by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

it's back it is here it is nostalgia
time what's going on guys it's Carl here
back with another episode and as I said
we are checking out the BlackBerry key
to today I've been using it since before
launch for almost the past 30 days and
it's been a while where I've seen a
phone or I've used one that's being
super different that's been refreshing
and definitely brings back a ton of
memories from back when I was a kid I
mean who else out there had a blackberry
when they were younger I think I had the
Pearl that had that little trackball
that always got sticky
you always have to replace it the bold
passports I've used a few BlackBerry's
in my day this is the version – the key
– and I am excited to tell you what I
think of this guy and of course the good
old physical keyboard this keyboard this
lovely lovely curity physical keyboard
is something that I never thought I can
move away from when I first went to I
think my first iPhone times have
obviously changed I believe I am now
actually slower using this guy but there
is something so refreshing so satisfying
pressing physical keys it's why gaming
consoles still exist it's why Super
Nintendo or Sega roms just aren't the
same on your smartphone it's because you
want physical feedback you want to feel
like you're pressing something and you
definitely get a lot of that using the
key – so has my experience being perfect
definitely far from it I think there's a
time and place for a blackberry I've
been using this mostly for work to tell
you the truth cuz I work in a hospital I
need a lot of secure files I need that
security that's where this guy shines
and I think that's where BlackBerry's
focusing its on business it's on
enterprise it's on keeping things safe
secure encrypted that's where this thing
has a place in the smartphone world it
just needs to be cheaper if only this
guy was four or five hundred bucks I
definitely think it would be a huge
contender if you just go through the
specs anyways it doesn't even have the
latest greatest it's got a bit older
chipset the snapdragon 616 thirty five
milliamps of juice which has lasted long
because this screen is smaller it's only
a 4.5 inch 16 20 by 1080 so not even
quad HD and that's the biggest thing
that you'll notice switching to this guy
is the screen size it's tiny it's small
it takes some time getting adjusting to
you definitely notice that when you're
watching media on the key to so whether
that's youtube videos you're watching a
few movies or especially when you're
playing games in landscape orientation
now a certain part of the phone is
unusable because that's all physical
keyboard and is now just dead space and
the nice thing it does have a
fingerprint sensor that's being
integrated into the spacebar I find that
sometimes it takes two to three attempts
and if I have a wet finger coming out of
the shower it doesn't even register
that's something you have to deal with
and it's truly unfortunate it couldn't
be better
talking about more hardware the cameras
on the back we've got a dual setup it's
a 12 megapixel sensor once again as long
as you have good light you'll get away
with it they aren't the greatest cameras
especially those good old selfies
dynamic range isn't the greatest and
even the sounds that this guy makes are
a bit archaic you will get by that isn't
the things that you're gonna be focusing
on and I'm assuming you aren't grabbing
the blackberries solely for the camera
but the main thing that I've loved my
blackberry for and I think is its mantra
is the productivity I bang out emails on
this thing quicker and more efficiently
because I can't focus on anything else I
won't get distracted by games I won't
get distracted by other things going on
my phone because I've got this hooked up
to my work email I solely use it as a
work device and it gets the job done and
it is making me more and more productive
I don't know if it's a good or bad thing
that I can't get distracted by anything
else even looking on Instagram doesn't
seem as nice on this guy it gets the job
done once again but I'm usually back to
my work emails responding to people on
YouTube answering YouTube relay
emails and I find that I enjoy that more
with this guy as it's a Productivity and
business focused device if we actually
now head to the menu system and check
out D Tech which is all around
blackberries privacy this is I think
where this makes sense for enterprise
for business users for myself here at
work it keeps all of my files protected
and you can actually glance at a quick
rating to see how secure or how
protected your files are keeping things
private keeping things confidential I
think this is once again where the
BlackBerry will shine other than that
though besides their retro factor
besides me getting a bit giddy whenever
I take a look at blackberries I still
think there's a place for this in this
current smartphone market like I said I
think it should be priced lower I think
it should be focused for business users
or for people that just want to be
productive they're not too concerned
about having the latest some great
aspects running 3d games as something
that will push the phone to its limits
they want a physical keyboard and
something that they're familiar with
this guy has a place I'm curious to hear
your thoughts though down below in the
comments let me know what you think of
the BlackBerry key to nostalgia city
right now and I will keep using this as
my current work phone and keep telling
you guys in on my thoughts hope you guys
enjoyed this video and I hope to catch
the rest of you in one of my next
episodes or vlogs base

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