The Crypto Gems of the Future!.. Or Manipulation?

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

What are they up to how is this possible jeez Louise Papa cheese those monsters monsters ladies and mostly gentlemen we find ourselves at an important crossroads in history we are either a looking at a new temporary way to pump our bags while Bitcoin sits idly by as

We all really want to make some money sometime soon I mean come on Bitcoin this is getting ridiculous or be we are witnessing the beginning of a fundamental paradigm shift not just in cryptocurrency but the

Telegram group you're involved in and possibly the entire world I'm just trying not to be overdramatic here before see retail is getting absolutely played by monsters aka smart devs and smarter money which of these directions

Is it really and what can you possibly do to maximize your profit taking advantage of the situation all of that and some memes but first a word from our sponsor we here at Bank of America are here for

You take out one of our high-yield interest accounts today an endpoint of 1% on your Fiat every single year don't be around bank use one so before we go down the extremely deep rabbit hole that these questions inherently are I mean it

It really does go deep and I will go all the way in on a future on a future video but for now let's start with option a that this is a temporary phase in crypto like the ones we've seen be born and died like the rise and fall of IC O's or

Ayios ie iOS is this price action in crypto really temporary or can we have some confidence in its ability to continue settle down now costs today we're going to discuss the likelihood of a sustained Ault season as illustrated

By dr Drake here Bitcoin pumping while dominance goes up not all season alts pumping while dominance goes down big indication of vault season which means what Kevin a reasonable assurance that alt will continue to outperform Bitcoin

In the short-term mid-term yes very good and before someone in the comment section asks why I've got a microphone in the classroom it's so my voice can project to the back of the class but if all season is indeed going to be a thing

Which is far from a guarantee but if it is are we currently in the beginning or end the spring or the winter looking at the Bitcoin dominance charts for a moment 62 to 63 percent has been a focal point which has now been breached

Historically speaking Bitcoin has plenty of room to drop the last true alt season of early 2018 taking Bitcoin dominance to the 30s so if this is indeed an alt season it's pretty much only just begun but that's complete and utter nonsense

Right Bitcoin dominance is never going that low again it only fell that far because of icos which had little more than plagiarized white papers and no one is going to be throwing billions of dollars at these empty promises again

And I agree with that sentiment only partly because I said it but they'd need to be more sophisticated than that next time at least we hope so so if dominance walls to ever go low again even anywhere close to this will take something

Considerable something akin to a paradigm shift which brings us neatly onto option B how likely is that to be the case best way to look at this narrative would be to show you my portfolio in no particular order

Waves band tether chain link Elrond V chain Tasos Cardno etherium and Bitcoin nothing I have was bought recently except for band now before you run headfirst into any of these coins a disclaimer I'm not trying to show you

Anything I am also not a financial advisor word to the wise though there's no point in me saying that there's no such thing as a cryptocurrency financial advisor it's unregulated none of these really have that 100x potential anymore

In all likelihood at least in the short term and no portfolio is perfect but I will discuss why I feel these are among your safer bets in crypto to capture value in any vault season time sounds below if I didn't

Forget I did ask you on Twitter a week or so ago what you thought of my portfolio and if you would dump or add anything comments range from dump everything for more link to buy more défi assets you numpty as

You don't have enough exposure to the digital revolution Oakland chair that's French for shut your mouth as I explain why my portfolio is the way that it is it will hopefully become more apparent how a paradigm shift is even a

Discussion point right now or how we are being fed this narrative we are currently seen a rising demand for tokens at stake that facilitate decentralized exchange that actives governance I'm running out of fingers

Lending any any buzzword that hits defy honestly a bunch of confusing jargon I know to use an umbrella term for what's going on some of you Lilla some have referred to this as a search for yield others as a liquidity crisis I for one

Would describe it as the search for more dollar bills in the bank account okay that's it you can go now that's it you brought me all the way here to read one line that's been a little bit vague it applies to everything more

Specifically we are witnessing an arms race for data processing my portfolio reflects this mindset heavily and at the head of this race potentially let's start off with link always risky when things are at all-time highs so practice

Good risk management meaning cash in the bank or a stable coin for purchasing those inevitable dips I for one would be fine if all these tokhes went to zero very annoyed upset maybe even a little bit suicidal but

Just fine breaking news the best-performing asset of 2019 is doing pretty well in 2020 in other news water wet and crypto daily videos aren't daily that doesn't make any sense how can water be but I

Understand many of you don't understand what Shane league does and that's not without good reason honestly we don't know the full extent of how this project could be utilized in the future because we don't know the

Full extent of how blockchain tech will be utilized in the future but assuming blockchain and smart contracts will become this transformative technology that every industry in the world or you know it at least some will use due to

The efficiency and cost benefits of doing so big assumption but it's definitely possible then these block chains will need to communicate with each other and draw reliable data from outside a blockchain and put it into one

Chain link is best placed currently to be that link but I like to keep it simple stupid why is the token so popular listen up this bit is important more data equals more demand for notes provide said data which means tokens

Locked up to run notes which means more demand for the tokens which means what Kevin moon Lambos correct Lamborghinis Lamborghinis for all involved at least theoretically I do need to put an asterisk disclaimer

Message here but we'll come to that in a second here we can see the growing demands for data visualized these are total transaction counts to smart contracts using linked tokens this particular chart goes up to the end of

2019 I imagine it's much higher now I don't recognize a nickname of every smart contract but I can see link being used here for nodes liquidity pools the centralized exchanges theoretically much more in future there is big potential

Here for even a $10 chain link to be extremely undervalued but we come back to that disclaimer now the current value of link is way overpriced for the current use cases how dare you I'm sorry I hope anyone reasonable would hopefully

Agree with me here like most things in crypto this evaluation is undoubtedly driven by massive speculation yet this is one of the best token omics and potential real-world use cases in crypto right now

And definitely deserving of a top-10 spot over many of the tokens that currently reside up there even top five how dare you so I believe link is well-placed to capture value whether we're in an Ultron or not and most

Definitely if we're in a paradigm shift moving on to the next token l1 I gotta be honest while preparing this video got to this coin in my portfolio and I couldn't remember buying it which is weird because it's like a huge part of

My portfolio you know I did some research and I found out where it came from it was an IE Oh back when I use were thing if this isn't a situation directly lifted from 2017 I don't know what is actually you know one

Of the reasons B and B isn't bigger part of my portfolio I don't think I've got any actually is since the ieo craze died down the token stopped appreciating as quickly they are introducing staking but it's not very enticing to me could be

Wrong about that especially if it gets used in some defy applications but I digress why is Elrond exploding recently and what does it have in common with the other tokens which are as well Elrond is essentially an advanced aetherium

Competitor so much so that Vitalik actually proposes some of the design of Elrond for aetherium 20 whenever that launches you could say because of the constant delays of aetherium scaling and rocketing fees people are seeing

Projects like Elrond more and more as viable alternatives although in my opinion the real reason is because of one key buzz word defy obviously anything related to defy is pumping if you look at news surrounding Elrond

Right now it's article after article of new defy protocol partnerships I don't think it likely that another programmable blockchain will overthrow a theorem as the most popular one out there for applications after all bitcoin

Should be a good example of how powerful the network effect can really be aetherium is leading the race for data by a considerable margin and while it might take a while still to scale I imagine it's only a matter of

Time what with all that money they've raised and their endless list of partners but I can understand some people wanting to speculate on competitors like Elrond growing and capturing at least a part of that market

Share it is on paper at least a far more efficient blockchain for processing data and data processing is precisely the narrative of the future or the narrative devs used to dump their tokens on the retail community's heads

Next up vici I don't know if anyone's gonna remember this but back in early 2018 I was a really big proponent for V chain this would mark the first time I've ever really discussed it since its most talked about use case is supply

Chain management which personally even know people think many people think it's great I still think you can tamper with RFID packages maybe less often but still so I I think they'll have their place I am just not the biggest fan of supply

Chain tokens that was another craze once upon a time however v chain has come a long way since then not to mention all of its big business partnerships it's scalable proof of stake network has evolved to

Include all sorts of assets on the blockchain including Internet of Things data through the use of smart contracts this data is pulled and verified by network nodes which require the token to operate more data more demand for the

Token sound familiar it's not just hot air anymore you think that's air you're breathing now next up band only a 45 million dollar market cap making it easily the lowest market cap

Coin I have on this list and therefore possibly the riskiest token it's a lot like chain-link I know the team would probably hate to have that comparison so much but yeah they are very similar it's a decentralized oracle data solution

However maybe in future they begin to differentiate from each other they're both researching how best to penalize bad day to providers and make Oracle's more secure and more decentralized the technology still needs developing chain

Link though of course is much further ahead in this regard bands recently teamed up with another tow can I hold waves got a few comments from people telling me I should drop this token in exchange for something else I understand

In the court of public opinion waves isn't very sexy yet because technologically speaking it's it's quite attractive there's very little is blockchain can do which I think as the confusion and difficulty of marketing I

Think one of their weaknesses has always been marketing we're talking smart contracts decentralized exchange mobile apps the base layer for data their partnerships with band only allow for even more theoretical endless

Possibilities like what though I hate talking abstract Lee and I like to talk simply but this is very hard when this technology is so nascent and we don't know all of the future use cases here so let me give you one that I do know of

Imagine a smart contract which you could lock up your waves tokens or whatever tokens you wanted even your Bitcoin over the Lightning Network one day and this smart contract had programmable trading logic

I've heard of ones that trade the 21 day EMA for example starting off simple here you could find a smart contract you wanted to use potentially even see people's training results published on the blockchain to determine whether or

Not you wanted to use it Oracle's would provide accurate price data in this instance it could be banned the waves protocol would provide the decentralized application to begin and the decentralized exchange to start

Exchanging and the smart contracts the logic behind the training all done without a middleman and with drawable at anytime this is the most basic example I can think of a genuinely useful smart

Contract at least something else other than simply borrowing and lending like we're seeing a lot my portfolio is the building blocks deaths can use to eventually create something good and valuable albeit very difficult to do so

next up the tether I just haven't converted it yet there's no real reason to keep tether anymore finances us DC TUSD pairs for practically everything even be USD the

Only reason you might want tether is for a higher interest amounts when yield farming but more on that in a future video next up car denim at the end of the month July 29th the long-awaited Shelley

Upgrade will go live and with it staking it could dump after that I don't know but that's a big reason in an in and of itself of growth but there's also more because the move will take car down onto a proof of stake blockchain network it

Will become a very efficient network capable of handling large scale applications say it with me now defy or defy whatever card on o are going about it in a different way to their competitors a lot more practically

I'd say rather than just developing and seeing what people come up with which we now see everyone borrowing from each other creating a giant Ponzi essentially card on oh really wants to bring defy to countries where it makes the most sense

Third-world countries this is their plan for 2021 creating digital IDs for the unbanked allowing lending payments insurance and banking but I don't see very poor people being willing to hold a very volatile asset like card a no but

They don't have to the blockchain is interoperable with others to a stable coin on the Cardinal Network I imagine it's quite trivial last one I'm not going to get into why a theory or more Bitcoin are on my portfolio because this

Shouldn't really be any need one has the most sound economic system in crypto and the other still figuring it out actually yet another decentralized smart contract blockchain more nodes equals more

Processing data more demands for the token but again having a slightly different approach to the others the programming language used to write decentralized applications on the blockchain isn't regarded as the best

But it's easily audited and verified by big business Tasos leans into this big partnership idea quite heavily with a number of huge legally compliant security token offerings being conducted on their blockchain ultimately I would

Sum up these coins is having utility utility leads to activity activity to more demand more demand to Lambos or at least so we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better I have to say though this investment rationale is much

Better than the last mini alt season we saw in 2019 where coins pumped left and right because they were oscillating low against Bitcoin and that's all so finally I've alluded to the fact that we are either in a paradigm shift or we

Are being manipulated multiple times throughout this video which one do I really think it is I'm going to say this is a bit of a Schrodinger's cat situation is the cat in the box that are alive we don't know until the we open

The box but until then it is theoretically simultaneously both I think this analogy somewhat fits because currently it could definitely be both we know that depths have been studying their tokens in the run up which they

Can't really be blamed for they are a business and we also know that a future that incorporates blockchain tech is a definite possibility it's only in the future looking back on all of this we'll be able to open this proverbial box and

Know for sure one way or the other until then I've only got one thing to say all of this development all of this activity can be done on the Lightning Network in future so this is all of course good for Bitcoin

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