‘The 5’ rips CNN’s Don Lemon for dismissing Terry Crews in heated interview

published on July 8, 2020

New fallout after a bloody weekend ofgun violence in America city's GeorgiaGovernor Brian Kemp calling in theNational Guard after 31 people were shotin Atlanta and an 8-year old girl waskilled New York City is seen a spike incrime shootings up 130 percent last

Month compared to the same time lastyear and a shocking video shows a fathergunned down crossing the street in broaddaylight with his six-year-old daughteras he holds her hand Mayor Bill DeBlasiounder pressure to act the New York Post

Telling him to do something to coververy similar to the 1990s when MayorDavid Dinkins experienced a crime waveall of this happening in the backdrop ofthe defund the police movement relativesof victims of gun violence are saying we

Need more cops to prevent violencewe can't take money from the policedepartment we need the police you takethe police from there and we wind uphaving less police officers in thestreet let's detectives it's not gonna

Work is a crime it's gonna get worse sowe're gonna go after the police officerswhen they heard someone that look likeme we need to go after the people thatlook like me that hurt people that looklike me and CNN's Don Lemon causing

Controversy for lecturing actor TerryCrews over black lives matter blackpeople need to hold other black peopleaccountable I said that's the same thingif this is a the black America's versionof the me2 movement the black lives

Matter movement was started becausethere's talking about police brutalityif you want an all black lives mattermovement that talks about gun violencein communities including you know blackcommunities then start that movement

With that name but that's not what blacklives matter is about so we'll get toall of this one let me start with you sowe have the worst violent crime wave inyears just about days after cityofficials took a billion dollars away

From the NYPD to appease some prettyviolent people that were outsidedemanding that a billion dollars be cutfrom the NYPD and now you have thisviolent crime if you think back to the1990s and how bad it got then

And how long it took to get things backto a safe place so that New York Citycould be that thriving safe City what doyou think should be done and what if thepapers are calling for Merida Blasio totrying to finally do something will he

Listen to those communities that areasking for more police not fewer I thinkthey want better police Dana I thinkthat you know let's first of all I thinklet's debunk this theory that somehowthere's this crime wave going on out

There the reality is crime is down inthe top 25 American cities 5% violentcrime is down 2% but what you have ismurder up about 16 percent in those 25big American cities but note even aswe're talking about that you should keep

In mind that the murder rate that we'reexperiencing now in a place like NewYork is the same as it was in 2015 sothere's a lot of politics loaded intothe way that people are looking at whatI see is an explosion in terms of gun

Violence and why is thatI think it's according to the expertsthey pointed a lot of these gangsters alot of these drug dealers even a surgein terms of domestic violence cases andit's all really being accelerated by

Easy access to guns we're looking at gunviolence so to me what we have here is amixed situation and it comes in theaftermath of course of the George Floydcase but I just really object to thesuggestion that the police aren't doing

Their job or that somehow because ofincreased scrutiny on police after theGeorge Floyd murder that police are backenough that police aren't committingthese murders that are resulting in thespike this is black on black crime in

Poor neighborhoods done by hoodlums andthat's why I say of course everycommunity wants better policing but it'snot to be somehow used to dilute peoplewho are upset over police brutality inAmerica all right Emily let me ask you

About that because how do you you can'tsolve other problems in terms of gettingeven if you wanted to reform or betterpolicing if you are in the middle of asituation where you have what I'mlooking at like some pretty shocking

Statistics when it comes to increase incrimethat's exactly right Dana this requiresa cohesion that a lot of these bigcities are missing to include two reallyimportant elements which are enforcement

And follow-through so what is it matterif we call for more cops or we bring inthe National Guard to augment localdepartments if they're not able to makeany arrests or if they are but thenthere isn't a prosecution or if there's

A prosecution but there aren't actualdeterrent consequences or judicialdiscretion to say withhold bail or tomake an exception to a pre classifiednonviolent crime if he or she feels thatthat situation warrants detainment were

Extended custody and all of that fallsflat also if state and local leadershiparen't engaging in messaging of a zerotolerance for violence and crime andalso support for law enforcement bothconceptual and also for the

Rank-and-file I just see an overarchingproblem that at every juncture there's alack of follow-through and so of courseit's going to embolden criminal behaviorboth at the organized level that Wanmentioned and also the local petty level

And it also stymies then that workablesolution that depends on all of thoseinterrelated factors that I just talkedabout yeah sorry about that train islike really loud today and it's early aswell Jesse down in Georgia where Brian

Kemp the governor has just called in theNational Guard and a state of emergencyin the state the Democratic Senatecandidate John Asaf is calling for guncontrol not urging calm in the streetswell just to go back to what one said

One said crime is flat but homicides areup well homicide is a crime wand and I'mgonna go out on a limb and say thathomicide is probably the worst crimethere is so let's just get that straightthe other thing is everybody with a

Brain knows that in a violentneighborhood with a lot of drugtrafficking you need a strong policepresence because what the police do theypull people over and they take illegalguns and narcotics out of the car they

Also serve Warrenand take dangerous guys off the streetsthey use task force's informants andUndercovers to stop drug and illegal guntrafficking so when the police pull backcrime surges it also doesn't help when

There's a pandemic that squeezes drugprofits and the buy-side falls out ontothe bottom and prices drop so people arefighting violently over a smaller pieceof the pie so now you have peoplefleeing cities because of the pandemic

Fleeing cities because of a crime waveand you're gonna have what we saw inManhattan which is a gritty uncovernoble city where no one wants to live inbecause it's a low quality of lifeeverybody knows blacks don't hate the

Police and the police don't hate blackpeople yes there are issues but we candeal with them through mutual respectand I don't think it's too late for thepresident to make a speech on theteleprompter that says I feel the

Suffering of certain sections of blackAmerica I understand that police take alot of risk when they police thesedangerous streets I support both theblack community and the police communityand I will pour all of the resources of

The federal government to help saveevery single American life because everysingle American life is precious andsafety is not a political issue thatcould go a long way and I don't thinkit's too late for him to deliver a

Speech like that also Greg I did want toget back to this issue of the last nightwhen CNN's Don Lemon had actor TerryCrews on and you ever have a situationwhere a guest is invited on or you'vebeen a guest somewhere and the host

Won't let you talk I will stop talkingand allow you to talk about whathappened last night on CNNwell the we didn't show that clip whichwas Terry Crews it's an eloquent persontrying to make a very important point

That black lives matter isn't aboutpolice brutalityit's about remaking America because theykeep talking about systemic racismwithout specifics and what they'retrying to tell you is that we need to

Throw everything out and Inot exaggerating this okay their leaderswill tell you this that they want to getrid of capitalism patriotism and replaceit with identity politics which pitsrace versus race the belief behind that

Is that we are irredeemable as a countryand that we are guilty of deeds of ourancestors it's incredibly poisonous buthe but Don Lemon couldn't let Terry makethat point so what he did is he raceexplained to Terry Crews he he talked

Over him and threw him because he wasterrified the viewers might actuallyhear the truth and then he didn't want ablack man's voice that wasn't lemons andit's a comparison worth notingyou know Terry Crews has been around he

Played in the NFL he's an artist he's anactive he's an activist he's an actorhe's got five kids I mean lemon is justa media mouthpiece and if you take thecontrast larger as this violenceexplodes across the country and by the

Way whan nobody is saying here that thecops aren't doing his their jobs we'resaying that politicians and leadersaren't letting them do their jobs it's avery fine detail that you love to glossover back to Terry Crews right now what

Is Terry Crews care about he cares aboutthe suffering in his community the realproblems the black on black crime butDon Lemon is in the media so what doeshe care about defunding the police thedestroy destroying monuments perceived

Racism of products and people so he'schasing the symbolic crap and TerryCrews is actually trying to solve thebigger problems and it makes you wonderwhy is it that people like Don Lemon inthe media don't actually want to address

The real problems because maybe theyrealize that those real problems arecaused by them ie Democrats and liberalswho run the cities who who who put outthese policies who make the police standback and prevent the police are doing

Their jobs and helping the people inminority of neighborhoodsmaybe that's why Don Lemon doesn't wantto talk about it because it's the city'sDemocrats cities that we're seeing hellunleashed and he doesn't want he doesn't

Want to have it their viewers to see thetruth and that's why he talked to overTerry Crews right I'll never talk overyou that's for sure

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