The $10,000 MACBOOK PRO!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

this is the episode that everyone's been
waiting for this is the product that
there is so much hype about what's going
on guys it's Carl here back with another
episode perhaps one of the biggest
upgrades to the year has dropped into
the studio you already know what it is
it is the 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch the
max SPECT out version this very one is
close to ten thousand dollars just keep
in mind though we're up here in Canada
the dollars slightly more than you peeps
down south of the border in the States
but not by much even if you spec up the
base end for this one 3700 damn South
$27.99 the fact that this guy is double
more expensive we're double the price is
the fact that this has a four terabyte
SSD which is nuts what we have inside of
a laptop let's of course first do an
unboxing there was a slight little tear
net there's plastic here inside we of
course have designed by Apple in
California packaging the good old
charging brick as well as USBC cable
that is it very minimal a very out of
this is what you want to see here of
course to match everything else we got
it in Space Gray I'm about to boot up a
ten thousand dollar laptop that is a
very first here on the channel turning
this guy around a taking off this being
true to Apple we're booting up as it
open so what makes this guys so
expensive and of course so special the
base end of this one is the 2.6
gigahertz six core i7 were upgrading
that to a 2.9 gigahertz turbo boost up
to 4.8 we are of course doubling the RAM
which adds another 400 bucks we finally
have a 32 gig ram a laptop which is
definitely overkill for most people out
there I get it
but for those sub people that are
crunching red stuff that are doing stuff
in 8k there are professionals out there
they will definitely be looking at
upgrading that as you can't do that
after the fact everything is soldered on
and the biggest
thing that makes this guy so pricey that
4 terabyte SSD we are adding $3,200
that's a lot of change for a hard drive
tally all that up down south you're
looking at 6700 up here in Canada over 8
grand you add sales tax you are very
close to 10,000 Big Kahuna's big
Benjamins for a laptop all boot it up
which took a couple minutes and there's
a bit of a hack here I actually
downloaded the last wallpaper this
doesn't ship with Mojave that is coming
later in the fall this comes stock with
High Sierra but as I said the main
changes are coming on the inside we do
have that updated touch bar which has
the t2 chip now I can actually activate
Siri hey Siri what's the weather like
hey Siri show me my calendar that's okay
I guess I am NOT popular but the rest of
the changes of course are coming on the
inside and I actually edited this video
on this guy it crunched through
obviously this device is overkill for
what I'm doing creating YouTube bids
it handles 4k like a champ but if I
needed to push it more if I stuck red
footage in here I was scrubbing through
six or eight K timelines this thing
should technically be able to handle if
you've got the extra money to burn this
might be the way to go I'm sure I can
think of tons of other ways to burn
money in way less productive ways I'd
probably be more willing to upgrade to
the 32 gigs of ram and keep storage as a
secondary thought and work up a hard
drive in case I needed to that's of
course my recommendation you can spend
your money however you want
sound off though down below in the
comments and I can't wait to compare
this guy to the just base 15-inch model
and of course the 13-inch 2018 MacBook
Pro and I do have one more surprise also
snag the black magic a GPU which I'll be
hooking up to this guy so make sure you
stay posted to the channel of course hit
that sub button and
me know what you want to see more
footage of more videos of as I will be
churning out content like a madmen I
will catch the rest of you in one of
those next episodes or in one of my
vlogs face

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