by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's going on guys Carl here back with
another episode and you guys know I'm on
the hunt always for the best SmartWatch
I use them when I work out I use them
day-to-day and I am here to tell you
about one that you may not have heard of
that just came out which has been one of
my favorites boom it is the tick watch
Pro and I've reviewed tick watches
before from the original the og one with
the tickle strip on the side I've
reviewed the tick watch s and E and now
they have a pro version which has
honestly been great and I actually just
use this for one of my latest workouts
and I have been super impressed and I'm
actually stoked to say that I am giving
away this a very tick watch all you have
to do is of course sub to the channel
leave a comment down below on your
favorite feature where you would rock
this guy and once this video goes live
and I pick a winner from the comments I
will ship this bad boy out to one of you
lucky peeps so good luck so what makes
the tick watch Pro so great and I'll
start off with the feature that I think
should be implemented and in every
SmartWatch and it's one of the main
reasons why I kind of don't use them too
much it's the fact that this guy has two
screens or two displays the first is the
one which everyone knows when you switch
it on press a button take a glance
activate the little sensor you can
navigate through the menu systems you
can see everything that's going on and
it's when that watch switches off we now
have the second super energy-efficient
display which you can still see the time
your steps and all the other little info
that you need that is what is so good
and when you take a watch like say my
Apple watch it doesn't tell the time
when I glance at it
I always have to swivel my wrist
activate it just like most other
smartwatches just for me to tell the
time and I still think the reason for
having a watch is a to tell the time
it's so I don't have to look at my phone
to know what time it is and I wish every
other SmartWatch had this so that's good
job take watch reason number two for
this guy is the very consistent battery
life and Sam once again my Apple watch
is very guilty of this I have to charge
that thing maybe
every two days I've used other
smartwatches where I'm charging every
night this guy has consistently got me
four days use without a charge and I
think that's a pretty awesome thing to
have because charging smart watches is
just one of those things where it's not
natural it's not like I'm plugging in my
smartphone and I sometimes forget to do
that every night
so that's dope to have and to that
battery life you can actually disable
all of the functions and use this like a
dummy SmartWatch and the battery will
last you tick watches claimed 30 days
which is nuts for a SmartWatch without a
charge it still does track of course the
time your steps but you just can't have
all the connectivity which still having
that extra option just in case your say
on a trip you forget to bring the
proprietary charger this guy will still
run in that safe mode until I'm back at
home and I can charge this puppy up so
let's talk about design now and we'll
start off first by mentioning this guy
costs 250 bucks so it's not exactly
super cheap it's not exactly super
expensive it's kind of in the middle a
bit of Goldilocks it's a fairly large
design and unfortunately it doesn't have
a rotating bezel it's kind of got three
different finishes a chroma Schleyer up
top a matte black aluminum with the
silver aluminum on the back of which it
does have a dedicated heart rate sensor
which is always nice it's got two
dedicated buttons one which brings you
to your app selection which with where
OS it's got a ton of different apps to
choose from to your heart's content
the other one is mapped to an app of
your choice I naturally have mine map to
fitness so when I'm ready to workout
simply hit that select my workout and I
am ready

I've started working out while recording
this video it's also ip68 certified so
while I've been sweating while I've
taken this guy in the shower it's
survived perfectly fine you can even
dunk it underwater if your heart desires
for whatever reason do not mind that
nasty watch tan tasty
the one thing that says I adjust this
guy back on my wrist that I would
probably swap out is the stock band
although it's pretty good it's pretty
basic it's a leather or faux leather
finish on the top or on the outside on
the inside it is synthetic which helps
it breathe I would have just gone for a
pure sports fitness band all synthetic
all rubber or even a perforated or NATO
strap to keep it more sporty just
obviously my personal preference for 250
bucks it does come with all the goodies
inside so you've got GPS of course heart
rate monitor you can track all of your
fitness your calorie expenditures it
also has music streaming and as you
heard with my fitness time down it
actually has a small speaker so in case
you forget your headphones you can be
that person in the gym that's jamming
have to music I would probably judge you
though and give you cut I in the gym but
anyways the two best features of this
guy have been of course the second
display which once again just glancing
at my watch I can tell what time it is
right now which is huge and second off
that battery life which should
theoretically last you up to 30 days if
you've got it in that mode curious to
hear your thoughts and just remember
this guy is getting shipped to one of
you lucky peeps just be sure to hit that
subscribe button and I hope you guys
enjoy today's episode I will catch the
rest of you in one of my next ones or in
one of my vlogs base can drink the rest
of this water now stay hydrated

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