The best Android smartphones you can buy (Summer 2017 edition)

by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

If you're looking for a new Android smartphone and don't know which one to get this video is for you I have rounded up the latest flagships from some of the top manufacturers and I will show you the top devices of summer 2017 I'll begin with some decent

Competitors that won't disappoint but also won't astonish you and towards the end I will name the overall best device I won't go into too much detail as it would make for an extremely long video so instead I'll tell you the best

Features on the phone and why you should consider it I'll include the links to the full reviews of each device in the description and also in the corner of the video let's start off with the Moto G 5 plus if you're on a budget and want

The cheapest smartphone you can get with decent specs and features this is your best option it has a starting price of two hundred and thirty dollars for 32 gigabytes of internal storage and two gigabytes of RAM or a higher variant

Priced at $300 for 64 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes of RAM my favorite features found in this phone would have to be the design software performance fingerprint sensor and expandable storage usually with low-priced devices you get a simple

Plastic build but the g5 has done an unusual route with an all-metal non removable back any pull glass front there's still some plastic on the sides but you definitely feel solid in hand and doesn't even look like a budget

Competitor it's running Android 7.0 and has an interface that is non bloated and provides a stock like Android experience with some extra Motorola features on top there was little to no lag application reload time was quick and navigating

Throughout the interface was snappy I especially enjoyed the stock launcher you can't go wrong with a swipe of app drawer Google now panel any blur transition Motorola definitely noted with the software and performance on

This device the fingerprint sensor on the front works great as well it even outshines some of the top flagships on the market with great recognition and unlocking speeds plus you had the option for expandable storage if 64 gigabytes

Is not enough to sum it all up it provides a solid build stellar performance great software a fast fingerprint sensor decent display and expandable storage that's a huge bargain to be at this low of a price so I can't

See myself recommending any other device in this segment the next smartphone we're considering is the LG G 6 what I love about this phone is the design rear cameras fingerprint sensor and that tall display this is the first phone to bring

An 18 by 9 quad HD panel that is 5.7 inches even though it's a huge square it still works great for one-handed use as they made it tolerance sized instead of wider providing small bezels and an excellent screen to body ratio so now

When you're navigating through apps more information is shown split-screen is more useful and watching videos on Netflix or YouTube is phenomenal I also appreciate the overall build LG drop the whole modular design thing found on the

G5 and instead brought us an aluminum and glass build with brushed metal on the sides and a complete flush back free seamless finish it's definitely a good-looking device feels very comfortable in hand and that slightly

Curved glass pane on the back brings a nice soft touch for that cherry on top the placement of the fingerprint sensor / lock button is perfect and tactile merely placing your finger over the sensor unlocks it pretty fast and it

Recognizes multiple tips really well it's definitely not the fastest one out there but it works as expected the dual 13 megapixel rear cameras is where this phone starts to get interesting once per standard pix and the other is for wider

Shots I do enjoy taking pictures at a much wider angle as it provides stunning perspectives and it's perfect for getting everyone in the photo in both cameras the color reproduction is well

Balanced contrast is on point and everything looks vivid and crisp even in low-light conditions you receive similar results with a bit of softening LG's processing is a bit aggressive making some objects and certain photos look

Fake when you crop in but other than that this is a solid camera overall the g6 will cost between 400 to $500 depending on which website you get it from it's definitely a top-notch device that has good design fingerprint sensor

Solid rear cameras any great display the next flagship in my opinion is the best bang for your buck it's the 1+5 sure this phone has a lot of controversies but overall it's still an excellent phone from 479 dollars from upwards to

539 dollars you're getting any snapdragon 835 six to eight gigabytes of RAM 64 to 128 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage dual cameras bluetooth 5.0 faster LTE speeds with cat 12 support everything else found on the oneplus 3t

And more the standout features found within this device besides the great specs are the performance software battery charging any fingerprint sensor as of right now the 1 plus 5 is the fastest phone you can get with fewer

Pixels to handle any light interface this phone just flies with the snapdragon 835 everything is buttery smooth opening and switching between apps is 5 and navigating throughout the interface

Is a pleasure the fingerprint sensor also accommodates the speed as is the fastest sensor on a smartphone yet which is a light tap the phone unlocks in point two seconds and recognizes it extremely well even faster than the one

Plus three T the software is also another reason why I enjoy using the one plus five is running the latest release of oxygen OS on android 7.1.1 and the overall interface is cleaner and lighter than ever it has no bloatware

Very few design tweaks when compared to stock android and some additional features that are appreciated if you're coming from a pixel Ori Nexus you'll definitely be familiar with the UI even though it has a bit less battery

Capacity than this processor at 3300 milliamp hours it still got me through the entire day without any extra charging I usually size screen on time of around 4 to 5 hours but you could probably push for 6 to 7 hours if you're

A light user also it has one of the fastest charging methods on any smartphone yet it's known as – charge and it can get you a full charge from 0 to 100 in under an hour the oneplus 5 did cut corners in order

To bring that fairly inexpensive price tag but it still competes impressively well against the huge manufacturers the second-best phone on its list was actually released in 2016 but it's still a flagship that a lot of people love and

Prefer using over most of the devices released this year it's the Google pixel everyone loved the rear camera software and performance everything else was solid but I'd say these three features are what really makes this phone stand

Out from the crowd the camera has a 12 megapixel sensor with one of the best HDR enhancements there's almost no shutter lag super fast out of focus and no matter what scenario you may be in pictures will most likely char not solid

There are a few exceptions but for the most part I really do think this camera outshines others under 7.1.1 also comes pre-installed with some exclusive features that you won't find on any other device the white navigation bar

That animates when you tap on the home button the only other phone that has this animation is the LG G 6 but with no white building keys you also get the pixel launcher with even more animations

And beautiful live wallpapers and you get the option of upgrading to Android oh by enrolling it into the Android beta program lastly the performance is stellar this phone just flies when scrolling through

Apps tapping on animated buttons and even playing heavily graphic games if it came down to one reason why you should go out and buy this phone it's honestly the performance packed in with the newest

Of Android before we move on to the best overall phone I wanted to give a big shout out to our sponsors over at D brand all these smart phones in this video and more have compatible schemes to give your device a unique look they

Provide better grip and cover all those smudges and fingerprints that you would find on the back panel I'll drop a link right below that like button to check them out finally the best overall Android device as of right now is the

Galaxy s 8 with a few exceptions to the software and fingerprint sensor this is considered by most to be the complete package in a smartphone released in 2017 the design and display are what most people will look back on but you have to

Appreciate the unique software features top of line specs battery and camera like I said before the LG G 6 was the first phone to bring any tall screen but this phone did it better it's a bit bigger a 5.8 inches with the plus having

The option of up to 6.2 and has a better screen to body ratio it's Super AMOLED quad HD and it's the perfect option for watching videos or playing games on the go it gets extremely bright or dim whenever you need it to has great

Viewing angles very sharp and saturated when using adaptive display in the settings and the colors are extremely deep and natural when compared to other smartphones it's the best panel on a flagship yet the overall build is also

Fantastic with an all glass encasing slightly curved edges on both sides and an aluminum frame for a natural feel in the hand the color scheme even adds the cherry on top as the dark black makes the phone

Look like a solid glass pebble very beautiful if you're wondering about the performance this device brings in some good results the Snapdragon 835 and for you good bytes of RAM handle all the bells and whistles found within grey CX

Just fine but it won't outshine the oneplus 5 or even the Google pixel there are so many little things I left out but these are the main features that will stand out if you buy this phone it's the most expensive Android on this list and

He's starting price of 750 dollars but if you're looking for an upgrade that will last you one to two years without the specs or features becoming too outdated this is the best phone to get so that's my full list of the top

Android smartphones up summer 2017 this list will change once the year comes to an end so make sure to subscribe for that upcoming video let me know in the comments which one you think is the best one to get as of right now check out

Andrew police and D brand through the links in the description and I'll see you guys in the next one

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