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published on July 2, 2020

are you yawning right now yeah this is

so morning instead of going on Wikipedia

just reading a quick synopsis I'm gonna

listen to these two jackasses this is

everything you need to know before you

go see it

Chapter two not about each other too

because no yeah yes

the bore comes out timber six we did it

that was really bad


all of them went to the same school they

never really talked to each other

because they were all kind of separated

into different groups they kind of had

each other but they were considered

losers it basically started with four


Stanley bill and Ritchie and Eddie

that's you my friend oh oh there was

initiation and he had to do this thing

called the hochstätter dance which is

where I had to dance in my underwear

I like the truffle shuffle it is little

but I'm yeah but I wasn't that Ritchie

hung out with a bunch of these kids in

middle school and all of them were

bullied I had the same interests and

everyone just kind of bonded together

and became best friends that's created

the losers Club then during that summer

of 1986 I'm pretty sure his 1989 cuz 27

years later is 2016 anyway that's some

of 1989 is when the other losses were

added on my lived in Derry but he lives

on the outskirts of Derry he was getting

bullied by Henry Bowers and other guys

are being blew by him too when he was in

a moment of need as Luther stepped up

and protected him Ben joined the losers

Club after he got bullied and got an H

cut and she was stomach by Henry Bowers

and then fell down that cliff and the

losers Club kind of saved him and then

invited him to the quarry and all of a

sudden he was in the group the first

person she really got a chance to talk

to was Ben it was actually kind of the

first interaction that she truly had

that was kind of memorable and it really

stuck with her and let her to have

inseparable friendship

and it's not history from there


so his first encounter with Pennywise is

in the form of Judith as he's putting

away one of the books and his dad's


I mean that's pretty scarring on its own

I would say but that kind of fear

manifesting into a real thing is

something that spooky spooky yeah it

continues throughout his character arc

in both films and that kind of trauma

really affects him in the future

firstly it shows Ben's talent for

writing poems but it's inspired from

Beverly Marsh and and anything it's a

lovely little analogy of Ben his hot

does burn right yeah he's burning for

the girl and he keeps it so locked away

that furnace inside it's so genuine and

true that he has a trouble revealing

that he was the actual writer right so

build in burr Connor takes the credit

for for a long time this is kind of

where you get the feel that he's

starting to be a little bit lonely and

the library and it's like hey you should

get friends and he's like oh I don't

really want them cuz he didn't want them

at a time

he had books that's all I needed but

then he goes in that basement to find

another book and that's kind of a the

first encounter with penny wise you see

with him a boy egg boy


which was actually one of those scary

scenes for me I think it was a

terrifying scene blood kind of squirts

out of the sink covers her head to toe

in it and also the whole bathroom and

only she can see it because that's kind

of its power so to say it's kind of a

version of her growing up when she got

her period she couldn't tell her father

about it because of fear of what he

might do growing up scared her because

she didn't want that with her father

around that was kind of a real shock to

her also cuz it's all blood a lot of it


I was kind of the climax of the first

film for him because he grew up with his

grandfather who tie him to fear people

and did not trust anyone so that moment

of finding a group of good people that

he felt he could trust that was the

building of our relationship that would

scope this whole life come on clown

dance do it like you did in the thing

come on say to staph infection like

you're heard of a staph infection what'd

I say kind of shows that my guys so

hyper anal-retentive about health

he's the extraordinaire of sanitary

extraordinary sanitary that's what I

wanted to sanitation I wanted to say

sanitary but it didn't send words I


think that was the beginning phases

hatred towards Pennywise that's when he

suspected that Georgia might be dead and

that's why that's where things kind of

changed for him and he felt the need to

go find his brother or find out if he's

dead or not

all the losers felt comfortable enough

to admit that they had fear and that was

the moment for Mike to open up and

really expose himself which isn't

something that you've seen him do that

was the first time he was able to really

open up about something that's been so

traumatic and so much of a part of his

story as the losers that was the first

time they got an insight into who he was

it just made that bond that they had all

started like the forge like it just made

it like come together they started gel

in the book it's incredibly important

because it's you know it's something

that his mother made him do it's feeling

like if you could get that free so you

could at one point if it was like he's

satisfying his parents and some win you

know as much as he is not to blame for

the death of Georgie there's a feeling

that not only did they lose Georgie but

his parents lost their relationship

their parents lost their vitality and

their happiness and he blamed himself

for that so that phrase becomes

something that if you can get that right

it's almost like it's a symbol of

getting try to fix his family which he

never does



we broke his arm and kind of like broke

to him that it would this was like a

real situation like this is a good

reality and it's not just a fantasy like

that's happening it's like legit and

this danger so there's kind of like the

breakthrough he needed are you looking

at me I didn't film the scene I know

maybe do more character research under

them I didn't I just watch what you did

in the movie I said I'll just talk as

fast as that kid did Ritchie's first

encounter with it he finds himself in a

room full of clowns

it's Pennywise exposing the fear that he

has followed up inside

I thought you said you wouldn't get out

of this town – because I want to run

towards something not away having the

losers around she realizes there is some

things that is worth fighting for and

there is something that she doesn't want

to run away from running away from this

fear and running away from something

you're scared of is something that she's

kind of been doing her whole life and

having them say that they're gonna run

away not only means they're gonna run

away from their fear but their artists

are gonna run away from her she's very

desperate to kind of keep them together

cuz that's the one thing in her life

that she has and so that moment she's

kind of standing up against them no way

begging them saying please don't leave

when you're running towards something

it's your decision you're the aggressor

in the situation when you're running

away from something you're reactive

rather than being active next time we'll

be better prepared no no next time bill

you're insane why we all know no one

else is gonna do anything

Eddie was nearly killed bill and Ritchie

have a disagreement I will say Ritchie

is like I don't write of course no one

wants to do that he wants a fight a

killer Klown like I don't want something

Oh hundred percent right you're scared

we all are but take it back

bill punched him in the face he gets

pushed over he's trying to be the Alpha

the group who's frankly stunned stunned

and yeah broken apart this is how we

pitched the movie – yeah just money yeah

Warner Brothers was like and then Jack

Warner came up in the grave was like ah

he's like I like these two guys they're

funny and just where do you think you're

often out with my friends sweetie you

can't go you're getting over your

sickness remember

my sickness okay what what's sickness ma

these are they're gazebos they're

gazebos they're bullet is kind of me

realizing my my life has been a lie

did you improv that oh yeah I get Z but

was I tell you man I'm like 40 years old

I would never think to do that there's

much it's like ten-year-old kid I

definitely think he was gonna get in

reflecting on what I just read I like

what it says about indifference well

your kid I think the universe revolves

around you that you'll always be

protected and cared for that you always

had the same friends it's when you were

12 then one day something bad happens

and you realize that's not true he says

some words that you wouldn't expect him

to say and he kind of opens up his heart

to everyone who's there to speak the

truth in a way and I think that's really

important to his character these are the

worst answers let's keep going

I was a fun scene well not for my cuz

it'll very intense if you just ate out

of dairy your parents didn't look what

happened to them I still get sad every

time I pass by that pile of ashes sad

then I can have done it myself

especially back then Mike was kind of

the strong silent type but that was the

moment he was able to show his strength

and kind of overcome his fears becoming

a more brave and confident person I was

pushing him in that well yeah that was

that was intense it's your fault you

punch me in the face walk through water

you brought me to a crackhead house and

now I'm gonna have to kill this clown

that one bit was because we didn't have

like a last kind of like one why we'd

have any one-liners in the movie some

Kannada we had to add it ended up being

I guess an iconic line just like nice I

wish that that line was ad libbed but

yeah it's a it's a blue well beep gonna

base this off the book so we're just our

imagination just do it on the movie you

do it off the minutes that's what Ben

has been creating some of the most

marvelous architecture he's at the top

of his game in the real estate world and

he lives in a very nice house but he's

very lonely we find Ritchie

when it chapter 2 picks up he's doing

stand-up and I don't blame me dude he is

doing his name a comedy yeah but he

feels like all the losers a sickness

comes over them and this dread comes

over and they have to and then he gets

the call cuz he gets a call from Mike

Mike has become a librarians assistant

not actually the librarian but he is now

living in the clock tower of the library

and he's been researching everything

that he could possibly find out like the

same way that you're researching

everything you can find out about it and

in chapter 2

Mike was researching everything he could

find out about penny wise but times 10

it's very different obsessive even bill

moved our dairy pretty soon after

Pennywise was defeated or as they

thought defeated the first time he beat

his stammer and his teens and he became

what other people thought of as a hack

writer but he also became a very

successful writer writing horror stories

and scary stories and all this stuff

that happened to him in his youth that

he couldn't even remember because the

glamour and the magic of daily means

that you forget when you leave it he

never really knowing how to end the

stories and never really able to

replicate the love you felt for Beverly

or find it in anyone else but constantly

trying to chase it Beverly when we see

her 27 years later is a fashion designer

and she has a fashion line alongside her

husband Tom Rogan because she repressed

the memories of her childhood and the

abuse of her childhood she continues to

live a cycle of abuse makes it quite

painful and complicated so it's a

pattern we find Beverly repeating in the

27 years Eddy is I'd say pretty happily

married dealing with some issues from

his past and he gets a phone call from

Mike Hanlon Stanley has married his wife

Patricia and they've moved down to the

south he's married his wife yep you know

he's an accountant and he owns a small

medium-sized firm with fur comfortable

life that's it


when Beverly is missing your squad is

being terrorized by demon clown and you

just found out that your pills are

gazebos that's hilarious

this is making me feel like I'm looking

at tumblr or song I know if you love

those fan pages they're horrible of them

no it's terrible I love them that is the

nine nightmare that is my version of

Pennywise pre-adolescent bloggers

bloggers what is this it looks like

something written on a condom and

expires it makes that face no sorry

that's Ritchie toes you're holding back

another after I met you okay Katrina

loves fan ah Thank You Troy yeah Mike

Hanlon deserves everything Mike Hanlon

is the leader of the losers Club my

cameras stayed back or all caps the

losers Club Stan Mike Hanlon I cannot

agree with you more he does stay back

for them somewhere in there in that

toast 24/7 years he misses that that

camaraderie so when it's time for them

to come back like there's a little bit

of happiness said like like finally my

friends are coming back like I get to

bring my friends back and we get to do

this thing again he's scared but there's

something about it that he's like happy

that that's good that that you know

every union yeah that team's coming back

the band's getting back together Ben

Hanscom haystack new kid who can't catch

a break

ultimate fangirl will fight any one

thing that tries to hurt his friends

rights emo poetry and just wants to be


dang that's a good one the only one that

is maybe not true is that Justin wants

to be loves because at first he was okay

with not having friends I would just add

to that just wants to be loved by

Beverly that's it the ultimate fangirl

definitely the ultimate fangirl I don't

know if they're the the writer of this

tweet is the ultimate fangirl if you're

saying Ben is the ultimate fangirl it's

half and half roses are red you have a

nice complexion have you ever heard of a

staph infection I hate myself no next

time yes every time you sell a little

piece of your soul right into that lens

I mean you ever seen watched a vh1

behind the music this never ends up well

for any of us one

we'll go minnows look empty inside stop

roaming see see develop next slide the

real leader of the losers Club is Mike

Hanlon syn tweet I feel like the great

thing about the losers Club is that they

don't really care about the titles of

who is the leader exactly

anybody can be a hero at any given

moment right and you'll see that

definitely throughout the film everybody

has their superhero moment and it's a

beautiful thing

yeah one thing that Bill Hader said and

so that PJ said the other day the one

thing that they didn't realize was they

had a losers Club and since they had a

losers Club a group of friends like that

and they were already winning yeah I

mean so they just didn't realize that

that's a golden nugget right there

whatever you do don't think about the

fact that since Stanley iris was a grade

below the other losers he'd have to

spend his last years of elementary

middle and high school without any of

his friends at the same school to

support him I didn't know that I do know

in the first movie when he comes he

comes out of a different class than the

first three and the scene in the hallway

Andy told me that that's because he's in

like a it's a I guess like a higher math

class which makes sense doesn't make

sense you eventually became the Cohen

he's good with numbers

yeah next what if there's no next


that was let's count you down sorry that

was everything we do it together that's

everything you need to know before

watching it chapter two and one and all

of it this might not be everything you

needed to know if this is a lot about

what you need to know you needed to know

those memes that they put on there you

needed to know that before watching this

the Ghostbuster is going like here's

what's gonna happen

right yeah just watch I just wouldn't

watch but you said like don't worry cut

that out

that's it


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