The Almost Bezel-less Laptop – ASUS ZenBook S13 Unboxing

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up guys happy wanted supersize TV
and I've just got back from CES 2019 and
while I was there I met some of my
friends at asu's who gave me this
special package to show to you guys
let's go ahead and see what's inside now
you know it's gonna be something special
when we've got a briefcase
we'll get it unlocked and here we are it
is the brand new Asus Zenbook S 13
laptop which was just announced at CES
now this is of course an early unit that
I've been given by asus which comes with
the power adapter and power cord but
depending on your region your retail
version may also come with the rj45
dongle and Asus mini dog as well as an
Asus protective sleeve right now let's
get to the laptop itself now the first
thing I have to highlight is how light
this is
it's just 1 point 1 kg and it's around
12 point 9 millimeters thin so a very
compact body overall but it is to very
very premium you've got an all metal
unibody design we've got here they
utopia blue color which has this spun
metal finish and it's actually a 40
stage production process to achieve this
looks so so slick it's also accented by
silver diamond cut edges it's
military-grade tested and one thing I
definitely want to talk about is the
fact that we've got zero flex I've seen
many light laptops which move about so
much when you do this but this is super
sturdy it's got no flex whatsoever but
you can tell that Asus has spent a lot
of time to make this very very premium
but still keeping that super light 1.1
kg weight now let's look at one of the
key features of the Zenbook S 13 and
that is this beautiful thirteen point
nine inch nano edge display this is
super impressive and that's because of
these tiny bezels on the sides we've got
around 2.5 millimeters and this has the
world's slimmest bezels and largest
screen to body ratio for a laptop we're
looking at around 97% that is absolutely
insane what that means is you've got a
larger display size in a compact body so
if we compare this to the previous
generation this is actually 12.5%
smaller in size but you still get the
same size display and if you compare it
to some of the other competition out
there then you're going to be getting a
larger screen size
but in a smaller body now this displays
an led-backlit IPS panel with full HD
it's got up to 400 minutes of brightness
and it's also got srgb 100% color gamut
so you're gonna be getting some nice
accurate colors very very impressed with
this display now the top of the display
we do have this slightly raised area now
there's a few reasons for this the first
is the fact that we've got the
front-facing camera embedded here at the
top not at the bottom this is a
compromise that lots of other laptops
have to make to achieve the small bezels
but I actually like the fact that it's
here in a good position not kind of
looking up at your chin but secondly
this area here kind of acts like a lever
to open up the laptop and it does pass
the one-handed test so check this out
there you go very nice and easy I do
like this design and I don't actually
mind this raised area here now let's
talk about the internals the Zenbook s13
is the world's slimmest laptop with
discreet graphics you can get up to the
eighth generation Intel Core i7 8 to 5 6
5u processor with the NVIDIA GeForce MX
150 up to one terabyte of PCIe SSD
storage with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM
now I think you're gonna have to agree
with me that having those specifications
in this super compact body is very very
impressive now for the battery you've
got a 50 what hour battery with in this
which is gonna give you up to 15 hours
of usage and for the port's you've got
two USB type-c 3.1 gen2 ports both of
these support fast charging data
transfers and external displays there's
a micro SD card slot and on the right
hand side there's a full-size USB type a
3.1 gen2 port and this just about fits
in this small body and there's also an
audio combo jack now let's look at the
keyboard so first up you do have a
Seuss's ergo lift hinge I really like
this it tells the keyboard up which
gives you a more comfortable typing
position but it also creates space
underneath the laptop which is gonna
help with cooling and improves audio
performance the keyboard itself is a
full-size backlit keyboard and it's got
1.4 millimeters of travel so just
testing this out feels really nice and
we've also got the touchpad here which
does support up to full finger gestures
it also has a fingerprint scanner here
on the top right hand side and let me
show you how quickly this works boom
we're in finally the audio is certified
by Harman Kardon we've got twin speakers
which is driven by a dual channel small
amplifier and then we have it guys that
is the Asus Zenbook s 13 I gotta say I'm
very impressed
Asus have brand in so much into this
very compact package hard to believe
that this is just 1.1 kgs with these
tiny bezels and discrete graphics as
well if you want to pick one of these up
want to get the latest pricing and
availability information that I'm gonna
be leaving a link in the description
below so definitely do go ahead and
check that out what do you guys think of
the Asus Zenbook s13 definitely drop me
a comment below and let me know I hope
you enjoyed this video about it useful
if you did then do it that thumbs up one
for me if you haven't already then be
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so you're notified of all of the new
videos we've got plenty more coming up
thanks for watching and thanks to a sues
for sponsoring this video this is Stefan
super sack TV I'll see you next time

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