The First Ever Magnetically Coiled Cable

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

Look i told you before i like cables i'm into cables i'm into many weird things particularly in the tech realm uh i sort of look around search around for uh the coolest cable the best cable for a while i was addicted to short cables because i hate the tangling

And the you know what happens when you your you reach for for a cable that you need and it comes out with 15 other cables and it just it could be a bit of a nightmare so many different companies have

Attempted to solve the cable problem because it is a problem and they do suck and they fray and they get bent and all the rest of it this company they claim that they've fixed it all that they've got the innovative

Cable to solve the world's cable problems it's called mag link and it's not the first time i've seen magnets in a cable however it is the first time i've seen this particular implementation of

Magnets in a cable so the magnets here aren't on the attachment point which has proven to be finicky in the past but they're on the cable itself to keep it organized so this is the

Special package as seen on unbox therapy look at that custom packaging actually i believe there's a promotion for this on their website right now look at this okay flexible foldable

Simple and practical and then down here on the bottom neat and tidy fast charge compatible do they mean ios and android maybe possibly durable data transfer as well and travel

Friendly thank you snowbox therapy team the best youtube channel on the planet well they know how to get our attention don't they kirky just say it's the best youtube channel on the on the planet

They have uh lightning and type c this is the solution we've all been looking for the world's first automatically coiled magnetic charging cable i know right now he's like what is this

What are they talking about tangle proof how everything people have made the claims in the past about tangling i think these guys might actually have it fast charging over lightning or usb type c

Usb 3 built in high grade silica gel for long lasting rugged use no wonder jack likes so much safe and tested neo-dimium dimium neodymium magnets fast data transfer quality composite

Materials quick and easy to coil and organize three and six foot lengths easy storage mfi certified as well so for the apple people that's kind of important charge ios android macbook tablet ever

Charge it all okay so we have a couple of different units in here that we are gonna check out and remember the premise here is organization you put it in the bag you

Never worry about getting all tangled up and jack wanted me to show this off because this is just a day in the life here at our studio as far as being tangled up we're tangled up whether it's cables or just

Things that we have to do or brain tangling um it's a very yeah it can get tangly over here and this is here's your evidence that just came from a bin

Literally a couple feet away from me that's daily life so any any way in which i can get away from that that's a bonus and i'll take it and jack actually he stood up off the couch

Because he was worried i was going to show you the tangling thing he was like i want to make it clear things get tangled around here he didn't think you would believe me without the demonstration jack was just

Referencing the rumors that the next generation iphone and potentially samsung devices are not going to ship with a charger in the box he is correct that is the rumor but the

Other part of the rumors they'll likely come with a cable still but it's going to be a boring relatively regular cable and in some cases like on the apple side of things the cable may not be perfect for the

User's application because the charge brick you may already have could be for the previous version iphone which now they're changing to a type c to lightning connector so you may need

Some more cables jack well done here is number oh those are weird look at them this is interesting stuff you guys know i like magnets never met a magnet i didn't like

And this application is just a new take on how this can work so the magnets are in the cable itself and that's what allows you to ensure that they're never going to be tangled so you pop it out to use it

Look at that how do i what do i how do i it's like coiling you know what it's like it's like when you wrap a thing to coil it up except it actually attaches on its own because inevitably when you go to coil

Your own cable what do you do when you get to the end you tuck it in maybe you tie it up you put stress on the end point and actually i just noticed

That the end point is fairly robust here on the lightning portion of this connector now this is this looks to be the three foot length

And what you could do as well is leave a portion of it coiled so you could have something like this and then have this plugged into a charge brick and just have a little bit hanging out this could that could be useful in

The car or even on a desk where you don't want all your cable just up and floating about so this is lightning to usba and look i even screwed up

The connection there but it doesn't matter because the magnets are strong enough to even deal with some increased tension if you do mismatch your coil or you go for a speed round

Trying to coil it back up that's kind of cool all these components feel robust and sturdy on the outside that is usb-a to lightning this is more useful to me immediately i'm currently using a oneplus device

And this of course is a usb type-c connector very common rumored to be the future connector for apple as well maybe one day we can all hope so again full coil factor and in this case type c

On one end type c into your quick charge power brick on the other now they've got this variety as well which is type c on one end to usb a on the other end

Depending on the type of charger you're using it may receive this instead so those are your long cables right there i presume they've given us some of their short ones oh they gave us black cables

Too fancy stuff now you see i can't leave them like that because i know they're too easy to clean up look at this bam bam bam bam i wonder if there's a technique to this

To be even faster look at that lovely same thing here i can't leave these uncoiled they're meant to be coiled they want to be coiled they're like snakes they coil

For relaxation did you know that about snakes curve you didn't because it's not true i don't know why they coil i think they coil when they want to attack actually king cobra coils up because then it has

The tension necessary to bounce at you in order to get the bite distribute the venom and watch you fall as the king cobra would want to do and you'd do the same if you were a king

Cobra so don't blame him these are the black version i might actually prefer that i don't know why kind of just goes more with my thing and your black gloves over here i might have to pull out the

Black gloves to match with those ones but it's the same story over here the black this is kind of like a pearlescent type of white on this it's not opaque so we have some different options over here and then they gave us another kit

So why is that just some extras because why not oh no this is a different cable this is the new cable this is the one that you're going to need actually

Probably for those upcoming iphones so this is type c on one end which is likely going to be apple's choice for its high powered power brick even if it does sell it to you separately

And then on the other side lightning which is likely still the connector that's gonna be on the phone itself so we have three foot we have six foot does it solve a problem absolutely yes it seems like such a

Simple thing but it's a it's a type of issue you run into it's just so frequent now of course we have to check as well if it does support fast charging did jack bring a fast

Charge power brick you know what you're going to need this is not fast enough for my one plus you need 30 watts jack what do you have there is that going to be 30 watts

No yeah it says 30 watts i never saw jack this motivated my entire life all right so we should be able to go with a quick c to c i'm gonna go with the black c2c will be my selection here

Convenient power adapter and let's see if we get some quick charge action as well charging rapidly lovely now i'm at 93 which is very unusual for this time of day so shout out to oneplus for that

Uh yes works as expected and it's really i love to see innovation happen in unexpected places in places where you feel like things are just the way they are and we're just gonna have to live

With one cable style forever and then you see something like this that's just it takes something that causes you difficulty or bugs you this is most interesting to individuals

Who are frequently traveling in my opinion or bringing their components with them from place to place because that's where those tangles come in and there's something just really cool

About never having to worry about tying it up yourself or having to reach into a bag where like a bunch of these are all coiled together there's two ways

That that happens the magnet is one but also the thickness of this extra sheath protecting the cable also sort of ensures that it's gonna be tougher for it to get all messed up look at this look at that

Pattern that they did check this out they did another cool pattern when actually plugged into the computer how did they do that so they go like this what is wrong with me here oh oh oh oh

Oh hold up check this situation out that goes into the la i mean i'm creating patterns and shapes here i think that's a life hack i think i just did a life hack it's a

Diy right there so there you have it a fun little innovation in a category that you thought was pretty stable turns out innovation can occur where you least

Expect it even in cable land if you're a weirdo like me and you like to have the ultimate cables i think you're going to turn some heads with it people can ask where did you get

Where'd you get that cable that thing is so cool well you want to go check out these guys it's called maglink there's a deal right now use the link in the description shout out to magling

so uh you

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