The Android Police Podcast Ep. 160 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on April 10, 2021

Now we're finding out all the reasons that we need Bob wondering if just just just play it on your phone and hold it up to the mic hold up the microphone there you I'm wondering if I oh my god I have no idea what just happened e you you scuttle field matt is broadcasting from a 1950s jail cell complete with brick wall spreadsheets okay android anytime soon net and mobile data connection failures it will fit one dot 52 okay i know the watch face looks like yeah i was just anxious gonna look I don't I

Don't think I update yeah oh yeah that's probably true now it may be I can even yep I do even is their settings forward to I don't even like I don't even know like wait or do any other watch faces have settings like you can choose a color some yeah Oh on the watch her on your phone on the watch oh um I don't think I haven't either do that because you can make it like blue or whatever and there's like I there are a few I mean they have a little little Settings icon like underneath you exit ok ok if it's like that that's not new then all right but that's the Google fit watch

Place that's what's it what's it called google it it's like it's like on the other side Stewart seriously 20 watch faces we could come with it other than the default Android wear one so it's like it's impossible to find anything we're going to kill the LG G stylo yeah yeahs muted by oh well yes I'll do that our pink Sarn ton pinking at the bottom of the spreadsheet in the other new section Matt yeah but as we were discussing how upsetting that was earlier oh ok on google docs and slides how to insert images okay I need to read about that because

I'm not even aware oh no and all the links are weird to the see this is what happens we don't have Bob everything's just all broken everything's broken okay slides okay slides lets you do tables somebody said tablets in the article or tell needs mega spelling correction you can insert tablets into your Google slides the whole tablet can go in there national giveaway product reviews on a stick the g four of you in there real quick and okay that should do her the old spreadsheet and we are one minute ahead of schedule except madness dropped again maybe maybe he thinks he finally

Found a solution for that that bug that was discussed five years ago then he can update the thread so others will know okay well we're gonna start like five minutes late here so I may as well BRB since Matt's having issues alright well I just got kicked off the internet momentarily and I'm the only one home so it's not a bandwidth use problem so this is exciting it'll be just like we're at Bob's house okay Matt did you you're giving she's dropping or you just try and fix the

Lower third I have exited once because of dropping and once because I was trying to lower the fix it okay so i won't say i'm not having problems dropping i'm just saying on the upside your sound is really good so that's good that's good good good good so this is an echo a room so I feel like I should street tag something on the wall behind me during the show okay I'm gonna social stuff out here so we don't have any intro outro music I guess I should just start recording just somebody want to like try to hum the theme or did you mean it's good that we can remember

Enough that means it's got yeah it's got a brand to it we've got a brand it's just it's just like some stock either from someplace right I'm afraid your mom boasted yeah yeah Bobby did it yep we can play that remix I was talking about of the regional there's like one or two Sounders their stock that we used but most of the bomb made everything or commercial the other day with some background music and I was like that's one of our Sounders just much longer yeah okay so for our live listeners is few abused they're generally arm we are doing the show without Bob today and

You're not familiar Bob is the person in charge of pressing of the buttons and the sounders and the editing of the show and a lot of other things that we didn't know he was doing yeah and he you know the hosts the hangout for the show and he's the one you know making sure everything's getting recorded and so we're all trying to do that without Bob which means we're not going to have all those things it's just it's not possible yeah so it's gonna be a little bit a little bit more raw than usual but yeah there will not be there not be Sounders or music between sections and everything

It will be a little bit more more at lib although although you should probably try to like write down the time in dexter and those things will be so the bob can insert them later easily oh man i have no way to easily read the time index from we're actually actually it's it's it's not it's not even gonna be that difficult all we got to do is just leave a pause Bob can recognize the pauses pretty quick it's easy to save on the way we seem to have a moment of silence after he's each section two yes it look to reflect upon what we said yes so we will just we will reflect and that

Will be our trigger all right good yom so anything left to take care of one spreadsheet guys good here I think we're we're good you all right um I'm just gonna go ahead and say that see I got disconnected the last time I tried my tried to I tried to do a screen share with the voice mail to see if it would play the audio of a voice mail through the screen share and it disconnected me from the Hangout as soon as I did that so I'm not gonna try that again so unless there are any objections I say we just save the voicemail for next week sounds good oh man that's gonna get

Super annoying or something like that well I white light why why are you not using priority notifications David I am well you're not using right oh man Artemis trying to talk to me about contents enough ah that's not happening right now okay I guess we are man I coulda sworn I wanted to do one more thing yeah Ryan Ryan just so we're clear when we're doing the intros you are the last intro yes I yeah okay yeah so end it with a bang or something just okay do I not do a night usually is that no usually you don't end it you just say i'm ryan

Whitwam and i'm just saying oh and i see i see it can be bombs I see better and I usually he'll return rate i'll just i'll note that we're doing a bob free podcast and apologize by the way this is our listeners this is episode 160 and also the first one without cops wow that's a pretty significant streak i think that just 19 cell so i'm pointing that out for the record alright so i guess we can say this is where the intro music goes this is where the intro music goes don't know 200 and didn't attend to welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android it

Is thursday may 14 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David Redick along spradlin I Ryan Whitwam and we don't have Bob this week I'm sorry yes no buttons are being pressed so if you notice a distinct lack of buttons being pressed it's because there aren't any buttons being pressed so with that being said let's kick things off with code google insert code google music here alright so it's been a long time coming but it looks like we finally have a 5.1 over-the-air update rolling out to the nexus 9 so Ryan have you gotten it on yours yet are you rocking 51 on your 9i

I side-loaded at the moment it existed maybe even before it existed because I wanted it so bad i mean i like willed myself to travel back in time to get it um but I don't know why I was so excited because it's still kind of not great I mean it's it's oh it it's a little bit better but it still feels like a nexus 9 so kind of weird hiccups every now and then and just generally not as fast as it should be um but I mean at least Google did eventually release it even though they said but her four days before it came out it was going to be out that day on I it came out and it's

Okay well technically I mean let's see it's summertime so in the northern hemisphere the North Pole it might still be the same day I don't know try not pry not that probably happened if i may be Google's lunar or something i really know how that works alright well so not not any noticeable improvements there for you well I'm you know a little bit it doesn't I mean I feel like there are you know fewer hangs than their work before but it still does things that most Android devices just don't do um I don't know if that's like all a problem with the the 64-bit nvidia chip or if

There's just some other hardware reason that it's like that but the Nexus 9 has just never been a particularly smooth device and it's still not with with five point one point one I mean with all those those hiccups maybe the Nexus 9 just has gas it's burp the Nexus 9 I will try the night with my tablet later later today actually you could just do that one somebody else is talking just you know so sorry I I have to burp my tablet real quick excuse me all right so uh the nexus 5 also apparently going to be getting a five-point 1.1 update pretty soon right David yes it is if you

Believe sprint which sprint you know like I feel like whoever's in charge of posting the update documents on sprint they get an initial date and then the manufacturer can change it and that person just never ever changes it on on the sprint side they they put that information up there as soon as they have a date they know they can put it up so that means is probably coming soon it could be like tomorrow it could be two weeks from now Sprint is not always perfect but it is a good sign that the update is at least imminent at this point well they didn't say it was

Coming today so I think that rules out the next four days that's how this that's how this works right yeah I think that's a probably on average correct alright so moving on to some android issues some Google stock issues starting off with a webview issue device crashes very very bad Ryan what's going on here so there is an update to the Android webview component that lollipop devices get through a Play Store now that just broke things as a few weeks ago app that that pulled up web pages using whether you just started crashing left and right sometimes it even caused the device to

Hang completely um and I mean this was widespread enough that I had people who don't normally pay a lot of attention to what their phone does like ask me why their phone was crashing all the time and it was enemy and it was this it was every time they tried to load certain pages in in a webview so Google finally rolled out an update to it just recently so if you update your system web view from the Play Store it will no longer crash things if you're into that kind of thing you know if you like don't crash alright so that was probably probably pretty minor I think compared to some

What some folks were experiencing with their Nexus sixes this week right yeah so people are having an issue just losing all data connectivity on the Nexus 6 i've not been using my nexus 6 lately so i am not certain if this is a something that will be affecting my device but it is apparently you know I wouldn't say super widespread if it was super widespread we'd probably have heard a substantial more amount of complaining by now but yeah it's not even necessarily fixed by restarting the device or going the airplane mode but usually I think it usually does come

Back eventually it seems to be affecting people on t-mobile and sprint for the most part uh so somebody on verizon claim that happened them another person outside the US said happened them as well but they could be different bugs it could be this could be red herrings so this could be specific to certain carriers Google is aware of the issue but they're only solution right now is yeah just go ahead and turn that off and then turn it back on and hope open I use my Nexus 6 on t-mobile and I have yet to see this i've been i've been using this phone for like two straight days which

Is unusual for me to use a phone for that long and it hasn't done that so i don't know huh well i've been using this phone for two straight days wow i know i know that sounds ridiculous i am quite lead a very unusual icicle ii forever alright so moving on to google plus apparently i'm sorry moving on to YouTube apparently the YouTube collection feature that you may or may not have known existent um is is no longer existing lately yeah so this is a feature that I actually did not know existed until we got a tip that it was going away but collections which allows

You to basically group your subscriptions together so you can view updates from certain collections of subscriptions all at once um yeah that feature is getting discontinued on May twentieth I don't know if they have any plans to replace it with anything or if it's just going to go away and that's how things are going to be bother you mr. odd it seems kind of odd that this this collection feature is going away at the same time Google+ as adding one just AM timings weird strange that's that's kind of why I'm thinking like maybe they have something to replace it that's not

Called collections I don't know or maybe they're going to require you to log into Google Plus to view all youtube videos and they're just gonna use Google+ collections at which point I believe in angry mob of people who are I never leave the house and just sit there watching YouTube videos all day will burn Google down yes wait figuratively or literally oh I think they would literally do it okay well they've already had to accept Google+ into their lives for commenting purposes though maybe they'll just have to deal with it this time yeah deal with it

That's it's a far-fetched thought right yeah ah I know should be it there should be an option to have sunglasses slide down from the top of your video feed when you say that I would like that you know my phone is really good at understanding hold I'm going to cover it up when I say it when I say okay google in the podcast and it's it's still ticking um when I say that it's really good at understanding that if you could just understand that I I'm you know somebody just deal with it and it could just like pull up the gift that would be awesome that would be be awesome um yeah

So if you're listening Google Plus hangouts team that should be in your next update thanks yeah it can just you sir impose that over to hang out yeah yeah i mean just drop it down you you've already got the the tracking where i can put something on i could draw something on ryan's eyes and when he moves it'll move with them so you could just use that it'll work i feel like we happened upon something that just really needs to happen yeah i think so all right so uh moving on to google fit version 5.2 rolled out this week and they actually added quite a bit of goodies in this one

I do yes they didn't so Google fit got support for a bunch of stuff that mode probably should have had to begin with but it now does it so you get distance tracking calorie burn estimates there's a widget if you want with it google seems to be getting back on the widget thing like they seem to have a such a torrid love affair with widgets some years they like them some years they hate them but anyway school that has widget now it also has a new watch face which is for Android wear and I actually I can demonstrate that to you live on our video podcast there there's what it

Looks like basically I guess you can change the color of it it's configurable to an extent so oh yeah and it shows you how many active minutes you've done today that's actually all it does is it's a whole watch face for the purpose of the little thing that says how many minutes you've been active today which seems a little bit silly although it does look kind of nice I guess so won't tell you how many calories you've burned or now the watch face tis none of that that that would be there's there's way too much you know vast open blank space on this watch face

For those kinds of features so if you um reach your goal does it explode and Cody lapis I assume so yes it is a maybe maybe four calories it like explodes in a pile of hot dogs or sometimes I did they ask them if I think it'd be awesome if when you reach your goal it just explodes into a cascading pile of playing cards like my beats all day yes oh that would be perfect all right dad all right so gmail also up to version 5.2 this week and they added some new features there that might be interesting to some right Liam as they would if my mic was not muted so gmail 5.2 they

Changed the Add Account dialog into a full activities so that looks better and inside the code we found references that might indicate the vacation responders are coming to the app soon which is nice and promoted action for unsubscribing from annoying emails which is awesome gmail on the web already promotes actions for emails and it thinks that you when it thinks that the email is went for an action so this would give you an option to just answers right away without scrolling through the whole thing trying to find a tiny thing to the bottom hmm neat I just had my first Mike

Mute unmute failure I feel wow here's my thick white afternoon to you yeah yeah cuz well you said that I was like oh yeah when I'm hooked up via USB I can use the mute button so i used and yeah so Larry works it works that's successful alright so let's move on to the the various Google dr applets i guess the Google Docs Google slides Google sheets all got updated this week with new features David what's new in that in that territory uh well i mean it's it's strictly functional stuff and it's stuff you want you can now put images in the

Docs and slides apps and android and sheets and drive get a basic in sheets you get support for tables so that's what's important there excuse me may it slide to get support for tables anyways all these apps got significant updates you should go download them if you haven't gotten the official roll out yet and always go to a peek a mirror and we have the apks for you there because i'm not even yours for not that not that I've ever used slides I think ever in my life but did you seriously not have the ability to put images in slides before it might have been four sheets that says

Docs and slides does say that in the title and I don't find to believe the titles we write but that one does strike me as a bit on let's uh yeah I'm gonna just glanced at this you you can go go ahead i'm just gonna see here's my guest here's my guest google put that in a blog post just to see if anybody was paying attention i'm not where it does it does it says right here the text docs and slides now let you insert images okay that's some time huh I mean yeah it is that nobody would know because nobody uses slides ever I don't think any human being is never actually used it that

Doesn't develop it I I mean I've used PowerPoint before and this is to my understanding a less feature-rich version of PowerPoint and I don't even like using our point so yeah nobody uses power point because they want to examine PowerPoint is yeah it's always always ya know nobody does it does that womanly yes that's that's you use that when somebody has told you you have to you know you are required to make a pouring presentation and the best way to do that is its power point so good luck yeah there's been times when I've been in meetings and I've been presenting

Information and they say you know what I just don't understand this at all when you say is it possible that we could just postpone this meeting and you could put it back together in a PowerPoint yeah that's not really ever happen that's never happened anywhere I I feel like that's a painting that has been said probably it probably has yeah I give people too much credit all right so I'm moving on to YouTube 10.18 has ruled out this week adding some new features for for your for your viewing history right yes they added the option to posse watch

History which is strange because that options been on the web for as long as I can remember but now it's an app so if you either want to polish your watch history or unpause it you can now do that well I want to unpause mine but I haven't paused it yet so what do i do you go on the app and posit and then you can unpause it from either that or the web hmm can you pause it from one and then unpause it from okay then everyone this is ridiculous I'm gonna try to pull a music we got an update not not to the app this time but to the web web interface for my music which I I

Honestly haven't ever used Ryan so is it significantly better it is different it actually looks almost exactly like the app now which is either an okay thing or a bad thing depending on who you talk to the Play Music app on Android gets kind of a lot of hate because I mean it is not it is not optimal and so now the web interface looks pretty much just like that it's got you know cards for all of the the albums and radio stations and you know and playlists and everything I it it does adapt to the width of your window which is pretty cool so the columns aren't like I'll squished

Together awkwardly if you have like a big monitor although it does look kind of weird if you have if your if your window is like wide and not very tall then it you just kind of don't see very much because it expands with wise to fill up the entire space so then it just cuts off the bottom but I think for most you know most window sizes and monitors it will be better for seeing stuff yes you should usually go look it's all material and what not and you know the functionality is the same as far as I know cool alright with that let's move on to the rumor roundup and this is

Where the room are under roundup sound over we would go this isn't awkward at all by the way nope not at all all right so uh we got some photos that leaked out this week regarding the galaxy s6 active which presumably will be coming coming pretty soon it sounds at least from the onset like this is a step up from from what they've done with actives in the past right it's it's pretty similar to the g six it's all well i mean the galaxy s5 active was very similar to the galaxy s5 internally and as far as specifications went there were some minor differences I so I assume with

This s6 active we can hopefully expect the Q HD AMOLED display uh probably the same chipset probably the same most things inside they might change a few things I don't know because the bill of materials on a ruggedized phone like this is not probably going to be a little higher but basically this is rumored image we're saying is real i I've seen the device previously and this is what it looks like I don't know about specifications though it would make sense there would be exactly like the s6 as far as most mexico apart from organization but i'm not sure i can't

Confirm that and it looks like the s5 active so one thing that is kind of interesting is I I'd heard previously the the team that designed the galaxy s6 designed the galaxy s4 and the team the designed the galaxy s5 signed the galaxy s3 so it's like they switch off every other year and I'm leave yes seem interesting yeah I don't know how true this is and I honestly outside somebody who works for samsung Korea I mean I don't think anybody can know how true this is but it would make sense that the s5 active in the s6 active or so similar if it's the s5 team who made the s5

Waterproof also does the active devices so they're just building on that estate which you because it looks nothing like the galaxy s6 at all yeah I I have a feeling that if that if that annual trade off thing is how they've been doing it this far the brand I can keep doing it because boy the galaxy s5 yes galaxy s4 kick tech team galaxies when I pass yeah well the thing about it though is if you recall when the galaxy s3 launched they had that team of guys who were like like the corporate espionage ninjas who made sure that nobody ever got any information so those guys would

Have been involved with the s5 so it should have been awesome because the the ninja espionage guys working yeah well I don't know I guess they were one-hit wonders or something maybe just a rat they ran out of ideas after day after day you know had to move beyond the teardrop shaped everything and like the the nature UX effects they just they had nothing else tank was empty all right so uh next let's move on to the new g pad X which has had some images leaked out courtesy of evleaks so Ryan what is it more to go on so there is a there's apparently a verizon version of it that

You'll be able to get for probably too much money and it I mean it looks like if you took a like a g4 and blew it up to tablet size and then made the back ugly that's what this tablet is is it's got that very distinctive like LG shape or like it's got the like the slightly curved top and bottom then on the back it looks like it has brushed aluminum but only over like eighty percent of the back and then the rest is some sort of plastic and as stereo speakers on the back off to one side it's an oddly proportioned oyes but maybe it'll actually be another premium tablet from

LG the last few tablets they've announced have all been mid-range there hasn't really been a true successor to the g pad 8.3 so it would be nice if this this tablet which we believe is about that same size you know add good specs yes that would be nice yeah I kind of don't see LG getting into the nice tablet market is I don't think there's enough money there so it's probably gonna be you know media hooker now they have sold a lot of those the g pad sevens or whatever this did you had seven point other thing else last year i see those all the time

Interesting I don't believe I've ever seen one I don't believe either eyes no wait I saw one at the g4 launch and use my LG spokesperson no i mean i like it like the the LT versions of that tablet they're super cheap people buy them on like ATT and Verizon all the time first thing you need an LTE tablet they'll give you one for like free well free if you mean like 40 extra bucks a month for two years well yeah I mean that's I guess free dozen people umbreon wanted to pay for the tablet fair enough fair enough all right so let's move on to huawei who has been talking about for

Some time that they'd like to enter into the US market now it feels like we might know a lot more about their plans for that very soon right David ie kinda this event is they're going to talk about the brand and they're going to introduce a phone called the ascend p8 lite but not only is it the watered-down version of the flagship phone they announced last month it is the watered-down watered-down version of the phone they announced last month so they built the p8 they went we're going to sell this in so many countries like I think they said like 35 launch countries and then I when

Do the p8 lite to which we're going to sell in a bunch of countries as well and then they also said well then there's another version of the p8 lite it's over there in the corner under the back and that should be the one America gets so it'll probably be cheap um I mean it remains to be seen how good it'll be but I'm not I wouldn't be super hopeful and yeah that's probably was going to happen at that event I would wait till later this year to see what Huawei's big us plans are I think later this year they had they had the honor 6 on 6 plus which were very successful phones

I think the successor to those devices later this year hopefully will launch in America and that why should be something worth paying attention to because I seriously doubt this thing they're going to unveil next month is now there I'm trying to remember there's their skin that they put on there is that is it though is it uh oh it is i get emotion emotion you ex or something thicker than frozen molasses I mean it is it is a hell of an Android UI skin so do you think if they come if they come to the States they'll come with that same approach yeah I i don't know i mean with

The phone i think what they do is emu I light seriously that's a thing they have a skin and they have a light version of it why don't we have basically coca-cola this is like diet EMU I and we're getting the diet p 8 you know does does that you I have an app drawer or still no adapter what's an app drawer I don't you can't the concept drawer for apps it sounds a little I know it's a bad for us for me Vicki right now you should just put all of the apps on the home screen I think that I think that's it for another after there just to infinity it's kind of like when I by a huge quantity of

Like chicken I actually just lay it out on a giant cookie sheet side i refuse to stack it or put it in bags because it would be harder to find the chicken if it was a you know compartmentalized that's the same reason that you spread all of your phones out on the table so exactly it's they're easy to access and i'm paranoid about them scratching each other they're like cats in a bag David's phones are like cats in a bag there it's very true alright well it sounds like it sounds like this isn't necessarily the event to be excited about if you're looking forward to a great huawei device

In the States but at least it's a step in the right direction towards maybe seeing that little bit down down the road alright so let's take a moment to thank our sponsor squirrels and flector to sponsoring us this week this this this week's podcast sponsored by reflector to the easiest way to cast your android devices screen directly to your PC or Mac just load the app to start casting and use you can the cheese I am off tonight alright let's just load up the app and start casting using google cast or really the same way you would to chromecast or Apple TV you can

Even record while you're casting which is pretty cool head on over to air squirrels calm / reflector try it out free for a week and if you like it use android police 51 as a promo code to get five dollars off of a single license oh I'm going to use reflect or two later in the show for a legitimately like useful purpose for our people who are watching video and also in regards to chat room about you can't install custom launchers on wobbly phones they do that but it's usually there's a way you can work around it and force it which launchers wait wait so what happens when you

Install a third-party launcher is it just no no interface to switch launcher hi yeah so Chinese OEMs do this because they want to be like Apple there actually is no legitimate technical reason they want to lock in the experience because they think that's better obviously that's very dumb and they should stop doing it but they do do it and usually I found it like especially you know like Oh both on that ever if you'd have this but like in the first update they remove it and again you can switch launchers again it's like they get user fees like like oh no

Effort I can't do this yeah yeah but that that is a thing on some Chinese phones and I know on my huawei mate to that I have that I have Google now launcher installed and running and that it works so with some of the devices may be the ones that are sold in China this is a problem in but I have a Google now launcher on the honor 6 plus as well so it's possible it's just kind of hopefully day yeah hopefully they just do that then and like we've built like you said they do for China don't even have to Google stuff install yeah so does that mean if you

Download a launcher and install it and you hit like a home button somewhere it doesn't give you the the selection now and I what they're probably doing is exploiting some kind of loophole where that's not a part of AOSP that that functionality has to be there or they're just breaking rules and hoping google doesn't notice well I mean if they only do it on device the Google services they don't need to worry about about certification I guess that's true that is very true okay I think this all fits one I remember using custom launchers on my fascinate when I first got it I had

To download a program a home switcher i think was called that kind of automated all that for you i wonder if that's still around if it would work well I mean that was also the era where they could sell you the fascinate without google search install I'm guessing it as long as it was accessing some kind of something in a OSP some kind of feature the operating system which I'm guessing that's what it was doing I bet it would work because I there's no way they're actually stripping out parts of Android on these on those phones they're just disabling your access of the features

Right alright so let's move on to the hot sheet this is where Bob would scream gotcha oh you just sorry this headphone caesars yeah all right so uh it's it's it's admittedly only a moderately hot sheet this week we've got LG news not a new phone but just new news about a phone you already know about in this case it's the G for a little bit interesting that that the quick charge wasn't listed on the initial set of features David what was going on yeah so I think that if you want to be quote quick charge compatible I there's I don't know if there's a license fee to

Qualcomm but the functionalities included with the chipset so it's possible qualcomm was charging for this feature charging a license or royalty fee and then when they saw other manufacturers basically just copying the concept that when we want to charge you for any more you can just do it or whatever and you only have to say it's quick charge we just want you to use our our pmic I think let's play this pmic interface so LG didn't say it had a quick charge and they're not shipping it with a quick charge compatible charger that's

Possible it's where Qualcomm is making the money is in certifying the technology on the wall bricks but I don't know there's not a lot of reporting on this topic and there's really you know you'd have to talk somebody from Qualcomm or somebody who makes chargers to really get a get a look inside that but the LG g4 does support quick charge but it doesn't ship with the quick charge charger now top tip if you want a quick charge charger that works with the Nexus 6 the note for the galaxy s6 the g4 and any other phone it's quick charge 2.0 and by a note for

Charger there's seven dollars and they do the 2-point OEM with full Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 it's not a different system it's the exact same thing I've tested it works I think it's the exact same piece of hardware they bundle with the galaxy s6 yeah i'm sure it is i'm sure it's same one it's amazing to me that people buy the motorola turbochargers because there is literally no reason to pay motorola anything close to that much money but it's like it's bigger and heavier that means it's better exactly and I I that's so what they're going for cuz when you oh when

You look at that motorola charger like oh man there's ice cut's going on in here and maybe it has you know maybe it has more safety and redundancies built into it i am not going to claim 2 of course has already done a teardown if a turbocharged they they should do that that should be I kicked it and see how much empty space there is in there I fix it should do that actually I'm maybe we should should email them and ask them to do that because that would be really interesting to do I'm just thinking about I haven't i have a motorola brick charger right

Here it's unfortunate my samsung chargers and then it isn't it so beefy and reassuring very like I I feel I'm just gonna walk around with this in my pocket for now on just to get that extra you know video I think we're getting just from how beefy it is alright so uh other than that we've got some device updates to talk about starting off with the HTC one m7 google play edition getting a 5.1 over-the-air update also the verizon version of the HTC one m7 getting update 25 point oh so not 5.1 but then again it's not GPE so what do you expect att's galaxy tab s 10.5

Getting a lollipop update this week as well as the second generation Moto e getting the 5.1 upgrade so if you've got one of those you should be checking for updates now and this is the part where this is the part where Bob yells about product reviews and lists the product that Ryan is about to review in this case it's the FLIR FX camera and it's a quick review from Ryan yes so this is a new sort of connected security camera thing it's a competitor to drop cam and it's it's good in some ways and really kind of not ready in others so it has a lot of hardware features the Dropcam

Doesn't have that people have been kind of irked about so you can record locally to the device to an SD card it has it has a built-in battery it actually is to better the battery in the stand and battery in the camera and the camera card comes off of the stand and you can like it as like a sport case and a dash mount case so you can take it around me record for a few hours like that and it's built anyway that uploads over Wi-Fi to the internet if you have that turned on and of course you know it's a clear camera so does it does a night vision ir recording and it's you know

It's really good it's it can see an entire room if you put in the corner as a really wide field of view the problem however is that the software is still kind of janky you can only only access the camera feeds from the app you can't you can't access it on line like through a web browser which shavings on and it's really it's it's way too sensitive like if you set up a motion detection alarm it's just a couple times an hour it'll just push a notification to tell you that the motion was detected and you look at the recordings like there's no no there's nothing there's

Nothing in the room so that part of the experience is just I mean it's just broken and supposedly they're they're trying to fix it right now their answer is like yeah there are a lot of false lives but you've got this rad recap thing to make it easier to see all of your recordings and that is a neat feature I mean I post it in the in the review at the top you should just go look it's a picture of one of my dogs walking through the room like eight different times and elevates exactly use of gift yeah I know so yeah I mean that's that's a really cool feature if

You just want to see what's been going on in the cameras field of view during the day um but I mean I would just I would like to see if you updates maybe to the app and the firmware to make that you know a little bit a little bit better but I mean it's a two-hundred-dollar camera I mean it's left Dropcam and there's an outdoor mount that's you know you can get bundled reading 250 so you know neat hardware software still kind of new iffy all right good deal so something to check out for those of you who want to you know like monitor your home or other

Places also uh David you've got a g4 you this hasn't even gone on the site yet so I mean this is like early access stuff oh whoops I was needed but it has gone on site I only just in like excuse me the last hour and a half though so it was relatively recent so yeah I've got the g4 and actually I'm going to do a tie in here as you know our sponsor this week is reflect or two and I'm not going to talk about them hugely as our sponsor right now but I am going to show you their software because it is useful and so right now you can see my screen seeing my screen and you can see I have

To Android devices up on display of my you know windows computer here and they are both LG devices I can see them refresh right there so this is actually I'm using essentially reflector to is a chromecast emulator for your computer and I'm casting the screen of two devices at once to a single Windows computer and relatively high resolution I'd say it's 720p and there are some interpolating artifacts and stuff but so you can demo you know if you're watching the video show obviously you can see that i'm using both these phones and so the one on the left hand side is the the

G4 or may its right hand side may things or backwards the one I'm actually doing stuff with right now is the g4 and the other ones at g3 so as you can see the software on these devices does look very similar LG's UI layer hasn't changed a lot one thing that I do like is that on the taskbar here the status bar the icons take up less space now which is really nice because they take up if you see on the g3 there they take up over half the status bar if you have Bluetooth and NFC turned on which is just totally ridiculous and then you've got your sound profile icon taking even

More there so they shrunk those down on the g4 as you can see but the overall look at the software and the launcher and stuff I mean it's pretty familiar the software changes there's some aesthetic ones but the aesthetic changes our overall pretty minor for example if I open up the calendar app here we can see that in the g3's calendar app there's not a floating action button and that is the difference between the apps so LG has kind of taken a opportunistic approach material design I guess not that the GeForce display looks anything like material design and almost any

Other respect so hardware wise and let me get off my screen sharing here the build quality is still typical LG not very nice the curve chassis doesn't really see many nicer if I'm honest it's uh it keeps a screen from getting scratched when its face down on a surface or whatever but anywhere else it's you know it's just a gimmick mostly its stylistic and from a stylistic standpoint I think the LG g4 is honestly one of the least good-looking phones uh to be released in recent memory it's just not pretty it's not that it's super ugly it's just that

It's not nice in any particular way but it gets great battery life the camera is really good i love the camera on it um and I don't like the raw capture anything that's kind of messed up right now not that it's particularly useful even if it weren't messed up honestly but the battery life is great cameras great the screen is brighter has better viewing angles and uses less power than last year's model the colors aren't accurate or anything they're not super oversaturated but they are saturated and so you're going to get an unrealistic interpretation of certain colors if

You're reviewing photos and stuff but it's it's fairly quick it doesn't have overheating problems or I should say doesn't have throttling problems like the G flex 2 and one m9 do it also doesn't have the unusual amount of power consumption those phones seem to and obviously it has a removable battery and a microSD card which is important to some people uh and yeah I mean it's not the technical equivalent of the galaxy s6 don't start think that because it's just not true the Snapdragon 808 and the RAM and the nand and all that or just flat-out inferior to the X and O chipset

And the s6 unfortunately but the g4 still performs pretty quickly not as technically quick as the s6 and on task but quick enough and just all around likable and I think the battery in the camera are huge to that the battery life is great and the display is so improved versus last year's phone and that was such a huge drawback of the g3 then it makes this I think a much more likeable phone over all the software is ugly the phone isn't good looking but from a kind of holistic functional standpoint it's it's a really good phone how's your on-site have you felt about the camera

Performance compared to the s6 uh you know it's it's hard to say but I because I haven't used the s6 much so I would say that the the smartness of the HDR on the lg isn't quite there because I've always known that on samsung phones the phone is very good about knowing when they do an HDR capture when it's on automatic mode if you've got a lot of Shadows whereas the g4 is more willing to get those shadows in the image if it thinks that the scene doesn't need HDR so that might need some tweaking I think the sensors are the same size I'm not sure the LG focuses really quickly the

Shutter times are pretty decent and the full manual mode is actually nicer than other implementations I've seen because there's an auto exposure block so you don't have to be in full manual when you're in manual so you can use man you all the time but if you have auto exposure lock turned off it's still basically like using normal camera if you want to lock the exposure and set your shutter speed and set your eye so you can do that not that something i do my phone often but i think the camera experience overall is probably more well-rounded than what Samsung's

Offering you know the samsung the samsung camera on the sx it's really good but it's very based on like okay just turn on auto and it'll probably be okay yeah yeah but to be I mean to be honest with you how many people how many people get into manual mode and start adjusting iso and things like that on a phone i mean you're talking about a camera that's designed to be the most convenient camera and also take great pictures do do a lot of people really use that i don't know i mean the thoughts never even occurred to me to even consider it yeah i know i mean the

The enthusiasts smartphone camera user i mean is that does that just basically means to me the easel lot of Instagram that's all that really means I don't think there are a ton of people out there like oh I really wish I could set the aperture on my smartphone so it's it's I just don't know say you said that like the raw captures is a little bit like messed up right now but um like when you if you want to take a raw image can you have it just do a JPEG and or at the same time that's the only if it doesn't ha it that's the only way it does it jpg and raw at the same time

Okay well I mean it lists that way you can you know if you want to play around like manual settings you can still get regular pictures yeah the thing is you're not getting an accurate representation in the viewfinder of what the raw image is going to look like and then the JPEG image doesn't look like the raw image and so you see preview is it does it shoot so it shows you to a preview of both of them or no you can't see the DNG on the dice as far as I'm or it's just was because it's locked to raw plus jpg shooting when you go into raw mode it's just associating the files

Because they have the same name I mean easy jpg whenever that's like a fine way to do it like you take your JPEGs they're probably fine if you want to mess around with brothels like you got it I it's problem with raw files out of the g4 is that there's no profile correction for the lens and sensor basically LG's just spitting out the file they're not applying any corrections to it which you would think that's the point of raw you don't apply any Corrections but that's not true because the camera you're shooting on if you're using a you know prosumer or

Professional camera the camera is usually going to apply a firmware based a correction profile to every raw file before it's you know finishes rendering the file and that corrects things that have to do with the lens if it's a fixed lens camera it has to do with the sensor maybe these settings of the camera at a given moment when the picture was taken so there are changes that are going to happen there and then in post processing software like Lightroom there are also going to be profiles for lenses and cameras to correct problems and one the g4s problems is it because the lens is

So close to the sensor and it's basically locked open at f-18 you can adjust the the aperture on the g4 by the I and I've never seen it shoot below f-18 basically an aperture that wide so close to the sensor causes a shadow on the sensor effectively it's like a chromatic shadow so it can be different colors but it's like a shadow a ring around the whole image there's no easy way to get rid of that and editing yourself you would have to manually go in and correct the areas that are affected and don't touch the areas that aren't so it'd be a big pain in the butt

So the DNG files from the g4 I mean it doesn't happen every image but as it is it's is based on how people use dmg and raw files which is usually professionally not that useful there you have it not that useful but overall good camera so that that take that for what you owe you like removable batteries if you like more battery life and you'll get from the s6 if you feel like taking pictures in general sounds like it's a good pick up all right let's move on to app updates this is the Kid Rock sounding sounder it is so sometimes sometimes at this point Bob would sting

A song sounding like Kid Rock but not often enough not even close to often enough all right so uh Nintendo is releasing some mobile games which is unique they're very very very tight fisted with their first party I intellectual property so good news for fans of that game but it's coming to mobile with a with an approach different than what some other folks have used right Liam yeah so stand in ten dos says that he'll have five games on mobile without specifying which platform by march through 2017 the first title will be available by the end of this year and

They say that they're not just going to port existing games over to mobile they're going to build and from the ground up so presumably this means that they will be considering the fact that you're playing on touchscreen and turn off some experiences that would be better than just in an odor although if I'm honest I'd be totally fine if they just ported Pokemon to Android that would be fine its name be okay with me too it would also not make me happy in any way she forgot Nintendo I mean they are in such a hard spot though this is an interesting topic

To me because then it is so well on mobile with the with the ds3 d they they had such a breakout hit and you've got to think like how are we really going to let go a world where we can sell a portable game for thirty-five dollars right for one where Cregan zealot 45 well I mean square square has listings for all their games that are like 20 I was like history of piracy rates are crazy too I mean look I mean if if Nintendo decided to release a Pokemon game on android for thirty bucks they would sell a lot of them oh they would they would sell tons of them I mean it'd

Be totally smart idea but Nintendo has always been so resistant to this just because they always like they like to have their hardware platform exit well they feel like they're gonna get second I mean so you know Sega make so many games you wanna be black forms that that might happen anyway no matter what they do it's better to say goodbye you buy your own your own standards than somebody else's now it's very true I mean they're they may not be avoiding it i mean the wii u is so different from the ps4 and xbox one that it feels like nintendos kind of often their own

Universe at this point doing their own thing alright let's move this is not a section break the way it is it was just normally I need it ruined it David God all right so uh new SDK SDK launched for the gear smartwatch line this week that might have given away some details about an upcoming round SmartWatch I think we've known this is coming for a while so Ryan what what seems interesting about the round approach from Samsung okay so this is obviously one of Samsung's Tizen watches it's not an Android wear watch even though confusingly they had the you know the

Android wear watch it was called the year live different thing so this is going to be their first round smartwatch and they're a bunch of you I screens in the SDK that look you know pretty much like what you know the gear stuff looks like but on a round screen and instead of just having the swiping and the button interactions you'll also apparently be able to twist the bezel like clockwise and counterclockwise to scroll through lists and like zoom on images I don't know how useful it will be in in you know an actual practice but it seems like you

Know an interesting you I interaction at least you know just sort of abstract way but I may be using it it won't be comfortable or you know it'll just be a thing that it is just for tapped on after the fact that doesn't really provide any any real utility but yeah I've either there a ton of images in the post that like like 30 of them or something and there's a little comparison table in the SDK to give people an idea of what sort of hardware capabilities this device will have so apparently apparently there will be a a 3g version of it and a just a regular

Non 3g version it won't have an ambient light sensor which is odd because the gear s did have one so you'll have to manually adjust the screen brightness and then it has i mean has most of us fo GPS built in you know there's no camera which samsung haven't done for a while because you don't really need a camera on your watch and it'll be it'll be a little bit smaller I think they say they said like one point 18 inches the screen will be but the resolution be 360 x 360 which is in play high 18 or 1.8 I it said 1.18 apparently it's all g watch our i mean if you look at like the the

Table we have like us dies comparison with the like the other like the gear 2 in the year s and M unit it looks it looks tiny I don't notice to scale cuz the gear I mean I r excuse me the G watch R & R bang in the screen is on it's too small it needs to be just a little bit bigger smaller and I don't know would work I mean and if I mean if that's like the you know the final size what they're going to do that might be part of the reason that this bezel twisting thing is happening because if you don't have to touch the screen for as many

Things then that might be fine and it would make the overall device a lot more understated you know a lot of smartwatches and they have big screens but they're they're big they look gigantic pretty times nothing does something wearable I just did that golden retriever in the laboratory I have no idea what I'm doing jpg yes you know so ridiculous Samsung has got the money to do kind of crazy things like this and maybe it'll work I mean that like uh yeah I don't know if you remember like when the first note came out at least the impression I had was

That everybody thought it was crazy and stupid is like this gigantic phone yeah with a stylist that even by today's standards isn't even that big well the style is still dumb but yeah the stylist is still is still unusual for like every every phone but I mean people people really like that phone I mean it did really well and now you know that it's one of the top-selling lines of phones so you know samsung tries crazy stuff and sometimes it works maybe this whole bezel twisting SmartWatch thing will be the thing that works for them to be fair though the the note is popular because

They actually executed it pretty well I mean yeah I mean we are relying on samsung making a SmartWatch that people want to buy I don't know that I'm convinced that smart watches in general or a thing that regular people want to buy but I mean you don't have to sell that many smart watches for it to be a successful SmartWatch because you know smart watches are not really go in first place all right so let's move on to a verizon in interesting news they bought AOL which means that they'll inherit all of the world's remaining dial-up users but also there's a there's a lot more

There that I think they're probably a lot more injured right David uh yeah so let me go ahead and find the article I'm talking about here uh so yeah verizon has bought i was going to buy AOL zooming past is purgatory scrutiny which i don't see why it wouldn't which means for buying engadget and TechCrunch which may be of concern to you I guess if you read those websites verizon said they're going to maintain editorial independence blah blah blah which I mean it depends on how Verizon organizes things and honestly I won't pretend to even know how that's going to begin to

Work but yeah it's big news with verizon acquiring AOL just because they're going from being a the verizon desperately wants to go from being a telecom company to being a content and services provider uh they they do not want to get left behind with you know Time Warner and Comcast even though they make tons of money they're still constantly under the threat of becoming a dumb pipe to another service that manages to infiltrate their market Verizon wants to be the creator of the content to give users incentives to buy the content and those users should be on verizon

Services ideally when they access the content and probably get some benefit by doing that so verizon probably mostly bought them for the ad network most likely verizon wants to make revenue out of this so i just i just want to make sure that this is clear just in case anybody didn't know this already but verizon has been doing this content thing for a while and they're terrible at it yeah they are and it's you know thing is verizon you have to remember verizon communications or whatever is basically old bell atlantic and you've got to imagine them that mentality of

Just by all the things and then whatever sticks works I just don't let anybody compete with you it all ever just buy them or destroy them so yeah we'll see what happens there I imagine it's going to go through and aol's got a robust enough ad network right now making enough money that it could be a viable business all right fair enough alright and the last little bit of other news comes to us from Kickstarter the next pack modular phone case which everything on Kickstarter is modular these days right right yeah after all those modular phones that are totally going to happen

I'm sure they're not scams that all um no but I've ever been a few of these these cancers lately of like teams of three people who claim they're going to build a functional modular android phone in nine months which is sounds crazy so this is I guess it's always kind of refreshing it's like look we'll just put all the modular stuff on a case and you put the phone in case it seems much more plausible so yeah it's basically just kind of it's kind of a big battery case and then on the back there are six module slots and you can put in things like you know additional

Storage or like a brighter flashlight I guess flash on your phones and brighten up for you you know order as a more battery power or you know like shortcut buttons it seemed interesting I mean I don't know that something I would ever put on my phone because it's did you know it's gigantic um but if you're the kind of person who like buys mophie juice packs to you know give your phone more power then maybe something like this would be up your alley and they've already tripled the amount they were asking for in kickstarter and a pier to have actual prototypes working so

They're further along than all of those modular phone guys so you can look at it if you want prototypes is a good thing or I should say are a good thing yes it would be a bummer if you were like doing a crowdfunding thing and you didn't have a prototype and then your your campaign got closed because you were shady and then you couldn't even open another campaign because you didn't have a prototype to show that the technology works he'll that would be unfortunate if that happened just a few days ago to something oh yeah and I mean speaking of modular phones obviously we talked about

Phone craft last week I guess did we know their campaign got shut down on last week's show their campaign got shut down so that was good is it yeah that's good they want to relaunch on Kickstarter but quote they do not meet the rigorous standards a Kickstarter the site or site had the site that had a potato salad okay I yeah so they cannot meet the standards of potato salad so I just this this came to mind when you were going through the the different modules and stuff it seems to me like if you have if you just have a battery module that's swappable and external

Storage module like you could make a lot of people's day like instantly just make it compatible with the galaxy as such with I don't think it is between it's has like right now they say its iPhones obviously and then the galaxy s5 and the s6 edge which is odd I mean I have to think they're going to make a regular galaxy s6 version the thing about it is like the s6 is the easier one to make because it doesn't have the oddity of the sides and screens that happened I think from a component standpoint it's practically the same exact thing so but yeah I mean I'm just thinking you know

Hey everybody who's throwing a fit about not having removable storage your batteries in there that's six this could just buy one of these things right yeah I mean this has a bit see it has a built-in it has a thousand million power battery like in the case and then the battery modules if you had one of those are like an extra 500 I mean it's not huge but you know i mean it is it's removable battery for your phone yes i don't know i mean the thing with that the thing this whole thing is how are they going in multiple USB devices at once I that sounds no well I mean most

Of them are just power they don't have like interaction with the yeah software there's like me the storage one I think is the only one that would be really weird isn't there is there camper one or no it's why should have a and I don't think they have a camera add-on now that would be that would be getting crazy if they had like you know a camera module dancers there's a laser pointer well then one of the huge things for this is and it's a me it's kind of niche but at the same time it's the exact kind of person would buy the sort of thing would be an external headphone amplifier and

Digital to analog converter private law school with external storage as well I mean it's on not on there but I guarantee there's by 20 comments already asking if they want to do one yeah well I mean you know this could be a neat device if you know if it happens so maybe it'll maybe this will be a thing that exists going forward and I'll have a lot of modules who knows it's a lot I mean it makes a lot more sense than like having a modular phone because the number of people that want a modular phone is probably tiny yeah okay so i'm going to show you guys something

That seriously annoys me on the galaxy s6 and s6 edge because we're not talking about anything else now so i'm on the home screen on the s6 edge here and swipe to the footboard briefing and now there's slip board briefing and then I want to go home again why does it animate in that direction so I go come from the right and then it leaves down yeah are there are so many things wrong with the briefing screen like that it instantly turned that off because you just using it for a few minutes I became infuriated I mean it like the phone is fast almost all the time except like oh

If you swipe over to briefing it's just gonna wait for a second to make sure that you actually met that and then it'll go and then you use this awful briefing thing and then you leave it and it does the word animation and it's just bad okay so i actually had the now launcher loaded on my s6 before I even left the t-mobile store so so I didn't even know that the briefing thing was a thing in and today it updated and it's like you have an update to briefing and I'm like what in the world is that so now you've you've answered a question for me because I didn't even know what

That was yeah yeah it's bad and then also the stock home screen it does the parallax animation and I wish there was a way to turn that off because it just so annoying as it better it's smoother and on the Essex it actually go all over the place it actually changes that like the shadows on on iOS yeah right like it's more realistic more like you're looking through a window whereas on the s6 edge is like your wallpapers on like a table covered in olive oil I mean and you know what like what irks me it's just this is a very minor thing but because it does that parallax thing

Every time you set a wallpaper whether you're using the stock launcher or not it crops it just a little bit so that if you're on the stock launcher it can still shift around so like if you take it like a thats exactly the resolution of the screen and try to set it as your wallpaper in the Google now launcher it still crops it a little bit and if like scrolls ever so slightly that is extremely annoying yes it is it is the kind of thing that will annoy me to death what most people will never notice and now I've now I told you about it now

It's gonna bother you yeah no I'm not gonna set a custom wallpaper it's done it's settled well that's why I have the now launcher on mine and did before I even left the store so all right uh so we have voice mail today unfortunately I tried to play it earlier on the show and it crashed the Hangout so we're gonna wait we're gonna wait on the voice mail till next week when Bob can do whatever magic he normally does to get voicemails to work so if you have any more messages go ahead and send them on and we're gonna guaranteed hit voicemails next week because we feel bad we missed one

This week and it's all my fault because my computers crash and also we don't just accept boys males you can also email us at podcast android police calm and we will actually listen to read your questions we won't listen to your emails listen we've tried it doesn't work uh but if you use that as an email with a question or you know if you just want to give us a topic for discussion if you would like to see something discussed on the show send in turn also you can also when you send your question you can request the voice that Bob uses to read it like an accent or time you can you

Can request it in any kind of accent as long as it is not blatantly offensive like a fake email address such as I can request the robot voice the robot voice that Bob does usually is because of his internet connection yeah but but in all seriousness we you know we have a topic list every week and obviously there's always news but some of it is less than interesting probably to most of you listening and so it's much more interesting I think for people to hear is talk about stuff that people is sending the show with like the years talk about yes so

More more user-generated content topic things would be great and we should also probably start bringing people back on the show people who listen you know to come to you the hang out with us because that was that was kind of okay it's kind of time someone it's fun that's the me that's the nicest thing i've ever heard David say about anything or anyone so that's true very true all right well right now there's some contest going on in android police calm there's two of them to be exact and both of them are of the international variety so no matter where you are in the world you should

Get yourself on over to android police calm / contest to get yourself entered to win either a 32-gigabyte midnight blue nexus 6 from android police and listen or your choice of an HTC m9 galaxy s6 galaxy s6 edge with skins from android police and d brand so if those things sound interesting to you and since their phones and this is a podcast about phones they should sound interesting head on over and get yourself under twin uh also uh i can't i can't tell bob to roll the outro at this point in time so I I guess i'll just give it up doo-doo-doo-doo-doo

Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo so thanks everybody for listening also a big thank you to squirrels and reflector to for sponsoring a show remember go do squirrels calm / reflector to use promo code android police 51 for your five dollars off of reflector to license also get a hold of us set podcast and android police com call us at 5 30 hello AP that is 530 435 five six to seven and you can also find us on twitter at android police or google+ and facebook thanks for us and everybody yeah hey stop recording yes make make sure it recorded you know i mean surprisingly this I've

Got my i'm recording it i'm on the hangout on my laptop with audacity running in the background and recording the entire thing this laptop is a second generation Core i5 dual or from 2011 early 2011 a fine vintage of Sony oh I'm surprised that it hasn't burst into flames well it burned through a hard drive to the second year I had it and I was still under warranty somehow so that got replaced but other than that oh and I got a screen replaced once which was also free but other than that it's actually been someone reliable I mean I think those two catastrophic

Hardware failures it also it also survived a car crash which was pretty good so unfortunately now there's a in the car crash it slammed against the dashboard in my car and dented the chassis it's aluminum oddly and so now there is a razor-sharp edge along the bottom left when you type and it is just brutal I will say from my time with the bios that Sonia really noticed having like a living them feel like plastic they do you would think it is but actually I think it's because they put a plastic coating on the aluminum all of which is now peeling off of my bio all

Of it well there you go mm-hmm all right gentlemen well i think i'm gonna bail out ok and i am going to record and send the show too bobert okay i'm gonna head out as well so i'll see you guys later all right guys he's up

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So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...