THE FOUR HORSEMEN – BTC, ETC, NEO, BCH Free Bitcoin Price Live Stream Analysis TA USD XRP News 2020

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

What's going on everybody I wanted to give a couple seconds to make sure that the livestream is good and that we are indeed you know sound is coming through and everything so if you can jump in the chat let me know that would be amazing I were good so here we are today is Friday

January 24th 2020 and we're bringing back an oldie but a goodie you know with a twist for the new decade this is the four horsemen Bitcoin a theory of neo and Bitcoin cash now when I started this series back in I believe was that twenty

Twenty eighteen 2017 2017 been doing this almost three years now when I started this series these were like the big boys on the Block team right and the first thing first when you know before I even start the video man Jojo and the

Chat was like you need to get me off the list it shouldn't be on the list well you know I'm like an old-time and I was here when they was still building all this stuff and the mounts and all these partnerships and I remembered at neo

When it came out one of these huge endorsements and applications that had was that it was actually partnered with the government of China comes in to basically redo their infrastructure and build out the new civilization you know

Protocols and if you understand what neil has evolved from it used to actually be ant shares which was owned by and pay which is a subsidiary of Alibaba again going back to its power partners in China some cheer for

Blockchain technology and today we're going to do a quick technical analysis of each of them let you know which horse you should be putting your money on ideally that I could to my people in the group this

Morning and only two of these coins are in the profit package so if you want to know what's on there just jump on over to a boss of Bitcoin comm and you can check that out for yourself again boss a Bitcoin comm scroll down profit package

Right here top seven coins to swing trade every seven days like a boss and we've been hitting the nail on the head about what a couple tradesmen and I just released a new list today for that group so two of these coins are on that list

The Four Horsemen episode 1 January 2020 thank you for joining me if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as a crypto traitor I'm

A Bose these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result today is no exception so again I'm bringing back a lot of you know a lot of things that

We used to do man we're giving away some money some free BTC official partnership with crypto comfrey $50 all you need to do is share this post right yeah right share now public that's it it's just that easy to get paid and every month

I'm gonna go through and give away free $50 to somebody that shares this post that's with crypto comm you also get a free $50 just by signing up so you can use that link right there BK crypto promo and that will take you to their

Page to sign up referral code BK right these guys are real deal making money on the blockchain helping people in power in the world through financial technology in tech you know the new digital money is cool you know is what's

Happening right and so uh I'll get my people in the group this is the number one Bitcoin group in the world has tagged one Bitcoin let's see how many be we got we got 21,000 members right now and do ask questions to filter out some

Of the you know bots and mods not much but uh trolls so yeah you answered um three questions you'll get in and all you have to do is share that post to be entered to win right let's see if anybody else is

Getting in today I think that guy yeah that's it if you say you don't remember to present Bitcoin sorry buddy that's not that's not good enough here right number one Bitcoin grew up in a world take it out if you haven't done it

Already let's jump in the charts and see what they're talking about I already gave you the backdrop on the four horsemen you know I'm saying these these this is the cavalry you know that is right man the

Revelations the revolution apocalypse is happening right now the end times are upon us and as a result the beginning times have already started BTC to the USD ona 343 this is the boss method you won't find it anywhere else

It's one of the best statistical forecasting systems in the world Point Blank period and you can learn about it on Boston Bitcoin comm again the profit package I'll give you detailed analysis and we also have a course that we're

Coming out with so drop your email in up top if you want more information on that right so we can see real time in real time that this is indeed nearing the end of a long term cycle that's how you freestyle on a Fibonacci right there

Every cycle completes between the four two and the four six you see this one little wave of energy basically predicated all of this right and this is a two year cycle almost actually notice is a 18 month what is it a one-year

Twelve-month right but then you got another one man and this is the crazy part you got another one with Bitcoin and I need to do like a whole new video on this to where this was the first part this is the second part this is like a

Frack though of this one young Sam and it's just like it's like the exact same chart you know on a much much smaller scale right exact same chart on a much much smaller scale so what's happening when

We jump down a bit here is the exact same chart on a much much smaller scale right so a Bitcoin you know this is when you want to be greedy when other people are fearful a lot of people aren't talking about Bitcoin right now it's not

Breaking all the time highs I'll tell you what the CJ B's and and everybody you know squawking on the street they all go be squawking once we get above 12,000 right that's because we'll be back in the

Bigger fractal and it will be you know running an alt season will be upon us but that's not right now right now we're struggling you know to break 8,500 we haven't seen it but inside a Bitcoin you have these three different price points

At the intersections again of the seven and 77 these are the harmonic nodes which resonate throughout the proliferation of energy inside this chart so you got one there you got one there and you got one there right moved

Wrong one copy and paste it boom boom right those are basically the three levels of this quick energy right of this quick energy of this quick cycle right now and we turn the candles on you can see

That we just just just just barely nicked that thing right there that's how you know it holds up right and so although we are under that price level you have a quick stop a quick support guess where it comes it comes at the

Intersection right there right so more than likely we will be staying north of like that would offer now north of 80 100 dollars that will give the market a chance to recover to rebound you know and I tell you there's three parts to

Any cycle break out break down flatline gonna flatline on that 87 we got some strong support from the whales and the 231 coming up over time and that way midway through February probably right around Valentine's Day we'll be able to

Get a pop to retest this $9,100 level BT see this is definitely a buying opportunity for Bitcoin this is a continuation pattern to where it broke out quick you know let me see if I get my triangle broke out quick it's gonna

Come back down like that flatline and then you'll probably get another triangle just like that that'll take us through March right and that's how it works people is literally fractals energy continuative upon itself infinite

Repetition you know and dissemination of the same currency right so Bitcoin definitely looks good as long as we are north of I'd say 78 77 this thing will continue to go higher before it goes lower next up let's jump on Bitcoin

Cache BCH right BCH had a monster run and I'm talking this thing literally led the market in 2020 I think it went up oh by the way the boss method gave you to buy signal before half the market even woke up to it and that was back there

Right if you would have bought right there your price would have been about point 82 and you would still be in on this thing this thing I don't think it's done yet it's up 36 percent in a month it's crazy right

But one thing we could do we don't have that much information on the three seven on the 333 so let's jump down to a 77 and now you start to see these different price levels again that are built into the chart there there and now up here

This is the area I want to focus on because this is the most relevant for the data that we're given right now this is basically a barrier right psychological barrier you do a Fibonacci you can see that that

Price in itself on the high end is more or less our four two two four six so essentially when we break through that level we will be coming into the beginning of a new cycle right and so this is basically the area where the

Floors become the ceilings and the ceilings become the floors how do I know that well you have this section of the chart right over here to where it tested it and it failed right but then it came up and it hailed it and it succeeded so

This is literally this line is like limbo land right and so now we're trying to retest that we're trying to hold on so as long as we stay north of let's see what was that Fibonacci again as long as we stay north of this line then we will

Continue to go higher before we go lower you can cool off this thing is completing a new cycle but as long as you're above the 3/2 and when the next wave comes in it's going to be a big one and it's basically gonna launch this

Thing into a whole new cycle right and you can look for that to happen this could be a long cooldown but you can look again Valentine's Day somewhere in there right we could have a fall off here you know you could have a flatline

I don't see Bitcoin running in the next week or so so I don't expect it to do that and stay above that line so essentially you have kind of like this dead space that needs to fill between you know now in the middle of February

I'll tell you thousand tines day the massacre Valentine's Day master these charts are about to be murdered like green you know exam I play it up to to be openly optimistic always you know even when people were saying Bitcoin was

Dead it was well not like 3200 I said no no no I said no no no as long as we stay above this level as long as we still what is it 52 I think at the time then we wouldn't be falling but if we would across 48 and you know we would have

Been down like 36 34 you know but that didn't happen and so now we keep playing it to the up what's going on people it's good to see you spliff stars and build a Michelangelo hello hello crypto motive peace and blessings wholeness and

Balance by braces to my conscious family out there let's keep this thing on wheels and keep on rolling with which one which one atheria I haven't shown the theory of all year right and so if we go and look

At a long-term chart on etherium this thing just has been beat down you know kicked in his chest rolling in the dirt you know nothing going good let's take a theory 'm on my coinbase because they I think they give away more

Data it's just a longer chart because I want etherium first list it came out on home base look at that goodness gracious there it goes so definitely not the glory dates of 2017 oh by the way you

Know or the glory days of 2018 but again we're working with what we got here I want to look at f2 the BTC because you can't go to Walmart and buy aetherium for dollars yet so um we're gonna trade it for blockchain equity and that would

Be Bitcoin yeah gotta get coinbase to do Bitcoin guys don't do Bitcoin cool right and so essentially with eff this thing is nearing a dovetail right you have this long long long breakdown right

Basically like right there but then built inside it up you have these different levels of support this was a big one and this surprised a lot of people in the market when the whole market dropped last summer you know when

Bitcoin went from like 6,000 or like 3,800 that shocked everybody including me because I was expecting this was like the moment of truth for the whole market so I don't think that's necessarily a theory of his fault that's the see JB's

Fault for deciding to take all their money out at exactly the right time or at least have their money you know and more or less half the entire market again this is with respect to Bitcoin so this is basically the equity that

Etherium has relative to the price of Bitcoin right and that was a pivotal point that basically crushed the market right and so we're trying to recover from that but you can see those energy averages are starting to come back

Together and so another big move is coming for aetherium and I'm one to be optimistic and again to look at the benefits as opposed to the detriment and so when I see this I see that all of these averages are just sitting there

Again inside that little bitty box and I tell you when all those three moving averages come together that is indeed when lightning strikes so that's when you want to be looking at you know a buying opportunity when there's low risk

High reward now is there a chance that we could fall in the market could cut in half yes absolutely but that's not very likely it's like anything can happen at any given time but when it hasn't happened then you

Essentially you rule it out as ability in your near and dear future right and when you look inside this thing when you drop down to a seventy seven one of the things I start to like even more is that you have this slight

Uptrend here right you can literally just start to connect you know the bottoms and I don't like to do that that's the top channel oh that's it's gonna be right these are this is basically our

Channel 4 theorem right and so as long as we're above this line it's gonna be good know what's gonna happen we're gonna flat line here and it's gonna have to make a choice either it's gonna have to break up to retest this higher

Boundary up here or it's gonna have to break down and confirm this one as a floor right but it shouldn't go lower than that and that's what I'm saying this little fluxes own this little flux zone right there you see again where you

Get these retest you get that little pink it and test it that little floor being and time being confirmed that's why I said even if we drop we should still catch right there around 1860 right so aetherium I think is relatively

Low-risk relatively high reward playing it to the up knowing that you have these quick inter interdependent channels that will continue the flow and then the last step I definitely wanted to touch on was Neil I haven't talked about neo again

Probably you know in months but this one you know has also been beat down everything when you go back on the daily has been highly suppressed but again when the three averages come together that's when you start to get a new cycle

And then also when you start to look at this thing look at that look at that look at that you can't make this stuff up right that's just zero to one you know intersection two high point and you get this dovetail two six four you

Know a lot of people don't even know six four is basically the macro in the end in in and after that you know we got this nice little pop so this shows that neo could indeed be starting a new long term channel this goes back all the way

To 28 right so neo is indeed trying to reverse itself and become prominent again in the marketplace and I think that's why it's often under thrown off the books when it comes to a lot of technical analysis a

Lot of you know consideration like oh it's not tezo's oh it's not chain-link oh it's not next easy but yeah it's it's neo is baby eater is the one Young's an any oh oh and II it is the one you know previously known as ant shares

Previously owned by Alibaba there is no bigger company in the world no bigger corporation in the world it is the one so please don't forget you know exam and if you're an investor it's hard to go wrong when when when coins look like

This because you literally have a floor a macro floor that has been locked in for the better part of six months you know that that's kind of supporting a whole economy right so it's a difference this is the difference it's a difference

Between investing and trading right and so on this channel I focus on trading and so that's what I wanted to compare these horses you know say which one is gonna win the race this week not which one is gonna win the most Triple Crowns

Over the course of the next 20 years right I want to wait 20 years to get paid I want to I want to get paid this week right and so that's what I did on the profit package that took two of these coins you know and put them on the

Profit package specifically based off the insight and the analysis that I just gave you guys today so if you are indeed in the chat the live chat shout your country out let's show the people some love that's been rocking out with us if

You want to see a chart real quick we got a little bit of time left I could do that for you and yeah man I'm just happy to be back man it's 20 20 January go back to my videos and October I said between January and March is when

We'll start to see this thing turn around and that is indeed what has happened basically bottom doubt you know on this channel still have critical support here at six thousand I don't think we're

Gonna need it but there is a slim chance and here's the other thing so let's do this real quick actually I like those a lot maybe I'll do a separate video on this and how did I just saw so there is a slim chance see

How I'm gonna have like this parabolic effect right there's a slim chance we could be doing the same thing over here if it is indeed a fractal complete fractal right now sometimes the problem with fractals is you don't know which

Way it's happening until after it's gone because this could just be an uptrend fractal to where we complete it but it's like on the slope you know exam and that's that's the problem you really don't know until after it's over which

One it's filling out right so if this does happen and I would say the new bottom becomes and this is like worst case scenario a Bitcoin actually this would be didn't about the new bottom would be right there that's like

Worst-case scenario Bitcoin 5000 in May right now we're 8400 right yeah I'm gonna do a video and then I really like that shirt that's like worst-case scenario for BTC that's pretty cool guys for everybody that don't know that is

How you chart like all balls young-sam so let me actually see because I'm doing these videos now and I used to give out a playlist that you guys could watch yeah if you just type in chart like a boss on YouTube this playlist should

Still come up you watch the first couple episodes of this and that'll get you set up look at that man 35,000 views you know I'm saying you can't beat it this is free money for the people forever based through simple mathematics

Fractal forecasting and harmonic numerology is a beautiful thing you know and we got the four horsemen leading the damn apocalypse going into Revelations it's beautiful right be gay are you still in Atlanta no I'm not man I'm on

The west coast man West Coast is the Best Coast it's warmer out here you know eighty oh man name is Brandon chemtrails putting up Dylan 5g towers I couldn't do it I couldn't do it I had to get up out of here

Nineteen about of here even though even though West Coast ain't really no better we regards though that it was just I was literally living like five minutes off the freeway not even five minutes like literally five hundred feet they put up

These two big cancer towers like right there you know and after a while it was bad I couldn't even be in that apartment anymore okay so let's see what coin you guys want to see Norway my man Olaf in Norway bsv please we just did oh we did

BC HBS v95 um b sv let's see for the b sv yes bitcoin i try to do it oh it's not on – this is the one that is on bindings right Oh buddy Oh buddy got into Twitter battle wit with the CEO Biden's any any D listed him what I

Hurts it in itself put it this way I really don't chart coins that aren't owned by Nance because again China is winning and Finance is basically the Gateway for the altcoins through into the world right and it's

Proof that the other exchanges are highly not saying that Bunyan says it but if you for example BitFenix if you follow this guy on Twitter BitFenix like f IM in e XD let's see he literally goes in

And shows like the crimes that are committed almost on a daily basis with BitFenix so if BitFenix is like the number one exchange for any given point the more than likely I will not be charting or owning any given coin

Whatever point that happens to be BS be included now it does have a huge economy and its own technology blase blase block but you know if it's not on it's like it's like claiming you're a good football player your best football

Player but you ain't on nobody's NFL team you know but you ain't got no championship you ain't playing in the Super Bowl you know claiming your team is the best in NFL but you're not playing in the

Super Bowl like the best teams are on the best exchange and the best exchange is my hands Point Blank period probably from here probably for the next at least five years you know until one of these

Decentralized exchange take it over but about in Bitcoin to be mainstream adopted and you know a million plus dollars but also finance would have made a hundred billion dollars on that million and so it's like they'll still

Be do I'll probably buy the exchange that competes with them because at this point you don't compete you know what's your competitor you buy them out you know and pay them to stop beating you right so that's my long story short of

Saying bsv yeah my man Michael John Scott said it's it's poop right I'll be in Vegas in three weeks for the races yeah man hit me up that's where I'm at Cali beyond that heavy spray – yes they do is crazy man you go like you go like

30 minutes I remember I drove to like Hoover Dam right and so you actually leave the city right but like when you're coming back you don't know it when you're in it but you can literally see it's like a fog film over the city

Like it's ridiculous like you know the amount of crap that is in the air right on top of people you know I want to get too much off-topic but you know just just like move around go but then when you go to these different countries they

Don't have it I went to Iceland young-sam it was beautiful I went to Columbia I could see the sky the sky was blue and Columbia one last time you saw damn blue sky you know in Columbia it's beautiful

The trees were green like emerald green you know Brazil same thing right not so much in Atlanta not so much in Los Angeles and not so much in Las Vegas right so on that note I think we'll end the guys thank you so much for watching

I appreciate you guys if you appreciate me hit that thumbs up button if you haven't done it already let's see who we got rocking out with Emma chat with us India is in the building my man Olaf

Norway San Diego my man big Alan Watts balls walking on the west coast poking the Fox appreciates you logical feels on the west coast stay healthy you know you know get you some colloidal silver in some chlorophyll you know and some look

Quite you know gotta use these roots stay healthy out here because Instagram travels been fun I see a man I'm just trying to live my best life man you know I traded a lot to get here right now so I'm just trying to make it work make it

Worth it right number one Bitcoin group in the world have you gotten joined it already boss of Bitcoin calm I can't stress to you how much you know it's been a joy to work with people all over the world empowering their lives

Financially teaching this knowledge that has been given to me and that's why I do this so we have free crypto trading communities again you could click this link on trading view follow me on there BT Kelly 1203 I

Already told you the Facebook group let me see do we got anybody sharing the post cuz again free 50 bucks cash money and by cash I mean crypto I need to do is share this post right there three people share my man big mark

Appreciate it so this is one of the things we're gonna start doing again for some reason I just stopped it for a while but I definitely want to get you guys involved and you gotta pay you to do it

That's what's though happen you know exam so there we go and then of course the profit package again top seven coins of swing trade every seven days only two of these coins are on the list you know we got Bitcoin Bitcoin cash neo and

Aetherium only two of those coins are on that list I just sent the list out this morning so it's hot off the press make sure you get it that way you stay informed and power to where you know on the blockchain you know it's all about

Helping people real you know each one reach one reach one teach one but that being said everybody is that time of day signing out folks boy became at where you stay

Brazil debate kind of phone I am all the way back out food jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you big time like subscribe and share this video do that for me if you appreciate mine till we

Meet again stay cryptic y'all

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