The Biggest Smartphone Unboxing EVER?

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

So I've spent the last few weeks working on my list of top 2019 smartphones but I want to make it the most thorough most complete video out there so I need to test everything or as close to that as I possibly can so hey I've got pretty much all the contenders for that list that I

Haven't fully yet brought in and tested myself including that three really wacky smart phones which we're going to get to at the end there are 17 phones in total so we're going to start with the LG G 8x think you and this is a surprising phone

For a few reasons all right so first things first we've got an LG branded screen cleaning cloth and we've got the smartphone itself and generally speaking the width furnace packaged is pretty standard fare except

For this so you're looking at the package of a second display which is strange because we're in 2019 the year of the foldable phone and in a way LG is kind of flying in the face of that they say that this is actually going to offer

A better experience I will say this it's surprisingly good value for money for 699 dollars you're getting the smart phone as well as this second display and a whole load of other a great specifications like a Snapdragon 855 a

Four thousand milliamp hour battery and the widest ultra wide camera I've ever seen on a phone this is a quick comparison shop between the main camera and that ultra wide that is interesting this doesn't feel bad either it's like a

Really solid hinge the me9 pro 5g which from the name alone sounds pretty similar to the me 9 that was released earlier this year but internally is completely real old it's a nice looking back and actually matte finish as well

Which is always plus points for me for starters the charging speeds have been given a lot of love here you can get 40 watts of power from the wire charge or actually what is almost more surprising is that the me 9 pro 5g can charge

Wirelessly nearly as fast as that it's got a larger battery than before and ticks all the performance boxes Snapdragon a 55 plus 12 gigs of ram and ufs 3.0 storage plus 5g and one of the exciting things about this thing is

Again price because 520 dollars if we convert the Chinese price you can expect it to be around 600 if it actually does launch in the US oh yeah and massive thanks surf shop VPN for sponsoring this video

At around three hundred and forty nine dollars I've had a lot of people ask me to take a look at the Nokia 7.2 and packaging wise I'm pretty sure all these Nokia phones kind of look the same but the phone itself is pretty interesting

You get a 10 watt charger which is not hugely impressive nowadays and pair of not so great looking earphones they're supposed at highlights of the phone though are a 48 megapixel triple camera Nokia's classic solid build quality and

The fact that it's on Android one nokia is developing a bit of a reputation for giving people a clean and secure version of Android and being really prompt with updates also on a bit of a side note if you do enjoy straight-to-the-point tech

Content like this a sub would be amazing plenty more coming next up the Xperia One and I've actually used this phone a fair bit of various different events but I've never had one in the studio that is vibrant you've probably seen it before

It has this super tall design that sony claims makes the phone more suited to scrolling social media feeds and watching cinematic video the display also happens to be world's first 4k OLED on a smart phone and when you find video

That fills the screen and you find applications that support it it's impressive I just don't think this is going to become a mainstream format and so it's not going to get the support that makes

It worth it there's also this triple camera on the back said to be impressive and it comes with the cinema pro app which goes a long way to recreating the feel of a full-frame sony alpha camera it's apparently pretty good but I'll

Test this myself by now you've probably heard of red magic they specialize in value based gaming smartphones and this right here is the top model they've ever made it is a 12 gig ram 256 gig storage model of their red magic 3s in an

Exclusive colorway they call cyber shade and wow that is really something you're effectively paying of 599 dollars for every feature you'd want in order to play games the absolute best power emphasis on heat dissipation with a

Physical phone inside a gigantic 5000 milliamp hour battery and a 90 Hertz fluid display to make things appear even smoother and I got to say if you're into this aggressive gaming aesthetic and having a phone with a subtle design

Isn't a priority for you then it's kind of refreshing that you've got a phone right here where the company has just gone nuts on the design I actually really like it so I'm a little late to the party with this one but the sharmini

A3 is labeled by a lot of people as a safe bet a firm that doesn't do a lot of things exceptionally but does a lot of things well and because I'd argue that's one of the most important things I've got to use it okay so in here I believe

There's a case oh and not the standard clear TPU case oh well it's basically the same she looks good though considering you can get one of these right now for around 170 dollars it has three things that I think are

Really impressive a that you're getting a pretty massive 4030 million power battery me that it's got a similar design and build quality to far more expensive phones it feels pretty similar to the show-me me nine and see that this

Is a Super AMOLED display although one of the many caveats is that the resolution is only 720p the oneplus 7 pro 5g and this is basically exactly the same phone as the oneplus 7 pro so I'm going to say too much about this just

The fact that this year I think oneplus has made some incredible smart phones but also some pretty confusing ones it made some models only available in some regions and their current like naming convention is starting to fall apart a

Little bit with their latest smartphone being called the oneplus 70 pro 5g McLaren Edition speaking of which this is the UK version of this phone which is not 5g like I said weird and of course that does not change the fact that this

Packaging is incredible this is one of the best package smartphones I've ever seen everything is just super elongated then in fact if we put this next to a standard smartphone box you're looking at like one half almost two times the

Height you're getting a special McLaren a 1 plus wall charger the smartphone itself which I'll come to in a second there's a braided USBC cable and the way this package opens is actually from the bottom so this lowest section I believe

Yeah so you get a special limited edition McLaren case as well fun fact this is actually made using the same materials as you find on a McLaren steering wheel as for the phone itself one hand internally this is the best of

The best but on the other hand externally I don't think I like the way it looks when I first saw this phone I genuinely thought that someone had spilled something on the back and the glass was stained one thing I do

Instantly like though is the papaya highlight on a black body next up is of the sky the anubias ed 20 and it feels like this is a phone built to get a reaction that's some really unusual packaging so we do get a case and it's a

Bit of a different case because this is a bit of a different phone this thing has a primary display on one side of the phone which basically fills the whole front but then a smaller secondary display on the back so actually just

Before I made this video I watched the trailer from the company to show how they were trying to sell this idea of having dual screens and I came away a bit unconvinced the main benefit I can get onboard with is being able to turn

The phone around and use the main high-grade rear camera as the front camera – then again as with a whole load of other phones on this list it is cheaper than expected at around $600 the axon 10 Pro is a smart phone I've seen

Surprisingly little coverage on considering it's actually a bit of a beast so 549 dollars and it's another one of these devices that falls into this new category of budget flagship phones which I'm a fan of it's really

Rounded it's got a pebble like feel to it I like the way it looks but time will tell if it actually does anything to stand out from this crowd the umi digi s3 pro is a phone that's been sitting on my desk for about a year now completely

Unopened which is bad but even today on paper it seems like pretty good value you've got this like felt interior which is a nice touch oh and that cable is pretty unusual take a look at this so 250 dollars for a 48

Megapixel dual camera you've got a 5150 milliamp hour battery and you've got 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage plus what I think is really cool here is they've actually embossed the mr. who's the boss logo onto the back of the phone

They really didn't have to do that but I pretty there's also the real me x2 which is the standard model of the real me x2 Pro that I really liked and I reviewed not too long ago because as is often the

Case with smartphones the better value actually comes from the base model and packaging wise it's pretty similar the main difference being there instead of the 50 watt charger you get on the pro you get 30 watts here so it's not gonna

Have the ludicrous 30 minutes for a full charge that that phone did but it's still gonna be faster than most oh and interestingly we've actually got a different color variant here it's like a blue to purple gradient and this one

Ends up costing around 330 dollars so it looks promising two more smartphones before we start getting weird Oppo Renault 2 and let me tell you it's pretty clear that Oppo knows how to package small phone as well

This is like a fine art this is gorgeous presentation and if we check the back it says luminous black and to be honest I've got no idea what its gonna look like and inside the box before of course the smartphone on top which is pretty

Tall looking and below that we've got one of the nicer looking small phone cases especially ones that are coming bundled with your smartphone and some Oppo branded earphones and the cool touch with these is that if you look on

The inside you can actually see they're green so at around $550 this phone almost feels a tier above it's got a front filling display and one of the nicer general design aesthetics plus a quad rear camera and the iconic shark

Fin popper on the front the main caveat here is an upper mid-range Snapdragon 730 G chip but this chip is still quite geared for gaming and then the vivo V 17 pro which is similarly priced and similarly SPECT

Whoa that is nice also got a different style of case here it is hard plastic but with this kind of woven texture one of the main differentiators is a dual camera pop-up that includes a main

32 megapixels selfie camera and then an ultra wide as well it's a pretty heavy phone it is built using Gorilla Glass 6 though so the upside is really good protection now for some very special very unusual smartphones starting with

The Q phone by a company you've probably ever heard of called cube X and apparently this is a glasses-free 3d smartphone please open carefully in case anything became loose during shipping and let's open it up that is better put

Together then I was expecting I was half thinking that the phone would just be knocking around inside the box for a QuickStart guide we've got a USBC cable we got some very familiar looking earphones over here and then a pretty

Unusual looking power brick over here that's quite nice it's only a 10 watt brick but what's pretty cool is that you've actually got two USB ports on there to charge two things at the same time just really slowly and the device

Itself you know it's a little messy but it's not bad looking there is almost no info at all on this phone on the internet so I'm almost going in blind here so the phone comes preloaded with a ton of 3d movies and so just clicking on

One of them it's actually not bad the effect is better than I thought it was going to be although the resolution is a little lacking there's also a 3d camera app and it actually dynamically adjusts the amount of 3d depending on what the

Subject is so I was expecting the effect to be a little naff but it actually works as advertised that doesn't change the fact that it's a bit gimmicky but fair enough cubics fair enough and now the Uni Hertz atom which I believe is

World's smallest rugged smartphone and I've gotta say if this whole concept is just so cute the packaging everything here is tiny look at this little thing and here is the smartphone with its 2.4 5 inch display it's kind of impressive

Because even though a lot of corners have been cut to get to this dimension a lot haven't there's a fingerprint scanner built into the home button you've got a ip68 water and dust resistance and a 2,000 milliamp hour

Battery which considering the dimensions and the power draw of this device should as she last you a while and saving arguably the absolute strangest device till the end this is a phone from company pro truly which you've almost

Definitely never heard of and it's not even from this year it's just a really interesting firm that I never got around to unboxing right up top even to see this little protruding camera module and note that it's massive pretty much just

Standard packaging charger we've got earphones and cable and instruction manual but this phone has one major feature you could call it one major gimmick a 360-degree camera it's a massive module and you can see why the

Device never took off but at the same time it's definitely a head turner and it works as advertised sir shock VPN is pretty crazy value take a listen to this you pay $1.99 a month and that gives you unlimited simultaneous connections you

Probably already know that VPNs can keep your browsing anonymous especially on public Wi-Fi and that they can help you get around internet censorship in certain regions like China but surf shop does a lot more than that as well as

Being able to connect to single locations it also allows you to multi hop or encrypt your data through two different servers at the same time surf shop can also scan online databases to make sure your emails and passwords

Haven't been leaked and let you use something called blind search an internet search tool with no logs no tracking and no ads two of the coolest things here are a built in ad blocker which lets you load pages faster whilst

Using less data and the ability to access 15 different Netflix libraries from around the world so check the link in the description and use the code boss to get an 83 percent discount and an extra month for free so that's that

Thanks a lot for watching and definitely stay tuned for the top smartphones video is gonna be the biggest we've ever done on this channel catch you in the next one

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