The ‘deep state’ within the White Home is actual: Mick Mulvaney

published on July 8, 2020

I guess today is john-michael Mulvaneybetter known as Mick Mulvaney Mickserved in the South Carolina House theSouth Carolina Senate when a tough racefor Congress in 2010 and we met duringorientation in the fall of 2010 and were

Colleagues and more importantly friendsand we remain friends to this day as youknow Mick left Congress to head up theOMB and then later become chief stafffor the president where he served untila couple of months ago

Mick is married to Pam and they havethree now college age tripletswelcome Mick how are you Trevor I amdoing absolutely fantastic thank yousomebody but look for this for a longtime

Tell us how life has been since you'vereturned to South Carolina are you gonnalet that go seriously I call you by thewrong name you and you're gonna let thatgo this is the new me it doesn't botherme this is the new me the little slights

Like that don't bother me Mark who'sMark how has life been since youreturned to South Carolinaoh it's been it's been good it's beenyou know I got the 20 year old tripletsare home for the summer we didn't expect

To have that so there is a silver liningto to being locked down for kovat I havebeen home now for five months the lasttime that happened was in 2006 I'mpretty sure my wife is ready for me togo back to Washington DC or someplace

Else soon but it's been nice and thenI've got as you know you're in fact yourdad and my dad are friends and my dad ishas had some health issues the lastcouple years so it's been nice to havesome time to spend some time with my

Folks as they you know try and stay assafe as they possibly can so all thingsconsidered more time with family moretime in South Carolina is never a badamen to thatwe are glad to have you home do you miss

I cannot imagine what it was like towork really it's a the epicenter ofpolitics for the world which is theWhite House and I don't mean to todiscount other important cities but butif you like politics Washington is the

Center of all of that it's the Jerusalemof politicsand you were at the white house needingthe chief of staff for the commander inchief and then you go to being kind of apart-time farmer in Indian land South

Carolina what is the transition beenlike you're making fun of my farming nowis that is that what is that is thatit's a pretty small farm a Blackman nolisten I March was it was a you know yougo from from doing what I was doing to

Being locked down for coronavirus athome and instead of my ordinary 10tomato plants this year I have planted105 so by the way they're coming in sonext time I see you to play golf I willbring tomatoes with you word for you

Listen it's it's the transition has beengreat that the job was absolutelyfabulous I was very pleased to do thetransition the way that we did you knowthe media will always pursue a portrayit as a as a stunning move a shocking

Move and that is nothing could befurther from the from the truth thepresident actually when he hired measked me to take six months away fromthe Office of Management budget to seewhat if I could turn around the West

Wing this sort of the way that I turnedaround CFPB or at least go in and sortof mix things up previous leadership atthe West Wing had left things sort ofout of kilter and the president asked meto come in and I instead of six months I

Stayed for 14 but he and I both knew thejob wasn't gonna last forever I was onlyever the acting chief of staff and I wasjust glad that you know we both agreethat mark Meadows would make a greatnext chief of staff mark is a friend of

Mine is a friend of yourshe helped me found we founded the thefreedom caucus together something youwere never conservative enough to be amember of as I recall that so we go backmark and I go back to 2000 I think 12 is

When he joined Congress so know that Icould not script it up any better I'mvery happy to have a gig I have now Iactually asked for the NorthernIreland's Irish special envoy back inDecember of 2018 when I was in the Oval

Office the president president said wellmaybe that can wait how about chief ofstaff so that was a that's interestingconversation to have so now thetransition has been has been good on allfronts you know I was actually on the

Phone with the president today the firstquestion I asked him is are we preparedto go to war with Northern Ireland whichis what I think is going to happen whenyou actually get over therehave you been yet have they met you yet

See that's why we don't let you near oranything having to do with diplomacybecause ordinarily typically firstthere's a couple small requisites numberone you have to be able to find it on amap and then you have to be able to

Recognize whether or not it's a separatecountry of course I'm not sure you'reable to do that with with NorthernIreland can you guess which hemisphereit's in it's near Europe I think is nearEngland in that where Bono's from

Eponymous is from the Republic ofIreland yes different differentcountries same island yeah I was closethat's a see you yet you're in the sameyou're on the same island I'm gonna knowfrom the record that you did not answer

Whether or not we're prepared for warwith a country where our most recentgift is you yeah again not its owncountry but that's okay again that'swhat we don't let you do this stuffprofessionally the it it's been I've not

Been for obvious reasons there have beencoronavirus COBIT 19 shutdowns and thereare no diplomatic exceptions as of nowwhich means that if I were to go overthere I'd have to sit in a hotel roomfor 14 days and I really like the job I

Don't think I'm that interested in thejob the Senate hotel room for 14 days soit's been diplomacy by a you know zoommeeting diplomacy by email which is hardat a wonderful dinner in Washington DCearlier this week with the Irish

Ambassador and the EU ambassador to theto the United States who is a Greeknational and they that we all agreedthat diplomacy just there's somethingabout doing it face to face thisespecially with cultures like the Irish

Or for that matter for the Greeks theseare folks who want to sit down and lookin the eye across a meal or a pint ofGuinness or something like that and youhave to develop those relationships andit's hard to do over the phone or over

The Internet so I'm hoping to get therethe end of the end of July probably bethere one week a month for a while tootill Iand meet all the folks and we sort ofplay it by ear from there well I do want

To talk to you about being the chief ofstaff but before that when you leftCongress you went to be a head of OMBand when I think of O&B I think ofreally smart talented people like SylviaBurwell so how did you get that job a

Variety of things I have a lot of smartfriends you wouldn't know that becauseyou're not one of them but some of myother friends are really really brightand they were extraordinary helpful tome I think that like Lindsey you told my

Lindsey Graham Tim Scott would be on thelist Lindsey would be above you on thelist you know and then there's someother names that I will not mentionbecause in the in this day and age youcannot have fun at other peoples expense

It seems but anyway the I think Jebhenslin helped me Paul Ryan helped meyou know they were both very closefriends with with Mike Pence Paul wasextraordinary close still is with thefirst chief of staff Reince Priebus and

When I met the president for the firsttime a friend lengthen I bumped intobefore in the campaign and so forth whenI met him at Trump Tower in December Ithink what he was he was trying tofigure out that he wants someone from

The business world at OMB or did he wantsomebody from Washington and I I thinkhe made the right decision in that hepicked somebody from Washington who hadsome experience in the business worldthere is probably no more insider job in

Washington DC than the director ofOffice of Management budget don't feelbad that you don't know what it does andI know that you don't because mostpeople don't and it OMB we made sure youknow that not everybody as few people

Knew what we did as possible as part ofour mystique and our magic but theyprobably knew more about the federalgovernment than any other any otheragency and it was a real joy to workthere was really really smart people all

Right I want to ask you about a formercolleague of yours who has a book thatjust came out you described the bookusing words that may not known you for adecade used the word despicablebetrayal those are not words that you

Use very often so why did you use youwrote an op-ed on on John Bolton's newbook what what led you to use words thatyou normally don't use describing hisdecision write that book no he's tryingto try to branch out from one and two

Syllable words which you know are myspecialty and and go to three and fourso that was a big step for meand I decided to do it after watchingthe ABC interview with John Bolton whichwas made me cringe not because I know

John and I do not because I was in theWhite House and I was but just to seesomeone who of any party and in anyadministration who is that close to anypresident to the United States violatethat trust in order to make a dollar

That is just I mean I think I wrote inthe op-ed that you know John's cardinalsin is not that he wrote a tell-all bookfor the full podcast go to Fox Newspodcast calm

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