by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

did you hear a hadith of the prophet
sallallaahu either you ascend him well
la he chip is the heart the promise of
Laos Ellen told us and said to my house
one day
Yamaha's be aware he said on the day of
judgment a scholar and the donator of
wealth and the Mujahedin he Saville
Allah we brought and he will say to the
scholar I gave you knowledge what did
you do with this knowledge and he will
say my lord I taught it for your sake
and he will say to him you are lying and
the angels will repeat you are lying and
he will say you only taught it so that
it will be said about you there goes a
knowledgeable scholar there goes a
popular man there goes the role model
for all of us and he received all these
beautiful words as you intended then the
person who donated we brought I gave you
wealth what did you do with it and he
will say I gave it in your pathway my
lord he said you are lying and the
angels will repeat you are lying you
only gave it so that people can say what
a generous man he is what a generous
woman she is and so it was said so you
have received that reward and then there
is the magette v7 Allah who gave up his
life who shed his blood who died on the
battlefield what did you do with this
body and he will say I defended the wake
and I defended your religion I fought
for you my lord Allah will say you're
lying and the angels will repeat you are
lying you only fought so that people can
say you are a brave man and for people
to build monuments out of you so you may
live on in glory on this world and you
have received that a Rasul saws Selim
top Mardan is laughed very harshly
causing him to give him attention he
said to him my
do you know these are the first three
with whom how fire shall be ignited
aloha hail him whose knowledge spread
throughout the world he benefit the
Ummah of the world how high will be
ignited with this person person who
donated the person who gave up his life
for her life will be ignited in Hellfire
or because the Nia inside here was wrong
brothers and sisters in Islam the matter
is very crucial only Allah knows the
intentions and I speak to you from my
heart to your heart will lie for what I
am about to say to you and bring your
attention to my young brothers and
sisters in Islam I advise myself before
you and only Allah knows who is better
than others and I am NOT here to judge
brothers and sisters in Islam let me
make it absolutely clear that any advice
I give today is not to be used as a
weapon against others nor am I giving
you ammunition so that you can go out
and look at people begin to judge them
and then praise yourselves be aware a
lost man Tyler says in the Quran fella –
and full circle who our lamb will be
many taka never praised yourselves in
piety he is the one who knows who is
truly pious and you are not a person who
goes out judging people of their Nia let
me remind you of an incident I believe
one of the sahabas
he was fighting on the battlefield and
one of the enemies fell to the ground
lost his weapon and he said a shadow la
la la la anna muhammad rasool allah said
i believe in what you believe in idea
bear witness but that muslims still
killed him when the prophet sallallaahu
Selim found out he got upset he said ya
Rasul Allah he only said it out of fear
Rasul saw said and replied to him by
saying a shock Tom Calvi did you open up
his heart to look inside
this is a person who for any normal
person you would think obviously he said
it out of fear but what was the response
of the prophet sallallahu alayhi
wasallam asha cocked on cotton B did you
open his heart and look inside you'll be
questioned about this what if he really
meant it if this is a person on the
battlefield who has fallen and he quite
obvious that he's afraid and Rasul saw
Selim prevented this then what about us
towards each other which is walking the
streets seeing us each other in the
Masjid seeing each other in there at a
restaurant or at the at school or at
work or at home and usually youngsters
when were young and we start our
religion new it enters our heart
masha'Allah and because we fear a lot
for our family we forget that for all
those years our mother and father have
been trying to set us on the straight
path and then we go and begin to attack
them and judging them wanting to change
them in a night or two to the point
where we forget about our character and
our depth towards our mother and father
we forget that the intention is meant to
be for Allah spano eternal
yes I can fund all the money a man
physician said be no more Sammy the

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