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published on July 2, 2020


well we're with the prodigal son returns

they're probably talking about cotton

families chaos is regular chatter on an

off day especially now that he's home

what a dunce he's your brother

only by blood or his father I have

absolutely no idea

last I heard is Butyrka go through this

record pissy shoots for the times now

you know well I like to think the paper

works for me I'm still freelance

speaking of which I understand your pops

this thing and uh selling out cotton

he'll take the paper to his grave

you are an old Connor and the future

publisher of that times it's been really

tough lately oh yes of course how could

it not be what for uh the youngest heir

will to do publishing dynasty it's

harder than it sounds the times it is an

institution and it always will be

Lily children might love I am selling

the Carolina time you would really

abandon it so easily I assure you there

was nothing




what are you still doing here there's

nothing left but a pack of wolves and

you but your wolf

I'm a civil wars clothing


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