The 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo Is the Newest $300,000+ Ferrari

published on July 17, 2020

This is the new 2020 Ferrari f8 tributo and it is the newest Ferrari on the market it replaces the four eight eight as Ferraris entry-level mid-engine sports car and it's basically everything the 488 was just turned up a level and today I'm going to review this car and

Show you what I mean I've borrowed this Ferrari f8 from a viewer here in the Los Angeles area and I'm gonna start with a little background for the last 45 years the v8 mid-engined Ferrari has been the core model in Ferraris lineup ever since

The 308 came out in the 1970s recent mid-engine v8 Ferrari sports cars have been the f430 the 4 5 8 and the 488 and now there's this the f8 replaces the 488 and Ferraris lineup and like I said it just turns things up a notch

For instance the 488 had 660 horsepower which was insane the f8 has 710 horsepower which is insane er that power comes from a 39 liter turbocharged v8 and it really is a crazy figure the f8 has the same horsepower number as the 48

Pista which was the high-performance version of the 488 but now that number is in the regular model and all the other numbers are pretty crazy too this car has 570 pound-feet of torque it'll lose 0 to 60 in 29 seconds and

It'll hit a top speed of 211 miles an hour and then there's the pricing these start around two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars and that's before options which are plentiful and expensive figure sticker prices of

Around three hundred and thirty thousand dollars won't be uncommon for the f/8 that's a big number even in the Ferrari world I own the 2004 our e360 that had a sticker price of around 155 thousand dollars back when it

Was sold new around 15 years ago things have escalated rapidly since then but of course the car has changed a lot to go along with its crazy price tag and today I'm going to show you what you get when you spend that kind of money on a new

Ferrari first I'm going to take you on a thorough tour of the f/8 and show you all of its interesting quirks and features then I'm gonna get it out on the road and drive it and then I'll give it a dug score

Alright I'm gonna start the quicksand features of the f8 with its styling which has changed compared to the 488 but not as much as everyone was expecting this is really just an evolution of the 488 compared to a

Totally revolutionary new car and that surprised Ferrari enthusiasts because Ferrari usually makes a major change than a minor change than a major change than a minor change for instance the 360 was a major change over the 355 then a

Minor change to the 430 then a major change to the four five eight then a minor change the four eight eight so we're all ready for a major change with this car and it didn't come instead we have kind of another minor subtle

Revolution compared to the 488 with that said there have been some big changes to the exterior that can help you tell apart this car from the 488 and you're looking at one of the biggest right now the rear end has been given just a

General restyling and it looks a lot different than the back end of the 488 which you can see here I'm gonna point out some of the biggest changes back here to the rear end of the f8 to me the biggest and most obvious is the tail

Light situation the 488 had only two taillights one on each side but the f8 has four which is one very easy way to tell the two vehicles apart you also have these little grilles that go around the taillights on either side of the

Rear end a very different look from the rear grills in the back of the 488 again those are two very simple quick ways you can tell apart the f8 and the 488 from the back and there are even bigger changes up front starting with the

Headlights to me a hallmark of the four five eight in the four eight eight was that the headlights kind of went up at the side of the car and the turn signals went basically half way to the windshield and it was a very distinctive

Look that's gone in the f8 you still have a panel that comes up into the fender like the headlights in the 488 and the four five eight but the lighting element itself stops way way lower it's a completely different look compared to

Its predecessors and you can see the turn signal therefore has completely changed no longer reaches up the side of the car instead it's this thin little LED strip integrated into the base of this new headlight design and one other

Big exterior change on the f8 compared to the 488 also up front is this front trunk panel on the standard 48 this front trunk was basically flat but on the f8 there's this big hole in it just like the 488

Pista head now that's on the standard car – and yes this hole actually goes all the way through for aerodynamics air is intended to travel through this panel and I guess provide a little bit more downforce when you're going at speed and

Next step we move on to the interior of the f8 but first I want to talk about getting in and that means starting with the key which is just cool look at this thing says Ferrari on it bright red you're not mistaking this for any other

Car key you turn over and you have four buttons there's a lock unlock on the top then you have the trunk opener button then there's a button with a light I think if you press that it turns on the light so you can find your f8 in a

Parking lot in case you've parked in a sea of f8 and you simply can't determine which one is yours and next up as for actually getting in the door handle is rather unusual in this car a lot of exotic car brands go to great lengths to

Conceal their door handles but not this car instead it sticks out from the door very obvious but it has this kind of cool shape to it and it almost seems to go along with the design of this car everybody else tries to hide their door

Handles Ferrari it just tries to make them look cool I will say though I am still confused as a wife Ferrari insists on putting this ugly keyhole on the outside of every door all other automakers cover that up including

Brands with cars that cost a tenth of what this one does but Ferrari has it on display out there for everyone to see and next I'm moving on to the interior I want to go over some of the changes compared to the 488 although it's worth

Noting there aren't many the interior is really largely similar to the 488 most things are exactly the same or very close and anybody who's ever spent any time in a 488 will be immediately familiar with where everything is and

How it works in the f/8 it really is just a subtle evolution even inside but with that said there are some changes worth noting starting with the climate vents you no longer have these crazy shaped climate vents around the driver's

Side gauge cluster area that are kind of perfectly contoured to fit this area that's the 488 you can see here in the f/8 you have these circles instead which Ferrari is using more commonly in its other models as well so you lose those

Kind of weirdly shaped carefully contoured climate vents in favor of the circles to me the most welcome change in this interior would be that climate controls the 488 used these confusing array of buttons and dials this

Old-school climate control system Ferrari had been using for ages and it was just really a needlessly complex panel of buttons and circles and arrows and they've gotten rid of that in the f/8 you can see the new climate control

Panel is much simpler much cleaner and you have a little screen above the climate controls that give you pertinent information like the current fan speed and the current interior temperature that is how it should be and I'm

Thrilled that they changed it although I am still shocked that the only way you can tell where the interior air flow is coming is with this tiny little button that lights up these tiny little arrows to let you know where your air is coming

Out that's all you have but otherwise the climate controls in the f8 a big improvement over the predecessor but anyway as for interior quirks in the f8 there are quite a few of those too starting within the cupholders you have

Two cupholders they're placed under the dashboard you can see the first one and then the second one is taken up by this thing it turns out this thing is the key display area while you're driving you can place the key there and then

Everyone can stare at it just another reminder that there in your Ferrari but the problem with that is that it really does take up one of your two cupholders in here and the key display area can't be removed so you can't take that out so

You really are stuck with just one cup holder in here and one key display who needs a second cup holder when you can look at the key and next up here's something I love in the f8 you're driving along and you come up to like a

Steep driveway or an incline or a hump to get into a gas station whatever you just tap this button and the front end lifts up immediately in a lot of older models you had to go into some screen find the menu to raise the front and

Then you could confirm then it would start to raise up it was a disaster having a quick button to just raise it right up is smart and I'd like to see that in the f8 and speaking of that button

Raise up the front of the car you can see next to it there's a button with a camera on it that button allows you to change camera angles when you're reversing although you don't really have that many choices you can switch between

Wide-angle and normal angle and that's pretty much it more and more exotic car brands are starting to add a wider array of cameras that show around the car because these cars are so expensive and visibility is often a challenge but for

Right now that's all Ferrari has in the f8 but anyway from there we moved down to the center console and you can see there are no gears down here there's no gear lever you don't have anything just this carbon fiber panel with a few

Buttons on it I'm gonna explain these buttons before I tell you about the gear selector at the front you have our that puts the car in Reverse no surprise next you have Auto which puts the car in automatic mode if you want to drive

Around without shifting gears by yourself pretty simple the next one down is PS which stands for power start which is Ferrari speak for launch control you press PS and then meet certain conditions and you can get a launch

Control start like you can and a lot of other exotic and performance sports cars but back to the whole gear lever thing how exactly do you get this car in gear well when the car is parked and off like this it's in neutral with the parking

Brake on and if you want to go somewhere you have to pull the right shift pedal the up shift and that brings it from neutral into first gear and then from there you can just drive away which seems pretty simple if you want to park

The car and go back into neutral just pull both shift paddles at the same time that engages neutral then the parking brake will automatically engage when you turn the car off and then you're basically in this cars version of Park

And you can walk away now you might be wondering why Ferrari chose to do that instead of providing a normal gear selector like basically every other vehicle including a lot of other exotic sports cars and the reason is Ferrari

Wanted everything to be centered around the driver in this car so it's not just that you use the paddles to get into gear it's that for example the steering wheel contains basically every function you could possibly want to drive the car

For instance the turn signals are mounted on the steering wheel you can see press this the left turn signal goes on and it's the same deal over on the other side press this and the right turn signal goes on there's no

Coming off the wheel instead they're right at your thumbs and that's true of basically everything the high beams also right there on the steering wheel you can turn them on or off the regular headlights of course you can just leave

An automatic you don't have to deal with them you also have your wiper controls on the steering wheel nope stop coming off the wheel where you have to take your hands off for even a second you're on the racetrack and it starts to rain

You just move your thumb and you never have to lose your grip on the steering wheel and that's also true of the engine start button you can see mounted right there on the steering wheel to the left there

It is get in the car press the starter on the steering wheel instead of fumbling around somewhere else and same deal with the suspension firmness next to the engine start button you can see that button right there and the drive

Mode itself you can switch between wet sport race and then turn off all the traction controls with this little switch on the wheel everything is right there within a very easy reach so you never have to be fumbling around

Somewhere in the interior to find something or turn it off if you're driving this car in a high-performance competitive setting and this driver focus extends beyond the steering wheel and the controls around there to also

Include all of the infotainment controls the radio the navigation everything else it too is all driver focused in the gauge cluster alright check this out in the gauge cluster in the very middle you have the tachometer this large old

School analog tachometer exactly what you'd expect from a Ferrari sports car like this and over to the left of that tachometer you have a screen that shows all of your most important vehicle displays for instance your odometer is

In there your fuel rating or you can use this little dial on the side of the dashboard to scroll through a few other important displays like for instance your speedometer your tire pressures and the most important gauges for the car

That stuff is all pretty standard to have in the gauge cluster what's more of a surprise to see in the gauge cluster is what you have over on the right side of that Center tachometer you have a second screen over there that gives all

Of your infotainment needs so this screen shows you your radio station your media your phone Bluetooth settings and your navigation screen your navigation map and destination directions of that stuff it's in this screen in the

Gauge cluster now this is all great if you're the driver because then everything is within your line of sight just like how all the controls are on the steering wheel with an easy reach the problem is there isn't a second

Center infotainment screen for the passenger to you so if you're the passenger and you want to change the radio station too bad you can't really see into the gauge cluster to make that change same deal with set a navigation

Destination and basically everything else the driver has to do it using these second set of controls over in the middle of the dashboard this dial in these buttons allow the driver to scroll through the screen and make whatever

Changes are necessary but the passenger is cut out of all of that stuff because this car is so driver focused the passenger doesn't even get to look at the navigation map to help with directions it's all about the driver in

Here now the drawback to all this is that over on the passenger side things can get kind of lonely there's not really all that much going on over here you can see the dashboard on this side is fairly dull compared to all the stuff

That's happening on the driver side although it's worth noting that doesn't have to be the case there's an optional passenger side display that you can get you can see it here in the owners manual and then the passenger can see what's on

The navigation or the radio or various different performance metrics while they're driving along and this gets the passenger a little more involved although it's worth noting this is merely a display the passenger can't

Change the radio or the navigation or anything else from this display they can merely look at it and see what the driver is doing and next up we move into the engine compartment although before we do that just take a look at it from

Outside this car still allows you to look at the engine through the glass in back this has been a hallmark of these mid-engine Ferraris for like 20 years now and it is still as beautiful as ever I just love this view from the outside

Of the car looking in but if you want to get in here there's a little latch in the driver's door jamb that you pull you pull up on it and it releases the engine compartment cover to this point and then from here you just kind of lift it up

And then you're in the engine compartment of the new f8 like I mentioned this is a turbo v8 39 liters and it makes 710 horsepower and about 570 pound-feet of torque truly monstrous numbers although it's

Worth noting this engine is pretty much the same one that was in the 488 and it's precisely the same one that was in the 488 pista it has the exact same power and torque numbers as that car the power and torque comes at the exact same

Rpm pretty much everything is exactly the same it's just the pista engine transferred into what is now the base level regular model if you can call this thing that and by the way one other very important notable item about having this

Engine in this car is that it sounds amazing maybe not quite as good as the old naturally aspirated v8 but still pretty good take a listen to the exhaust note in race mode

And finally we move on to the front trunk of the f8 now to open up the front trunk in the f8 it's pretty simple you either press this button on the key fob which pops it open as you can see or there's a little button in the driver's

Door panel you can press that and it pops it open but either way it gets it to this point and then you reach in unlatch it and you can open up at the front trunk and when you're in here you can see it's a pretty spacious cargo

Area especially for an exotic supercar which are known for being impractical they become more and more practical over the years and this is a good example of that you get some decent sized bags in here and just in case you run out of

Storage space in the front trunk it is worth noting that behind the seats you also have more storage space there's actually a few inches back there where you could stick stuff and there's some nets in case you want to put stuff back

There that you don't want to roll around so there's a reasonable amount of cargo room in the new Ferrari which is surprising to say and finally probably the most interesting item in the front trunk is this little plaque mounted on

The back of the front trunk area that shows all of your options all of your personalization specifications as Ferrari says this has every single option that's included on the car and the serial number the color all that

Stuff so that future owners can see precisely what this vehicle has or so that you can proudly show off to people what options you paid extra for this is cool to have porsche usually includes all the option codes on a decal on the

Trunk lid this is far more high-class high quality and it's nice to see it there I like that Ferrari does this and so those are the quirks and features of the new 2020 Ferrari f8 tribute oh now it's time to get it out on the road and

See how it drives alright driving the FE and it is sweet looking around this part I have to say I kept thinking this is so 48 this is so 48 if this was any other brand this would be a more note video about some little updates to a car but

It's Ferrari it's a new model and I feel like it's important to cover it as such but on the road I'm reminded that even if it is kind of cynical that they've just made a few updates and called it something new it doesn't matter it still

Drives and like a dream god I love this car you know there's such a complete in the Ferrari world about going to the turbo engines and it's not the same after the naturally aspirated Impala and is it drive well these this turbo engine

Is so responsive it's so quick maybe doesn't sound quite as good but the responsiveness is not lost at all by adding the turbocharger Wow can I went a little crazy there but the car is so fast it's just so capable

Of doing that how do you resist going crazy all the time oh and the power going out of corners instead people complain about these turbo leave utilities are the same as naturally aspirated so much of that is in people's

Head maybe doesn't sound quite as good and by the way even then okay doesn't sound quite it's good but it's still really fast and it's really fun it's so fun to just kind of throw it around and I will say with that said

Before 88 pista is probably the sharpest handling car maybe that I've ever driven in my entire life it's really incredible this car does not quite have that same precision it's close it's really close but the pisto is almost mind-blowing

Without quickly in turn both when you turn the wheel out just instant and respondent but also just how quickly the car was able to dart around how could they can handle no body roll instant respond it was amazing this car is not

Quite on that level it doesn't quite have a pista style immediate response but it still feels really great fact if I had a beast I would maybe be a little upset with Ferrari for bringing the peace to engine the main thing that made

The pista special to the masses so to speak with kind of a larger production car like the FA but that's what Ferrari have done it is amazing to me just how good this car can also be just driving I'm now kind of in more of a traffic

Setting and just drive my other cars I mean the transmission is so smooth you barely feel gear changes the ride quality is really not all that bad and compared to my 40 teens GT is punishing this is not and yet it handles it it's

Just an amazing combination of handling and ride quality if there's any one drawback to this car I would say it's the fact that this it's just not differentiated enough for the for a day everybody was expecting a big full new

Model just like every other Ferrari v8 mint engine is and they didn't do that I've heard the reason for that may have been Ferraris got a lot of development going in a lot of different directions right now and they just didn't have the

Budget to fully redesign the v8 mid-engine at the same time they were coming out with the SF 90 and the a12 and developing the SUV and blah blah blah and so that's why we have this is kind of a stopgap model until the next

One comes which is fine it's just that I think the world was ready for a new Ferrari but who cares it's still just such an incredible blast to drive and so that's the Ferrari f8 tribute oh the latest model in Ferraris

Long and storied line of v8 mid-engine sports cars and frankly it's probably the best yeah it's expensive crazy expensive ridiculously expensive but it's everything you could possibly want beautiful and fast and high-tech and

Special and incredible Ferrari charges a lot of money because people will pay it and people pay it because they make an amazing car and now it's time to give the f/8 a dug score and the dug score is 71 out of 100 which is a really strong

Showing among the best and it places the f/8 here against modern supercar rivals it perfectly ties the Huracan Evo no surprise since that's the updated version of the Huracan and this is the updated version of the 488 but the f/8

Can't quite reach the 488 pista which edges out the f/8 by just one point in the weekend categories the pista is just a bit more precise and responsive on the road though I prefer the cleaner look of the f/8 overall the f/8 is an amazing

Car and it does well in some amazing company this is undoubtedly one of the best sports cars on the road today even considering the absolutely astronomical price tag

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