a lot of the people at coindesk they're very proud of the fact that their

Their articles are they don't take money for articles so they they keep their reporting as pure as possible so i do trust that of course they've had their own

Scandals right so some things have been misreported but i think they were honestly misreported rather than um purposefully yeah it wasn't corrupt it was just a mistake yeah and i think that nowadays

No matter what company you are and and what space that you live in in terms of a company what niche you're in you will face controversy you'll make mistakes and the media will make it seem like

It's a an existential problem that's unique to your organization when in reality it's it's something that's due to happen for for everyone so take those things with a grain of salt if you're watching

Yes absolutely and uh try to read between the lines certainly certainly so we're coming up on just about 40 45 minutes and i wanted to close with one question that you can refuse to answer

If you'd like but what would you say your top three cryptocurrency picks are if you could pick one or sorry pick three for the next five to ten years what do you got

Okay how about bitcoin right ethereum awesome um i like the big coins i i have to say i've uh dabbled in some of the smaller coins but i don't have a third pick right now

I'm kind of evaluating some of the um some of the altcoins that are coming out i just tend to be fairly suspicious so i want to see a little bit of adoption i want to see a little bit of

Um i'm not as much of a speculator as a trader so i like i like things that have a long-term uh future so i'm only gonna stick to two i'm gonna refuse on number three two is better than zero i would say half

The time it's uh a no-go on that question in general but i always have to ask just for uh you know posterity's sake um but lisa it was a pleasure speaking with you um i'm obviously looking forward to see

Seeing what happens at shape shift from here on out and i hope we can definitely do this again that would be great thank you so much for having me certainly and and one last thing

Where can folks find you on twitter or social media of some kind if they want to connect with you my handle on almost everything is lisa is loud so that goes for twitter instagram and

Linkedin no maybe not linkedin but um everything else is lisa's lab but i'm on twitter and um i think that's the best place to find me right now cool that i'm in the same boat you can

Always get a hold of me on twitter so thanks again lisa and i hope you have a fantastic rest of your day thank you talk to you soon cheers

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Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is avoid BK and if you don't like me you must no...
Okay come down here boom that would be picture-perfect beautiful guys look at this we actually have this candle come down right on this line right here right ab...
Wow you guys are going to want to check this out guys as you may know Bitcoin has decreased a few hundred dollars as of about midnight last night we have some i...
What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today&#3...
Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...