The Finish of Hong Kong?

published on July 2, 2020

Beijing is taking new steps to put Hong

Kong under its control


this is China uncensored I'm Chris


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especially if you're in Hong Kong in

fact in recent episodes we've talked

about how the Chinese Communist Party

has been escalating its crackdown on

Hong Kong since the corona virus

outbreak began and now Beijing is taking

a huge step to bring Hong Kong directly

under its control with a new national

security law the law will ban secession

subversion of state power foreign

interference and terrorism which means

that this will now be illegal also this

and especially this okay some of those

things were already illegal under Hong

Kong law but now they'll be even more

illegal the Hong Kong government

previously tried to pass a national

security law back in 2003 called article

23 but the government backed down after

half a million people protested which

just shows you the problem with having a

government that is even partially

elected by the citizens it's like they

think they have to listen to the people

who elected them for something the same

thing happened with the extradition bill

the Hong Kong government tried to pass

last year they eventually back down

after two million people marched in the

streets so that's a problem but the

Chinese Communist Party has the solution

if the Hong Kong government can't be

trusted to pass a national security law

themselves Beijing will just do it for

them this week was the start of China's

annual meeting of the National People's

Congress or NPC it's essentially a

rubber stamp Congress in other words

they're a bunch of NPCs and in a

last-minute bombshell announcement the

NPC said they would look at

establishing and enhancing the legal

framework and enforcement mechanisms for

safeguarding national security in Hong

Kong in other words Beijing is trying to

get more control

according to Chinese state-run media the

NPC could then pass Hong Kong's national

security law within half a year or even

sooner if the NPC does pass a law then

Beijing could just force the Hong Kong

government to accept it without it

having to go through Hong Kong's

legislature not that things are going

very well in Hong Kong's legislature

right now earlier this week

pro-democracy lawmakers were physically

hauled out of ledge Co for the second

time this month the pro-beijing

lawmakers were trying to push through a

national anthem law that would make it

illegal to disrespect the Chinese

Communist national anthem violators

would face big fines or three years in

jail and if it still isn't abundantly

clear what the Chinese Communist Party

is doing in Hong Kong check this out

the Hong Kong government has extended

its coronavirus lockdown through June

4th which just so happens to be the

anniversary of the Tiananmen Square

massacre the continued lockdown is for

public health and safety no other reason

when the government Carolyn said that

the whole fan of gathering regulation

will go to June 4th then it's quite

obvious what they are up to through

three decades of candlelit vigil in Hong

Kong and and now they are banning it

this year so what what they tell us

about one country two system so they are

trying to Tarawa they don't care about

one country two system and more they

have blatantly trying to suppress the

freedom of people Hong Kong I don't know

how blatant is it really is it blatant

to sentence a Hong Kong protestor to

four years in jail for quote rioting is

it blatant for the Hong Kong public

broadcaster to shut down a Sat

higher show for criticizing police

speaking of Hong Kong police the police

watchdog declared Hong Kong police did

nothing wrong in protests last year

though it does admit there was room for

improvement yes let's look at their

actions during protests last year is

that blatant one of the Hong Kong

protesters five demands was to set up an

independent investigation committee to

look into police brutality that's

because the IPCC the Independent Police

Complaints Council is not actually

independent I know

imagine having independent in your name

and not really being independent it

almost sounds like it was a lie

but of course Hong Kong chief executive

Carrie Lam has said there's no need for

a truly independent investigation Kuan

Yew with regards to the Independent

Commission of Inquiry I have addressed

it many times the position of the

government has never changed our

position is simply that we do not agree

there is a need to set up a separate

independent inquiry to investigate the

police blatant now here's the funny

thing about what's happening in Hong


the Chinese Communist Party has been

suggesting that Hong Kong's one country

two systems policy is also a great

option for Taiwan that is Taiwan could

become a part of the People's Republic

of China either by a a military invasion

or be voluntarily joining up with the

one country two systems policy and just

like Hong Kong Taiwan would get to keep

its freedoms right but Taiwan's

democratically reelected president made

it very clear what she thinks about the

one country two systems' deal in her

recent inauguration dress we will not

accept the Beijing authorities use of

one country two systems' to downgrade

Taiwan and undermine the cross-strait

status quo we stand fast by this

principle which then I guess leaves on

the option a military invasion which the

Chinese Communist Party is already

preparing for looked after all that Hong

Kong news I need something less

depressing to talk about so here's

President sighing one with one of her

cats meanwhile the US State Department

is monitoring whether Hong Kong still

has autonomy that's under the new Hong

Kong human rights and democracy Act but

earlier this month US Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo said they were delaying

their report right now we're delaying

our report to Congress that will assess

Hong Kong's autonomy to allow us to

account for any additional actions that

Beijing may be contemplating in the

run-up to National People's Congress

that would further undermine the people

of Hong Kong's autonomy as promised by


well delaying the report until after the

NPC turned out to be a good idea of

course the Chinese Communist Party is

now accusing the us of blackmailing

Hong Kong right now is a scary time for

the people of Hong Kong under the

security laws that are already in place

in mainland China you can be punished

for anything from protesting the

government to just criticizing the

government on social media if similar

laws are forced on Hong Kong then

Hongkongers will lose the freedoms

promised under one country two systems'

ahead of the British handover the

Chinese Communist Party had promised

Hong Kong it could keep all its freedoms

until the Year 2040 seven now it seems

like the party is taking away Hong

Kong's freedoms 27 years earlier than

they promised from the party's

perspective they're just doing it 27

years ahead of schedule communist

systems sure are efficient and this

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next time


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