The Akinator – HOW DOES HE DO IT?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

however what is the most fun this
video's be this stage today because this
is my first video on the game playing
I've never in my life made a video for
be playing games as you can see like
website games i might be making f games
oh I'm playing settle on my Nexus tablet
or my phone but never like on a web game
so this is the akinator and i'm prolly
this genius which as you can see it's
coming off a lamp so has to be a genie
it can play it can you know predict
things and hopefully you know it pretty
quickly okay so I'm just going to play
this now and let's see if everything
works fine i will let you guys youtube
know who i'm trying to think about and
we'll see if he actually smelt it so I'm
17 and let's start okay so the first
person I'm going to think about is Kim
Kardashian so let's see if it actually
works so it's your character gender
female yes is your courage from YouTube
no to the cultures in America yes is a
couch or a single know is a constant of
popular TV show yes there's a car tire
sister yes how's that would be married
yes several times because I culture only
have one child if think so yes is a
culture favorite sites thanks to reality
television I guess nope the cartels son
nope just got a daughter yes sir thomas
compression oh my god that is really
cool guys so scary how how can it be Kim
Kardashian like that is one of those
things which I would think less about
but it's so cool how that kid ate up
beat me so yes it was okay let's think
about let's think about let's do let's
do some Bollywood once let's do priyanka
chopra okay priyanka chopra okay let's
see if they anchor to give you this I
think this is an Indian actress I'm
probably the least populous be popular
to be actually search on this website so
quite popular actress but let's see if
it's popular with the genie okay it's a
calculator a wrestler no just cuz her
play his team sport no
is across to a female yes there's a got
some children no yes is it also blonde
no it's about television from a TV show
no you guys were white no
no photo dated to chris brown no
helicopter over some alright Justin
Bieber notation yes it was a Korean know
about to Indian yes it's a garden of
YouTube no it has an actor yes they're
going to what no no the cartel have a
famous father let's check
I would say no and I think Oprah has a
favor of famous father yes I don't think
I've ever heard of that such my life so
no no no no no it's not working is not
working are you f—ing through its not
working guys I comp I can't click on
anything us just over again and it was
cut oh you see it always always serious
ok so I don't go too well let's think
about somebody else so i will now do um
let's do Justin Bieber no nope no yes no
yes no mm no yes no yes it is no why
don't you know no check um don't listen
to his music obviously he knows now who
is I don't know yes I don't know what do
I think I don't know yes no I think she
does I don't know how to yes no no no no
think he things with justin bieber see
you think so justin bieber even though I
tricked him a bit and said that he
detects in Texas he said Justin Bieber
so yeah he is amazing yep so let's do
one last character who should we do for
let's do a youtuber let's not do it
let's do a hard youtuber hmm listen to
think of a hard youtubers to do one that
is not too that you know that not that
popular yet and such let's do let's do
right my name is Choi lest you might
have a shy let's let's do him I
guarantee that
the anchor later won't get him if I
could to get them that means I'm an
idiot and I don't know my name is choice
real name though but yeah but let's try
to do him and let's see if he gets him
if he gets and then he's an amazing
angelito is an amazing thing as enemies
whatever it's quite a wrestler know
there's a cotter pin a team sport no
there's quite a female know is American
no yes it's a youtuber he is a youtuber
is my name is chaya straily oh no he's
not sure anybody's Australia party but
you know you know doesn't cry to live
with their best friend was I had to live
with her best friend no no no there's
got to pug know the staff it is hot as
hell agree video games no please do give
the is a customer relationship nope
it'll come to order than 17 yes the
cartel the older sibling know there's a
card I'm sister no disgusted arrogant no
is your car to British yes hard to make
me really good use no it's a part of the
youngest in their family know about side
nittany glasses glasses no there's a
card to the BBC rate right racy ratio
theories is it a radio what's ratio of
what the hell no there's a card talk to
him brother no doesn't coach how many
siblings no just cut renault zoe sugg
yes just kota do videos of siblings no
the car to nerd for mine it's not river
so far but it was check on his if it was
kick on his channel if he does if he
does those things my name is Choi oh yes
he does love my craft yes she does does
it cut have curly hair yes don't tell me
here is it funny wish I don't tell me he
knows my name is J don't tell me that oh
my god you know it's not talking about
that is crazy like it literally crazy or
why would I don't know for the angka
dates will get that far but i shouldnt
trick me
wow that's amazing I never thought that
oh my gosh that's so cool yes so this is
the video guys hope you enjoy this video
and pretty much wrapped everything up
now because yeah okay so basically beat
me everything and I'm just left here by
myself now wondering how the hell did
you do that 30 way guys enjoy this video
guys don't forget to leave your video
this video thumbs up if you wish to see
more gaming videos you can leave a link
down below or what type of videos game
videos you want to see and I will surely
make them have a good one and take care

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