by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

for perfection all right ladies and gentlemen i got your watch that's coming into july 28 2020 and this is the biggest opportunity in the stock market i am not kidding this is not clickbait i have to

Share something with you that has to do with this earnings it's going to lead into some of the plays that i will be looking at i am going to make them and really i have one of the most important questions

You will ever be asked and it has to leave with this opportunity i might even have to leave it up to the coin so i really want to do these plays i can't wait to show you this we're going to focus a lot on options in the

Options chain you guys will see it it's earnings tomorrow we're going to get some of the decent sized companies then wednesday morning it's going to start to get very very active wednesday

After hours and then thursday is the big big day so i hope you're ready but i got that i got the place i got the keys we have to talk about this i can't wait to show you so let us not delay you guys know what you need to do drop

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We better see you there in the morning it's free99 it costs you nothing to join the stock market you can post the place see the place watch the watch list come to life and i

Honestly i don't know it's a lot of pressure uh to think about something every day but um we could just get right into i'm sure some of you would appreciate that

But i love you colt so right off the bat the first thing this is the most important question i'm going to ask you guys this is the most important thing you will ever be asked the question is do you agree

Or do you disagree that is it that is the opportunity that is the main question being asked here so we saw in the last few days the market i mean thankfully today we

Closed in the green not by too much but still a decent amount but at the same time now we close green not a down friday not a down monday this is really the same

Thing we saw last week or two weeks ago but we were coming off of a up friday then the up monday and then that bad tuesday but you kind of saw how everything played out

It really just seems like a carbon copy of this waiting for earnings now at the same time what i'm going to show you guys on the option chain is literally this question it is do you agree or not there is a big premium

Crush and there's a reason why it's kind of what wall street is expecting so so far after these earnings after these movements you guys have seen it already

I'm gonna show you these option chains because it's not like this with every company so this is why i can't wait to show you guys a visual example but there's some option change everything's down both ops calls and puts

You lost on both sides the premiums have been deflated crazy so with a weakening dollar that's an awful lot of deflation you know but what that really means is that

Expectations have dropped dramatically on both sides so now this is why i'm saying it's a really big opportunity because you still have very very big companies that are going to report but now based on the prices of

Some of these options and how they've traded over the last few months it seems like wall street's expectations have died down considerably even from last friday which is pretty amazing or even two fridays

Ago so i'm going to show you guys that but that is the opportunity in the chain and i really do think it is massive so i'm going to show you that we've talked about this but any

Of these big earnings again this is the biggest earnings week so to notice this right now you i mean you have to be wise about it doesn't mean you could play everything you really have to ask yourself do you

Agree or disagree is the market right or is the market wrong you will get rewarded if you were right on it so that that is literally a coin toss so it is gambling be careful this is why a lot of people don't like to play

Earnings and this could also even be reflected in the premiums thus far so be safe know this recommendation after training chambers again there's almost no losers on finance right

Now personally every wonderful day but i love you and good luck but that is the first thing the next thing has to do with the vaccine the vaccine news has been making some waves today

But i will say notice how it's taking a lot more to move the stocks a lot less so wait for equal and opposite reactions there was some stuff with other countries i think even like

Fujifilm and like the award but then there was news earlier today that the drug companies canceled the white house meeting not the other way around not that the white house canceled the drug makers but

They canceled the white house meeting so it was a pretty interesting piece of news i didn't see it touched on too much so i want to watch how that develops but keep this stuff in mind it's at an

Interesting phase and i think towards the end of the month we still haven't got the full set of answers so there might be a little bit juice left but i am gonna look for an exit on some of those plays remember

We're still holding them we got we were up on them some got clapped they're still up but that's why i'm like okay if there is any positive sign of life i might want to take on that one so

Keep an eye for that though could still move the market and then finally just in general with earnings uh tomorrow after hours will be a little bit active tomorrow in the morning we have some companies pfizer triple m i

Always call it triple m it's 3m and then mcd mcdonald's so those are kind of big companies you'll see some continuations there's going to be some bigger companies after hours amd starbucks visa

But in the morning wednesday now you're gonna get really big companies after hour wednesday's gonna be popping and then thursday is gonna be the same exact thing so that's when things are

Gonna move but now keep an eye out for the mornings and pretty much the closes that's when we get into some of the bigger companies again wednesday and thursday the mornings there's going to be a lot

More volatility or activity kind of again just keep in mind what we saw after kind of netflix and stuff like that so you're going to have a lot of companies at the same time there will be movements

In the morning it'll chill out and then towards the end of the day it'll move so keep that in mind be prepared but that's pretty much gonna be it i have all of the important earnings and some of the ones that you guys called out but

The main focus is going to be revolving around these earnings plays and making this assumption or making this decision do you agree or not so i can't wait to show you but that is pretty much it so let us get

Into the plays so right off the bat boeing shopify spotify starbucks these are the four that i want and i'm no exaggeration i'm going to show you which ones because not all of

Them are going to be calls i will show you the opportunity both ways and i will tell you what i agree with and what i don't agree with but i want you guys to see this this helped out a lot last time so

These are the ones i like because these are the biggest movers if i want to spend a little bit amount of money these companies can move a lot now at the same time they have a lot of hype and sometimes for earnings a lot of

Hype doesn't lead to a big move that's why do you agree or disagree do you think it's going to move or not but these are all wednesday morning except for starbucks so starbucks is tomorrow after hours so now

This is a list of other companies that report tomorrow uh some of them this is a little bigger than the list that i gave yesterday because i was paying attention to what you guys put in the comments what you

Guys put in the chat there is a bunch of other companies so here's a list even some of you guys were mentioning these i will tell you the ones that i like but there's a lot of companies reporting so

Keep in mind there could be movements prior to earnings on the day of be very very careful for premium crush there still could be a premium run-up but if you want to play them

I don't think i'm going to go after anything because they don't meet this criteria i'm going to show you so let me get into that and show you but we will start with boeing here is your opportunity in the stock market ladies

And gentlemen i've showed you this before i have a whole video on this but it's the option chain and really i mean just look everything calls and puts even if we go out to

October i would say be careful of august for earnings now these are good plays because they have time again you could even go one week out if you really wanted to i do not

Recommend that at all it's very very risky again with earnings the best move if you really want to make a really really good hit and get the most bang for your buck i

Like to go for the ones with time so now it is july 27th so these are like three weeks 26 days remaining on these contracts they're kind of it makes sense why they've depreciated but now so september is kind of

The base that i want but september chains are kind of a liquid and still kind of expensive but this is what i want to show you guys here's the option change i mean here's like on 100 days some

Depending on how actively traded have a bigger history but coming here you could see in the last few weeks they've all kind of came down now september it looks like it's holding a little bit better and

Even if we want to go closer to the money here are all the calls so pretty much this is what you saw on a lot of different plays all across the board the last few

Days everything just kept going down regardless of even what the stocks did here's the s p 500 here's boeing i mean it kind of reflects it a little bit but that's on the call side but then now also same thing on the put

Pretty much both calls and puts are at all time lows in this last week coming into earnings all of the premiums on some of these companies have dropped and that is pretty much saying that the market

Isn't is expecting a big enough move or the size of the move as it was expecting not too long ago now granted these contracts have decayed because more time has gone on but now even if you go back in time

You will pretty much notice the same thing unless it's like in the money or super in the money but this is a november one but it's it's a pretty big difference you could

See but now the same thing goes for the calls the calls are a little bit up in this case with a little bit more time that's good but now you can kind of see still pretty bad but now again boeing looks like that as well too

Over the last hundred no no no never mind boeing has just gone up so that that shouldn't i mean you would expect that to be a little higher so pretty much the market is not expecting as big of moves now that's boeing

But you can see on both sides of the chain it is depressed now let's go to shopify same thing and now take note even today shopify was up 50 but we'll do the same thing you could

Start from august 21st but you'll pretty much notice the same exact thing anything further out the money the contracts dropped look in this last three days in the last three days it went from

Eight dollars to two dollars again you saw really dramatic drops but now shopify doesn't really look like that do you see what i'm saying so coming into earnings this means the expectations here

Were different than they were even right here than they are today and then now even coming closer into the report but this is literally throughout the chain whether you're close to the money or even far from the money you see

The ones closer to the money held up a little bit better but from a few weeks ago they've dropped dramatically that means the at the money expectations pretty much

A week ago the market was literally pricing in double but this literally had just like what a week extra of time it shouldn't have that big of an effect so let's come to september pretty much the

Same exact scenario here so these contracts aren't as active you could see but yeah for the most part a few days ago stock was at the same price they were literally pricing in about like 20 percent more with a little

Bit more time 50 less with a month month less of time so this is all on the call side but now it's the same exact scenario even with the put so these are september you can't really see it as well let's see if we go

To october yeah puts again these aren't really actively traded you could tell even how the charts look when it doesn't look all colorful and again you can see the open interest and the

Volume and all that see that this contract's probably been traded for a while but these new ones you could see but the puts have gotten cheaper over time but again it's the same exact thing with

The call so overall there's deflation on the option chain that means expectations have dropped on both sides so do you agree or not boeing do you agree it's going to have a big move or

Not the market's saying no on both sides shopify do you agree it's going to have a big move or not the options have changed dramatically even on the short term scale by 15 to agree or not flip a coin make a

Decision i don't know but that's where the opportunity is because if you are correct now market disagrees that's why you're going to be able to get it at a better price or maybe the market is adjusting even if it

Does move the premium is coming down to an appropriate price as well too that will be the x factor so hang with me be careful here that's shopify now let me show you spotify it's a little bit different of a

Scenario now spotify's gone up so is this one do you agree or not well it's it's a different scenario you've seen in the last few days expectations have changed somewhat you could see it a little bit on the

Octobers but for the most part they've held up pretty decent so now even on the short term i think closer to the money held ah they held up a little bit better again

It has dropped which side was it i guess they're kind of right in the middle last three days it's dropped but they're still inflated but now the puts you can see all across the board on any single one of these they've

Dropped so expectations with puts coming and earning earnings hasn't been going up as much but spotify one of them and then finally the last one is going to be starbucks so which one i think this is the one

Yeah where the cosy on this place closer to the money didn't move as much but they've held the value so expectations have stayed relatively the same for the most part but again in the last three days

Depending on the level of exuberance it's changed anywhere 30 to 50 percent but these are the ones i like spotify boeing shopify those are the three i'm going to want to

Flip on and then starbucks as a second runner-up depending on which ones we play out of those first three but you could see i think the biggest opportunity is with boeing so now what i will say

Boeing i think there's opportunity both ways i disagree with the market so i think i want to i'm going to flip the coin on it but i disagree in the sense i think boeing is wrong

I agree with spotify on the call side meaning that i don't think it's gonna do anything if anything i'd want a cheap put in the sense that i would think the market pretty much i disagree with the

Market on any of the puts so any company that's up a lot and the puts have depreciated substantially so even shopify i disagree with it just because they've moved up so much now

The hard part is determining uh you know fair pricing more or less dude like some of these but like they just haven't been like actively traded like yeah like this i kind of just disagree with but then the

Question is how much will the stock reasonably drop because this is pretty far out the money now so again i'm using picking these strikes i'm using the chain to decide so

Those are the three plays those are my feelings on it again i think starbucks is neutral i think that one could be a good opportunity as well too i'm still kind of stuck on that but

We will see anything could happen tomorrow morning and that could change so watch out for that going back to the options list as far as everything else you're gonna get amd tomorrow after

Hours starbucks visa acam out of all of these amd's too expensive so if you go look at amd's chart the calls are expensive i don't agree with that and i think the puts are a little bit cheaper so i agree

With that spar starbucks again we looked at that visa i haven't looked at they could move but they don't really make a move a cam could surprise i looked at the option chain and then

Again a cam is one that if it surprises it has the potential to move big but that's why it's good for options because it usually doesn't move so that's what i mean it has the potential to move big because it's not a

Big mover so if it surprises it could really break out i looked at the chain today i didn't like it ebay they could probably move uh a decent amount again look at the option chain and see

Dxcm people brought this up watch them we brought up stx yesterday a few people brought up fireeye i don't think they'll move too much but keep an eye on them amax a lot imax a lot of people talked about again

Same thing as fire i i feel the same way even with car and mondelez they don't move too much i mean i don't know if they could even be like a long-term player i don't know i don't know how i feel

About mondelez i'm pulling it up on char i don't know i don't know i don't really know for them is the earnings not too sure on them boyd gaming this is a casino stock juniper network someone brought this up

I like them and then mossy this was the old long term i missed out on they're pharmaceuticals same thing with dxcm both of these are biotech not related to the virus i kind of like both of them same logic as acam

If these surprise better than expected they could move and these would probably be the only ones i'd like on the upside acam dxcm and mozzie are the ones i think that could surprise to the upside maybe

Seagate everything else i'm not too sure maybe starbucks but everything else if they have cheap puts i like it but doesn't mean we play with everything because some of them you again i agree that maybe the stocks

Won't move too much like amd i kind of agree starbucks i kind of agree too that's why i'm kind of conflicted because i'm like i think it could surprise but this is what makes earnings tough so i

Hope you guys are ready but watch those as far as everything else i think that covers most of it we have those play watch apple and amazon again i really think uh even i don't know if

You guys saw gold gold keeps breaking out today even with silver bit i think amazon i think something's gonna happen again or this is just this is just wild even with the market there's some things

Happening but i think this earnings is pivotal and important the option chains are getting weird again we're coming into august so get ready here but

Amazon and apple watch them facebook because of congress they canceled their earnings not canceled theirs they pushed back their earnings in the conference call so it was a little bit weird we got a little

Bit more clarification but watch them again as well we talked about boeing shop watch 3m for continuation and mcdonald's i did sell 13 out of 15 mcdonald's uh calls that i

Had today wanted to get the cash balance in check after taking losses last week but the place started going up we were up a lot so i was like i'll keep 100 bucks for earnings take some of the profit

Again just given what we've seen how the expectations have changed in the last two weeks so watch that watch stx i like again a cam and mozzie again i really really

Like this one uh we've talked about this a while i do this thing right i mean if you remember i talked about this in 2019 i want to look at it but watch them watch gold and finally

Where's mr tlt keep it out of them it dropped today but this is pretty interesting again you're watching a push pull even between the trifecta you're watching the dollar gold and then now

Even s p make a bunch of moves just keep this in mind and be patient but this is important i think once we get these data releases and then a little bit following after should get a little excited so i hope

You're ready there's opportunity everywhere so stay in the game but that is your watches ladies and gentlemen make sure hundred healthy ready to go make sure post your watch let's make sure we see you there in the

Morning i need the armor on i need the helmet shining i need you in the game and appreciative of what you have get ready for tomorrow's philosophy because you got to do it today understand what you can appreciate so you know what risk

You could take baby it's game time stay in the game stay focused it's earnings but there's more earnings and we're getting into august it is almost the fourth quarter don't forget baby the coat loves you i

Love you we'll see you in the morning let's go

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