The Android Police Podcast Ep.182 – LIVE

by birtanpublished on January 11, 2021

Hey I haven't touched mine since I put marshmallow on it Ashley it's right there but I haven't done I have not dead done a hang with it all right I like that pic seller app a lot and I like that we found it before anybody had downloaded it or no now that do we find it you're here about it well I think the dev emailed us about it oh yeah he mails about it because Artem emailed him back something like weird and creepy yeah what are Horton are to me my little crazy things that doesn't happen yeah apparently Artem fixed it is what I'll never mind we're live our team innings four has a joke you're funny that's

That's not be much much more crass about it than that so go ahead i looked up and saw the little box that said live we can tell across jokes to each other off air yeah that was that's a good that's a good folder you got in your on your shield there it's my so it's it's my instagram photos from facebook i read myself and i shaved my beard so I was like hey i instagramed me and i was like now with like sixty-five percent less beard when i went just to a goatee because i haven't had just a goatee and so long um so there I am with me you should make a folder that's just that

Photo it'll just stay the whole time blue steel that jpg I love it it's so good yes blue steel I mean I'm feeling kind of awkward now he can go away at anything but now be 50 feet all right i'm gonna social us and we are not recording because we switched hang out so i'm gonna fix that yeah actually hold on one second I'll be right back sweet oh wait what the oh my god is it really oh is it doing what I think it's doing oh it totally is I don't know how I feel about this you know that I he is now that I've actually done it I'm feeling kind of weird I just synced to

My google photos with Google Drive so now a ton of different pictures are showing up on my computer I I mean like this is crazy wire all easier HipChat is really stressing me out today oh my god HipChat today is awful like I'm ready to go over to atlassian and start slapping people seriously every time the window loses focus it disconnects from the server I don't even know how that's possible it's a mac magic that doesn't happen to me on windows it's it's really terrible just feel the need to point out twice is it is terrible I guess I'll just let the

Sink all these pictures and then I'll decide if this is a terrible idea or not it sorry about that an urgent thirst came across me and I'm like there's no I'm making it through the show without a glass of water no I wouldn't even dream of attempting such a task I do it most weeks I do not this week I have this cup it is gray with an urge straw with their little garnish or birch I see this good word there are exes thing to say it every time you say orange I'm gonna say hella earned cello or cello I don't I don't hunch I can't think of any any made up Minnesota words that i can use

But i'm sure there are some and what's that thing you get your groceries in I know we've done this before but i forget i forget what exactly is is it bad is that where you're doing the the bag is what i would call it but everyone else around here calls it a sack oh I was gonna say cart everybody reveal moon from Minnesota says bag bag bag yeah everyone yeah cart is also um so here it's their buggies and I'm like that's a lot of Kentucky that's a car don't have in 1927 shut your face seriously seriously it's a cart yeah and the actual horse to that

The bag sack thing just really bothers a Roman rule there they roll their buggies out to their carriages I probably do yeah i mean but they're like yeah when the the bag sack thing I'm like oh my god that's a very unusual thing I am I have I have relatives from West Virginia and they have a conjunction of you and guys which which is younes you and yeah that's a girl ever that's a Kentucky thing I don't think it's you guys I could get you one so I've never heard that in Kentucky yeah Jackie know when I when I lived in kentucky um that was like everybody said only away it wasn't

Even you ins it was like guns it was like why unz yeah it's good I know it's huge in Pittsburgh yeah that's that's I've always thought of it as Pittsburgh ease really yeah there is Pittsburgh ease cam you're hanging out with some Pittsburgh Ian's I you know what we should ask Myrtle about this I feel like he's an expert on things that are Pittsburgh I my everything out I bet he knows really I'm doing this right now well you're in if you're gonna type in a hip Jake guard how to spell it I don't think there is a spelling of it it's why it's why I NS in Pittsburgh is that

White like the sound of that just makes me uncomfortable and to me Kentucky will always be about florence y'all yes oh my god the thing I love alright are we ready to get this show on the kerrville road no not ready I'm ready to get it on a literal road the android police wrote you can we do that we do we actually see the Antiques Roadshow but us I was will go to it we just make up completely like nonsensical appraisals of people's actual goods he now it's a picture of your old and we will tell you how much it is oh my god that can be our new weekly segment for

Genetic tech I asked us how much your old phone is worth and we'll make up a number viewers listeners send us your old antiques it doesn't every folks like just of us all your antiques it is sort of a race them this will be this you know what we need like we take like 15 minutes every show at least and do that you know we need to just get to the port where we don't even talk about Android anymore it's just antiques as some welcome to the antique police podcast it's equally hey that's another one we we've got we should do kitchen police and antique police oh yeah we have a

Quarter police dude yeah I don't know why but the thought of the thought of the intro music playing is you walk into like a swap meet just I don't know man that sounds awesome yeah this is gonna be great I can't wait for our get rod culinary our culinary lake site I really like pawn cigars for somebody comes in with an iphone 6s and we just say 50 bucks everything a lot I know I gotta go minimal take a friend who knows everything about iphones let me get him on the phone exactly we have to call them are your phone well we should start the show before we before we do

Listeners that's podcasted android police drama send us your antiques I hope somebody actually does I hope so too I'm totally serious and there are some Chicago Bulls slippers yes how much you guys think those are worth how much different that what do they made up I'm gonna there they're made of the tears of the Cleveland Cavaliers I think you picked the wrong year to make that joke I think I did too I mean there were lots of good years to make that joke this was not one of them it's really not one of them all right let's do this welcome to the android police podcast

Your weekly audio source for all things android is thursday october 22nd 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David Redick I'm Cameron Summerson I'm Liam strengthen i'm ryan whitwam and this is not the antiques rich and we have nexus reviews well pretty ready not yet we don't get there you could in fact call them previews previews just mmm everything isn't worthy you affected just now review previews that's that's dangerously close to prive with you guys I think we're going to get seat by blackberry oh my god blackberry what are you even okay well let's let's save

Making fun of blackberry which we should do actually put that analogy eventually there will be plenty of time for that I think maybe soon even posted a probably when now is the time for for Nexus stuff so I the pre reviewed as a status to cleanly put it then posted on site for the Nexus 6p which the vm is supporting you got yours a handy so you can show to the folks and show them how awful the bump isn't I do have it handy actually here it is a little Nexus 6p um the bump is totally not terrible it's not even as high as a penny I put a picture in the preview review of how it is hmm yeah I

Mean it doesn't look it doesn't look like large physically but like the black window I still don't know if I could get over that I mean that fat pigs that phone is black so it doesn't it doesn't stand out as much obvious a black window on the black phone isn't bad but when they were showing it off with white no thanks yeah okay because I can like pull it out of my pocket I think the white ones the I mean I think the white one looks the nicest I like the black too but the white one is painted and that you just ask him for it to get scratched off

Mm-hmm it's the only one that isn't anodized so yep and also the silver the plane aluminum one is ugly just plain ugly I want the black one if i buy 1 i'm buying black I'm so much convinced that i'm going to buy one as i said earlier i'm not super impressed by the battery life so far um you know the phone itself is fast obviously whatever the display is great as we already know the camera is super good contrary to the two dark pictures in my preview i think that the rest are going to turn out really well it seems like a lot of that has to do with them the fact that the camera spot

Meters so whatever you focus on the camera will meter to compensate for that spot so if you don't it'll focus on like just the center of the scene so in dark scenes you get like it tries to compensate by lining up the whole thing which makes it really gross and noisy but if you actually meet her to a specific object then it does a lot better however i do also want to note the like I don't feel like we can ever expect like noise free dark photos from iPhone so manage your expectations yeah camera noise and low light as always yeah I mean it's just a reality of the

World I think yeah is that so is is the screen like great is it okay I mean it's supposed to be the latest gen Samsung AMOLED so presumably it's pretty good it's pretty great yeah I like it um we will see though because it is super amoled um whether it burns in which was as a is they're burning it are you checking daily yes John's panels have never had that problem not for the last well not I'm not should say never that's absolutely wrong but for like last year and a half I mean um was the Nexus 6 panel manufactured by Samsung yeah it's a samsung cattle they made have to be

The ones manufacturing them well I mean that was only like a that would have been 2014 aerotek I guess or I guess no no the latest panel would be if they if you really means the latest that would be the one on the note 5 and rape and everyone I'm gonna go down Nexus oh yeah no I don't know who made that panel that might have been dati whinnies company or something I wonder if I fix it found out the manufacturer or something I don't think that was a samsung panel so I regret to report that while it is not very obvious yet I can totally see a square and a circle liar

Markers I don't know if I can get the camera to pick it up probably not it's really subtle though but that could just be retention it might go whatever your attention yeah but the nexus 6 it got so bad that like they in marshmallow they changed the spacing of the nav keys and I could see the old ones on the Nexus 6 yeah the nexus 6 has gotten so bad that I require therapy just you it was anymore I still don't I still don't see that at all yeah mine has like really subtle burnin like you would have you like you have to stare like just to the side of where where the buttons are kind

Of burned in so your your rods and cones in your eyes will actually pick it up properly yeah I was uh I was trying to do that just now to see if i could see we're burning was on my Nexus 6 but then I realized that once I see it I'll know it's there and I don't want to say it so I stopped looking if you do want to see it and curse your life just download markers and color the screen gray and you'll see everything I think makes it so obvious I did that once and I can see where like I can see the line you know where the net part usually is but I couldn't see the symbols at all so but

Um you know other than that i'm still I'm still giving the battery a chance but battery is always the least my least favorite part of any review because an automated test won't tell you how it performs in real life and if I tell you how it performs in my life that means pretty much nothing for how old perform in your life so yep I totally agree I also hate annoying I also hate the the battery portion of reviews and with doze mode now you know standby life is probably gonna be pretty good for most phones all of a sudden I mean that's why I've noticed like a nine

So far is that the standby life is is quite stellar but the in-use time that's where you're gonna get earned and that wasn't a Snapdragon 800 wait speaking of the Snapdragon I have to say the one more thing so not that bad so far however i was playing tadpole tap on the train today as i do for about 15 minutes and it did get noticeably warm but not like hot just I was just like this is kind of why yeah any end of those gonna get warm playing a 3d game that's totally I don't know it's like a 2d like pixel game but yeah but it's still using the GPU and it's probably you know it

Depends on what what calls are being made if it's OpenGL ES it's you know it's probably gonna be pretty processor intensive regardless of what's going on so I'm reserving most of my judgment for that but all I can report is what I've experienced yeah I mean play play hearthstone and see how hot it gets and by play horse town I mean just just don't actually play it because you'll want to kill everybody I'll just like to you know just just tap on things and see what happens that's my approach with most games I think I'm actually speaking of games that are coming out i'm waiting

For like I've been waiting forever for the guys who did a watchman called the maze game with rotating worlds ah Liam knows what it is sorry a rotating maze rotating maze world 2d graphics the windows 95 screensaver no but that would be a good game actually uh it's you how you play the person with a pointy hat oo Monument Valley yeah so they have a game coming out for gear VR and I've been waiting forever for this stupid game to come out and still not out yes that's us too I look at I really want to play that in gear VR cuz when i played the demo a year ago it

Was pretty cool oh yeah i remember seeing the trailer for that like a long time ago and then i saw it again maybe it wasn't a long time ago yeah apparently they they ran in some issues in terms of the game being fun uh so kind of go back and let me decide how to do it but I've been waiting for that game for a long time um fun note about the windows 95 screensaver is that it always turns left I think that's okay so like if I don't know the fact for sure I probably shouldn't have said anything but but i'm pretty sure to oysters left and that's how figures out also

Zoolander got WMV and why have we already had to Zoolander references like what's going on because i was watching curb your enthusiasm and ben stiller was in an episode and for whatever reason that is just triggering all my Missoula and the reference hours I love Zoolander I can't wait for zoolander 2 what is not funny about having a gasoline fight I mean so I guess we should hear from Brian and Liam about the nexus 5x yes so um it's it's a bunch it's a much smaller phone which is what people always say that they want so now it's the thing you can buy and it seems pretty good so far

The screen is sufficient I think I mean a 1080p panel on a 5.2 which phone is fine the camera has been pretty good so far um it's certainly better than any nexus phone i've used previously I think the the Nexus imprint stuff is super cool it really makes me like having a fingerprint sensor on a phone which before was always just kind of like okay I guess I guess that's okay thanks for putting that on there I guess I thought you know it said it makes you like having fingerprints fingerprints were all right until now I mean you know I they help me grip

Things and also unlock my phone that's so uh like it's it's crazy how fast Nexus imprint is like if you're just sort of like putting it in your pocket like Andy and you brush the sensor the phone like just you know wake up all of a sudden that's happened to me more than a few times you sort of like start to learn to avoid touching that area of the phone when you're putting it away I I don't know about battery life yet but I mean I think it's been ok certainly like with doze mode i mean i don't i haven't done like a full run down test but I've you know not plugged it in several

Nights and it loses very little overnight so I think that by itself will make it more more usable than a lot of a lot of android phones have been in the past yeah does about the hype is legit yeah yes it is it is pretty cool but i mean i am i'm pretty sure that it will be at least as good as as the nexus 5 was when it came out and probably better um let's see what else what else what else the speaker's kind of met mace only got one front facing us bc i'm sure it's very nice but i kind of hate it right now because i have to buy a bunch of cables and i don't want to do that and

This phone only comes with the c2c cable which is aggravating yeah yes and we did figure out their USB to point out of Isis right both these plans I I believe that is the case yes there's there's pho also come to the c2c cable for the record it has an ase as well yes it comes dos cables yeah does it yeah look at your box Liam look in the box one more please Liam was so so enraptured with taking it out the only had time is the one cable who knows everything could be all kinds of wonderful things in there that he didn't see before um let's see oh I'm so like it the the overall

Device it feels like really solid for a plastic phone like it doesn't even think I just father it doesn't even bother me just need a plastic like it's like they're like even it doesn't even have like a metal rim around doesn't matter cuz like it's put together really well they're like they're no weird ab sorry okay guys I came with an ADC cable but let's talk about it because you look at 6p Google like two monoprice six months ago so how short can you make it like I don't even if you plug this into a wall socket your phone would be hanging like sure that

They just intend you to use that as a data cable when your computer is very close actually installation of wall and swing it it keeps time better yeah pendulum oh dude there's an app on the phone for that I mean so okay thank you for the cable but I guess it is pretty sure hey yeah i was thinking like I'm supposed to get a 6p at some point of not just in future and like I was like oh I don't need to like buy you know too many cables cuz I'll get it I'll get an A to C with that one and that'll take care of you know what they really need but I'm that's not even usable cable so

I guess i will order so it's going to happen but a three foot one and then i also bought another one that ended up accidentally being six feet so i've got the whole spectrum covered now it's good it's good um yeah so add any any other comments or concerns regarding the 5x um any for me I mean it's cool the display is nice the 16 has an S RGB mode that does he not nice if everybody just had to get the ice version instead of the black or the white yeah i'm sad i got that I got the White when I was hoping they would send the blue one away ice is nice it is it is indeed yeah I'm you

Know I am here to see what long-term battery life testing looks like I think that the reason the early battery life reviews are poor is that the LCD on it gets stupid bright uh I think that it does get really really bright like I was using it outside the other day and it looks like almost as good as it does inside yeah I would you know because it's hard to resist the temptation in anything but you know darkness to turn your phone up to the maximum level of brightness I think that's my problematic unless adaptive brightness is very aggressive in terms of managing

That in the moderate ambient light situations because most people choose to have their phone be as bright as it can be indeed but I also agree with most people at this point that is overpriced oh oh the other thing I should I should mention i have uh i know people are upset that it only has two gigs of ram like i don't i don't really i don't think it matters i haven't noticed any sort of like you know oh no this app magically fell out of memory than i was expecting it to be there it's fine don't freak out Ryan let me give you counter point it matters it's who does it matter

To people who like to count the numbers a ram thing and I think dude no it totally matters to me it does I can't not care about name orkest it just i mean it i don't think i just don't think it matters I'm you know it would matter if this were a samsung phone i don't think i don't think it matters on it well i don't know when i was using the Moto X on lollipop and I would try to use google music and navigation at the same time and one would kill the other unless i restarted the phone i swore off of two gigabytes of ram I can feel my blood pressure going up now just

Thinking about that well I I'm pretty sure that was the that was the infamous memory leak which I think has been conquered these days has it like well its behalf honored on Nexus phones although okay so temptin and if we're serious here i'm tempted maybe i'll buy a 5x i mean i'm in vegas on a train to off-topic town but i love of town so the nexus 6 since marshmallow update pretty good as long as the battery is over fifty percent once it hits like fifty percent the magical cpu throttling fairy comes in and your up and i don't know what's going on there if it

Does get a tall man ornament both noticed it and I'm not usually one notice thing our guard notices oh it's the it's quite aggravating especially uh it's what has really gotten worse when you reconnect to Wi-Fi after being on mobile data the amount of slowness the then you know comes to your phone is insane so my phone will lag for like a fool to three minutes after connecting back the Wi-Fi after being on mobile data for like an hour or so because all the things are trying to sync on Wi-Fi only it's it's problematic that's interesting I haven't noticed any of

That I have noticed zero kinds of getting off online I mean for the most part it's good but that those two problems have annoyed me for sure it matters like to do mine is at forty-one percent right now yeah it's totally battery life has been phenomenal and I have not noticed I mean like I mean I'm not doing anything major but there's no laggy all a sore opening like they I don't know maybe my phone knows better because I will absolutely throw this it'sit's afraid of you ah you know what it should be it should make that that's yet it's like you know

I tried positive reinforcement I was like look if you just do what you're supposed to do I'll buy you a new case and you know so now I I don't I don't do that anymore I'm like I will throw your ass across the room and it's like my bad yeah I mean after you know using my Nexus 6 on lollipop I'm like well I don't really feel need to buy the new Nexus phones like it does have a few little problems but they're manageable and they don't bother me too much but David that's it sits in its a new phone are you not a business iding else needs to be said but he is for phone look at

This note you can reach all over here because the screen is a little bit skinnier yay hey I have I have I have I've hands so and they do that hey whatever this one's better you should buy it no Liam you should buy an HTC One a 90 goddess I'm just kidding you shouldn't I do we do we want to do the a9 now do you want to have words oh yeah that's the oh no we have to talk about YouTube bread first so let's let's let's get out of it sounded like you sir or mode read you to bread we are going to bread bread would actually be probably a better name I'm

Gonna I'm gonna start calling it that from now on you to read also is it is it you too but Brett or you too Fred is this a new pastry from bono or that is exactly what it is you to bread okay I'll tell you what happened though while trying to open random apps on my phone to see if I could get it to slow down I accidentally stumbled upon the suggested column in Instagram and now i can't put it down like what is my god is a content discovery working on a person i'm going to someone call the president's brandy you don't understand there are so many things on here that I

Don't understand why I'm not following like I have what is going on here like some of my favorite things how am I not following and how does it know that I like these things oh I like how it knows i'm a dumbass because facebook that's how it knows but still like the guys gonna catch is i was hanging saw underscore lovers I was not following ice cube on Instagram until just now hell that's just crazy I'm imagining I'm imagining that you're saying I don't know how it knows I like these things and then we could just like go to your Facebook page and there'd be like a post

Words Cameron likes I think yeah I know I do like how have I not liked ice cube on on Instagram because I'm sure he he has to share some straight-up thug ass pictures and when right instagrams that's what I go there for does he share those pictures or does he share like are we there yet pictures oh god I hope I hope not that I just I just followed Carmelo Anthony I'm gonna unfollow him immediately I don't know why I did that it was bad idea it was a terrible idea and I was like oh god I'm just I'm I'm if you're gonna follow a new york knick you should follow Amar'e Stoudemire so

You can see the pictures where he takes pictures of himself bathing in red wine a more ice time is not even in New York Knick anymore though that's true what is it where is he now what is he he is where is he now it was in Dallas and now he's in right now he still knew your kidney no no he was in Dallas last year oh you're thinking Tyson Chandler know so I stuff about her woodstock time is where we're having right now towards police and in your sports questions to my duty he was totally in ballast last year and miami apparel even miami is in miami yeah last

Year he played like half the season the last half of the season he played in dallas it was weird i'm so glad i know this and by that i mean i'm not at all glad i know this uh you're talking so YouTube bread that is launched a mess on october 28 and if you have play music you have YouTube bread and there's nothing you can do about it mmm I'm so Dhabi's like on a scale of one to excited I'm I'm I I'm like an eight yeah this is pretty pretty pretty good yeah it's a chickadee so it's so awesome that they're just like here have this with the thing you're already paying for and

If you anak you subscribe to read after it exists you get play music too like I feel like um people went to Twitter and like made things up and then that became fact and instead I don't believe energy changing I understand how anyone who'd look at this and not think hey that's awesome because I think everybody on the Internet has at one point like wanted to watch a 20 second video and YouTube is like actually can you watch this 15 second ad first the deutscher one actually stab your laptop with a knife it's like I I don't care if it's the best twenty second video ever like I out

Of just principle I will not I will not participate in this transaction to me I'm going to be signing up for this issues is available mainly because my son is on youtube on my tablets a lot and a lot of times he'll watch commercial or like he'll watch videos they're like I don't like toy reviews or something like that and they'll have like unscalable commercials for like horror movies in front of it I'm like yeah they don't or even worse get-rich-quick schemes you don't want your son clicking on those mad but he's gonna get into a pyramid

Scheme or he might get what you get yeah that's like what if you know what what if what it we never had surprised ok let's go on the random tangent eye lopes has everybody seen these ads this guy who's like hey I just wanted to film this video you know in front of my Lamborghini I have let you know people making fun of this I don't know anything about the they're amazing hehe is I he lives in the los angeles area so if I he kind of looks like al Madrigal from The Daily Show except kind of like you know a douche canoe you know how magico but a douche canoe so if I ever see him I'm

Going to man slap him in the face just real hard uh because he's a terrible or any other kind of man slap I mean is there a gentle man slap or I not so hard managing them and slap ya be gentle and we actually pull out a glove and slap somebody with the glove like what about when in between be slapping somebody with the glove on as opposed to a bare hand it would that be the the levels of man's lap if you take the glove off then you have challenged him to a duel but if you keep the glove on what if you what if the glove is like not quite on like your fingers are in polish situation

Because I'm pretty sure his weapon of choice would be a Lamborghini and then I can you secure God he would do a hideous like hey hey guys miss hannah here's my Lamborghini ran this guy over wanted to talk about whatever he talks about i don't know i wanna i got the the the eight steps to financial success after running somebody over so yeah youtube bread is a way to skip ad on youtube behind videos for offline viewing so that you can you can hate people uh off the internet uh which is cool it also comes with google play music which is a good music service that does good things

It's also music locker service if you not use google play music so it is a it combines the bed two worlds aside from the fact that I really hate the Google Play Music app with a fiery hot passion but i will probably subscribe anyway just for the value and so to clear up the misconceptions about YouTube bread which is this whole oh we don't know how payments going to work now uh the way to YouTube bread is going to work is you will be apportioned a part of the total subscription revenue from YouTube bread based on people who watch your videos

How long they watch them and how many subscribers you have which is exactly the way youtube works now minus the advertisement metrics so there's really nothing changing all that much YouTube would still like to pay content creators basically as much if not a little more than they're making right now except it's just going to come for people are subscribing something instead of sleazebag advertisements which I think we can agree is better yeah except it costs money David what if what am I going to do if I don't have a credit card because I'm 15 you're gonna grow up

Oh my god get older I find it the self resolving problem and you know for people outside the US as far as red red exclusive content is concerned if you really want to watch PewDiePie's red exclusive video i'm gonna guess there's going to be a website on the internet which will grant you some access to that content i'm hoping somebody registers youtube green com somebody out there please tube green so like Christmas colors yeah I think the folks from the red ratio should do it okay so guys I'm kind of freaking out on the inside right now and I'd like to share with you why

Ok ok I did not know this until right now but the third novel in the miss Peregrine series came out on sep tember 22nd and I had no idea and I am to stay up all night now reading this me let me let me stop you there what I mean yeah so miss peregrine's home for peculiar children and Hollow City I read them both like multiple times and I love them and I did not know the library soul right library of souls was already out and it's been out for a month and I don't know how I didn't know this I'm sorry I don't speak Cartoon Network oh i just got wrecked i feel like i

Did so in the during this conversation i've been doing some research youtube Green Comm is registered and if you type it into your browser it will redirect you to outstanding floors calm the tagline is it's our business ! are they are the floors outstanding or there there's clipart you know completely unrelated news clip art it our house would get calls from 0 for a wrong number for a florist that somewhere phone number to ours you should all star wars taking more hours not floors this is some kind of phenomenon this or just so we're clear like florists are flowers

And floors are floors wait are we talking about two different things here I don't think we are to be honest way whatever is lending floors it's our business I'll floor ok no this is this I was talking about I mean these are close enough I think that I think we can I think this cover I think oh we can say this this is a flourish topic I want I want a florist be called outstanding florists and then the tagline is there are flowers ! oh so we have the the one a9 which I have a year and I can show to you it is a phone in my hand um that you know basically hcc built a meme uh-uh so

That's cool so far i've been using it I got it yesterday so my initial impressions are it's not bad but but if you legitimately think this is worth four hundred dollars or crazy it's just it isn't I'm you know I realize HTC you know you have to turn a profit on a phone you sell an HTC is like the worst example of not turning a profit right now because they aren't turning a profit so I can understand from a business perspective why four hundred dollars make sense but from a consumer perspective $350 two months from now will also make sense so I think this

Phone would be much better price at like three 2999 that sounds about right to me it's pretty fast the battery life so far is you know the capacity isn't huge so your screen on time is going to be good but with doze mode and marshmallow the standby time seems pretty solid so I'm not disliking that the actual build quality of device uh it actually seems more refined to me than the the one m9 for some reason I'm not sure why exactly uh maybe it's just fewer pieces overall the lack of boomsound speakers is a you know I really like that as a feature of HTC phones it made them stand out a

Little bit but as a premium 5 inch device even with the snapdragon 617 which runs pretty quickly on marshmallow I in my opinion especially with three gigs of RAM which not even the Nexus 5 XS it runs reasonably well I've not encountered any major slowdowns the screen is good it's an AMOLED panel that seems to be pretty solid overall it's a very likeable phone I mean it's it's hard to find anything to really strongly dislike about it other than the fact that it does unabashedly look like an iPhone which is going to be the narrative on this phone the entire time

Anybody wants to pay attention to it on the internet but HTC seems like they made a good phone but as usual they do want way too much money for it can we talk about how much like an iPhone it looks that something we're allowed to talk about and yeah I mean it does that was a fantastic sentence but what if they intentionally made it like that not not to copy the iphone but to convince people that they had copied the iphone so they would talk more about it it's be receipt I've I mean I think that is really their play I think I think deep down this is a deeply cynical

Product that is essentially saying well what if we just make something look like an iPhone and people just buy it because it's cheaper than an iphone i really think that is the main marketing directive behind this device quite possibly hmm I mean HTC is desperate they are they are very very desperate they are you know persons starving in the Arctic desperate they are Donner Party desperate for sale success since this point it is it is bad over there they need this to work so uh the blatant copying of the iphone design which HTC says you know we came up with the first

Which well just because you came up with the first doesn't mean you can then copy the successful products that you know essentially eight parts of your design language just because you came up with the first if you are that much more unpopular than the extremely popular product with the given design there's no way anybody is ever going to believe you when you say no no but it was us um I will argue to the end of eternity that the iphone was not nearly as close to the m7 roommate as the a9 is to the iphone oh I agree completely that is a fantasy that has been invented in the

Last week that way that's Jason Mackenzie Ashley goes sleep every night with a pair of headphones telling telling himself the iphone was inspired by the m7 over and over in the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman hmm I was hoping for jony ive's soothing voice yeah well at least now we know where HTC spent all its money hiring Morgan Freeman that would be a very very plausible thing for HTC to do I wouldn't be surprised for a moment if they hired Morgan Freeman to make a bedtime story for their CEO but who is their CEO this I'm rav4 well in the US it's uh Jason is

It Jason Mackenzie I think that's right I think he's the president of us yeah present whatever he is the man in charge of the US operations CEO cher Wang who is also the majority stakeholder uh or the plurality stakeholder in hcc uh since uh what's his name Peter Chao was a removed he was chosen that was awful yes it was all right so we should I was talked about the new fossil Android wear smart watch that them that was launched their well was announced this week watching October are we really talking about it it's the name is so stupid I can't even like what when I read the

Name I was like there has to be some mistake so I went I had to go through and read the pr myself because I swear to God I thought we up the headline almost like there's no white this is really called the Q founder there's no way it is it's a it's a confounding it's a confounding watch it founds cues stupid it is so stupid I know it's you know it's really stupid is like they're like two pictures of it may be on the entire internet yeah yeah they won't they like they keep putting the real watch with like the smart like the Bluetooth stuff at like the top of all

The articles about this and all their blog posts and everybody thinks that's the watch that's not the watch right cuz if there's been a lot of confusion because of that over the whole like flat tire thing because obviously the first images we saw and had the flat tire and then you start seeing all these articles about it they show this watch that actually looks really nice and has no flat tire and it's like okay that's cool and then you scroll down you see watching somebody's wrist like wait what's that big it's got a flat tire yeah I am I

III can't even tell you whether or not it's going to be like at okay looking smart watch because you like you've seen it sort of kind of at a distance from two angles so who knows it's just weird it's coming out in like a few days right october twenty fifth and like there aren't even like real press shots of it but right you can go toward little fossil store and pick one up I just I don't I just don't even understand how this is I mean I there's actually i think the nearest fossil store to me i don't think there is one in a major you know metropolitan la mole but there is

One about 40 minutes away yeah i'm sure there's one like 20 minutes from me yeah i'm gonna go i'm gonna go see if they have it I'm uh not I like going to the mall what can I say oh oh I live like a few minutes from a fossil store it's like right down the goddamn Street it's not a contest Ryan Ryan it is now cuz I just one things are contest when I win and they're not when I lived you would have to leave your house though I can do that sometimes I know when I have it you've already left under the cover of darkness were you married I just say I just simultaneously discovered that

There's a fossil store close to me and then also that there's not one because it's permanently closed guys we are increasing fossil brand awareness exactly what they want somebody should come out with an appt the job i go to buy watches we're gonna come out very tasteful satchels so there's apparently an authorized fossil dealer 3.8 miles from my house so uh i think ryan and i have ourselves a contest you should go there excuse me can you order me a cue founder doesn't like a bottle pack and then they just point you to the mcdonalds in the food court yeah so but

The actual closest fossil fossil actual fossil store is 21.3 three miles no you know what though like when that thing comes out like I'll totally go go there and like look at it if they actually happen because I want to know what it actually looks like in real life fossil may be educators and i probably wont to look at it i think that i think the key feature of the watch is that in order to hide the flat tire they make it so that only exists in your peripheral vision they actually cover the flat tire with a strip of artisan leather Corinthian leather we can only the Rhenus in cows

Corinth yeah so uh anyways so yeah that's the SmartWatch that's been released that we don't know what looks like and yeah so it'll be out in a couple days and um hopefully we'll know what it looks like when it comes out as heaven forbid they give us a good friend shot but we do have some pretty good press shots of the upcoming Samsung 18.4 inch Galaxy you tablet and it's an interesting collection of pieces and parts well I don't know what Samsung is thinking like I mean I get that they have this shotgun approach to products for this make a thing and that if people

Buy it they make some more of it and then if they don't they just pretend it never happened but one would think that Samsung would have the the sense to understand that a well the rest of our tablets aren't selling very well and be making one that's more expensive and larger probably is in the solution to that problem and yet the galaxy view I think the handle is actually mostly for picking it up and then slamming it as hard as you can to the ground no it's for picking it up and taking it to the car I was thinking to take it on the beach and use it like a boogie board

Yeah no I'm sure there's going to be a samsung marketing video of people having a great time at the galaxy view it well the shots that some of the link to pictures there to watch videos of people surfing they were at pictures like they were using in the car they were like playing the game in the car I'm like are you kidding me nobody is going to put this in a car and take it anywhere it's it's legitimately terrible idea also it has a proprietary charger which samsung should be should be strung up and given 40 lashes for because it's unacceptable you can't do it anymore

Volunteer to be the last I listen just so we're going it isn't that it I mean isn't having a proprietary charger like a violation of the retailer get satellite I don't think you're allowed to do it in Europe are you I think they mandated that you have to you have to have a standard port or an adapter I'm not sure about that I think you're making it up I guess yeah jobs don't have to have those ports I think it's for phones wait is this what does this count as the tablet did but just did tablets count as laptops or I don't know I think these are not I I'm not a

Familiar with the European consumer protection law around charging interfaces I mean I just usually wanna when you're comes up I just assume that it's something just really extremely clean humor Ryan I would like that it makes no sense I would assume that if everything had a USB port that Europe would sue the USB standard sure yeah okay but because that point the USB sandy not options it's unfair they have to give you options that startup just which everything has to be it has to maintain a baseline level of shittiness for the European Commission to leave its

I mean if if like if everything is USB than what what are the scuzzy people gonna do yeah it can it can't be too shitty but it also can't be too not shitty it has to be somewhere in the middle ok but this tablet is a terrible idea it's like they one of the use cases they show in the screenshots from the press video that Sam mobile obviously as is people taking it out camping and they're like you can watch TV outside and then it's like oh it has a TV antenna it's like of course not it doesn't have a TV antenna it's just a stupid android tablet it doesn't have a

TV antenna and it only get seven and a half minutes of battery life toshiba actually tried to do that with the tablet but I don't think they were sold American which most of an acid from if I excited 18 was it 13 i thought was 18 i was 13 i was 13 i thought it's yes and like should we let people touch it and there was a discussion in japanese about that hmm yeah it would point I'd watch it and it didn't work I just wish this thing if this thing had a projector in it then I would totally get one Oh totally I feel like messing with a galaxy beam with an

18.4 inch display a projector should be standard in every mobile device absolutely the Galaxy Beam view that sounds like a great idea i'll talk about this in the review but the absence of a projector on the 6p is really a deal-breaker an exam right well we got we got a good amount of a good amount of emails we got a voicemail this week from actually a listener in australia and the accent everything was cool but the audio quality was really bad so um if he if you're listening australian caller uh try again and um try to like be standing outside of a wind tunnel or something

But that next move on to emails we've got one from bretts AAP i'm wondering what your thoughts are in regards to the possibility of the Moto X 2014 carrier editions getting marshmallow I know the moto has said they will not be getting the update however there was a recent Wi-Fi Alliance finally in these devices of these devices running Android 6.0 is there any hope for these devices getting the update I'm gonna go with no no was wishful thinking that's uh I don't know I wouldn't count on it that's what I that's that's my official answer my official answer is I would not count on

It i would say i would say that if moto has officially said that they're not going to give you update even if Moto's goes to the carriers and says hey we beat this upgrade and the carriers are just go look at it and say well you've been given us an excuse not to qualify for our network so we're just not going to well I think so the reason they did this I think at one point they did planned update the phones and then lenovo said hmm is that gonna cost money dollars and motorola's like well yeah duh Lenovo's like we're not big on the money dollars right now so at that point

Things stopped so carry your certification for this kind of stuff it let alone the Wi-Fi Alliance certification which i think is mean basically free there's probably like a small filing costs but for Kari certifications you have to pay for the carrier's time certify updates and that is usually the biggest cost because has to go through the carrier certification labs and Lenovo probably looked at the estimated cost of the certification and went nope and this is probably part way through the updates anyways so yeah I don't think this is any sign that

They're actually gonna get lollipop I think it excuse me marshmallow I think it's a sign that they were at one point potentially going to get it yeah there might be like a completely done lollipop update secretly hiding on some lenovo server right now but they decided it was doable oh oh yeah that's right man marshmallow whatever no there's going to do more more lollipop but you know the point being you're not going to get this update even if it exists alright so next email is from Lou hi Guys looks blue from Missouri first love the show second I did use a galaxy note 4 on tmobile

Bought it on ebay from in the back in August yesterday he called tmobile I'm a pair prize paraphrase a little bit it's a it's a long one but i guess a call tmobile to unlock the device and today they blocked his phone because apparently person who was selling it to him money they didn't pay for it in full before they sold it um so now he's trying to figure out if there's anything he's gonna be able to do to use the phone t-mobile has told him they can't tell him how much is owed so that he can pay off the balance so yeah he's looking looking for an answer there also wants

To know what phone we would recommend on t-mobile if he's not going to be able to use that one that's such a bummer I mean you presumably paid with a pal so you should file a complaint immediately yeah that is numero no I mean depending on how long ago it was it was like Silicon so imagine what I wonder the paypal length of time is I was it 30 days III don't I mean if I think if you allege there's fraud i think it's longer interested a disparate oh yeah oh yeah basically you know when you're buying a phone if you're ever buying a used phone i would always suggest using an imei

Verification service to see if there are essentially the imei you would think of it as the vin like if you were buying a car and you can see if there are any outstanding liens against the phone which is what a payment plan is to lean against the device so you'll be able to see that if got the imei if somebody is unwilling to give you the imei they probably have something to hide it's probably a stolen phone that my own or that they don't plan on paying an existing payment plan for you know if you if you if you use swap ax to get into buying cell phone instead of ebay

Like they actually automatically verify every imei before they said you know unfortunately yeah it's it's a bummer uh with with the anti-theft features coming in too many phones now the number stolen phones will end up on sites like eBay is probably reduced but yeah now more carriers are doing payment plans well that's the that's the tricky thing here is this guy probably had a payment plan on this iced a guy who ever sold this device to him probably at a payment plan on it and probably continue to make payments for a month or two after I mean I that he got through that 30-day period

I mean that's almost certainly what happened or it took 60 days or so for the collection letters to start appearing in the imei to get flagged as blacklisted but I mentioned it right mention it earlier I actually just recently sold phone through swap uh they actually do the imei verification for you you cannot sell a phone on suavo without having the imei verified so it's a pretty good way to go if you're a good look at higher studying so this so this was a tmobile note for like carrier locked right that's what I'm gathering from this yes so I mean they he could

See about maybe trying to get like an outside unlock code and use it on a different carrier what I would suggest is uh actually what i would do i put it back on ebay and open it to international buyers at which point i think the bad imei doesn't matter because he dead well it's still carrying a lot too though you have to you'd have to buy on yeah but somebody buys arresting david had to do that the interesting thing and I actually kind of skipped over this is that he did get two emails from t-mobile one had the unlock code in and the other was a message

Saying that we can't give you the unlock code so my guess is he can get the phone on lock but wants to use it on tmobile and now the imei is well the thing about unlocking a phone that's practically difficult for a lot of people is you do need an alternate carrier sim to complete the unlock process because you have to get to the point where you enter the unlock code into the device for the unlock process complete so I i would i would suggest if i was if i was this person i had this bad t mobile phone i would say i go on ebay and i'd say in the listing hey i got screwed by

Somebody who sold me this phone has a bad imei uh for you know non-us buyers you would open it up to all non-us buyers and say whoever wants it can have it you're not gonna get as much money as a clean imei phone but you will get somebody who knows that okay i can buy this phone and go through an unlock website and not have to worry about this because the imei databases are usually only shared in America amongst American carriers so it wouldn't it wouldn't matter in another country yeah this room good so then he also wanted to know what what phone he should get and he said it

I guess it has to be t mobile phone with Wi-Fi calling so something he would buy from the carrier but I mean if you just took a big if you just took a big hit like spending a lot of money on this phone you probably I assume he'd want something kind of cheap so i don't know maybe I think the t-mobile g4 is really cheap and that has banned 12 and Wi-Fi calling and everything so maybe we're gonna free that could also be a good option I what I use g3 oh yeah that might that might be good the new Nexus phones do not have banned 12 yet I think they have

Wi-Fi calling because that's an AOSP so I mean yes you could get you know he'd get a 5 X or 6p yeah my t-mobile t-mobile has a proprietary implementation the nexus 5 actually did not have Wi-Fi calling on TV and it only added they added back at OSP a few months back so the Nexus 6 and the 5x anything I think they have compatible Wi-Fi calling now out of the box over there I'm pretty sure if I'm wrong I apologize to everybody well I always thought I always thought it was weird that the nexus 5 because the nexus 5 didn't because I thought that I thought

That Wi-Fi calling functionality was building day under instance like gingerbread yeah it was it was well they had VoIP and it was kind of different II yeah that was no a sip SI said yeah there was yeah so alright so moving on we got another email from kirk says hello android blue team I have two questions first you know how to get or do you know how Google updates the emojis on Android could be as easy as a google keep a Google keep I can't talk tonight google keyboard update or do you think the entire system needs to be updated I think a good answer that one

Real quick it's the keyboard right no it does not it is the apps have to be able to process some oj sorry yeah just to keep the emoji stuff is a font on the system partitions you need a system update to add them correct and then you know obviously manufacturers will differ in the actual graphic emoji that they then pool yes Lord for example Google designs nice-looking emojis and Samsung designs horrible ones you know exactly I've heard so many people say that Android has really ugly emojis and it's because they've only seen the Samsung emojis yeah Samsung's emojis are

there or they are even worse than LG's and that is saying something which is really you know okay mildly potentially offensive statement for a Korean company I mean come on your emoji game should be like when you hire your emoji game should be on point 24 hours a day and yet yeah and it's bad but yeah you're have to wait for a system update of some sort to add the new emoji sorry so second question about multi-room support for chromecast and chromecast Audio I have my chromecast hooked up to the best screen in the house and that TV is also

A connection to the best speakers in the house you think I'll be able to use the upcoming multi-room functionality on a chromecast and a chromecast Audio otherwise I'd have to unplug my good speakers for my TV and put them into the chromecast Audio every time I want to use the multi-room music playback I suspect many people in sabo so I guess the question is I don't know Mike I'm confused by this question is there you know is there a receiver involved in this equation I sets that's it for me basically if you have a TV and your speakers are just hooked up directly to

TV maybe vaya I mean how did I wonder something I guess yeah if you have a wireless set of speakers and you have a you know the main speaker that as an optical out that's the only that's the only sit maybe have like saw no sore something maybe if you do it that way that could give you get you in the situation basically if you are actually it doesn't have samos if he's asking about a chromecast future support for a moment maybe maybe not casana doesn't support every music service and never you know all audio out on Android or whatever so if you have an AV receiver

We should just hook up to chromecast Audio to you a spare port on the receiver yeah it's hard to answer this is we don't really know how the multi room thing is gonna work or even you know like when it's yeah this is I don't have enough information about the setup here but the multi room stuff I don't know when that's coming I I got very vague answers when I was at the Nexus Bend and ask Google about the stuff so yeah they brother don't know yet yeah next email is from Nate says love the pod listen religiously and no Nexus info is tough considering it's on the cusp of

Release but I'm curious if you have any insight into unlocking the bootloader there's a lot of back and forth out there i'm looking to route but i do want to unlock the bootloader as soon as comes out so i could be ready for future release flashing I sum up said that there is no impact on Android pay in the fingerprint scanner someday it will break them some say I'm the routing breaks them any advice um i have not unlocked the bootloader on mine Liam did you unlock yours I did not and I will not because it's serve you unit it shouldn't matter

Anyway unlocking the bootloader both the fingerprint API know about the fingerprint API but Android pay is only looking at root status so unlocking your bootloader doesn't matter as long as you're running a firmware that Android pay me tons and I mean and their Nexus phone so like worst case scenario if something does break you can reel off the bootloader yeah i think you know it's mostly route because the idea is that you know things like the fingerprint scanner and verifying android pay they kept insecure when any application can have root access if you

Allow it to so they would potentially be in danger so Google doesn't want you to get in the situation where where those things could be compromised potentially the bootloader is not in it in and of itself an indication of an insecure device being unlocked that is so I'm not sure I would assume that it wouldn't affect either these things at all just and just so you know I just just a little bit of information out there about root status aspect of that is if if there's a workaround discovered for that you're going to expect that they're going to fix it pretty quickly because

Keeping that lock down and keeping root access away from Android pay isn't something that's just bad PR if it gets broken but it actually could cost a lot of money in fines and penalties because credit card processors really really don't want anything like that near there i think the you know as far as the root situation goes you know there are so there are continuously fewer reasons to root on android with pretty much every passing release and the security issues that then lead to routing far outweigh any of the your experience benefits of rooting your device so i think that if

You want to use this cool stuff and you also want to root your phone you do have to make that hard decision and that's that's just kind of the way it is Google is never going to to renege on this just because with all the no stage fright stuff and security patches and all that it's clear that Google is more than ever taking a harder line on the by security but that said the bootloader situation google allows you to upload on these devices so there's no reason thing unlocking bootloader would inherently break these things and one last thing he asked is

You wanted to know if liam is noticing any hypersensitivity on the power button on the a hypersensitivity meaning what Tiffany but like hyper it feels it like normal button to me I mean so I gather like if you were to say something disparaging about the button it would take it harder than the button of another phone yeah its feelings delicate flower no it feels like a normal button to me I'm guessing there's probably some reports in the forum somewhere maybe somebody got some gotta back these hardware's potentially alright uh uttal email is from Brian there's something

That it seems like no one is mentioning that they are considering with the latest announcement of the Nexus be I recall a few years back the huawei was making headlines for being accused of spying for the chinese government it was partially reason why they were having difficulty getting into the US market I'm sincerely not trying to sound like a tin foil hat ER here I simply don't remember the issue growing too seriously considerable proportions but i also don't remember any news story completely exonerating my way either it just seemed disappear okay so what happened with

This was Huawei wanted a the ability to sell their mobile network products which is say commercial deployment of LTE systems in the United States and Congress wasn't hot on that idea because they believed that Huawei because they got essentially Huawei has received preferential loans from the Chinese government and was founded by a guy ratio Fang I think that's how you pronounce it general he was in the while he was in general but is in the Red Army Corps of Engineers and so there was there was a lot of suspicion that Huawei networking

Hardware would have essentially back doors in it for the Chinese government to spy on US citizens and eventually disrupt us public networks there's never any proof of this wave that laid out obviously because there was it would have been a huge news story as far as I know Huawei is allowed to do business in the US now for that networking equipment it never covered consumer devices Huawei has been selling consumer devices in the US since like 2011 maybe even earlier than that without issue there was there's no problem there the all the spyware and you know Chinese government

Spying thing was in relation to network business not the consumer device group and I think the reason that we don't hear about it anymore is because nobody ever got a shred of evidence that they were doing anything wrong and yeah I think that some Huawei network equipment is actually being deployed in the United States at this point they are the biggest LTE network deployer outside of the United States so they're this is their big business so I don't think that it really is worth seriously considering any more than it is worth seriously considering whether or not Apple is

Installing back doors on your phone because they're an American company that is how tenuous the connection is there because nothing was ever proven and nobody ever provided any concrete evidence of any wrongdoing on always part so I wouldn't I I don't think it's always good to be skeptical to an extent but I don't think there's any any evidence out there that what was doing anything wrong in terms of the handling of user information or ties the Chinese government that might be related to you know spying on people who own their products or use their network products

All right well uh that's going to do a lot of emails this week if you guys are interested in having your emails read on the show questions you can get all of this podcast at Android Police calm and also leave us a voicemail at 5 30 hello ap that is 530 435 5627 you know this a twit oh god I can't talk today Oh twitter at android police and on google+ and facebook that's a questions answered and antiques appraised oh yes 30 please dearest of your antique photos we need all angles and if there's any unique identifying marks make sure you have any older male

I will take your old lamps I could eat some lamps Jeanne Liz are we are we appraising and buying is that what's happening now depends it's moot if the mood hits sell us your old junk podcast and one of a kind Tiffany lamp $25 already then ok I'm going to stop the broadcast

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