The 6-Core XPS 13

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

so there's this new XPS 13 in town I've
reviewed a lot of XPS devices on this
channel this one here is the one from
early 2019 very well reviewed device I
really like this machine I think a lot
of people do it's not cheap but they're
they're good everything across the board
is quite solid on this device and
everything carries over to this new
model like the screen the keyboard the
chassis battery everything remains the
same except they now have the option for
these crazy six core 10th gen Intel CPUs
these are extremely powerful they boost
up to like 4.7 gigahertz it's the most
powerful CPU that Intel's made for a 15
watt TDP and the fact that Dell fit that
CPU into this thin and light 13 inch
device is pretty crazy it is literally
the only 13 inch laptop on the market
right now with a 6 core CPU it's pretty
bonkers so I ran some benchmarks and for
multi-core stuff the scores are very
good not only is it better than the
older XPS 13 by quite a bit it's pushing
numbers that are very similar to like
15-inch gaming laptops like this thing
is crazy good for burst multi-core
performance so things like benchmarks
are gonna do really well on this machine
on like a single run but with CPUs like
the more cores you have the more power
but the more power you have comes more
comes more responsibility but also comes
heat and that's where this thing starts
have problems if you run benchmarks for
an extended period of time where the
CPUs pushed hard for the entire time
like after 50 maybe 60 seconds
performance starts to dip stuff gets hot
the clock speed drops and just the whole
idea of a 6 core CPU in such a small
laptop starts to become less appealing I
tried this with Cinebench and prime95 so
some benchmarks and also tried it with
Adobe Premiere like I ran a render that
just went for a relatively long period
of time it just cannot maintain a high
boost clock for an extended period of
now some of that is because of thermal
constraints because it's a 13-inch
device but it's also because it's only
getting 15 watts like there's a lot of
kind of limitations that Dell has placed
on this chip because it's in this
chassis there's two ways to look at this
six core device if you compare it to the
previous model of the XPS 13
it is better even if you take into
account all the thermal limitations but
if you look at this six core XPS 13 and
you imagine what it could have been if
they pumped more wattage into it and
they revamp the thermal system to take
advantage of the processor it could have
been a lot better especially because
there are other companies out there that
are making fourteen and fifteen inch
laptops that can cool this chip quite
well but as it stands if you want a six
core CPU in a 13 inch device the XPS 13
is a well it's the only option I will
say if you are a developer and your
compile time isn't like super long I
think this is a pretty decent fit if you
can afford it
and again I don't want to take away from
the regular configurations of the XPS 13
like this is specifically a commentary
about the six core version the regular
stuff I'll post a link to it below but
I've done reviews on like the more
cheaper configurations it's an excellent
device I just don't know if the six core
CPU is a particularly good fit for this
chassis okay hope you guys enjoyed this
video thumbs if you liked it
subs have you loved it see you guys next

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