by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up guys we are here reporting
from Paris actually we're heading to
Russia got it World Cup you guys know
that I did some work with Hisense back
at CES I kind of had that pipeline dream
of coming to the World Cup as their the
main TV sponsor for obviously Russia
2018 so we're on our way right now we're
in a bit of a layover but want to share
obviously the journey with you guys I
think we're about to head on to our
second journey of the flight I just
crushed Nick in some FIFA live but you
will hop back when we're in Russia for
the second part of the flight and we
will do a quick little transition
alright so we landed here in Moscow
we're at our hotel we just saw crew lose
to Denmark one male and the Iceland fans
they were super stoked they just hide
Argentina Messi mr. pique guys back here
hating them man they created I see a lot
we've had a crazy day around 14 hours of
travel I mean a long one a little tired
a little tired but there's a game
tonight at 10:00 Croatia Nigeria so we
might actually go to the city centre to
watch that but if you don't hear from us
we will catch you tomorrow for game day
the big one
Germany v Mexico one of the best group
matches I think yeah should be exciting
bosses does catch you guys tomorrow
– back here on day two it is game day
we've got a couple things before we make
our way into the stadium which is right
behind me we've got to pick up our fan
IDs we actually decided to come by a
subway because it was packed on the
streets we were on the main strip in
Moscow and that was unreal this is the
main strip in Moscow and it is just
people people people you know said
absolutely nuts like crazy words cannot
describe how insane this is and then
after we got shuffled through that area
we decided to take the subway as I said
which also was a party in its own

now we're picking up the fan IDs and
then we can head to the stadium to watch
the game so we've just picked up our fan
IDs we are now heading to the match
hopefully I think we're heading the
right way I don't think I've ever seen
this many people crammed together let's
go made it into the stadium area it's
just right behind us there I was scared
about the left it's what we cut through
we got the main lens in we're gonna find
the Hisense booth right before game
starts is a hectic zone button we're
we are stoked boom we have made it to
the high fence mood we are here let's
quickly check out the activation they've
got going for the cup maybe we can kick
a soccer ball or two I don't know how
good my skills are but Nick I think I
can beat you in a game so behind me is
actually the fort a laser TV that I have
currently set up in my place obviously
they've got this set up here we're going
to be watching the game in the stadium
down that way but for all the rest of
the games when Nick and I are back in
will be catching it on this guy Nick I
might have you over for a couple games
perfect I think it's a pretty dope setup
and you get to watch all of your content
of course in 4k so managed to snag a
ball maybe we might do a couple of keep
up here just once again no judging it
will see what I can do

we're gonna try to get this guy onto the
neck here ready

there's too much pressure here at the
game so we've made it inside here we go
the game is literally a beckster minutes
the atmosphere is buzzing it is buzzing
out here

so second half just started Mexico's
leading Germany 1 mil we'll see what the
second half right by the Germans

Mexico took the doll we're something
so that is at the end of the game one
nil Mexico took it I think we got
drenched in deer they have the spirit
they had this passion
my voice is up God Hisense this has been
a crazy journey one of the most unruly
experiences that I've ever had I think
it's time to go party with the rest of
team Mexico we'll catch you guys in the
next episode of vlog peace

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