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by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

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Yeah I'm saying so this is what we're doing right now we're looking at a Bitcoin BTC to the usb on the 343 this chat is kind of in the way so we'll take that off right there hopefully we all good loud and clear you

Know I'm trying to make all that is work behind the scenes you see I got a new set up new studio new production facility and what we're talking about today again is Bitcoin right so that's what we got is this the fall of Bitcoin

Right now we are sitting at 9713 dollars according to I believe that is a coin market cap and so I wanted to look at a few different you know relative sources of information Before we jump into it the first one is really actually I saw

This in the chat let me see one of the people XRP phoenix said that just proved to everyone's that institutions aren't interested in Bitcoin and so that was like a huge moment you know waiting on the whole fact cjb conglomerate

Corporations to come dump their billions onto the Black team you know and bail out Bitcoin has not happened yet within the first couple days I think back just launched today they just had their first public

Transaction on the blockchain I think on Monday today so as a historic day but you know the powers that be have not transferred hundreds of billions of dollars of fake money onto the blockchain and so the price has fallen

And maybe that's why it's fun because people don't see these institutions dumping all this money in and so they're starting to sell out at what they perceive to be the top another cjb it's to enforce calm just posted this article

Today Bitcoin volatility Falls to its lowest price since April right Bitcoin volatility falls to its lowest ratio right so volatility is essentially the waves in the ocean right high low high low high low using a boss method we make

Money on volatility we love volatility right because we jump out at the top jump in at the bottom and ride the waves up and down on both sides and so what this article is basically saying is that it's a 30 day low volatility continues

To wane get lower and lower and is now its lowest since April 1st so that's about a six month low with a 30 day reading of 36 percent and a 6 day reading of 52 percent so basically a 30 percent swing in 30 days on average and

That's really not a lot when you consider the effect that Bitcoin went from 3,000 to about 6,000 in three months right and so now we're basically squeezing lower and lower and lower between the different moving averages

That we use and as a result volatility has fallen right and this was just posted today now what does that look like in the market what does that look like on the charts well essentially what volatility is measured in

Is the distance or difference between the span of all these moving averages now keep in mind this guy went back from April so basically the area in between all those moving averages basically that Delta right and as we can see especially

Recently the moving averages have gotten closer and closer and closer together and so basically that's that volatility that's been disappearing from the market and I'll tell you when the moving averages come together like that one of

Two things is going to happen you're either going to break out or you're gonna break down imagine if you will trying to think I was gonna say water in a balloon like the more water the more pressure you put it in balloon that

Balloon is gonna give something's gonna happen that energy is going to dissipate it's gonna move somewhere and so that's basically what we have happening when all those intersections and all of that energy all these different moving

Averages come together keep in mind this is a 343 but you have this area right here to where all three of those moving averages were basically compressed together compiled together for a very very very long time right and so is this

The fault of Bitcoin well it depends on how much it's going to fall we most certainly do not have a buy right now on Bitcoin insofar as the boss method is concerned we see that intersection right there that means get out and this thing

Is one two three down into the right that's not a good set up that's not a good situation and so now we have a huge really big candle on the 343 that the Bitcoin is dropped more than three percent in the past day which is a lot

And you know we're playing this thing to the down relatively speaking for this quick turnover it is quick turnaround right where are the levels where are the floors where are the ceilings this is one of them this is at about $9,500

Right 9450 95 5 somewhere in there plus or minus a few ticks we should be able to catch right there but if we fall on 95 that's where we'll be going and that's right around 88

All right so those are the two prices to look at for Bitcoin on this quick downturn one of the biggest intersections indicative of the momentum just look at the top of that 341 where I'm sorry

The 231 right here right if we turn off the 7 and the 77 and you literally just use the 231 is kind of your macro indicator that's the peak and this thing is headed down right just the same as this was down and then it headed up

Headed up right so insofar as the 231 is concerned that deep money right as long as big coin is above 10 grand doesn't spend more than 231 hours which is about three weeks below ten grand these guys are in it right and we

Haven't spent more than three weeks below ten grand in quite some time right now it was all the way back here going back into June ever since June we've been good and again this price that exact price in

June this thing started right there at 94 to 24th that's basically when this bull market began so now we're seeing a long-term consolidation into this bull market rally so again is this the fall a Bitcoin it is relative in your position

Because going from 10,000 to say 8500 that's a pretty big fall but given the scope of the whole chart you can see that we have many many more levels to go before this thing just falls flat and falls the 4500 3800 2200 you know all

These different levels that different people are speculating on I say still as long as we are above 94 where we're doing quite well and keep in mind that's on a 343 minute chart so essentially as long as we do not spend more than 6

Hours and actually that's still on a seven so we would have to spend more than two days under 9400 for this trend to be broken all together right and that's when I will jump in here and start

Looking at the different levels the different averages to really see and fine-tune what's happening below the surface but essentially you do have long-term consolidation you have all these different energy points coming

Together so it's not over yet it hurts that we're below 10,000 but even still we can still just play this thing to down knowing that this big level is a floor knowing that this big level is a floor and we look to play the bounces

One big thing to note is that when that money does come back circulating through Bitcoin and through the entire economy right water flows in from the top down so if bitcoin is you know two big bucket at the top that's catching all the water

What are the rest of coins doing and so when we look at a theory of ripple like coin AOS those coins are actually losing money faster than Bitcoin is currently right especially on the quick frames when you

Look at the one hour or the 24 hour you know XR P is down 3% in our where's Bitcoin is only down half a percent and again this is all relative in dollars right right now we value dollars because bitcoin is losing dollars so if we

Accumulate dollars by definition we accumulate Bitcoin right and so when we look at the different levels we see Bitcoin is is down slow but then we see the alt coins are down relatively faster with regards to the dollar so again it's

It's drying up from the bottom up which isn't really good for the economy whatsoever and so we literally play this thing down we're at a different levels 94-88 we consolidate all of the alt coins because if it ain't pan we ain't

Staying we don't take an L ever on the charts you know let somebody else hold them bags and and you literally consolidate the loss at this point right play BTC to the down down than 8 94 or 88 consolidate the all coins and you'll

Be able to gain dollars on the way as opposed to lose Bitcoin on the way now you understand and let's say who we got in the chat man that's that's pretty much what I got for you guys I know we

Got we've got a couple people in the chat let's see here James tella thank you the world is political of haters thanks for being a statistic appreciate you who else yo yo good to the boss loud and clear if

You're in attack right now shout your country out shout City out let's see who we got rocking out today in addition to that boss of Bitcoin comm of you trying to get set up you know learning how to trade using the boss method I developed

This methodology it is one of the best in the world I'll give it to you for free but if you want to make some real deal money you know come on the website by a couple of the pages as servants we got available and you know you stuff you

Get to weigh it up gets a game up we do have the different free crypto trading communities you click that link right there you could see my page on training view I wanted to top-rated crypto publishers on that website in addition

To that we do have the number one Bitcoin group in world hashtag one Bitcoin on Facebook come on in the doors are always open twenty thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and in

Profit in the marketplace so again has tagged one Bitcoin that's that that's the group we got and then we do have different products and packages available the profit package actually just released a new profit

Package this week for two people we saw you know ten twenty percent gains on a few two coins before this new pullback so again as markets adjust I go into the group I update the list you know and I let them know what's happening in real

Time and how to prepare for the next wave that's hitting the market the VIP trading group gets this information first and foremost we got some of the best some of my personal friends crypto

Traders as well releasing free information to that group shot pedia jay-z no money you know miss 19 crypto in the houses will I appreciate you guys so again if you want to learn how not to lose money then this

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