The 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge Is a $480,000 Ultra Luxury SUV

published on July 20, 2020

This is the 2020 rolls-royce Cullinan black badge and it is quite simply the most luxurious SUV ever made the Cullinan is Rolls Royces SUV and I already reviewed a regular Cullinan when it came out about a year and a half ago the black badge takes things even

Further and today I'm going to review this car and show you what I mean I've borrowed this Cullinan black badge from O'Gara San Diego which is also Rolls Royce San Diego of course the rolls-royce dealership here in the San

Diego area they have all of the latest rolls-royce models including the new Cullinan black badge which just arrived to go on sale you can check out oh gareth san diego by clicking the link in the description below so let's talk

Cullinan black badge this is essentially a more focused more luxurious more refined more exclusive version of the standard Cullinan it replaces a lot of the chrome trim with black which looks more modern there's also a power boost

The regular Conan has 563 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque this has 600 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque impressive numbers although both cullinan models share the same 675 liter v12 and then there's the luxury

The regular cullinan i reviewed was pretty regular fairly close to its starting price of around 325 thousand dollars the black badge starts at 380 thousand dollars and this one has a lot of options and extras and features that

Drive that figure to a sticker price of 480 thousand dollars for this one that makes this one of the most expensive SUVs ever built and today I'm going to show you what makes the Cullinan black badge so expensive

First I'm gonna take you on a tour of this Cullinan and I'm going to show you all of the interesting quirks and features of the world's most expensive SUV then I'm gonna get it out on the road and drive

It and then I'm going to give it a dug score alright I'm gonna start the quicksand features of this cullinan with the fact that in the cargo area there is a no dogs warning label

Seriously this warning label has an image of a dog and a line through it indicating no dogs this was not put on by the dealership this is a rolls-royce factory warning label that is the level of insanity we're dealing with with this

Vehicle I'm gonna explain that no dogs warning label in a few minutes but first I want to get inside the Cullinan and I want to talk about the back which was where most of the luxury insanity in this car is now to get into the back you

Simply opened the door which is rear hinged the door opens backwards of a regular car door and inside this rear hinged door there's an umbrella you just push this little button and an umbrella pops out now that seems like a pretty

Interesting quirk but it's even more interesting if you understand why they've done it it's forest chauffeur you see the chauffeur comes to the back door pulls it open then pushes the button to pop out the umbrella puts it

Up all in one fluid motion so he can let the wealthy person out of the back and they don't have to get rained on and that's why the door is hinged in the back and it's why the umbrella is stuck right here in the door but none of that

Stuff is the craziest thing about the rear door that honor goes to you're sitting back here you've just spent a half million dollars for an SUV you don't want to close your own door so Rolls Royce makes it easy you see this

Little button next to the rear door near the ceiling you push that and then the door closes automatically and then you're free from the encumbrances of the outside world you got to admit that's a pretty cool luxury feature and next we

Move on to the backseat of the cullinan black badge where you're met with some truly unbelievable luxury features to start a moment ago you may have noticed I wasn't wearing any shoes I have my socks on and that's because

This vehicle has lambswool floor mats now some really high-end cars do have a lambswool but these are the fluffiest softest nicest floor mats I have ever felt in my entire life I don't have rugs in my home that are as nice as the floor

Mats in this car it's like petting the softest fluffiest baby animal you'll ever touch truly unbelievable and so I felt like I had to take off my shoes because I don't want to get even a speck of dirt on the lands wool and those

Formats are just the beginning back here this car has the starry night headliner if you've watched anything about Rolls Royce in the last few years you know about this it's a headliner that looks like a starry night sky thanks to fiber

Optics all throughout the headliner and it's a very cool touch and it gives you a very luxurious feel now you can turn on the starry night headliner with this little star button back here you push that and that turns it on or off

Also in that vicinity you'll notice another star button that is the dimmer you can brighten or dim the starry night headliner by pressing that button but by now the starry night headliner is kind of old news for rolls-royce except this

Cullinan adds a rather interesting new feature shooting stars there are periodic shooting stars throughout the headliner now they don't always happen in the same place and they're not very frequent just like actual shooting stars

You have to kind of be looking for them but eventually you will see them shoot across your headliner adding even more ridiculousness to the starry night headliner in these Rolls Royces I love this little touch

And it gets so much better the Cullinan has rear seat picnic tables so you're sitting back here and you want to have a little meal or open up your laptop on the go you have a little table to do it not all that unusual a lot of high-end

Luxury cars have that but in this car they're power operated push this little button and the picnic table automatically extends for you to use it you want the picnic table to go away no problem push the button again and the

Picnic table autumn folds into place how hard was it an old rolls-royce models to just manually fold down your picnic table not hard but now it's even easier and things get even better from there press the little

Button to drop the picnic table and you'll notice behind the picnic table is a screen so how do you access that well there's a button on the other side of the seat you push that and the screen automatically extends until it is facing

You and then you have this rolls voice screen back here you can use to control various different things now a couple of highlights from the screen situation back here you have heated seats in the back that's pretty standard but you can

Also use the screen to turn on your heated armrests just in case you weren't quite getting enough heat from your heated seats that's pretty impressive you also have an onboard computer back

Here and the screen displays various vehicle information you can see fuel economy average speed and you can even see your range until you run out of fuel so you can sit back here and monitor your driver while he's chauffeuring you

Around of course you also have other options with this screen your typical stuff you can use it to set a navigation destination which will then go to the front screen the driver can follow it or you can change the radio station back

Here the media whatever you're listening to or you can hook up a telephone via bluetooth and that will of course go through the speakers so you can make phone calls while you're being chauffeured around in your Cullinan

But the unbelievable luxury of this rear seat goes well beyond any of that stuff I want to move on to the center console there are only two rear seats back here individual seats there's no third middle seat instead you have this ultra

Ridiculous center console I'm going to start at the very front if you open up this little panel you will see controls for the rear screens now I showed you those rear screens are touchscreens but you can also control them with this

Little wheel and buttons if that's what you choose to do so you have multiple options for controlling the rear screens most cars don't even give you multiple options are controlling the front screen but that's just how crazy the cullinan

Is now one of the things you'll notice as you're controlling the screens with these controls is that when you move the little wheel control in the the wheel moves but the Spirit of Ecstasy rolls-royce logo stays put that

Is a nice piece of attention to detail if the Spirit of Ecstasy never turns upside down that's simply wouldn't be proper and next up another notable item in this center console along the side you have

Seat controls this is not really all that interesting you can move the seats backward forward up down whatever that's pretty standard for luxury cars at this price point but here are a few things that aren't so standard the next item in

The center console is this little storage area you open it up and it reveals drink glasses and like a carafe that you can fill and pour from all of which have the rolls-royce logo emblazoned on them and all of which have

A perfect place to fit in within this storage area but that's not enough in between the seats in the back rest area you have another panel that can open now one aside here you can see that you have the logo of infinity on this apparently

Rolls-royce uses this for their black badge models because the Infinity logo was also used on some rolls-royce powered boat in the 1930s that set the world water speed record so that's why the Infinity logo is here a little

Mysterious but that's the explanation but anyway you open up this panel and you discover there is another panel you must open you open up that panel and then you get to the refrigerator where you have another carafe and some more

Drink glasses again all with the rolls-royce logo printed on them this way you can keep your drinks cool so you have two different options for drink storage temperature in the back of the cullinan just ridiculous and by the way

If you close the refrigerator you can see there's a little button at the bottom that button actually turns on the refrigerator and you have the ability to choose how cold you want it to be using that button and the luxury doesn't stop

There in your car you have headrests in this car you have pillows mounted on the headrest the regular headrests aren't enough so you have these plush rolls-royce pillows that make your seating experience that much more

Comfortable back you also have cooled seats press this little button and then the cooled seats turn on that's pretty rare but rarer still is the fact that back here you have massaging seats press this little

Button on the door it turns on the massage and if you have the screen open it will bring up your different massage settings and you can configure how you want to be massaged as you sit on your luxury seat with your head on your Rolls

Royce pillow it's just crazy and if all of those seat controls weren't enough to make you comfortable the rear passengers have their own climate zones back here I say zones because it's plural each seat has

Their own temperature control the controls are on the back of the front center console in the middle back here even more amazing is the climate vents right above the climate controls you have the climate vents which is pretty

Standard for the rear of ultra luxury vehicles but it doesn't even come close to stopping there on the pillar next to the front seat on the driver side to more climate vents and in that exact same position over on the passenger side

To more climate vents and you also have plummet vents on the floor on the driver side you have vents and on the passenger's hi you have vents there are a total of eight different climate control vents just for the rear seats in

The cullinan which is more than you get up front so there's a higher priority on rear climate control than front climate control amazing and if all of that luxury isn't enough the black badge goes even further behind the rear seats you

Will see that there is a partition a glass piece placed between the seats and the cargo area now it's a little known fact but a lot of the noise you hear in an SUV or hatchback or station wagon comes from the cargo area so by putting

That partition in place it can cancel out a lot of that noise and make your rear seat experience even more luxurious and comfortable but anyway next it's time to get out of the Cullinan and when you get out you have two options for

Closing the door you can either have your chauffeur do it or you can close it yourself and buy close it yourself of course I mean tap the door handle and the door will automatically close for you so you don't have to do

Anything difficult like push it and next up we move on to the front seats in the Cullinan now like I mentioned I've already reviewed a regular cullinan which was very different in back from this one but it had a lot of the same

Stuff up here I'm gonna link that review in the description below for a more thorough tour in this video I'm just gonna hit some of the highlights in front like for example the fact that this covenant has the greatest backup

Camera of all time it's not even a backup camera it's an entire 360 degree outside the car camera as you can see it's showing everything around the car including the car and the image it's like a little drone is hovering around

The car getting this image for you apparently they do this by stitching various camera angles together but to me it seems like wizardry and it is unbelievable to see this in Rolls Royce in some high-end new BMW models and next

Up since I'm in that screen another excellent feature in there is the control for the Spirit of Ecstasy like I mentioned that is the rolls-royce hood ornament and you can raise or lower it inside the infotainment system you

Have the choice to do that and whichever you choose the hood ornament responds immediately I guess the theory here is if you're driving through a rough area and you're afraid someone is going to steal it you can put it down to prevent

That theft from happening and then once you get back to your luxury gated community you just raise it right back up to remind everyone of what you're driving now one item worth noting there is a video on YouTube where somebody's

Demonstrating a feature that if you try to steal the hood ornament it will sense that and automatically retract into the car to prevent theft people keep asking me about this I have never actually seen this work and I've tried I've pulled on

These hood ornaments and nothing happens I don't know if that feature is only on European models if the car has to be in a certain setting or mode but either way I've never actually seen it work except in that video and that's why I don't

Demonstrate it in my videos next up one thing you notice when you climb into a is not just how comfortable and luxurious and quiet and refined it is but also the quality everything in here is so unbelievably nice no detail was

Too small give you some examples the climate controlled dials you can see this this aluminum dial you turn pretty standard very nice looking but the best part is they're wrapped in leather on the side of this dial is leather so your

Hands never have to feel or touch plastic or some substandard surface and next up another amazing piece of attention to detail is the mirror controls in your car it is plastic it is always plastic in this car you have this

Aluminum joystick that you use that allows you to perfectly position the mirrors where you want so even the three times a year when you adjust your mirrors you have a luxurious experience doing so and the amazing quality

Continues on the ceiling of most modern cars you have a microphone for the Bluetooth system so when you talk it picks up your voice so you can talk on the phone on the ceiling of the cullinan that microphone is aluminum it's not

Plastic like every other car but even that little piece has to be high quality aluminum amazing attention to detail and next up another great piece of luxury in here even the front seats have power doors the little switch is mounted under

The dashboard on the driver side says door you push it and the door automatically closes again so you don't have to involve yourself in the difficult highly exerting activity of closing a door and of course the front

Passenger has that same control also mounted sort of under the lip at the top of the dashboard you press that button and the door automatically closes so the cullinan has for automatically closing doors so you don't have to close them

Yourselves that's what you get for $500,000 and of course there are more interesting quirks and features in here than just that one is the climate controls themselves it's a rather odd instead of a dial that shows you what

Temperature you're setting you have these little dials that have blue and red colors on them and you just sort of moved them when you see all blue it's cold air coming out of the vents and

When you see all red it's warm air this is an old-school way to do it rolls has been doing it this way for years and they just keep going and next up the Cullinan is a vehicle intended to waft around in ultra luxury so there's no

Sport button but you do have a button marked low on the gear selector and you press that and it kind of acts like a sport button it holds the gears a little bit longer and it gives you a little bit better acceleration but rolls-royce

Doesn't put a sport button in here because that just wouldn't be proper with the character of the vehicle and next up the other notable item we have in front here is the window sticker and if you examine

The window sticker you can check out the price of some of these crazy features I've been showing you for example the shooting star headliner that's seventy five hundred dollars I hope you really enjoy those shooting stars next up how

About that rear center console with all those luxurious features in the drink glasses that is $18,000 again I hope you really plan on using your drink glasses and your refrigerator now amazingly on this window sticker it shows you that

The lambswool floor mats are only one thousand five hundred and fifty dollars to me that seems like a bargain compared to the price of this vehicle and the price of some of the other stuff on this window sticker only $1,500 to bathe your

Feet in this level of fluff it's a deal anyway if you add up all of the crazy luxury items on this window sticker you can see it takes the starting price of a Conan black badge from three hundred and eighty two

Thousand dollars all the way up to four hundred and seventy nine thousand five hundred and seventy five dollars almost a half a million dollars for an SUV we've certainly come a long way from the Chevy k5 blazer and the original Jeep

Cherokee and Wagoneer some of the first SUVs from the 1970s and 80s and next we move on to the cargo area in the Cullinan and I hope you haven't forgotten that no dogs warning label but anyway the cargo area first

Off getting back here the tailgate is full power but interestingly it's split in two so the top part goes up automatically and then you press a button and the bottom part goes down automatically this allows you to sort of

Have a picnic off the back of your cullinan you can just sit back here and enjoy your $500,000 tailgating experience now one thing I really like about the power tailgate situation in the Cullinan is the buttons you can see

On the button to close the tailgate you have an image of the Cullinan not just some generic SUV same deal on the button to open the lower tailgate you have a Cullinan there again because when you pay this much money for an SUV nothing

Is generic but anyway next I want to take you back to the no dogs warning if you've been paying attention you can probably figure out why that warning label is in here and that's because of the partition into the rear seats when

You put that partition in it keeps all the sound of the cargo area out but it also means the cargo area is fully and completely enclosed and since there are no climate vents back here or windows that open it means that no air flow

Comes into the cargo area so you don't want to put dogs back here because they'll be tremendously uncomfortable to the point of being dangerous now if you're used to putting dogs in your cargo area you might forget about this

And stick your pet back here and so that little warning label is intended to remind you not to do that needless to say that is not a warning label you will find in any normal car because it only goes along with having a glass partition

That separates the passenger compartment from the cargo area which is uncommon now once you get back into the cargo area it's worth noting that you do have a rather large space back here that isn't for dogs the Konan is a really big

Vehicle and that means you have a lot of space in the passenger area and also a lot of cargo space you can stick a lot of stuff back here one other interesting cargo area related item even though these two tailgates are separate they

Close automatically together you press a little power tailgate closer button and they unite automatically making sure that your tailgate is closed without you having to do anything at all and next up moving on to some other

Exterior items with the Cullinan I want to start with its styling rolls-royce really tried to bring the rolls-royce sedan look to an SUV and it's been met with mixed reviews mostly positive though but regardless of your take on it

Styling the Cullinan certainly has presence it is absolutely massive the grille is huge the front is huge the whole vehicle is very long it looks a lot more stately larger more massive than every other SUV which is kind of

The point next up another exterior item I love with modern rolls-royce models is the RR badge on the wheels I've mentioned this in other reviews but it is always worth repeating the RR on the wheels is weighted to make sure it

Always remains upright even when you're driving so the wheel center cap isn't flipped over and turned upside down you can see it always stays straight so everyone knows what you have and next up another item worth noting on the outside

Of this conan' are the black badges themselves like I mentioned this one is called the Cullinan black badge and it actually has black badges the Spirit of Ecstasy logo is black as you can see same deal with the grille a lot of the

Chrome you typically see on Conan's is removed and the black badges are supposed to give it more of a modern look to kind of appeal to younger people I do think it generally looks kind of more modern and cooler than your typical

Old-school luxury car chrome and finally we move under the hood of the Cullinan and you can see it's massive engine this 675 liter v12 like I mentioned in the black badge model there's a little power boost over the regular cullinan this one

Has about 600 horsepower and about 660 pound feet of torque of course those are healthy figures and it's about 30 horsepower and 30 pound feet more than the regular model big power and torque for a big vehicle and so those are the

Quirks and features of the 2020 rolls-royce Cullinan black badge now it's time to get it out on the road and see how it drives all right driving the Cullinan black badge now I already drove the regular Cullinan and I

Don't really expect this to be that much different 40 horsepower whatever extra it is is a lot but ultimately this vehicle is massive and you're going from like 565 to 595 so it doesn't really make that much of a difference I suspect

Of course the biggest thing you notice the moment you get inside and start driving this car comfortable luxury unbelievably quiet this is certainly the quietest car I've ever been in with the exception of maybe the rolls-royce

Phantom that vehicle of course is sort of like the sedan version of the Cullinan and both of these cars are just pillow-soft ride unbelievable luxury but the thing that really impresses me is just you don't hear a thing

I don't hear a thing that is happening around me not one sound not an iota of sound not even a little potential possibility of South cars go by wind passes by I don't hear any of it not even a little and I'm not exaggerating

There's no greater way to be just coddled as you drive along then in a colony it's just the most comfortable just sit and relax I don't even really want to test the acceleration this vehicle it doesn't

It doesn't matter to me I'm gonna do it in the interest of science whoa okay okay that I was not expecting it's actually a lot quicker than I thought it feels maybe sporty-er than the other one and it feels a little bit

Quicker which I wasn't thinking it would give him the slight power bump but even then it's a fairly quiet experience you do hear the motor it does kind of squat back and start pushing forward but it's not uncomfortable or disappointing or it

Doesn't really break your your cocoon if you will it really is amazing to me how luxurious this vehicle is you know every time I review one of these people say well do you really need to spend you know Range Rover is 140,000 for a really

Nice one do you need to spend three hundred thousand dollars more and the answer is the people who own these have had Range Rovers for years decades maybe they've had s classes they've had all that stuff but they just sold their

Business or whatever and now they want the next level and this is that and so that's the 2020 rolls-royce Cullinan black badge this is an ultra luxury SUV the world's most luxurious SUV frankly with a price

Tag to match and it's great to be able to drive this car and check out this car and spend the day with this car it's ridiculously expensive but it's also ridiculously luxurious and the black badge is the best version yet and now

It's time to give this Cullinan a dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling the Cullinan is nice but not perfect by any stretch it's been a bit controversial and it gets a six out of ten acceleration zero to 60

Is 49 seconds and it gets a 6 out of 10 handling is about what you'd expect for a giant luxury SUV like this and it gets a 4 out of 10 fun factor is ok the fun really comes from knowing you're basically the king of the road and not

From the Cullinan driving experience itself and it gets a 5 out of 10 cool factor is high especially right now as this is new when it gets a 7 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 28 out of 50 next up are the daily categories and

Features this is amazingly loaded and I can't realistically imagine having more and it gets a 10 ten comfort is also incredible probably the best of any new car on sale and it gets a ten out of ten

Quality is also fantastic with the best materials in existence the only demerit is long term reliability and it gets a nine out of ten practicality is good although the glass partition and back hampers cargo volume because you can't

Just drop the seats meaning you essentially have a really big trunk and it gets a six out of ten finally value and it's fine these are incredibly expensive and they'll depreciate fast and it gets a five out

Of ten for a total daily score of 40 out of 50 added up and the dug score is sixty eight out of 100 which places it here against other ultimate SUVs the black badge ties the normal Cullinan adding a point on features as it has

More stuff but losing a point for practicality due to the enclosed cargo area not that it matters pretty much any way you equip a Cullinan it's the ultimate SUV on sale

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