The band that burned £1,000,000

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

in 1992 Bell Drummond thought that an

effective way to quit the music industry

would be to cut off his own hand at the

BRIT Awards and throw it into the

audience but he settled for leaving a

dead sheep at an after-party and

literally burning 1 million pounds the

klf has been on my this exists list this

egg lists for a little over a year but I

needed a reason to tell the story

mercifully that reason has finally

appeared in the shape of a sex tape that

yacht thing yacht are a bad and boring

band from Portland Oregon who pretended

to be the victims of a sex crime in

order to promote their latest single a

professional and personal couple they

claimed that a private and personal

recording of them doing sex together had

been posted online without their consent

and then after an outpouring of sympathy

and understanding they claimed to be

taking control of the situation and

posting the video themselves and then

they revealed that it was all very funny

joke haha

in their eventual non-apology apology to

the outraged masses the band cited the

x-files Nathan for you and the klf as

inspirations none of which makes sense

in their own particular way but the klf

sticks out for some particularly

Americans under 30 it might be an

unfamiliar outlier so this part of the

video is for you

the klf were a two-piece stadium house

band in 1991 they had four top-ten

singles which made them that year's

best-selling British singles band

internationally they were recognized in

1992 with the Brit Awards Best British

group of the year and celebrated with

performance at the show of their number

one hit three am eternal boys so the

fact that Colonel


but they performed it with extreme noise


and at the end they fired machine gun

blanks at the audience and then

announced over the PA that they were


this wasn't a bluff norwich ape how many

times has kissed on a farewell tour how

many times is jz retired the KLM a house

music duo performed their biggest song

live on television with a grind Corbett

and then pieced out completely pulling

their back catalogue and bidding the

entire music industry adieu by leaving a

dead sheep at the door of a grid Awards


the original plan actually called for

bill Drummond to cut off his hand and

throw it into the audience and what I

just described is kind of a cop-out Plan

B but Drummond and partner Jimmy Conti

didn't disappear completely two years

later as the K Foundation Drummond and

Cottee traveled to Scotland and burned 1

million pounds in 50-pound bill

increments took about an hour and they

made a movie about

a pretty wild publicity stunt I bet the

single they were promoting really caught

fire afterwards oh no I'm sorry odd they

immediately ceased all activities and it

only been sporadically active in art or

music since including the introduction

of no music day in 2005 in fact the pair

signed a contract in 1995 agreeing not

to discuss any of the K foundations

activities for 23 years so it'll be the

fifth of November in 2018 before they

can even discuss burning a million

pounds again oh and by the way they also

had a novelty hit single back in the day

about Doctor Who

yes the klf were also the Timelords

who had a number-one single in 1988 with

doctor in the TARDIS a son that had

evolved from earlier sample-based music

that they were making as the justified

ancients of the MooMoo

but laser-targeted for a mass pop

audience they worked so well that they

also wrote a book about the experience

called the manual how to have a number

one the easy way even on top of the Pops

these guys were beautifully and

fantastically subversive


so when a band in 2016 claims to be

influenced by the klf when pulling off

an unsuccessful prank in order to

promote a music video that they will

make money from remember that the actual

klf deleted their entire discography and

then took all the money they made from

doing goofy shit like that and burned it

in a remote boathouse on a Scottish Isle

– legit

what do you think is it possible to be a

part of the pop music apparatus and be

wildly subversive at the same time like

the klf were do you see a connection

between the klf and yeah let me know in

the comments and be sure to subscribe

for new episodes of this exists be

excellent to each other


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