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I just wanted to sit down and go through NFT NYC the event that I'd spoke at I was on a panel of four NFT rewards talking about grow your base and I wanted to just talk about some of the trends that I saw at NFT NYC I met

Amazing people I went to multiple defy gaming meetups a lot of developers that I was talking to and there was a lot of really interesting innovations happening so first and foremost I think digital art was a huge huge trend that we're

Seeing very special relationship when it comes to art my mom was an artist I you know spent a lot of my years in in school doing art and I think that it's such an exciting piece for the puzzle when you put artists in the driver's

Seat of a new space like with NF T's and a lot of really exciting things coming out at that conference so for example I got to meet Josie who is a well-known artist in the space and what she's doing is really cutting edge with an

Application called art a vibe where you she has a painting of you know this really cool gas mask painting that's pretty pretty iconic at this point in the space you've probably seen it and it shows on the wall obviously with your

Original or print and you have your application you hold up on your mobile device and it gives you an experience an AR experience and bridging those two worlds are something that is very very interesting to me because I feel like a

Lot of traditional artists are you know searching for ways to not necessarily sell all their originals but have prints that are valuable in a digital format and make some money so this is easily the biggest innovation

That's happened for artists in the last hundred years I think ever since like the printing press I guess because you have immediate the immediate ability to mint these NF T's of your artwork and list them on an exchange or multiple

Exchanges you have your super rare you have your makers place you have your known origin that are platforms that allow artists to get their works out there for collectors so it even gives you visibility when you're listed on

Sites like that and it immediately ports over to open sea which is the largest exchange for collectibles so you have that group of users as well looking at it so really exciting for artists to be able to get this level of traction

Immediately and that's exciting for me you know I'm definitely gonna experiment around and show my mom some of this stuff because she paints you know in in various different formats like landscapes and things like that so it's

Really exciting to see a lot of younger people getting in on the ground floor of this kind of digital art revolution and that was by far what stuck out to me the most was talking to artists looking at their work and just the emphasis on it

Was really special to me I think making sure that that they're they're getting recognition for their innovations like with Josie doing this expiry experiential AR type work and you had people there that were you know very

Much doing these incredible jiff animations every time a new speaker would go up there would be a new piece of artwork on known origin super-rare makes makers place and it's just a fantastic time to see all these artists

Being put first and first and foremost so digital art was number one in terms of the trends that I really enjoyed seeing and and liked watching that the next one that I saw was a lot of D Phi and D Phi is pretty magical we announced

A partnership at grow your base there where you know we partnered with rocket NFT to help us with these you know loans against NF T's and we're working with a couple of other people on potentially helping us out with doing more loans

Against NF T so if you have a large portfolio or if you even have a few items that are worth a large amount and you want to free up some cash definitely check that out I'll put the link in the description below so you guys can check

That out and and let me know what your thoughts are about loans against these NF T's because I feel like this is going to be a big big free up of capital in the space because there's I was meeting with crypto space commanders while I was

There who's listed on grow your base right now and they were talking about how Ryan and a crypto space commander shot after Ryan he was literally telling me that there are people with ships on crypto space commanders that have six

Figures like hundred thousand dollar ships sitting there on the game and they don't play the game they are or they haven't played the game in a very long time let's say they just invested to to hold then you have all these other like

Rabid really active players that really could use that ship and would love to have that ship you run into this situation where somebody doesn't want to somebody doesn't want to let go of the ship they're holding on to it and then

You have other people that really want the ship but it's so valuable that they're not going to sell it to anybody so allowing that person to borrow against it free up some capital play around within the game with that capital

Is really exciting to unlock that and and experiment with that so I think D Phi is big it's really fascinating watching these flash loans happen where they're just a flash in the pan and one transaction people are making three

Hundred six hundred thousand dollars in eath and that was a big topic that I saw a lot of people talking about was you know these these amazingly architected different I guess you could call them hacks like hackers that are very much

Programming this eloquent way of exploiting these services in defy to the point where they're able to make a quarter half a million dollars in instantly almost instantly so that was about a big topic I saw and and talked

To a few people about that was really exciting and I think that there was a so you have your digital art thief I was definitely up there and the last one was definitely about adoption in gaming and there was quite a few investors up there

Like Michael Turpin some of the big-name people in that have been in the space for a very long time that we're talking about how more than half of aetherium transactions are focused on gaming in January so that month specifically and

There is a lot of speculation around the fact that you know with crypto Kitty's releasing their own chain called flow there there's kind of this weird weird situation where people are loving working on a theory mmm and then you

Have crypto kitties that bogged it down entirely and they're saying like all right well we're building our own because theorem can't hold us essentially our user base and there was a really kind of fascinating divide that

I saw by a lot of developers that were we're focusing on different chains and things like that and I I was I was very fixated on splinter lands we've been working with them for a while fantastic innovations going on there shout out to

Those guys they've done an incredible job with their their marketing and their growth and everything like that so they are doing great things and a groat he one of the developers they're one of the main developers he told me very

Eloquently that it starts out siloed so with the tribalism of all these different block chains and everybody just loves theirs they just are so passionate about their one network that they have a bag holding of and there

Basically in a silo so you have all these silos going up and down and now it's the part where we have to build bridges between these silos and that's one of the the most interesting things that I had heard because you know grow

Your base that's what we're trying to do we're not trying to be tied to one network we're trying to work with everybody iOS steam aetherium tron we're trying to work with everyone and I think that that is the future I don't think

It's just going to be stuck on one chain I don't think that that's the case I love what cosmos is doing they were there I talked to them for a while about their Internet of blockchains essentially and you know I talked to

Maddock I talked to crypto motors which was great because we've just launched their campaign you know avatars Jim from ABBA stars is definitely seen as a big thought leader and it was great to meet

Him in person from one entrepreneur to another seeing that he's actually moving the ball forward and we're gonna get him on the show here relatively soon so I don't want to talk too much about it I want to let him go on there and you know

Go on here and talk about it much more but I think that in terms of what's going on in the space there's a lot of movement and it's very apparent it's very clear that there's a lot of collaborations going on a lot of people

Are very open to working with each other which is a great sign a lot of very young people in the space that are coming in that have you know they haven't necessarily started companies before but they're just just getting

Started in this space which is always exciting to see because something will happen something will trigger an innovation that they're building on or with and I think that overall between the digital art the dfi and the gaming

Aspect there's a very very bright future coming in the next two years for NF T's I think it's it's very validated at this point when you have big players like Star Trek partnering with crypto space commanders and you have these you know

Fortune 100 companies working with consultants you know on on stage on the panel that I was on I was on there with labs a company called roll that I hadn't heard of before and tatau investments so or tapped out consulting they are

Basically working with enterprise like JP Morgan and these huge companies on implementing blockchain and that to me was a huge signal that this space is about to explode when you have these companies working with consultants kind

Of staying in the background putting their feet in feeling out like ok RN ft is going to work for identification are they gonna work for memberships how are we going to give people access to you know these new these new NF T's through

Our business model that already exists and when you deal with that level of adoption on the business end you're getting access to that community in that user base in that customer base like it's just an it it's an immense

Opportunity to be working with companies like that so I was really excited to see that I talked to Weiser there for quite a while about what they were doing with their companies that they were consulting with and very very exciting

So that's kind of my my high-level overview shout-out to Cameron who through NFT today it was a it was a lot of fun I got to meet so many people at the meetups and so many so many people and we're I'm really excited to see

Decentraland rolling out and a lot of the feedback that I've been getting on it is it's pretty positive so far met people that were working in districts their district X within D Central and was great met one of the developers

Trillest from crypto voxels it was fantastic and met the AXI infinity team which was create love that game it's so fantastic and we have it on grow your base right now I was really pumped to release that and there's just so many so

Many so many smart people that are developing great things in the space and I'm I'm pumped to just be part of it and to be able to to talk about grow your base and and focus on education I think that everyone there that I that I

Brought up saying that grow your base is an educational platform everyone got it immediately they all wanted to be part of it they all wanted to have their users learn more about their project and just allow

People to really educate themselves on what they were doing so that is it for my overview of NFT NYC if you guys are brand new to the channel where we hack our crypto education definitely hit that like button it helps the channel grow

And don't forget to subscribe it because we're going to be doing a lot more type of nft content a lot of interviews coming in the near future so definitely smash that subscribe button and all the links will be in the

Description below so you guys can go check out various different projects also grow your base and earn some of these NF T's by going through some simple assignments and I will see you guys on the next episode of fact crypt

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