The Final Nail for Intel – WAN Show October 2 , 2020

by birtanpublished on October 29, 2020

What is up ladies and gentlemen welcome to the wench oh we've got a fantastic show for you guys this week lots of good tech news topics there's benchmarks leaked for the ryzen 7 5800x that look extremely promising google dropped the new pixel 5 pixel 4 a5g chromecast with google tv and nest audio speaker this week what else we got luke uh scrolling down here a bit linus is posting another bounty what oh boy no i'm not i don't know about this okay maybe no wait what is this county opportunity in front of it

Okay apparently we're doing it you know what fine fine you know what oh no we're doing it's on me we're doing it yeah it's your fault when yvonne complains about it it's gonna be a hundred percent on you okay i haven't set the price at least that's true that's true that that part's not my fault what else we got another bounty dual interface graphics card very interesting and microsoft is messing around with arm messing around let's roll that intro oh oh the intro's

Broken oh no ah there it is the show is brought to you today by honey nerd or die and bessie footwear oh my oh yeah oops the amount of wear shoes these days is very low why don't we jump right into our big headline topic of the day benchmarks have leaked for the ryzen 7 5800x and it looks like it could be as good or better than an intel core i9 yes my friends amd copying

Intel's branding might have actually um kicked them in their own butt for the first time pretty much ever isn't that funny right like if people are at the store and they're like oh you know oh well this is only whatever seven and this is nine this nine one must be better i mean that was always the way that amd did it back in the day when they first introduced pr or performance rating is i think what it was short for where intel had a a 2.5 gigahertz and then i don't think intel actually

Ever did a 2.5 gigahertz pentium whatever but and the point is amd would have 2500 plus even though they ran at a lower clock speed and that was because by amd's uh estimation their 2500 plus even though it was a lower clock speed was equivalent in performance to the 2.5 gigahertz equivalent generation intel and and in fairness in fairness to amd a lot of the time uh their lower clock processors were in fact competitive with higher clocked

Intel ones they were just very optimistic at times about how they applied that pr rating and the fact that they put a plus at the end of it that was that was very optimistic at a time so now after copying intel's positioning very intel's very uncreative positioning amd could be the ones that are like oh um well this is awkward we can't call the 5800x a ryzen 9 when it was a a ryzen 7 like last generation for the 3800x

So i guess it's gonna have to be a ryzen 7 but this thing absolutely kicks around the 100k so ahead of amd's october 18 uh october 8th verizon announcement details on their upcoming zen 3 based processors have allegedly leaked now here's a bit of a problem luke you play a lot of ashes of singularity you play a lot of that game that would play on friday night saturday night let's let's let's see i want to see like it's on steam right wednesday night wednesday night we did this very recently with

With flight simulator so i want to see like steam stats on ash's singularity sure so while you're while you're pulling that up uh according to an ashes of the singularity benchmark discovered by api apisac i don't know i'm supposed to pronounce that amd is skipping the 4000 series for their desktop cpu names this makes a ton of sense i i'm not going to say i love this move because i hated the move that they made in the first place putting them out of sync for mobile and desktop

But i appreciate this move because it makes it much easier for consumers to know what they're getting so mobile is obviously going to have to get a new series because they already call zen 2 uh ryzen 4000 so then if mobile has to be 5000 then desktop should be 5002 so that we know architecturally what kind of product we're buying so 5000 series looks like it's going to be zen 3. as for the benchmarks themselves they're

No longer available on the ash's website but when they were there they revealed that an 8 core ryzen 7 5800x would be superior in terms of cpu performance and roughly comparable in terms of gpu performance to the core i9 10 900k and there's actually a graph there's a graph here posted by ponson on the twitter so red or orange or whatever color that is is the 5800x and then we've got blue is a 10900 k and a 3800x is in yellow so that is a massive massive intergenerational

Performance improvement all right but uh this is a very popular game though right luke how popular is it so on twitch there is no one streaming it and the last stream was about a month ago no one uh that's gotta be a glitch and on steam charts the last 24-hour peak was actually higher than i expected at 83 players wow 83 players so then that's basically the 20 or so tech reviewers that might have been using it as a synthetic benchmark

Basically and 60 whole people all dozens of us playing ashes of the singularity that is just fantastic um separate leaked benchmarks place the ryzen 9 5900x so this would be the 12 core running with a boost clock of 5 gigahertz at a mere 150 watt tdp uh wait mirror wow that's that's a lot it seems like amd's pushing hard but if they got to five gigahertz that's going to be pretty impressive that has eluded amd since the launch of verizon and there's no way it's all course but uh

That's very fast one one sec what what happened uh on the week of monday april the 27th monday april the 27th week of monday so like from that monday forward what happened that week because if you go if you go on steam stats steam charts and you look at ashland's singularity they have steadily declining players for the last year from 200 down to like 83 whatever i did for the last 24 hour peak but they do it by week and for the week of monday

April 27th uh what year in 2019 2020 20. it spikes from 160 players the week before to 3 3758 weird and then immediately back down to 340 the week after that 184 the week after that like it slams up and then completely drops down what big tech news was there that week i have no idea actually i do not i do not recall uh anything in particular happening that week um it looks like okay sorry they say

Week from but it looks like they're doing it monthly so i don't so did something happen and i have no idea what happened early so was there something that happened in may intel cpus launch ah i don't remember but like why ashes all over the place hold on there's a few more things i want to wrap up with here sure so aside from the core count and clock speed rumors zen 3 is also expected to feature significant ipc improvements so that's performance per clock and we're thinking

About 15 compared to zen 2. so theoretically with both a clock speed and ipc improvement the ryzen 5000 series could be well ahead of comet lake amd previously stated they'll be using an evolution of tsmc's seven nanometer process um they have not actually named it directly uh the enhanced n7p process which boasts a seven percent ish performance improvement over n7 seems like the best fit after amd clarified

That their seven nanometer plus nomenclature did not mean a more sophisticated euv-based n7 plus process which claims a 10 improvement so dang but can i can i go tinfoil hat here for a second can i go tinfoil hat and like please i don't actually think this is neces i don't think this is true there i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm just gonna put it out there as something that i don't think is true but it

Is just extremely fishy even reviewers don't use ashes of the singularity anymore yeah not really could this be an amd cherry-picked scenario that they accidentally leaked it's uh it's yeah i would give that a a a pretty high chance of being a thing like ash's as a singularity is such a like a non-factor even for most reviewers at this point i have still seen it in presentations from manufacturers where it seems like they don't read the same

You know uh news that we do out in the media or maybe they're just not paying as close attention or maybe it's like a licensing thing like they have a harder time licensing games for use for like official presentations i know that that can be a thing like i remember there was an intel laptop running um xe graphics a little while back at like some trade show i think it was like very early xc graphics at the last ces and i was like hey i don't i don't want

To play counter-strike i want to play like at the top what was cool at the time fortnight or whatever like i want to play this and they're like sure uh i don't remember who it was so i'm not accusing anyone in particular but some popular battle royale game and they were like yeah we we tried we know but they they wouldn't allow us to do it i'm like you got to be kidding me that's basically marketing for their product that's that's that's you intel the gigantic

Multinational multi-billion dollar organization acknowledging their game as like the hotness right now why would you expect to be paid for that are you insane so it could just be that ash's singularity is a popular one for companies to use because it's like it has a very wide range of technology support you know directx 12 sli things that real games for whatever reason can't implement but this one can and uh and i guess they're they're

Really cooperative about using it um so so that's my guess is whether accidentally or on purpose i think this came straight from amd there you know what no i i do think i don't think it happened on purpose i think it was probably an accident because they were probably using it internally to create the decks for the presentation for the launch of zen three i'm on i'm on board with your previous opinion to a certain degree because we've seen this a lot over the last few years like these these

Totally not intentional leaks that come from companies like it's it's been happening a ton so i like yeah maybe it is maybe it isn't but i wouldn't be surprised at all if it was an intentional leak it's also really hard to keep things under wraps like i mean you saw the whole thing with uh what was it um uh was it and i think it was uh tesla that had like a literal spy like try to steal and try to steal uh data from their company

Like like this is a thing when you're when you have you know something like a new iphone the week before it launched like i would not be surprised if you could get tens of thousands of dollars for it from some publication that wants to to break the news of what the new iphone looks like earlier whatever the case may be yep yeah definitely uh i think we got to the bottom of the ashley singularity thing i can't find like actual

Proof of this but it seems like it was included in a humble bundle and then everyone immediately quit playing oh ouch sad at least they started playing it which for humble bundles is is probably a pretty good thing that's pretty good that's pretty good quick mentioned not going to talk a ton about it today we're not launching anything but those crewneck sweaters that we uh announced on the last lan show there are less than 100 left and restock is going to take a few

Months so if you want a nice snuggly sweater to wear for the winter then make sure you place an order now heads up to those that were able to get a foil keyboard shirt by the way they are shipping out next week also ltd store is hiring just go to for information hiring like six people or something stupid like that all right another big news google drops the new pixel 5 pixel 4 a5g chromecast with google tv and nest audio it's techtober

A pun so let's talk about really for me what is the big news on the pixel 5. the fact that it is sporting a snapdragon 765 g this is an soc that launched in hold on a second let me just have a let me just have a quick look at the launch date of this particular processor oneplus nord unveiled on july 21st oh no come on when did it come out have you had the release date expanded a full story uh

Whatever it's not new it's it's not particularly new and more importantly while it does have new features if i recall correctly it has built-in 5g support compared to what manufacturers have had to do like bolting 5g support onto the snapdragon 865 chipset um like the flagship chipset so i believe it has 5g support but in terms of performance it is actually a downgrade not just from flagship socs today but actually from the previous pixel

Like what so luke tell me this yes would you buy a brand new pixel that is slower than your old pixel yes what why i didn't expect i i didn't think you were gonna expect that answer um is that the only reason you said that because no no i don't need speed in my phone anymore but why have it slower if if there's other benefits i'm not i'm not sure but if there if there if there are other benefits to it like if somehow i i don't think this is true but if

Somehow it's better for battery life if somehow it does these other things sure because i absolutely do not need performance in my phone anymore i'm still running a pixel 2 xl and the only reason why i'm hungry for an upgrade is one i can't solve notification problems i've received all your emails i've received the tweets none of it's working i actually have my sim in my pixel 1 and the notifications are fine so i'm actually using a pixel 1 more often than anything else which is

Great my other problem with my pixel 2 is the proximity sensor is busted got it so if i answer a call i can't dial it always thinks that it's up next to my face so that i like want a new phone because of that if those two problems didn't exist i literally wouldn't want a new phone there's no point it would be it wouldn't be worth even if it was free it wouldn't be worth the hassle of like migrating over to a new phone okay that's um that's a fair point um so like if if there is some form of

Benefit then sure because i genuinely do not care about increased performance at all i don't play games i don't do any of that kind of stuff i don't need more performance to do emails i don't need more performance to call people or send text messages or read twitter i don't need more performance to watch a youtube video i don't need more performance to use floatplane i'm completely fine for what i do that's fair but if there isn't some other type of advantage for the decreased

Performance then like yeah sure if i'm paying for it i might as well get it okay um so in terms of other features uh 90hz refresh rate is still 90 hertz refresh rate compared to the pixel four face unlock has been ditched so apple's still holding on to it but um looks like the rest of the industry is like yeah yeah fingerprint readers were pretty good i actually really like the fingerprint reader on the fold so it's just built into the button like sony used to do with the xperia

I don't know might still do i haven't used an xperia in a while uh like way back in the day it's it's it's pretty good um it's got eight gigs of ram instead of six gigs reverse wireless charging now so you can charge your other stuff off your phone if you have a need to do that and ip68 ingress protection here's the thing that kind of bothers me a little bit though it's like it's priced at 700 us dollars which i guess is pretty reasonable for a flagship except that it's sort of not really

Not a flagship not really a flagship and i guess what i'm trying to say is if phone manufacturers themselves and google's not the only one like lg did the same thing with the velvet um if phone manufacturers are starting to say okay yeah the performance of these things is like good enough then what i want to know is fine then where is the commitment to support this thing in the long term like three years is okay but apple is way ahead and i understand

That apple gets a huge advantage in that they get massive revenue through the app store to subsidize their iphone business should they see fit but google could easily do the same thing with their play store revenue and i'm going to propose something really crazy right now that is probably going to be pretty unpopular um what if you could just pay a monthly fee for ongoing operating system support is that something that would help rather than hinder the industry like i think

Fragmentation is an enormous problem because you know from the manufacturer side of things every device is going to have its own little quirks and you can collapse under the weight of it you know how the internet hates it by the way they hate it they hate it just i i have not seen a single person in chat vote with you every single person has been like no well then what's your solution what's your solution to be clear i'm not

Saying that it should be pay as you go from day one there should be three years of of committed software updates but then what when you're moving into your fourth year would you rather have options right would you rather have it be garbage and e-waste and end up in a landfill somewhere and to be clear i'm aware that obviously they can recycle a lot of the materials but recycling is not an efficient process it's not so would you rather it ultimately a perfectly otherwise

Working device that's now no longer getting security updates would you rather it poison the earth or would you rather just keep using it if it cost you three bucks a month because remember we're not talking about like three dollars a month compared to what you get for free now you should still get what you get for free now i'm just saying we need some kind of an option because it's very clear from all the analysis that's been done over the years of how apple has

You know x percentage of the smartphone market in terms of revenue but has why percentage of the smartphone market in terms of actual profit like it's been very clear for a long time that the business model of android sort of handset makers is not great like it's not sustainable if we want devices to last for a very long time so we have to do something and it's either you get ads all over your phone which is clearly already happening or you go the youtube

Premium route and you say okay yeah i get that it used to be free but like i i'm willing to pay for this to to keep working the way that i liked it now that we've determined that this model is is not sustainable so with that in mind do you guys hate it slightly less uh spoiler alert i i don't think so i i think they still hate it just as much uh just just reading the like response responses well i'd like it i think i think you are getting at least a somewhat i'm not gonna

That's what chat's gonna hate me now i could have gone the easier out here but i'm not i think you're getting at least somewhat an emotional response right because like there right now the option that you're getting is is nothing you you if you get three years out of your device you're probably lucky at this point and then you're just dropped so an option yeah would be good and like to be clear look okay we've got a super chat from mark lane

Who apparently thinks it's worth spending five dollars to send a text message on the internet but doesn't think this is a good idea mark lane goes my pixel xl works great yet it's no longer supported why linus why well obviously you could still have the option to just not get security updates but that's not a great choice either there's some there's some yeah it's what isn't it like lineage os or lin money i don't remember what it is but i think it's yeah lineage os you could do this

But like most people aren't gonna do that so another option another option is the legislative route so right so you go to your representatives and you say look it should be it should be illegal for a perfectly for perfectly functioning hardware to have absolutely no path forward and you go yeah i understand that while you're selling this device obviously you can't uh you can't provide the tools or you don't want to provide the tools to

Allow lineage os to be installed on it or whatever you know you want to make sure that you're managing the user experience but what's past like it's two year windows yeah once it's past its window where you're not going to support it anymore you must provide the tools you must create this tool set so that someone else can carry on the work so that at least popular devices could still get support from the community so that's an option but what are the freaking odds

What are the odds that's going to happen none like we can't even agree it's true like we can't even agree net neutrality is a good idea luke well you and i can but um it it yeah i don't know pixel pixel 1 is is is pretty good it's got some big old bezels it's got big old bezels the the screen is big pretty gross big bitty bezels there's there's some things that definitely feel out of date but the usability of it like i can send emails

On there completely fine nathan nathan watch youtube videos nathan breen says what about a one-time fee for the update that's not how it works though like you got to understand developers at these companies don't get paid one time so in order to build a sustainable support ecosystem for these products they have to know that there is predictable revenue coming i mean that's why the gaming industry moved towards first microtransactions

Which is basically what you're proposing by the way i thought we all agreed those were evil and then subscription services which is pretty much what i'm proposing i'm just skipping a step both and the one-time purchase yeah it's awesome you buy the one-time purchase you pay a subscription how about everything how about everything unless you're microsoft in which case you have enough money to buy the earth and all the heavens and you just go yeah you pay the monthly fee for game pass

We'll just give you an xbox go for it i mean not quite but games pass really is a very good deal it really is so okay you guys don't agree um fine i get it but you got to understand too that while you may not agree with my way of framing this money you're paying for it somewhere epic's argument for how apple's 30 uh gleaning of all app store revenue ultimately takes money out of the pockets of whether it's consumers

So whether the app developer would have charged a lower price and you would have paid less so whether it's consumers or developers apple is ultimately taking that money and going let's put it in the however many hundreds of billions of dollars pile you're paying for that whether it's from the the point that you purchased the device whether it's from the purchases you make for v bucks on the app store or whether it's from a subscription service that just is what it says it is a device

Maintenance like software maintenance fee that you pay on a monthly basis it's all the same thing it's all just how they frame it yeah so jaw media says or pay sixteen hundred dollars for a device and have the updates include included across the life of the device yeah that's exactly the same thing so why do devices keep getting more expensive quite frankly the hardware isn't that much more expensive we actually we know from um from working with a particular brand i'm not going to

Say who it is because i don't want to get them in trouble but ah let's see oh man this is a really long email thread but we actually know the price difference between a snapdragon 865 and a 765g and it's not as much as you might think uh let me just do a quick search for oh man wait oh oh i think i found it oh i think i found it yeah here we go so i'm not naming anybody but the difference in price for the like component cost for the

Chipset is apparently about seventy dollars so there's no reason why a phone that's equipped with a snapdragon 865 needs to be a thousand dollars and one that's equipped with a 765 g should be seven hundred dollars yeah uh like even if you make the assumption that every increasing cost doubles the retail price actually no that works out about right so if you say every increase in cost about doubles the retail price then yes that works out

But the thing here is that like why why does it need to it's not like from a from a product development standpoint using a an 865 you know made it take twice as long you might need you might need better cooling i don't think that needs to double your end user price but you know what what do i know i charge the same price for two different sizes of water bottle that do not have the same cost to me so i'm clearly just i clearly don't understand

Business 2020 edition all right well that was not the answer i expected um so how about this would you even bother buying a pixel 5 now that the pixel 4 a5g is out with a slightly larger screen compared to the 5.8 inch previous one so that's a 6.2 inch display about the same size as the pixel 5. uh 6 gigs of ram so a little less ram i don't believe it has a 90 hertz display and it's just 500 us dollars same camera setup same camera setup

You're muted uh sorry thank you very much we're here i need a new phone because because of all the i'm currently running dual phones and like life sucks um and i've been waiting for like this announcement basically and yeah i'm i'm currently leaning towards the 4a 5g 4a 5g looking pretty funny i honestly as much as we all meme is community about uh mobile gamers i would love to play mobile games if they didn't all

Suck they do suck and like i like there there is there's there's some arguments for like okay the games that i like to play are not necessarily gonna translate super well to a phone but that's not entirely true for everything it's pretty true though it is it is pretty true but it's also a bit of a cop-out that has been used to just make terrible games yeah that's true i mean there's no reason something like hearthstone yeah i mean it did it was on mobile there's no and that's

A truly compelling game that you got super into that that's a mobile game and i and i played i did play a bit on my phone i just haven't been playing for a while now but like that that was one of the few that i think were genuinely really good and there hasn't been very many and the thing is i i guarantee you i absolutely guarantee you that the pixel 4 a5g will knock hearthstone out of the park that should be all right it won't be a problem

So like and like almost anything that i would think of with the control scheme that you have on a phone that would actually be a good experience in my opinion you can disagree with me as much as you want um it's gonna be pretty easy to run like if i could play like a tower defense game that wasn't laden down with microtransactions i just buy one yeah that'd be cool i'd like to have like warcraft 3 tower defense custom games on my phone that would be fantastic that would be awesome i would love to play

Winter mall tower defense like that would be great hundred percent i can't and if i could it would run just freaking fine yeah enough or a5g so like it just i just yeah i just don't care i yeah in other news i haven't been i haven't been uh heavily motivated by phones in quite a long time in other news the new nest audio is squarely focused on bringing higher quality sound to those who are already in the google

Uh home ecosystem they claim 50 more base and 75 percent more volume compared to the previous google home there's a 19 millimeter tweeter for high frequency sound and a 75 millimeter mid woofer to bring that base and it'll come in five shades uh notably it's available for just a hundred us dollars dang sonos watch out because that whole thing where you guys charge a lot of money for your uh for your smart speakers looks like it's not going to be a thing for much longer someone else be mad too

About google apparently allegedly infringing their patents so we're gonna see how that plays out finally there's a chromecast tv with google tv which is great because google tv is is great and uh yeah so it's i mean it's just a rebranding of like android tv but um hey cool and youtube tv is integrated there's an entire live tv section that acts as like a live guide but it does not support stadia at least

At launch for all dozens of you out there who are running stadia congratulations by the way thanks for paving the paving the way for the rest of us hey no i'm serious i'm serious right now like i'm not gonna i think it's gonna stick around you don't think they're just going to drop it okay well it's google so they might drop it but not everybody will what did they what did they drop recently just oh yeah yeah they just uh remember i think it was on wancho last week we were joking about

Google cardboard like does anybody still do that yeah they formally dropped daydream so google's whole daydream as a whole really daydream's whole vr google's whole vr ar strategy seems to have been a bunch of engineers that got a nerd on for it a few years ago and we're like wow we should like and then there was no business case for it whatsoever because people are not gonna do that like they are not going to put their

Phone in some stupid holder and strap it to their head to like watch netflix that's ridiculous it's not comfortable and it looks awful um and so they they've accepted that it's dead like honestly sometimes i really do wonder if google practically runs like valve where you just yeah wander around and work on stuff that you think is interesting roll your desk over to like you know i don't know the

The hangouts meet project like oh hey wow this is like got the same name as like hangouts but like meat is it a corporate offering no not really oh it's just it's like if i have the hangouts app and the hangouts meet app on my phone i'll just get two notifications for the same message wow that seems like a great idea i'm gonna roll my desk right up here and i mean don't get me started on youtube stories youtube stories has gotten as far as i can tell like two updates since they launched it over

A year ago and get this get this the first fold my first complaint that i couldn't use the galaxy fold as my daily driver because youtube stories doesn't work on it for what reason i don't know was 10 months ago and yet here we are ladies and gentlemen i press the create button and i got well whatever you can't see that don't worry about it i got go live and i got video no stories no community posts why what difference does it make just put

The button in there 10 months 10 months like they've got this completely like scatterbrained approach to product development i don't understand how they get anything done usually it seems like unless something completely blows it out of the park yeah it's dead and stadia sure as heck did not blow it out of the park so i i'm expecting it's just dead in the water i i don't think it's going to go anywhere have i talked like yeah go ahead google abandoned something

It's not it's not like they like open source at all no you're just like the like paving the way idea the reason why i like jumped on that is like it's just it's just dead and all the work they did on it is just gonna rot okay so here's a good one uh i was a happy google play music user uh google play music is getting sunsetted very soon well you didn't even pay for it but i was like i was a happy paying google play music user and they're sunsetting it in favor of youtube music

I have sent a complaint about this to the youtube team because apparently it's like youtube now i'm like hey you guys have a couple of absolutely game-breaking problems here that are going to turn me from a paying customer into a non-paying customer here they are in no particular order number one google play music can cast directly to my sonos ecosystem in my house that i have spent hundreds may thousands of dollars on at this point youtube music needs to do that if it

Doesn't i'm going to spotify which has that functionality because i hate sonos's own app it's horrible so what i want is to use the native app for my music service and then just cast it to my sonos speakers that's the world i want to live in and they're like oh yeah that's great feedback thanks number two number two get this on my family plan which i had for google play music and i intend to continue having for youtube music

On my family plan i have my children and you so all my dependents you know basically so i got my so i got you and i got my kids right and they use google play music all the time because they can play music in their room i've got a sono speaker in almost every room in my house now and they like listening to music and they're pretty tech savvy my son's got a phone so they use it youtube music has the same damn restrictions as the full youtube video app so if you're under 13

You can't use it what is the point of a family plan for a service that your kids can't use how is that how is that a thing i don't know if they've actually fixed that one yet but like how can you be like yeah here's the date when this service is going away completely by the way if you have a family or if you have a third-party smart speaker name in a paper i don't get it how are you billions

Of dollars company and what was wrong i honestly what was wrong with google play music if you had to have it be youtube music just just rebrand it or something like i'm sure there's some technical reason an app is just super not as good as well like i know like is it as simple as they just the licensing for like music videos and stuff and stuff that they because i noticed that there were songs that are like clearly uploaded through like vivo accounts like officially to youtube

That for whatever reason i couldn't listen to in google play music was it was this just a licensing thing if so just copy that code base and add the features like why are you reinventing the wheel all the time why are you reinventing the wheel all the time just stop google just stop for your own good just stop leave google musical love ah just makes me so angry like how is reminders still not working for g suite users i cannot set a reminder on my phone because

I pay for the for the feature or for the service if i had it for free if i had it for free the feature would work how does that make any sense months i use the the like root main account for my phone i use as my personal account so that i can set reminders well i don't have like a personal it would oh it takes so much work for you to move all my calendars and all my crap over to my personal gmail account like i don't it's annoying i i did this like i think i did that

With my shift to my pixel 2 xl so down because my previous one was my like work email because i actually prefer it that way for like a bunch of reasons but now i've shifted it over so done yeah just like this segway to our sponsor first sponsor honey honey is a free shopping tool that finds up so angry right now that finds the best promo codes wherever you shop online at sites like amazon ebay new egg razor best buy walmart and more those who downloaded honey from our link

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You're an aspiring streamer you can learn more about nerd or die today at the link below it's lmg dot gg slash no dorji nerd or die it's just all one word there so it's a little hard to read the show is also brought to you by vessy footwear thanks to bessie for sponsoring today's wine show they make comfortable shoes that are light and importantly water resistant you can walk in almost any terrain while keeping your feet dry and they have got their new weekend shoe that looks great

Any day of the week not just on the weekends i have personally tested that um you can get 25 off each pair with offer code wan show so check them out at vessie.comwancho thank you sponsors for making this show this very disorganized show possible we've gone through a total of two topics so far luke it's like almost seven this was the right move from nvidia i like this they have delayed the rtx 3070 launch to the end of october and they're doing this to allow for more

Stock to build up so that there might be some freaking chance that you can actually buy one and you might think this is an entirely altruistic move from nvidia um just to you know make life easier for the the gamers and the the shopkeepers who who all want to you know get their hands on this shiny new uh shiny new technology and as far as i can tell it actually appears to be hold on a second let me let me check

Something real quick here does it use the same die does it use the actual same die as so if the full ga blah blah blah ga-104 ga 104 yeah no it actually it actually uses a different core i actually i have not looked into the uh 3070 much yet i will i'll figure it all out when we're doing the review so if nvidia was if this was a product where nvidia was going to be using harvested cores and selling them at a lower price you could say oh well they're probably just

Stalling so that they can sell more 3080s let's say for example sell more 3080s and people won't have the 3070 as an option they're worried 3070 will cannibalize 380 sales but what actually seems to be happening here is because this is an entirely new core that is not shipping in any other product right now nvidia may just be straight up trying to make life a little bit easier for someone who wants to get one on launch day because it would be in nvidia's best interest

Knowing that they are going to sell every single unit regardless it would be in nvidia's best interest to take the money earlier rather than later remember this is a product that they have spent i don't know how many tens hundreds thousands of millions of dollars building probably not a billion dollars for this one in particular although it wouldn't surprise me if ampere as a whole cost them a billion dollars um but this is a product that they spent definitely millions and millions of

Dollars developing and i'm sure they want to return on that investment sooner rather than later so they are actually just putting it off for a few weeks here so that you there there is a chance that if you're one of the enthusiasts who really wants one on launch day you'll actually be able to get one i say good guy i say good guy move um anthony's saying the radeon event i see you see that yeah the radion event is on the 28th so uh you know maybe not entirely good guys

You know they could also be trying to trying to see uh what amd's doing first i also suspect that if i'm nvidia i have a pretty good idea of what's coming from amd at this point it is amazing how much intel those companies have on each other um like for realsies so blah blah it's likely the 30 70 will be the best price to performance ratio of the 3000 series we're expecting 2080 ti performance for about 500 but of course that remains to be seen i think even if they had the stock

Available that like this launch wouldn't be problematic i think delaying the launch and so and i don't think that's the case at all i don't think they have the stock just to be very clear yeah i'm just saying even if they did delaying the launch and saying that they did it for stock reasons would have been a win for the menu yeah that's fair that's fair um like i think i think this was the right move like almost no matter what situation they're in

Just because they got so much flack for like a an ill-prepared response previously and i think it's similar to like the gaming industry right now people are getting very tired of these like terrible game launches where things aren't ready and there's like bugs out the gate and now companies are starting to get praised for pushing game launches back yep which is like kind of whack but honestly it is probably the right way to approach it because if if you're pushing a game

Launch if you're pushing something that's going to make you money back you're probably doing it because you need to for some reason other than getting money as much money as you can as fast as possible yeah and you're going to win you're going to win appreciation from your audience for doing that so yeah i think they're they're winning some mind share and also being able to place it right right behind amd's launch so if amd surprises them if amd

Surprises them somehow it's a lot easier to drop your price before you've actually put any cards in the hands of customers than it is to do it after you've put cards in the hands of customers so if amd like pulls off some kind of coup here um nvidia has the option to issue after they've shipped the product rebates to their board partners and retailers if they want to i suspect there's not going to be that many surprises but i think that's just me

Like that's like a defense mechanism for me at this point about amd like i just i'm pretty i'm pretty i'm pretty bullish on like cpu right now but man amd gpu has disappointed me so many times that i'm just like yeah whatever sure let's see let's see what happens um microsoft announces surface laptop go and new surface pro x the surface laptop go has a 12.4 inch 1536×1024 touch display a 720p webcam core i5 1035 g1 that's decent four gigs of ram okay 64 gigs of emmc

Storage which is pretty lame for 549 dollars um i guess so and the surface pro x literally the same as the last surface pro x but with the new microsoft sq2 processor and what's interesting about this is that it's basically a modified snapdragon 8cx gen2 which is a barely modified 8cx but windows on arm is getting exciting because dentinate that down we are leading into the next story here microsoft is planning to solve windows on arm's biggest flaw beginning

In november in a lengthy blog post this is crazy microsoft outlined plans for future arm development including a new native teams application and 64-bit x86 emulation support super cool it's happening 64-bit emulation support has long been a stumbling block for windows on arm as more and more software is compiled for 64-bit processors because it's been like i don't know when did the athlon 64 come out like 2008 it's been like 12 years

So that meant that until this announcement if you had a windows on arm device you had to hope that there was either an arm native version of the app or 32-bit version of the app in order to run it at all what's up luke 2003 2003 oh wow so i was way off sorry about that over 15 years this is the second major x86 emulation layer that microsoft has added to windows on arm with the previous windows 8 based windows rt having no x86 app support whatsoever now we have no idea what the performance

Will be like it could be terrible but any performance is a lot better than nope yeah absolutely because that's that's a big drawback like a lot of people don't need the game on their laptop i almost never run a game on my laptop and if i did a lot of the time i would be at home where i could use the game streaming service and not not one that i subscribed to i don't subscribe to any but i could just stream off of my desktop using geforce now

Um wait is that is that is it still called that game stream okay sorry g-force now is the the the other thing i'm trying to rebrand it like three times whatever who cares shield something um anyway uh so yeah there's i'm not too worried about things like game support because that's not who they're going after like they're going after the people who might buy you know a macbook right as long as i have at least the option to run any app that i would want to

This is this makes arm on a mobile device like a laptop finally kind of something that could get to me like if i had a laptop that i only had to charge like once a week oh that would be amazing you throw like a big fat like 70 watt hour battery in this thing and what is effectively a snapdragon processor oh man like like two days of screen time wow i'd be super into that all right should we do the bounty i i suspect

Just one quick thing if we go for it yeah i think this is gonna be super problematic you just think it won't work very well yeah yeah that wasn't surprising i think and i don't i okay i was just about to say i think they're going to do a bad job and i don't i don't think that's actually necessarily the case it's just really our result is going to be bad yeah like they might do a great job and i still think it's probably going to be really rough yeah i mean also

Sometimes microsoft's developers are not the best like what's up with that super tiny notification in the teams app that indicates that you're not signed in zap yeah well but okay yeah i i can't so and like okay i don't use teams all the time i use it pretty infrequently maybe like once a week so i'm not exactly the greatest like teams user use case thing but sometimes you can take like days to figure out i'm signed out of teams yeah because it's just this like

Tiny little yellow bar it's yellow i thought it was great whatever color it is it's not eye-catching and the entire app looks perfectly normal unless you try to send a message and it's like oh couldn't send but if i wrote correctly it doesn't actually like say why no i don't think so couldn't send so you have to be like crap i'm signed out again and like i have fairly intense password security and i it logs me out on my phone all the time

All the time it's so annoying and things on my phone generally don't log me out on my phone like the slack whatsapp telegram like what are all the other messaging applications that i use that do for whatever reason they don't need to log me out every 30 days and we've been we've been complaining to microsoft about this ever since we made the switch that was like freaking a year ago like what are you guys doing nobody else requires this so annoying really rough so like i'm basically never logged into teams on my

Phone so i don't get teams notifications on my phone which is like hugely problematic in its own right it's just super annoying anyways sorry bounty bounty time bounty time i i don't even know if i want this do i even want this thing what even is this i mean you definitely don't have to commit to a bounty there's there's been cooler weird cards that i've seen i'll say that much all right all right but i don't really pretty neat though i don't really

Understand this uh like why i don't really understand why this is like a not safe for work thing not safe for work yeah if you click through to the the like reddit thread it's like ooh to everyone that loves amd ati graphics cards click to see not safe for work it's just a great oh i i bet you they're trying to be like it's it's it's like it's gore uh okay very funny i guess yeah i think they're i think they're meaning on it if

Your subreddit is called tech support gore like you'd think yeah whatever it doesn't matter the point is yeah uh this is the his x-1600 pro dual dvi it is a dual interface graphics card with both agp here on the bottom and pci express here on the top this would be pci express 1.0 or 1.1 or something like that way back in the day if you have one of these i'm not paying that much for this this is really not worth a lot of money i'll give you i'll give you 250 bucks for it we've

Also we've talked about this working even though i know nothing would happen i would love to see someone try to try to boot um two computers that are like on each end the thumbnail for that would also be amazing yeah that would that would almost definitely break something there's just one way the card probably the card because if it's being if it's receiving power through both slots that would be probably bad maybe both motherboards like i don't know how it would because there's no way

The engineers would have accounted for that like that's the that's not even an edge case that's like that's like a senseless needless destruction of our product case like nah dog not our i'm just i'm so curious what would happen tell you what if we get one good i will i will allow you to personally press the power button okay oh geez okay um robert males in a super chat rip the people who missed the first hour of the show over on float plane and twitch

Yeah we should start making the pre-pre-show uh like floatplane exclusive there's no real reason now that floatplane streaming works better there's no real reason for us to have it on twitter sorry twitch direct i haven't decided i haven't decided maybe we'll continue to do on twitch the main reason we don't have it on youtube is because we don't want to send out a notification and then realize we have like audio problems uh dylan dylan kessel says what would you choose between

A 144 hertz um 1080p monitor for 500. or a valve index for a thousand dollars i currently have a 1080 i guess that's your graphics card you're talking about and 260hz monitors man well you don't have to go like full ham index and like and what do you do what do you want to do yeah like if you want to like you know if you want to pull an anthony and like start playing beat saber every day and like lose some weight like then you should probably get a vr

Headset but like index is very overkill like i think anthony was trying he had cheaped out on a bunch of other stuff in his home upgrade setup and he was like trying to go index and i was like dude no just here have my old vive because like you don't even know if you're gonna use it a ton that's like buying a pelleting bike and not even knowing if like you know you like riding a bike at all you know like just get just get something on craigslist and find out if you even like it

And then invest a bunch of money into it right uh meaningless says please don't ever forget to tell those in your life how much you love them and how grateful you are for them you never know how long you have with them i just buried my three and a half year old son three weeks ago wow um i am very sorry to hear that i had started reading that message before i had finished reading the end of it so i guess my tone didn't make a ton of sense at the beginning of that i'm really sorry to hear that i'm so sorry

To hear that man it's like i don't even yeah i don't even i don't even like to imagine it sometimes when i go into my kids room just to i go into my kid's room at night just to see them sleeping i don't know whatever their their little kids if they were teenagers that would be a little weirder um but for now i go in at night sometimes i just go and make sure they're okay you know and every once in a while they'll be

Sleeping really really deeply and they'll be breathing really really slowly and i have these panicked moments is there chest moving oh it is okay sometimes i have to get real close to like make sure and then once i panic about one of them i have to check all of them like they're all breathing right because like that's your worst nightmare as a parent yeah sorry to hear that man um tommy later note uh someone when when we when we said the like when i said the screw you twitch

Nerds and we said potentially doing the pre-show just on floatplane one of the twitch comments that i thought was funny was just in all caps we made we made you who you are today no you didn't not so much we love you guys we love you guys you got spunk you got spunk you know yeah uh you got moxie uh tommy gunn asks uh will when when will your main rig get a 30-90 i don't know the only game i've played in the last

Like two weeks has been among us which ain't exactly demanding and then the next game i'm planning to play is left 4 dead 2. so the reason i even upgraded to a 2080 ti like what was i even running before it was i think it was like a titan x like first gen titan x or something like that like i hadn't upgraded in a long time and the only reason i moved to uh to anything better was actually because of anno 1800

And i'm not really playing anno anymore so um yeah i i i it'll be when i have a game that i like really need to play that's actually demanding uh theorica says a humorous version of colton's pie chart for new shirt merge oh that would be kind of okay once we have the integration that luke's team is working on between floatplane and uh creator warehouse which is our merch company once we have that we could totally do small runs

Because what prevents us right now from doing limited edition like very small runs of shirts is not actually the cost or the logistics really like we've got the workflow pretty down like we do tens of thousands of shirts these days and doing 100 or something is no big deal the problem is that it creates all kinds of customer support problems when you don't pre-print them because people don't read and they don't understand so if what we're doing is something

That's just for the hard course we can count on them to understand that this is going to take two or three weeks because that's how long the process takes of getting a shirt order in getting into the printer quality checking forwarding from the printer to our distribution center and then it actually shipping out that's just that's just how long it takes um so yeah if if you guys if you guys wanted to do stuff like that we could totally do it 100 we could even have like fan submitted

Designs be like you know you know shirt design contest yeah we'll give you we'll give you 500 bucks or whatever if you design a shirt we'll turn around and you know make 100 of them we'd totally be into that kind of thing um but we'd have to be able to lock it down so that the general population doesn't have access to it because it would just generate a ton of support tickets and we that would cost us more than we would make on the shirt and that's just the reality of that type of business uh nate says you should schedule the lan

Show on youtube so we can sit in a waiting area and have the show auto start when the stream starts no i shouldn't just in case we're super late jacob callahan says i bought your shirt three sizes too small and when i asked you guys for help i got everything small and larger no extra plus free packs of zip ties love your customer service i bought your shirt three sizes too small when i asked you guys for help i got everything small and larger everything small and larger

I know no extra plus i don't understand what you're talking about but apparently you're happy good heck yeah awesome success uh okay calvin says don't really see the purpose of higher performance flagship phones my note 8 runs fine yeah fair point man i'm running the note 9 and i'm still pretty into it like 5g is i'm gonna have to wait until there's like some compelling killer app for it because like yeah it's faster and that's good and it's great to like it's great to

Have you know better tech like if i was buying a phone today i'd probably want one with 5g yeah sure but if i'm not buying a phone today i'm not going to run out and buy one just for 5g no sachifu says linus you're not an evil mega rich corporation that's why this is worth it and a subscription-based phone is not hashtag cancellinus early retirement i don't know what these hashtags are after here but uh thank you for that i think

It's like you're not an evil corporation i'm definitely a corporation as for how rich i am there's people over on float plane taking a shot at it in the comments under the how does lmg make money uh v2 video it's been interesting for me to read through them very interesting i've seen some very wrong stuff i was going to say i i haven't looked too deeply through them but i've seen a few and there's some flawed logic there but it was this is an effort there's some

Eight plus for effort going on there and like with with the information that they have i think yeah they're doing a really good job but oh wow uh after hearing four weeks of evidence in the extradition trial of julian assange district judge vanessa i don't know how to pronounce that announced on thursday that she'll pronounce judgment on january the 4th interesting oh boy uh damien says if youtube if cast youtube music to my google home i can't

Shuffle playlists from a song yeah shuffle it's like super stupid in the youtube music app why are you getting me going on the youtube music app again it is so unintuitive shuffle is something that there's only two correct ways to do shuffle okay way number one is when i press the shuffle button it continues playing the song that i'm playing until it's done and then randomizes everything from there on and

Way number two oh and it toggles there's an indicator to show that it is enabled highlighted like your speaker phone or something would way number two is that it goes into my now playing list it dumps everything that i shuffled into my now playing list in a random order and then puts it on repeat all that is that is correct way number two if it's anything other than that it's not correct that's it oh no zto says i wouldn't switch to shopif to spotify if i were you the shuffle is

Broken i keep hearing the same 50 songs out of a thousand plus on playlist no because i only have one playlist i'm one of those people that's just like thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up and then i'd only play my thumbs up like i don't who has time to like micromanage playlists oh man northern rebel says what are your thoughts on ek pre-built computers do they have pre-built systems no look at that ek is a system integrator now

Huh all good for them i mean it looks pretty sharp but it looks dated i don't really have any thoughts on that because i found out for the first time just now i don't see any reason why they couldn't like build a computer i guess i mean really what it's going to come down to is customer service obviously and ek has definitely had some missteps but they've by and large managed to by and large by and large managed to maintain their reputation over the years so i suspect they would do a great job of

The like water cooling and shipping yeah probably and they certainly know their shiz as far as that goes yeah so like that's cool all right that's pretty much it for the wan show really appreciate you guys tuning in we will see you again next week same bat time same bat channel goodbye lancho has a crazy number of live viewers today we're at like 25 000 that's a lot for winches yeah i know right like 20k over on youtube another 4k even though

We were guessing for twitch another 4k over there and then it's hard to be twitched man think about it

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