The coronavirus pandemic and household life | DW Documentary

published on July 2, 2020

Joe hello I'm Alessandro and this is my

city in Milan so do you normally there's

more traffic here we got to the cuisine

so no this damn 20-member lockdown I

find it really difficult but I'm not

allowed to visit my family but after

about it I mean even though they live

here and round the corner but della



quia do a betta no my parents live here


no I can't go up to them but maybe we

can talk at the window but lucky Bella

finestra yes what absurd but that's just

how it is right now MP and what seemed

absurd has now become the norm soon

someone there it's me ally lo lo mama

hello hello mama

how are you I'm good and you not too bad

I would like to go outside without a

face mask again but it's lovely to see


are you hungry thank you yes yes I am

really hungry what did you cut today

I've made noodles with salsiccia and

olives do you want some hello how's it

going yes I would like some new toys

I'll pass a portion down thank you when

you throw it down yes will do okay

I don't know how she was considering

that she would give me the noodles are

you still there okay are you going to

throw them down

oh you're lowering them down by rope yes

wait a moment

Thanks welcome Bon Appetit

and warm them up yes will do see you

later or sometime soon bye maybe I'll

come by later again die


don't see them in my family there's lots

of affection and love I'm unbelievably

lucky suddenly the pandemic slammed into

my life like an earthquake

I had to isolate myself from my family

to protect them my daily life has

changed because of it my brother lives

right next door but we can't see each

other that's just the way it is


today is an important day because I'm

recording art Tatum's t42 it's basically

my little sister's favorite piece she's

on duty in the Big Shot Hospital it

works so much that's why I want to make

her happy

she loves my music this morning I've got

to hurry because I'm the first on the

ward and my nurse will shortly take in

the first patient Bella dancing to best

use and when I found out you're a bad

song that's why I'm keeping at it how

high is the saturation one moment 82

high 82

left breathe sir so these will never

move it's really becoming more difficult

every day this wave is really noticeable

here and it's getting harder and harder

for our patients


and that's my brother okay my brother is

a pianist and records a video every

evening while he plays his piano and

Lee's always a song for us for the

medical staff I'm also for this window

particularly for me I'm sorry he plays

most of all for me I don't know he

usually plays classical music but for me

he often searches out jazz pieces I love

jazz I don't say it to him often enough

but he means so much to me


today is the 3rd of April today the

whole family is going to prepare the

vegetable patch for growing vegetables

we want to plant potatoes and so the

front and a few other things aren't

quite ready yet as soon as we have built

and furnished it we will move in exactly

don't hold the spoon so tightly and pour

it in like this this is right isn't it

yes those waffles will be tasty one

thing yes really tasty you tip the

batter in like this correct you don't

say we ready we wait

high five it's actually pretty cool

because the little one has a lot of

space here we can play without going

outside the house or going into the yard

are you serving that take it with you

the whole plate yes mama that's for you

thank you

there for everyone exactly very nice

take a seat stay down on the change take

a seat

come we'll take one that's already

cooled down is it nasty

take that if it's the carburetor then we

have a problem for the first time in my

life I've repaired something with my own




how was your day I found today pretty

tiring because it was very tiring with

the children and I also didn't get so

much work done actually hardly any at

all how do we need them you also want to



here learning is ruled out when the

children are inside that's why we've

built ourselves an office in the

basement so table light screen no window

there's no sound isn't a typical child

she has a developmental disability it

shows itself primarily in her speech but

also in her social behavior it's alpha

high put together a weekly schedule with

the children I can quickly show you it

míriam especially looks at it and says

okay so that's coming she's involved and

it gives her a little security and



with her you can't do Skype therapy a

lot of stuff works online but equally a

lot doesn't


no no no Laura I don't have any work

insight I also have no idea if my work

situation will continue as it was before

many people have big economic problems

now and there's still no light at the

end of the tunnel

I hope that I will soon be able to work

again that I will soon be able to hug my

family again it's got dark


so it's lovely that I met my parents

today even though I only saw them at the

window I want so much to hug my parents



it's accreted I've always dreamed of

playing four-handed with David we've

never done that because we've each been

occupied with our own life a pandemic

was what it took to get us to play

together it starts like this I counted

one two three four I understand the beam

but I'll start at my own speed



how are you all okay my dear take a look

on your zoo I miss you too love you

let's go to the boat over there on the

pond isn't it over there on the pond yes

what are you doing what are you

photographing shall we go in hey Joe

yesterday and I wanted to play with the

boats in the stream today but it's too

cold so fit here is playing with them in

the bathtub do you want to set a trap

let's set up here what are you doing

down give me the lid we'll set it up

like this nobody is new by the animal

will jump into it and then you pull it

pull it tight I find it really good

everyone having to stay at home has a

positive effect I find it's brought us

together in a sense and has reminded us

that together we have more fun and a

more productive


nah Poirot




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